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This thread is about the current head of the Grimaldi family, Albert II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco, of whom Prince Andrew complained, he is able to go out and "does whatever he wants, and nobody cares". #OpDeathEaters… Image
Albert de Monaco is a close associate of billionaire Dmiitri Rybolovlev, who is well-known for providing underage rape victims to party guests. .
Since 2011, Albert of Monaco co-owns the AS Monaco football club with Dmiitri Rybolovlev (Rybolovlev holds 66% and Prince Albert the rest). Rybolovlev also owns “the most expensive three-bedroom apartment in the world” very close to Albert’s palace.…
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This thread looks at Dmitry Yevgenyevich Rybolovlev, a Russian billionaire and associate of Donald Trump. As of April 2019, Rybolovlev is ranked 224th on Forbes's list of billionaires with a net worth of $6.8 billion. #OpDeathEaters… Image
Dmitri Rybolovlev made most of his fortune from the sale of two potash fertilizer companies for a combined US$8-billion in 2010 and 2011. He held both companies — OAO Uralkali and OAO Silvinit — through Cyprus-based Madura Holding Ltd.…
Rybolovlev owned the potash producer Uralkali, Russia's largest producer of potassium fertilizers. He sold part of his controlling stake in Uralkali in 2011, pocketing $6.5 billion overnight.
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This thread is about Paolo Zampolli, a UN ambassador for Dominica (of which he is not a citizen) and #opDeathEaters regulars Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Silvio Berlusconi, Giuseppe Cipriano, Les Wexner, Harvey Weinstein, Jean Luc Brunel, John Casablancas, Jeffrey Epstein & more. Image
Zampolli was born in Italy and sold his inherited toy company to Silvio Berlusconi as a young adult.
In 1994, Zampolli organized the Look of the Year contest in Ibiza, Spain. He had started a modeling agency which he moved to the US on the advice of his friend John Casablancas, the founder of Elite Model Management.
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This thread looks at Mega group, est. 1991 by Charles Bronfman, grandfather of NXIVM human trafficker /funders Clare & Sara Bronfman & Leslie Wexner, close mentor /funder of child rapist /trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. #opDeathEaters

Mega Group members include Edgar Bronfman Sr, Michael Steinhardt, Ronald Lauder, Robert Maxwell, Charles Schusterman, Harvey Meyerhoff, Laurence Tisch, Max Fisher, Max Lender, Leonard Abramson, among others. Membership by invitation only, $30,000 p.a.…
In May 1997, an intercepted phone call between a Mossad official in the U.S. and his superior in Tel Aviv revealed Mossad’s efforts to steal U.S. classified information.…
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||FLOOD|| Lütfen bu flood'u okuyun okutun paylaşın..

Bu Flood Uluslararası Kamuoyundaki Kaynaklar taranarak hazırlanmıştır.

2-)Çin, 1984 yılında idam mahkumlarından organ çıkarılmasına izin vermeye başladı. Son 36 yıl içinde bu uygulama ÇKP'nin insan çiftliklerinden organ, doku ve kollajen çıkaran uluslararası bir endüstri yürüttüğü noktaya kadar genişledi. (Konu)
3-)Çin bunu yapan tek ülke değil, ancak ticaretin açıkça devlet destekli olduğu ve başka hiçbir yerde eşsiz bir ölçekte bulunduğu tek ülke.
2001: Çinli bir dr, ABD Kongresi'ne idam mahkumlardan organlar hasat ettiğini ve henüz ölmemiş bir adamdan cildi çıkardığını söyledi ...
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I'm finally ready to post my story and not just a reply to someone. Im posting it loud for everyone. Its weird and intense. I'm posting the whole thing. I am an #Epstein survivor. Its long. But it needs to be seen. I don't want recognition. I want others to know they aren't alone
I'll get back to this later but its important to know up front. My father is a free mason. Him, his brother and my mother were born on March 30th, 1971. My father and uncle are twins. My whole life I though uncle was my father.
Now to the big stuff.
I was born in Boston MA. For the first 5 years of my life I primarily lived in NY with my mother. Where I was kept in a room with a dirty mattress on the floor, a bucket to use to relive myself, every few days I'd be given a loaf of bread and water bottles.
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Alan Dershowitz (@AlanDersh) who has been accused of child rape and still given a platform by U.S. media outlets, and Harvard to speak or appear on panels as an expert, is now openly defending Ghislaine Maxwell, previously helped Epstein avoid prison. #OpDeathEaters
After Alan Dershowitz was accused of rape by one of Epstein's victims, Harvard went on the offensive to defend him, 38 professors signed an open letter to support him. Harvard was also funneling Epstein money. #OpDeathEaters
U.S. Treasury Secretary Lawrence "Larry Summers" was a former president of Harvard, here he is pictured with Jeffrey Epstein alongside other notable figures. #OpDeathEaters
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China began allowing organ removal from executed prisoners in 1984. Over the past 36 years this practice has expanded to the point that the CCP are now running an international industry extracting organs, tissue and collagen from human farms. (Thread) #opDeathEaters
China is not the only country doing this, but it is the only country in which the trade is openly state sponsored and on a scale unmatched anywhere else.
2001: A Chinese dr told US Congress he had harvested organs from executed prisoners and removed skin from a man who had not yet died ... he removed skin and corneas from the bodies of more than 100 executed prisoners in China between 1989 and 1995. ”…
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Una adaptación al castellano de "The other Battle for the Internet", de Heather Marsh.

