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9 Jul 19
SaHyo au - "Ruins of the Heart"
Jihyo is a victim of a car accident. She wakes up inside a hospital being watched over by a woman named Sana, who she can't remember. Sana, her best friend finds out Jihyo has an illness. She hopes to help Jihyo regain her memories, or even more..
Jihyo - a reliable school president who always put others before her. Got involved in a car accident for a certain reason.
Sana - Jihyo's best friend who always cared for her in her times of need. Knows Jihyo the best. Part of the dance club.
Nayeon - one of Jihyo's childhood friends along with Jeongyeon. Eventually had a relationship with the latter. Feisty but very caring.
Jeongyeon - Jihyo's other childhood friend. She's the go-to person when you're looking for practical advice. Student council vice president.
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