Meet John Casablancas, founder of Elite Model Management, prolific child rapist, and trafficker. He was Ivanka Trump's manager, was a close associate of U.S. President Trump, and sat on the board of Trump Realty Brazil. #OpDeathEaters
#Epstein used modeling agency connections Jean Luc #Brunel of MC2 Models and Les #Wexner of L Brands (Victoria's secret) to target young girls. #Trump started a modeling agency, Trump Model Management, in 1999 cloned after #Casablanca's own Elite Model Management. #OpDeathEaters
John Casablancas was born in New York in 1942, attended Le Rosey boarding school in Switzerland which educates children of the global elite including names below. Several names will be familiar to #OpDeatheaters researchers.…
A list of Le Rosey Boarding School Alumni can be found here…; if you have a more extensive list please let us know. #Casablancas #OpDeathEaters
At age 20 #Casablancas was hired by the mother of a schoolmate to be a marketing manager for Coca-Cola in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, even though he had no background in the area. #OpDeathEaters #OpCanary…
Casablancas married Marie-Christine who he divorced after 2 years; He later married Jeanette Christjansen, 19, a Danish model, who became his second wife and they opened a modeling agency named Elysées 3 which was later transferred to his brother Fernando. #OpDeathEaters
John #Casablancas' marriage to Jeanette Christjansen ended when it was publicly revealed #Casablanca's, 41 at the time, was raping 16-year-old model Stephanie Seymour. Which media spun as an "affair" instead of child rape. #OpDeathEaters…
#Casablancas started Elite Model Management in 1972, within a year at least two of his top models Paula Brenken and Emmanuel Dano were found dead. In both cases, there was little police investigation and the only explanation of their deaths came from Casablancas. #OpDeathEaters
Paula Brenken died after she allegedly dove out a window in a drunken state the night after she told friends she had been raped by a photographer. #Casablancas #OpDeathEaters
Emmanuel Dano died after "falling out" of a moving car after "she was out for a late-night drive with several male friends when they attempted to rape her" according to Casablancas who claims she died instantly and who discovered her body- lying in her own bed. #OpDeathEaters
Soon after the deaths of Emmanuel Dano and Paula Brenken #Casablancas moved Elite Model Management's offices to New York and used the deaths for publicity and self-promotion. #OpDeathEaters…
#Casablancas embraced unbridled capitalism and neoliberalism, offered prospective models (most being children 14 - 18 years old) drug cocktails, alcohol, parties (with adult men) and a promise of higher wages. #OpDeathEaters
In the 1970s the modeling industry began to change. Around the time the Pedophile Information Exchange (PIE) and The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) came out full force with powerful individuals backing them. #Casablancas #OpDeathEaters
Background on the Pedophile Information Exchange (PIE) born in the 1970s and protected by members of the UK government. #OpDeathEaters…
Media outlets such as Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler, openly attempted to normalize the idea that young children are sexually desirable and available. #OpDeathEaters
Playboy went as far as to feature Brooke Shields 10 years old and Eva Lonesco 11 years old, in the magazine's commodification of children as "sex" objects. #OpDeathEaters
#Casablancas' first supermodels were Christie Brinkley, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Gisele Bündchen, Heidi Klum, Andie MacDowell, Iman and Paulina Porizkova, and Evangelista. Many were discovered through Elite's annual modeling contests. #OpDeathEaters
Naomi Campbell was later found in child trafficker #Epstein's Little Black Book + court documents, and hosted his child trafficking victims at a party in 2001, and was signed to child trafficker Jean-Luc Brunel's MC2 modeling. #Casablancas #OpDeathEaters…
Naomi Campbell was publicly pictured with #Epstein's pimp Maxwell Ghsitline and U.S. President Donald Trump on multiple occasions throughout the years, often inviting both to personal parties and events. #OpDeathEaters
Playboys and Wannabes- #Casablancas and #Trump in the 1970’s. #OpDeathEaters…
Through Roy Cohn, U.S. President #Trump gained access to Manhattan’s drug-fueled disco scene which featured trafficked women and children. "I would watch supermodels getting screwed, well-known supermodels getting screwed, on a bench in the middle of the room." #OpDeathEaters
U.S. President Trump and #Casablancas would cross paths at some point during the mid 70’s through Roy Cohn. Casablancas’ influence on Trump becomes obvious when reading about both men. #OpDeathEaters
"#Casablancas didn’t care what the media said about him, just as long as they spelled his name right - he didn’t have to spend a dime marketing himself. The press followed him wherever he went, and became obsessed with every detail of his life." #OpDeathEaters
#Casablancas in the 1980’s-The Beginning of the End. #OpDeathEaters
John #Casablanca's and his paedosadist network dubbed by media as "playboys" were raping models as young as 12 years old on a routine basis and it was well known. #OpDeathEaters
In 1984, John #Casablancas met his rape victim then 14-year old Stephanie Seymour at his newly launched “look of the year” contest for Elite. On her 16th birthday, he threw her a party at a cocaine-fueled nightclub in Milan, and a week later she moved in with him. #OpdeathEaters
