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11 Jun
This is terrifying considering Kenney is planning on Stampede come hell or high water.

I’m hoping for high water. Because this black fungus is a version of hell.
Good luck people who haven’t got their vaccinations. Delta is more deadly, and even if you recover, you could develop an aggressive diabetes or a black fungus could eat your brain, sinuses or eyes.

Delta is also truly airborne and very little is required to become infected.
N95 masks are recommended.

My god, covid just keeps getting worse and worse.

And there is no a confirmed Vietnamese variant as bad, if not worse than Delta India variant.
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10 Jun
You make a video containing nonsense magical thinking, false accusations and disinformation. No one watches it because the media platform you’ve posted it on refuses to amplify it. And maybe even bans it because it’s so incendiary & egregious.

Damn straight I want that policy.
I’m sick of Pierre Poilievre, Erin O’Toole, Michelle (Oklahoma resident) Rempel, Jagmeet (heartstrings) Singh, Ezra (neo Nazi) Levant, Keean (Nazi Caillou) Bexte and Sheila Gunn Reid having their garbage widely circulated to confuse and gaslight the public.
Especially since the media platforms they use have rules against this garbage which they don’t enforce.

Generating profits for the indoctrination with toxic beliefs and values isn’t a supportable business model.
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10 Jun
@2muchfun4me @OmFgOdDeSs There’s more to it than that. It’s a money making scam. Children who are apprehended are placed in foster care. Many foster care organizations are evangelical Christian.

So Christians have access to children for proselytizing. And they get paid to do it.
@2muchfun4me @OmFgOdDeSs Indigenous organizations also must be consulted if the child is indigenous. Offered cultural programming. Many organizations make money this way.

It’s an industry.
@2muchfun4me @OmFgOdDeSs However, on the other hand, there are absolutely horrific conditions children are in which require removal. Sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect and mental abuse. But intervention programs are inadequate to address issues. That’s an industry too: in home counselling.
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7 Jun
Some might frame this as “domestic terrorist attack by hate fuelled white domestic terrorist kills 4 members of family, injuring & orphaning a 9 year old boy.”

Or at the very least call it a hate crime.
Why do we need to know the faith of the victims? One would think that’s irrelevant to the fact that a white terrorist killed them. The way it’s stated it’s almost presented as a rationale for their murder.
It’s awkward and pathetic that CBC is working so hard to avoid saying white domestic terrorist killed 4 innocent people because he was a hate filled miscreant.

Being Muslim and out walking is irrelevant to the fact a man committed murder with his vehicle.
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7 Jun
@ryanjespersen Why don’t Canadians use this day to reach out to indigenous people.

“I’m proud to be Canadian, but I’m ashamed of the way Canada has treated indigenous peoples. I commit to listening to indigenous people and working in partnership to build an inclusive democracy.”
@ryanjespersen I want to learn about the genocide committed against indigenous people and hold those responsible accountable. I want to learn about indigenous worldview and how to welcome that view within my own understanding of what is Canadian culture.
@ryanjespersen I want to be part of an inclusive Canada that celebrates & honours its indigenous peoples. I want to promote indigenous ways of being, knowing, thinking and stop accepting silent genocide.

I want to elevate indigenous voices. I want to ease the suffering of those still healing.
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6 Jun
I want to scream. Are you happy far left? You pissed me off mightily today.

And the public wonders why indigenous people don’t trust white people. Why we don’t trust people who tell us our issues deserve airtime and financial support too.

I’m signing off tonight. Enraged.
It’s insulting people believe I’m being too harsh when I call out disinformation. I’m bullying. Are you effing kidding me?!?

I’m bullying because I don’t candy coat criticism of the abuse of indigenous issues for political gain.

Don’t follow me if you expect candy coating.
I’m not here trying to win friends. I’m not campaigning for any party.

I’m advocating that the Canadian public actually take responsibility for the 500 years of shit and abuse thrown at the indigenous peoples of Canada.

I’m not going to make it easy for you.
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5 Jun

Listen to this woman. Don’t listen to people who demand everything get fixed by next week. Listen to the people who have been wronged for generations.

Acknowledge their pain.

