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1 Jul 20
@ElkeBabiuk reminded me of this video.

Louisiana has the dubious privilege of being the worst place to live in the US according to their own rating system.

If you want to know what Kenney and UCP plan for Alberta, watch the video.

Louisiana adheres to free market Austrian economics, trickledown strategy, promotes personal responsibility over state welfare, and is one of the wealthiest states in the US because of this ideology.

Someone forgot to tell the residents though.
That wealth is concentrated in the control of the elite who own the corporations that operate in Louisiana and the corporate shareholders.

The rest of the population has no access to that wealth & prosperity.
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5 Jun 20
@KadyDane There is a lot of history children are not taught in grade school. Or University.

*Alberta had a chapter of KKK until 21st century.
*This is the second time a theocratic autocracy has been in charge of Alberta. The last one lasted 36 years.
@KadyDane *Ukrainians and Germans were interred in concentration camps during WW1.
*Japanese were interred in WW2 and had property confiscated.
*Metis were stripped of their land ownership through grift.
*Louis Riel was presented as a traitor in SS class.
@KadyDane *Alberta was one of the worst North American site for Eugenics, under Social Credit govt.
*The birth of NDP parent was in Calgary AB 1932
*Alberta was THE hardest hit economically in Great Depression worldwide. Upto 80% unemployment.
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5 Jun 20
@signsaresaying @TonyJCronin They just consider themselves devout. They have lost all perspective because they live in a bubble. Only associate with other Dominionist Christians. Consider socialists demonic and liberalism the scourge that corrupted the globe.
@signsaresaying @TonyJCronin These people are so convinced of their own moral superiority and consider themselves gods chosen people. To replace the Jews. Because Jews rejected Jesus. They proselytize to Jews. It’s called Jews for Jesus. They consider Old Testament law god’s law and want it implemented here.
@signsaresaying @TonyJCronin They are extremists who have been radicalized.

This is a cult, not a religious faith.

We must get over the taboo of challenging faith and belief. When belief is justification for harming others, it’s no longer taboo to challenge it.

We can NOT tolerate intolerance.
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4 Jun 20
@Sunnydays180 @LisaHJorgensen @JulieSLalonde @HopeAldridge Do you think all crimes can be excused by intoxication? Or just sex crimes?

Will pedophilia be excused by intoxication? What about incest? What about incest of children in early childhood? Babies? Yes that happens.

Excusing behaviour because of intoxication is unconscionable.
@Sunnydays180 @LisaHJorgensen @JulieSLalonde @HopeAldridge Unless someone violently forces a person to take hallucinogenic drugs, the level of intoxication is within control of the consumer of the intoxicant.

Do we allow drunk driving because drivers are drunk or extremely high? Do we excuse their behaviour?
@Sunnydays180 @LisaHJorgensen @JulieSLalonde @HopeAldridge Or have we slipped back into the belief that men NEED sex: it’s an instinctual biological urge. So intoxication excuses forced compliance to obtain sexual gratification?
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4 Jun 20
@TheBlueGem3 The answer is in your question. Christo-fascist dominionists, far right libertarians and white supremacists make up about 42% of the electorate. That votes. That’s about 1/3 of the population.

Liberals are seeing a resurgence in support. As are all progressives.
@TheBlueGem3 If we want to be rid of UCP, someone smart, flexible, charismatic and resourceful would pull all progressives under one tent. Problem solved.

The problem is, no one wants to be sous chef. Everyone wants to run their own show and be the master chef. Four parties divide the vote.
@TheBlueGem3 Even if one party joined with another, it could be the impetus to get some cooperation and compromise going and get some momentum.

That’s how to defeat UCP. Get the majority of people to block them from power. Give voters two choices, not 5.
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4 Jun 20
@edmundacuto94 It’s not because they didn’t want to keep him. It’s optics. To appear moral and ethical.
@edmundacuto94 It’s hardly the first time Day said something controversial. And frankly, he’s said worse in the past and he still maintained those positions.

