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Nov 28 25 tweets 5 min read
I grow weary of trying to explain complex concepts to people who oversimplify issues and fail to understand the significance.

Why are youth so uninformed and willing to promote propaganda that does not help the homeless?

Are they lazy or just gullible fools? Homeless people, in Canada's current social/political/economic system do NOT have a right to refuse to leave a temporary shelter paid for by government. It is NOT a recognized right: to refuse to leave a residence and relocate to another.
Oct 28 25 tweets 7 min read
It is common for fascists to rehabilitate convicted criminals when they are in power.

It diminishes the narratives of opponents and removes the scandal of law breaking.

After WW2, many nations rehabilitated Nazis & fascist sympathizers to reintegrate them back into society. So it’s not unexpected or out of the norm for a political party that seeks the support of far right religious fundamentalists to promote a convicted murderer who killed his wife.

Traditional patriarchal hierarchy awards men the power of life and death over their property.
Oct 20 7 tweets 2 min read
In the past, this is the sort of information an independent investigative journalist would have tackled and presented their findings publicly.

But in “click bait” world it seems a waste of time searching for truth when scandal garners as many clicks.

Truth no longer exists. Why is investigative journalism a must in a democracy?

So bureaucracy failures to investigate questionable decisions by the govt in power can be examined using public pressure.

That’s why journalism is so crucial to maintaining a strong democracy with free and fair elections.
Oct 17 14 tweets 79 min read
@Any1ButChandler @Norlaine @jadekeller2 @Tentoads4truth @long_daze @barbetta1 @amys_here @FNstrongvoice @spiritofanu @SuZheQ @SpeakUp407 @PINK1963DSW @heatherdcoleman @legant66 @allm0ther @PaulF44 @bobittyboop @HeatherMoAndCo @BrvHrt09 @supriyadwivedi @CarymaRules @Cruellaisdevine @Jaxpuddy @mmofcan @anelsona @mini_bubbly We need to keep in mind the timing of Ms Denis’s accusations of election theft. It was nine months after the J6 event.

It’s become the new political strategy in the US. GOP Republicans refusing to accept an election loss.

A preemptive alert that a loss will be seen as theft. @Any1ButChandler @Norlaine @jadekeller2 @Tentoads4truth @long_daze @barbetta1 @amys_here @FNstrongvoice @spiritofanu @SuZheQ @SpeakUp407 @PINK1963DSW @heatherdcoleman @legant66 @allm0ther @PaulF44 @bobittyboop @HeatherMoAndCo @BrvHrt09 @supriyadwivedi @CarymaRules @Cruellaisdevine @Jaxpuddy @mmofcan @anelsona @mini_bubbly These accusations were made before the strategy was fully fleshed out.

Also, municipal wards are not created by provincial authorities. It’s odd that wards produce progressive mayors, but provincially controlled riding boundaries for AB produce mostly far right MLAs & MPs.
Oct 17 8 tweets 2 min read
Definitely a failure. But not a mistake. Those policies were requested & demanded by the super wealthy.

I find it concerning that Biden wants to characterize those policies as unintended.

My research shows otherwise. It’s the raison d'etre in every think tank policy paper. Transfer money, power and control to the super wealthy.

That’s been the plan for the past 40+ years of this long game plan.

It wasn’t a mistake. It was a spectacular display of the depravity of the oligarchy.
Oct 16 10 tweets 3 min read
What part of attempting to collapse western civilization by removing central national authority and replacing it with anarcho-syndicalism on the left or anarcho-capitalism on the right do pundits not comprehend. Libertarians on the left and right seek chaos and anarchy. They argue that it’s the people with the best ideas who win.

Which is utter BS. That’s not who wins when rule of law is removed. It’s the kakistocracy or kleptocracy that wins.
Oct 14 25 tweets 6 min read
Rural populist

Demagogic fascist targeting the least sophisticated and economically stressed citizens.

Same thing really.

Jason Stanley described these strategies aiming disinformation at the most vulnerable. Ignorance, relegating supporters to closed echo chambers, fostering victimhood and a focus on missed entitlements and privileges and decrying the depravity of cosmopolitan society.

Who did Hitler target for recruitment? German youth and the German Rural Peasantry.
Oct 14 29 tweets 6 min read
The public needs to view these maps.

Shifting riding boundaries gave Kenney the ability to predict his electoral win almost to the exact percentage.

Yet the boundaries were drawn in 2017.

Why is Alberta’s new premier so unconcerned about urban constituents’ representation? Because the Wildrose radicalized extremists have never concerned themselves with the plight of urban citizens.

In fact, silencing and disparaging urban liberalist values has ALWAYS been Danielle Smith’s priority. And the priority of federal conservative politicians.
Oct 11 26 tweets 5 min read
This issue has rendered me almost speechless.

Generally I have more control over my vocabulary. But this issue and the inexplicable sorry excuses journalists have offered while covering it is making swears and vulgar epithets stream out of my mouth. It’s ANARCHY.

Danielle Smith is advocating anarchy in response to legitimate centralized federal authority.

People are unfamiliar with anarchy because this is what happens in unstable nations, not in Canada.

The belief in Canadian exceptionalism is persistent.
Oct 8 15 tweets 3 min read
Liberals know the answer to this question.