#Casablancas paedosadism for very young girls was not a secret-in fact it was widely known within the fashion industry and the social scene in New York City (which includes all major U.S. media outlets) long before it was reported to the public. #OpDeatheaters
By the time “New York Magazine” did a front-page profile of him in 1988, Casablancas reputation for raping child models was established and openly embraced by the New York social scene. #OpDeathEaters
#Casablancas talked about his seventeen-year-old daughter, Cecile and told his models “She’s got a great little body”. #OpDeathEaters
Ivanka Trump entered modeling after she completed boarding school. At the time, then-13-year-old Ivanka became a model at Elite Model Management directly under the management of John #Casablancas. #OpDeathEaters
“Girl Crazy”- marked the beginning of John #Casablancas downfall. The article exposed rampant paedosadism in the modeling industry and after years of being widely known in the NYC social scene, it was covered by the mainstream press. #OpDeathEaters…
The report also exposed horrific abuse and rape of models by child traffickers Claude #Haddad- head of European scouting for Ford & Ford’s Paris-based agent Jean-Luc #Brunel (who later founded MC2 models and procured children for #Epstein). #OpDeathEaters…
The special aired the interviews of dozens of women who accused both #Brunel & #Haddad of a litany of crimes, ranging from racist invective towards black models to violent rape. #Haddad, Jean Luc #Brunel, and #Casablancas were overheard laughing about their crimes. #OpDeathEaters
Trudi Tapscott initially furious at #Casablancas, after receiving a promotion softened her stance on child rape. “My answer is that no one ever did anything they didn’t want to” "They knew more about making passes [at men] than I ever knew” #OpDeathEaters
Casablancas admitted that he often raped children “that was the business I was in” “many of us are fascinated by the idea of a woman-child, like Brooke Shields in the movie Pretty Baby.” Shields played a child trafficking rape victim being prostituted to adult men. #OpDeathEaters
#Casablancas retired from the agency in 2000, his decision to go came after then-president of Elite Europe, Gerald Marie, was featured in a BBC exposé propositioning a young model. Which mainstream outlets at the time moved to discredit. #OpDeathEaters…
Gerald Marie, the head of Elite Paris, was in his 30s when he raped a 17-year-old model named Carré Otis on multiple occasions, which she detailed in her 2011 memoir. #OpDeathEaters…
Ex-model Kristen Noel said Elite Model Management sent her to Paris at age 16 in the 80s to stay with an agent who repeatedly groped & forcibly kissed her. “Elite protected him and disconnected from their responsibility to me” #Casablancas #OpDeathEaters…
Hair and makeup artist Dawn Jacobson saw agencies regularly endanger models when she worked in Milan in the ’80s where they were preyed on by wealthy Italian men. #OpDeathEaters
Marie Anderson Boyd, who was an agent and vice president at the company’s Chicago office between 1985 and 1990, said models would regularly report sexual misconduct they experienced on go-sees. #OpDeathEaters
She never passed the reports to her managers at Elite, in part because executives like John #Casablancas and Gerald Marie also engaged. “They established a culture of compliance with sexually predatory behavior,”“That trickled down into everything everybody did.” #OpDeathEaters
Anderson Boyd told New York Magazine that she remembered watching two female executives plead with Gerald Marie and John #Casablancas to stop raping children. They responded “We are men. We have our needs.”
2012 study by Model Alliance, found that 52% of models are rarely or never accompanied by guardians to a shoot, despite that the majority of models start working between age 13 and 16. And 50% are exposed to cocaine. #OpDeathEaters…
In 1993, when he was 51, John #Casablancas married his third and final wife a child named Aline Wermelinger, a barely 17 year-old he had met the previous year when the Brazilian high school girl had participated in Elite’s Look of the Year contest. #OpDeathEaters
John Casablancas and Donald Trump at the Elite “Look of the Year” competition, 1994. Trump served on the judge's panel. #OpDeathEaters
Upon forced retirement in 2000, #Casablancas took the opportunity to tell the world what he really thought of models during his retirement, denouncing them as spoilt brats “surrounded by idiots and leeches”. “I hate them all,” he declared. #OpDeathEaters
John #Casablancas, was later hired to be on the board at Trump Realty Brazil as a ''lifestyle consultant of sorts'' where he worked at until he died of cancer. #OpDeathEaters…
Prince Andrew, Donald Trump, Naomi Campbell, Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffery Epstein at Heidi Klum's 'Hookers and Pimps' party. Klum was a supermodel managed by #Casablancas. #OpDeathEaters…
Court filings name #Casablancas super models Heidi Klum and Noami Campbell (later of #Brunel's MC2) as close friends of Jeffrey #Epstein. #OpDeathEaters…
The wildly divergent fortunes between the predators in Casablancas and Trump's circles and the children they preyed on.

The US and UK may be throwing each other under the bus a bit this year. Now bring us Brunel and his collaborators. #OpDeathEaters…

• • •

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