This is false virtue signalling to appear ethical. Don’t be fooled by theatrics.

Same with CBC.
@edmundacuto94 This action does more to enrage the far right voter base than signal ethical behaviour.

Watch far right twitter and you’ll see they are all a buzz about free speech and censorship. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was scripted and staged.
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4 Jun 20
@RStSebastian @ConcernedCdnMom Ha ha ha ha ha😅🤣😄

What would be the incentive to engage in discourse with you? What would be the point? You’ve already let me know you’re not interested. So now you want information?

Supporting human rights and pluralism to flourish. Unlike the orange menace.
@RStSebastian @ConcernedCdnMom Do you know how many Americans want to adopt Trudeau? More than I can count. Typically, ugly Americans are egocentric and haven’t bothered to look beyond their borders for evidence that they aren’t the greatest or best nation on earth.
@RStSebastian @ConcernedCdnMom Humble, there’s one characteristic of Canadians.

Highly educated.
Nature not guns
Limit hate speech.

Good enough Uncle Sam?
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3 Jun 20
@AdamWalkerNS @earthriseset So informing followers of the possibility of a Reichstag event informs the public of these tactics, coordinated or not.

Which was the intent of my retweet. Summarily undermined by the accusation that implying Trump and Putin are conspiring is hyperbolic and should be ignored.
@AdamWalkerNS @earthriseset Do you now understand why I’m frustrated and perturbed?

There is enormous risk of a Reichstag Event. That’s what dictators do to consolidate or maintain power. The public needs to be aware of this as a possibility. Just talking about it makes it more unlikely to happen.
@AdamWalkerNS @earthriseset Is it more important for people to be cognizant of the possibility of a Reichstag Event or for people to not jump to conclusions about a phone call immediately prior to a demonstration of military force on peaceful protesters so Trump could pose with a Bible in front of a church?
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3 Jun 20
@AdamWalkerNS @earthriseset That’s a false equivalence Adam. It’s not the same situation.

The protests are mostly peaceful. Some radicals and some criminal elements have infiltrated the protests to undermine the effort or capitalize on the inability of police to maintain public safety.
@AdamWalkerNS @earthriseset Putin and Trump have the same objective. The destruction of democracy.

Protesters and violent interlopers and criminals do not have the same objective. Interlopers have attempted to undermine the protests and the narrative. But it is not working.
@AdamWalkerNS @earthriseset In fact, the protests have gone global. Undoubtedly, this concerns Putin and Trump. Both are predictably behind the mobilization of far right operatives to undermine the protests and the narrative. Because it directly impacts their power consolidation.
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3 Jun 20
@redshoes721 @DColleyAB @signsaresaying @nikiashton I don’t need demagoguery. I have integrity. That’s the most valuable item I own.

Insults mean nothing when they come from a puerile partisan provocateur. I’m not as diplomatic as PMJT. Nor do I need to be.
@redshoes721 @DColleyAB @signsaresaying @nikiashton I don’t defend the response because I’m partisan, I defend it because it’s exactly what was needed.

The pregnant pause was 21 seconds. That’s incredibly intense. Followed by horror and consternation over US events.
@redshoes721 @DColleyAB @signsaresaying @nikiashton Trying to explain to Fed NDP the meaning of a pregnant pause as a means of communication is like explaining E=MC2 to a preschooler. They haven’t learned the alphabet yet, never mind what the concept of energy, mass and the speed of light squared are.
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3 Jun 20
@the_jizzle @DrJayDrNo @aleksic Who is talking about Roma? I was making reference to social change & women.

What happened after 1960’s? Did changes emerge because of the backlash against black activists? Yep. It will change again, if we can keep to peaceful protests & promote democracy & human rights.
@the_jizzle @DrJayDrNo @aleksic All advances in human rights and social change have a cost. All change is a struggle. All progress has inflicted pain and anguish before the change is made.