For the same reason we advocate for LGBTQ rights and freedoms, but not for pedophiles, the liberal political campaign is diversity focussed and inclusive of every legitimate belief and values system. Individuals who participate in pedophilia, anti government acts like a violent coup d’état, and overt misogyny are beliefs and values that either include criminal acts or are at or beyond the fringes of acceptable behaviour.
Oct 7 12 tweets 3 min read
The basis of plausible deniability is no longer possible for CPC.

Everyone who pays attention to politics knew cons appealed to fringe groups who hold objectionable beliefs and values. But now there is proof that misogynists are specifically targeted for political support. It doesn’t matter if the decision was made 5 years ago or a few months ago. There are 50+ YouTube videos of PP’s that contain this amplifier.

The staff and leader are either incompetent or complicit. Neither provides confidence in CPC leadership.
Oct 6 25 tweets 5 min read
The only thing happening is a bit more scrutiny.

The board has hired a firm to manage the scandal and management and board refuse to resign.

They’re waiting out the storm. The problem? Many of the parents, coaches, talent scouts, managers and other hockey professionals are completely reliant on the multi millions that hockey generates.

Much like American football and the concussion scandal in that sport, hockey will not change its business plan.
Oct 5 21 tweets 7 min read
How many times are people going to overlook the obvious?

Uganda is ruled by a dictator who operates a managed democracy. He’s also a devout Anglican and his daughter is a preacher. She preaches about the “Great Commission.”

Museveni is a Dominionist Christian leader. But people would rather joke and laugh about impending danger from deadly communicable diseases than recognize a globally coordinated disinformation campaign to confuse and terrify those who use magical thinking.
Sep 30 30 tweets 15 min read
@Theobius personally I SPECULATE it was Kenney and/or Manning who received Easter gifts. Immediately prior to the May 4-6, 2018 Red Deer UCP inaugural annual meeting to decide the new UCP party’s policies. Appears to me to be a “obligations and commitments” reminder. Combining the Wildrose (radically extreme subversive policies) and Progressive Conservative (hard conservative and libertarian) policies into the current paleolibertarian policy platform to deliver the managed democracy modelled after Russian Federation.
Sep 27 24 tweets 5 min read
If you don’t know what this means, look up “state’s rights” and “nullification crisis.”

You can also look up the inspiration for state’s rights and nullification crisis, Vice President J. C. Calhoun. Southern Carolinian John C. Calhoun. An American slave owner and Southern US extreme racist who defined American libertarianism, the Southern US wealthy white male identity and the illusion of American democracy.
Sep 26 16 tweets 3 min read

It’s amazing how so many people on the left can rationalize using epithets if they consider the target the enemy (as in dehumanized).

When will people learn? Eye for an eye approaches don’t work.

Fascists want us to be unable to control our emotions. Yes call out the bullshit. Do not attack them personally. It reduces your arguments to meagre childhood taunts.

You don’t need to go high when they go low. That’s not the attitude required.

We need to fight back.

But pick your battles. Personal insults are for your vanity.
Sep 21 28 tweets 10 min read
I really need people to read and comprehend this information:

MAID is NOT available as an option for people who do not have debilitating physical or mental illness. Poverty is not an acceptable criteria to be considered for approval of MAID. For some reason, the Disability Advocate community has chosen to misrepresent MAID as a purposeful tool to rid society of the disabled poor.

That’s what demagogic populism does. It manipulates partial truths and creates misunderstandings in perception to create shock & support.
Sep 17 5 tweets 2 min read
@brucewilson is using sarcasm to point out the absurdly obvious and hidden in plain sight machinations of the Christian far right.

@jennycohn1 has documented Flynn’s & Stone’s efforts to facilitate a second violent coup by seizing control of ALL power, not just the Capitol. To appeal to the American populace, their efforts to inform have been limited to describing the efforts to incite American evangelicals to seize power and control of cultural influence & perform a more effective coup.

But efforts to incite coups are occurring globally.
Sep 15 8 tweets 5 min read
@LukewSavage @wickdchiq Do you even understand what it means to refuse the oath? Swearing the oath is a commitment to the Canadian constitution, human rights and freedoms, treaty rights, democratic principles and rule of law which is all built upon the foundation of our constitutional monarchy. @LukewSavage @wickdchiq I personally don’t care much for King Charles. But he is merely the most current figurehead who represents the legal function of the monarchy. Without recognition of the legal foundation of the monarchy, the Canadian constitution is invalid. Many may hope for this to happen.
Sep 12 27 tweets 10 min read
Anti woke means asleep.

PP wants to be the first anti woke PM?

Rather bold to overtly acknowledge ignorance, magical thinking and blind faith as virtues.

But that has become the symbol of populist conservatism and libertarianism.


Magical Thinking.

Blind Faith. Refuse to acknowledge science that doesn’t support completely mandate & regulation free society. Ignore the risks. Ignore the loss of life and health & welfare. Close your eyes to abuse of the most vulnerable. Turn a blind eye to callous exploitation.

That is ignorance.
Sep 8 21 tweets 4 min read
While many have started believing maybe Kenney wasn’t so disastrous as a premier and so committed to placating the extremists he activated to deliver electoral wins, the truth is much more damning. Kenney is as radically extreme as Danielle Smith, and as extreme as Toews, Jean or Loewen.

They all share the same ideological beliefs. Evangelical Christian nationalism, the superiority of Christians and libertarian morals and ethics.