Acompáñanos en este terrorífico hilo...


Artículo Original ↓:…

#opDeathEaters #Anonymous #opDeathEatersES
2/ En 1974, 1 grupo de sociópatas, decidió cambiar l mundo. Se subieron al tren dl activismo social d los 60, q pedia derechos para ls minorías pra unir pedosadismo y homosexualidad y luchar x l aceptacion d este como 1 opción sexual más. #opDeathEatersES

3/ Estos adultos abogaban por la “sexualidad de los niños” defendiendo que los niños eran una minoría perseguida que luchaba por su libertad sexual.

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This is a thread about Marc Collins-Rector and the powerful child rape ring which extends from the BBS era to the cryptocurrency era with ties throughout entertainment and silicon valley, from Disney executives to crypto circles and social media. #opDeathEaters
Featuring: Bryan Singer, Gary Goddard, Jeffrey Sachs, Mitchell Blutt, David Neuman, David Geffen, Sandy Gallin, Terry Semel, Michael Huffington, Garth Ancier, Gary Gersh, John Silva, Marc Nathanson, Steve Bannon, Jeffrey Epstein, Al Seckel and more.
The child rape and trafficking industry was the first industry revolutionized by the advent of the Internet and earlier bulletin boards (BBS).…
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For the last several weeks we have had careerists (to be polite) insisting we need 'lead voices' and organizations for 'our movement'.

We have a source person and we have 18 clear goals. Anyone can organize and advance the idea and goals. #opDeathEaters
Read Binding Chaos about stigmergy.
Read The Creation of Me, Them and Us about endogroups.
Read anything about spy strategies for dismantling grassroots movements. Endogroups are essential for infiltration and sabotage. #opDeathEaters #DefundTheSpies…
#OpDeathEaters is idea driven stigmergic action. It has one original source, which is @GeorgieBC. There is no authority except the idea and 18 goals. We are our own leaders.

This is not your ngo or your political campaign or your careerist breakthrough.…
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Publishing a couple of our dm responses re Clintons & Obama because we cannot get through all dm's and these questions keep repeating. Tl;dr we are not looking solely for child rapists but for criminal networks supporting them as well. #OpDeathEaters
The reason Goal #2 is about propaganda is because child traffickers are protected by a framework which says the problem is individual psychology or 'sexual orientation'. The problem is actually a vast criminal industry which needs to be investigated as such. #opDeathEaters
Both pizzagate and qanon hyper-focused on one political party in one country because this makes no sense until you see the networks in every country, party, church, military, industry ....

We need more researchers and organizers. #opDeatheaters
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This particular ring is a good intro for starting to map connections between Hollywood, cryptocurrency, silicon valley, and politicians.

(Wow, can't believe you are all trending #BryanSinger - finally! Keep going!)…
Yep. 'The Twink Express' is as much of a secret as 'The Lolita Express' was. Sitting right there in the wide open. #opDeathEaters #BryanSinger
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Part 2: latest developments in Jeffrey Epstein case. Bill Barr and Trump's recent attempt to disrupt justice by removing US Attorney Geoffrey Berman. Berman oversaw a multitude of cases involving Trump allies, including Jeffrey Epstein, who he charged in July 2019. #opdeatheaters
On July 12, 2019, Berman's prosecution pressured US Labor secretary Acosta to resign over his handling of Epstein child rape cases 12 years earlier. He was also conducting a criminal investigation into Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani and investigating Deutsche Bank. #opdeatheaters
On January 27, 2020, Berman told reporters Prince Andrew had provided “zero cooperation” with SDNY’s investigation into Epstein. On March 9, 2020, Berman said Andrew “completely shut the door” on voluntary cooperation & that his office was considering its options. #opdeatheaters
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#opDeathEaters has done amazing work to change the child rape propaganda in corporate media. We are way overdue to clean up Wikipedia. #opdeWikipedia
Where there is virulent misogyny, silencing and shunning of women, there is always child rape distribution and evangelizing. Wikipedia is famous for all three. #opDeathEaters #opdeWikipedia
Do what the child rape propagandists do. Organize, get into arbitration roles, outnumber them. Challenge the use of known child rape affiliated institutions (Harvard, Oxford, BBC) as the authoritative voices on child rape. #opDeathEaters #opdeWikipedia
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As a former member and survivor of the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization, I’m opening a thread on their child rape cover ups. @OpDeathEaters @OpDeathEatersUS #OpDeathEaters #opdegod
For those who don’t know, the Jehovah’s Witnesses are a millenarian restorationist Christian denomination with nontrinitarian beliefs distinct from mainstream Christianity. They report a worldwide membership of approximately 8.68 million.…