That’s why it’s hard & why Gloria Steinem has spent her entire career moving two steps forward & fighting one step back.
@the_jizzle @DrJayDrNo @aleksic Change requires struggle and sacrifice. How many labour activists died or were injured fighting for fair pay and safe working conditions? How many women were beaten and blackballed fighting for equality? How many black people died or were injured during civil rights activism?
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3 Jun 20
@the_jizzle @DrJayDrNo @aleksic Please. You think Black people have it hard. I’m an outcast in the only continent my people have ever known. Our land stolen and left to fend for ourselves, we have only survived because we are smart, intuitive & fight hard. None of us had rights and plenty of discrimination.
@the_jizzle @DrJayDrNo @aleksic You think I’m a house slave? Ha! I grew up in inner city Edmonton. Written off as a drunk and squaw. I’ve had to work for everything I’ve achieved twice as hard and demonstrate twice as much skill and knowledge as others.
@the_jizzle @DrJayDrNo @aleksic You have no right to assert my position is due to a life of leisure and better treatment. I worked my way from abject poverty to middle class because change has happened. And I was smart enough to take advantage of it and use my skills to pull others along with me.
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3 Jun 20
@the_jizzle @DrJayDrNo @aleksic Bull shit. There are people like me with advanced education. People of Colour in important positions. That is change. Your impertinence and impatience is showing. You hope to leave a better world for your children and grandchildren.
@the_jizzle @DrJayDrNo @aleksic If you think attitudes are going to change because of laws, then you haven’t read up on Jim Crow.

We are in the midst of an ideological war. Precisely because social change has been so drastic. It’s not enough, but cons are desperate to roll the clock back to zero.
@the_jizzle @DrJayDrNo @aleksic Give your head a shake. This is a pivotal moment in history. But if you think all racism will be removed because of global protests, your living in a fantasy world. Change takes time. Two thousand years ago many of the human rights women have now were present in Ancient Rome.
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3 Jun 20
@the_jizzle @DrJayDrNo @aleksic You know, I’m sick of unrealistic expectations and accusations that people don’t care from the FN community.

Do you really expect 500 years of engrained systemic racism to change overnight? Get a grip.
@the_jizzle @DrJayDrNo @aleksic Civil rights take generations to change. Laws mean nothing if attitudes don’t change. Case in point BLM. Emancipation was won during the civil war for Black people. It’s 160 years later and look at the strife.

But 160 years ago you would not have had worldwide support for BLM.
@the_jizzle @DrJayDrNo @aleksic That’s change. That’s how slow societal change is.

Instead of complaining about how you think the change should be finished by now (entitlement without reality), maybe realize that the journey of a thousand miles has millions of steps. We are further ahead than 150 years ago.
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2 Jun 20
@Sheneikax @TinDizzy @LifesCompass1 @ct0998 What exactly was disinformation?
@Sheneikax @TinDizzy @LifesCompass1 @ct0998 Hitler used Christianity, faith and Christians to maintain total power. So is Trump. This staged photo opportunity is not coincidence. It’s deliberate mimickry.

There is no disinformation.
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2 Jun 20
This is what US chaos is spawning in Canada.

Read the comments on Fernando’s tweet. I refuse to amplify him.

This is deliberate fomenting of hatred. Right here in Canada. Conservative operatives are trying to capitalize on US mayhem & bring it to Canada.
This is severe provocation of Canadian con population.

Equivalent to pouring gas on sparking embers sputtering from the bonfire south of the border.

I’ve never seen anything more irresponsible & more convincing there is coordination between American and Canadian provocateurs.
Please report this goon for inciting violence and hatred.
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2 Jun 20
@MgS_2011 You are correct.

We’ve been watching the collapse of the US in slow motion for 3.5 years.

Sarah Kendzior (and I) have been saying this the entire time.

