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I will try to explain as best I can. I’ve already done a thread on this, so I encourage you to read it and pass it along to your like minded friends and followers.

China is working to replace the US and become the solitary world power and create vassal and tributary states through their Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). It is referred to as the Chinese Dream. They want to fundamentally flip world power dynamics and come out on top.
Canada is slated to be a Chinese tributary state. Our military & low population rule out a vassal state. We are a nation that China would use to feed & provide resources to its population. Regardless of the environmental, health & safety, & economic impacts on Canadians.
In his zeal to create & increase personal wealth for those he serves, Harper sold our resources to China without our knowledge or approval. China agreed to invest in oil sands, natural gas, mining, possibly farming, and make a few people here in Canada a lot richer by partnering.
The people that stand to benefit are large oil producers (Exxon/Imperial, Koch’s, Rosneft, etc.), wealthy co-investors (Bret Wilson types, Canadian Petroleum Producers), Dominionist Christians & venture capital investment corporations. Everyone else would suffer.
Oil production would go into hyper production. China and India would benefit by purchasing & storing raw materials to refine at their leisure. Too bad if we need some in Canada. They’ve bought the rights and would own the resources and pipelines planned to be built.
Want to know why Canada bought the TMX pipeline and paid mightily? So Chinese investors could not purchase it. It is still within Canadian control and ownership. Also why it’s slated to be sold to Indigenous investment group. To protect the infrastructure from foreign ownership.
We have a similar agreement with the US. 60% of all oil produced MUST be sold to US, regardless if we have a shortage with the 40% within our control. Another Harper gift of Canada to foreign interests. The man sold out Canada for personal and Dominionist Christian profit.
Any mineral rights and mining operations owned by China are required to be given priority, according to FIPA. Refusing to build the infrastructure to enable development means China can sue Canada for lost revenues. But not in Canadian court system. In an international court.
Free market trade lawyers (not judges) dominate the court China would use and an arbiter could award rewards that could bankrupt the nation. There is no escape clause and no transparency. The FIPA includes a non disclosure clause until the matter is decided in final. No appeals.
So PM can’t keep the public informed. He must maintain confidentiality or risk additional fiduciary penalties. Similar agreement with Saudi Arabia exists for military procurement.

Thus, Canadian sovereignty no longer exists. We have become a tributary state to foreign nations.
Thanks to Harper, Canada is a sovereign nation in appearance only. The sanctions Saudi Arabia, US & China have put on Canadian commodities? Statecraft pressure from foreign nations demanding our political subservience, acquiescence, silence and resources on a platter.
Worse, Scheer & Kenney plan to sell ALL Crown land. China would buy it all. By adding corporate private property rights to the Charter of Rights & Freedoms, NOTHING could halt resource development on privately held land. You could sue, but again, our courts don’t count.
That includes disputed land title for Indigenous. Harper was in process of destroying Treaty rights. It’s the main reason CPC plans to abolish the Constitution. Rather they intend on recreating a Republic. Which does not recognize treaties signed with the Crown of England.
China considers indigenous treaties as an unnecessary & an obstructive nuisance to their plan to harvest all Canadian resources. So if you doubt LPC is on side of indigenous, think again. They are doing everything they can to protect treaty rights of all Indigenous Canadians.
Why? Because it protects the resources of Canada from being bought and sold in private property arrangements.

Modern treaties LPC has signed limit land title to the FN or indigenous peoples it’s signed by. Land title can not be transferred external to the Nation. Only within.
Much to the frustration of CPC and China. So much that a disinformation campaign has been implemented to remove the first PM that is actually trying to preserve treaty rights and protect indigenous traditional land. Social media is killing democracy and FN-Crown relationships.
Any delays to getting resources produced due to protests or politics, China can sue for lost revenue. Again, not in Canadian court system. And in secrecy until the matter is decided. I assume they are currently suing Canada because of TMX, Kittimat and EE delays or cancelations.
TMX MUST be built. The alternative would bankrupt Canada. That’s why Trudeau is doing all he can to get that one pipeline approved. It provides the infrastructure for China. But he has no plans for Kittimat oil pipeline or EE. Keystone is still up in the air on US side of border.
How do I know CPC will attack the Charter of Rights and Canadian Constitution? Because I’ve seen the AB plans. Pieced it together with help and resources from other researchers. I’ve been writing about it for well over a year. I’ve begged media to write about it, but they won’t.
Conservatives have all the required elements to open and amend the Constitution and Charter. 7 conservative led provinces, stacked senate, public perception of federal infringement on provincial jurisdiction (plausible excuse to open Constitution). All they need is a majority PM.
Our very existence is at stake.

But it’s not Trudeau who put us there. He’s doing everything he can to preserve Canadian sovereignty, our economic independence & stability.

It’s CPC who is the enemy of Canada, not LPC.

Trudeau isn’t perfect, but he’s the best hope we have.
So I’m asking you to research it yourself if you aren’t convinced. The attached thread in the first tweet has links to where I’ve found some documentation. Read the FIPA and analysis from Osgoode Hall professor.…
If you want to help Canada, work to eliminate the CPC as a party & block a win in every riding they run in! For the next 26 years, we need to keep CPC and those wanting to dismantle Canada out of power.
It’s one of the few limited choices to survive as a nation and preserve what sovereignty we have left.

Vote your conscience and hand the reins to CPC or save your nation and stop believing the MSM garbage propaganda and disinformation.
Incidentally, Greens & NDP are helping CPC by smearing PM. Neither has ever held power of PM before.

Please don’t make arguments that they are a better choice. Neither May nor Singh are equipped to deal with China, the US and Saudi’s joint efforts to undermine this nation.
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