They are directed by the Governing Body, a group of 8 men elders in Warwick, New York, United States, which establishes all doctrines based on its interpretations of the Bible. #OpDeathEaters #opdegod
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When #opDeathEaters first started (10 years ago in some form), we told you that it was a multi-layered operation where we had to prove each layer before we could reveal the next. Hopefully, you all now understand the very simple truth behind this story.
There is no government. We are ruled by a supranational organized crime network that deals in human, drugs & weapons trafficking and money laundering. Everything stems from that one fact. We have years of receipts that prove it beyond any reasonable doubt.
You aren't trying to overthrow the government. You are trying to resist, arrest, and dismantle powerful organized crime. That is how everything should be addressed from this point forward. #OpDeathEaters Read:…
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Maybe it wasn't such a great idea for you all to subscribe to massive state-funded block lists. #opDeatheaters #BlackLivesMatter
It's obvious who these block lists are targeting now, but they have always been aimed for #opDeatheaters. @MissSnoBunnie who found everything on the NXIVM cult and Alaska's Corrupt Bastards Club, as well as many other networks, has been taken offline by them repeatedly.
Efforts to silence women have always and will always be run by industrial-scale child predators. Track those leading the efforts to mass block #opDeatheaters. Back up everything and keep researching. Material is again disappearing fast.…
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Este hilo analizará el sórdido legado del paedosadismo dentro de la familia real inglesa. #OpDeathEaters

Toda la información recopilada por @OpDeathEaters y @GeorgieBC 2014 - presente.
Lord Mountbatten estaba vinculado a la #Kincora red de violación y tortura de niños. Mountbatten, el último virrey de la India, era conocido por ser extremadamente promiscuo, bisexual y abusar de los niños de la clase trabajadora o de los indios campesinos. #OpDeathEaters
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Contrary to recent media reports claiming that #opDeathEaters is 'misinfo', @opDeathEaters has never claimed anything. The op simply presents journalism from reputable sources, and legal documents, and requests that people read the material to see if they find a pattern emerges.
For those that see the pattern of systemic abuse, #opDeathEaters demands an independent, international, victim-led tribunal/inquiry into trafficking and paedosadist industry.
Read the actual goals of #opDeathEaters because that is the important part. Read what is on the main account, not the hashtag. Read the pinned threads.
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Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, facing sexual abuse reports, resigns from the College of Cardinals… #OpDeathEaters
Former Vatican ambassador says Pope Benedict and Pope Francis knew of child rape allegations against Cardinal McCarrick for years… #OpDeathEaters
3,600 Child Rape Cases Spanning Decades in the German Catholic Church… #OpDeathEaters
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PRINCESS DIANAS MURDER EXPLAINED BY Anonymous. A summary/guide. Feel free to repost to instagram stories. Don’t let this be deleted! #OpDeathEaters #PrincessDiana #Anonymous #RoyalFamily Image
The Controversial Article ImageImageImageImage
Diana was aware of Prince Charles involvement in rape/child sex trafficking in the Palace ImageImageImage
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QAnon fue creado para desacreditar #Anonymous, creación de destacados partidarios de Trump / respaldados por el estado, familiarizados con nosotros y nuestras operaciones. Así es como sabemos que lo que le estamos diciendo es creíble.
El objetivo de #PizzaGate y QAnon, iba a destruir la credibilidad de Anonymous y aquellos involucrados en las investigaciones en las que se centra, especialmente el caso #Esptien que fue enterrado bajo un mar de teorías de conspiración y videos genéricos de YouTube “sospechosos”
Pizzagate, Qanon ha sido una de las operaciones más sórdidas para desacreditar a Anonymous, para controlar la narrativa sobre el tráfico de niños, especialmente #Epstein , en un intento de politizar y desviar la atención de la red más amplia de pedofilia prominente.
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Be careful of any tweets regarding "Anonymous." A lot of misinformation going around.

- Trump's private information did not just leak. It was already public.

- Documents regarding rape allegations against Trump did not just leak. They have been public since 2016.
- Anonymous did not leak the contents of Epstein's little black book as many are claiming.

The content was made public by Gawker back in 2015. #OpDeathEaters #Anonymous #Anonymousisback
Did Anonymous hack the Chicago Police Department's radio to play N.W.A.'s "Fuck Tha Police?"

I looked into the viral claim. There is no evidence anyone claiming affiliation with Anonymous was involved.… via @dailydot
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