I predicted this would happen when Trump was acquitted in February of Impeacment. At that moment he became a dictator.
@MgS_2011 So did Sarah Kendzior and a few others who don’t let hope cloud reality.

Living in reality is difficult. It means facing your darkest fears and standing up to them.

I don’t fool myself with unrealistic hope. That doesn’t mean I’m hopeless. I’m pragmatic and accept the truth.
@MgS_2011 I had a rough day yesterday, but I’m ok today.

For 3 years I’ve been saying Trump, and by association, Kenney, Ford, Moe, Pallister and Scheer are fascists. Warning we need to band together and stop them.
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1 Jun 20
@RagingLibNana Looting always happens during anarchy. It isn’t a reflection on the cause of anarchy. It’s a reflection on the many who would gladly steal if no one is looking or if they have little chance of being caught.
@RagingLibNana This is why we have laws and law enforcement. The majority of people are good, law abiding citizens (about 60%). The rest have questionable morals and ethics. That doesn’t mean they are bad people. It means they have less self control, less integrity. This is the absence of law.
@RagingLibNana People who only follow the law because they are being watched are more common than you have been led to believe. Hamurabi of Babylon enshrined laws a few thousand years ago. Because some people require a more structured environment and clear expectations. ImageImageImageImage
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31 May 20
@barbetta1 @FrankFigliuzzi1 @MSNBC @SRuhle I know. It barely caused a ripple. Because media was already compromised at that point. How many journalists were blocked like Ronan Farrow from bringing information to light?

I think I need a boost today. Something to inspire me that all hope isn’t lost.
@barbetta1 @FrankFigliuzzi1 @MSNBC @SRuhle I occasionally feel like I’m fighting a losing battle in a predetermined war. Today is one of those days. My son turns 18 soon. I am terrified of a world war becoming violent. I didn’t have him 18 years ago to sacrifice him for democracy because so many fell asleep at the wheel.
@barbetta1 @FrankFigliuzzi1 @MSNBC @SRuhle He’s smart and willful, just like his mom. But he’s still so naive and impressionable.

Why should anyone sacrifice their children, the future, for defence against tyranny?

And why are so many willfully ignoring the fact that fascism has a grip on our collective throats?
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31 May 20
@barbetta1 @FrankFigliuzzi1 @MSNBC @SRuhle I’ve been studying Russian military tactics. This is what they do. It’s called asymmetrical warfare. People are falling for it hook line and sinker. Western democracy is not experienced with this level of mind fuckery. Canadians are almost helpless to these strategies.
@barbetta1 @FrankFigliuzzi1 @MSNBC @SRuhle The worst part is that globally, conservative far right political parties are using the same strategies. At the same time Russian, Saudi and Chinese foreign operatives are using similar strategies.

The result is a divided electorate. And rage.
@barbetta1 @FrankFigliuzzi1 @MSNBC @SRuhle That’s 4 entities (5 if you include Canadian cons) using sophisticated military grade psyops on the Canadian public to discombobulate, emotionally engage and ideologically radicalize large portions of the population.
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31 May 20
@CJCousineau @DianeMariePosts Actually liberalism is a worldview, not a political governance system. Until the influence of the Age of Enlightenment, commoners didn’t have a choice in governance. Politics was reserved for the upper echelons. The Upper class.

Liberalism is a way of thinking, a belief system.
@CJCousineau @DianeMariePosts Seldom in human history have individuals had complete autonomy. Liberalism began as a belief system that provided for individual autonomy. A concept quite foreign prior to the Age of Enlightenment. It’s basically rationale for being selfish and asserting ones own needs & desires.
@CJCousineau @DianeMariePosts The term you’re referring to is democracy. Where people regularly choose a leader who makes decisions on behalf of the whole society is referred to as democracy, not liberalism. In comparison to autocracy (no choice) or monarchy (no choice).

Those are the available options.
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