Acknowledge their humanity.

Acknowledge their anger.

Acknowledge their resentment.
That’s it. That’s your responsibility.


It’s not time for you to be heard. It’s not time for you to virtue signal. It’s not time for you to get comfort for your shock and dismay.

It’s our time. We’re the ones almost wiped out from policies meant to exterminate us.
By settlers.

Settlers who profited from our pain. Profited from our deaths. Profited from our suffering.

This isn’t your pain. It’s ours. You listen. We get to talk now.
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5 Jun
I realize I am one person. I can not change the world by myself.

But I can cast a stone in the water, hoping others cast theirs and we make a significant ripple.

I knew what is happening would happen. I hate it all the same.
I’m angry. Very angry to watch politicians use profound grief that doesn’t belong to them for political gain.…
I wrote very angry and critical threads.

Singh’s behaviour is wounding my community and all of Canada.

I can’t sit by and watch silently.

But I can’t be positive and humbly critical.

Nope. I’m enraged by betrayal. I expect this from cons.
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4 Jun
Mr. Singh’s intentional attempt to divide progressives into two factions: those who demand immediate action, and those who understand centuries of persecution will take time and mutual cooperation between governments and communities to address is reprehensible.
I’m not a lawyer. But I know enough of them and have independently studied legal issues to know what Mr. Singh is requesting of the federal government, by withdrawing court cases related to child welfare and residential school compensation is anti-democratic and dangerous.
Perhaps some lawyers could opine to confirm these assertions I’m making. Instead of permitting this charlatan from ripping apart Canadian democratic norms and conventions.
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4 Jun
How many more times do I need to be subjected to asinine stupid comments about indigenous issues from people who think they mean well, but they’re actually as clueless as a door knob!

JFC this is pissing me off more than I thought it would!
Not that I expect everyone to read my threads, but I did write a very important one a couple days ago.

In it I said people would immediately move to solutions to avoid feeling difficult emotions about the discovery of a mass grave of indigenous children.
How characteristic of complicit humans to avoid feeling responsible for any part of this genocide. How ‘Good German’ of you!

I hoped for better self awareness. But nope. Same ole same old.
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3 Jun
I see so many people using the word hypocrisy to describe this behaviour.

It’s not hypocrisy. They honestly believe the rules do not apply to them.

These are people who believe they write the rules, not live by the rules, because they’re at the top of the hierarchy.
Using words like hypocrisy is a reflection of your values, not theirs.

They don’t believe your opinion matters. Therefore hypocrisy is an empty moral value.

Why people continue to use is frustrating.
To respond to the slight of being called a hypocrite, you first must possess some level of a sense of social cohesion and egalitarianism. A belief that “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander” mentality.

UCP members don’t have that characteristic.
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2 Jun
How many people are familiar with the following truth?

“Those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it.” ~ Edmund Burke
Most people assume Burke was referencing maintaining awareness of history to avoid sliding into autocracy.

He wasn’t. He was referencing the French Revolution. Where the common folk deposed the monarchy & noble classes. And redistributed wealth and resources more equitably.
In theory anyway (check out Robespierre).

Burke was a wealthy aristocrat. Afraid of losing his status, property and comfortable lifestyle.

And he was correct. When you don’t pay attention to current events & seek to understand them in contexts with past events, you’re doomed.
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2 Jun
It literally disgusts me that some on the left are using dead children as political fodder.

What kind of person does that?!

I don’t want to know the answer. But I do know it creates deepening of wedges based on race.
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1 Jun
A request to fund a comprehensive search for buried children on and around indigenous residential schools was made by the TRC and denied by Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl in 2009.

Denied by Conservative Party of Canada.
The request was approved in early 2016 by the Liberal Party of Canada. Further related funding was included in the 2019 budget.
Additional funding has been made available for commemorative projects.
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1 Jun
As an indigenous person, reconciliation is of great importance to me.

I need people to hear this plea. I need people to share this information.

With everyone they know.

I’m asking for the attached thread to be amplified widely.
Inter-generational grief and trauma is not something we can gloss over in a news cycle.

It’s not a quick fix “yep I support reconciliation” so let’s move on to the next topic. Healing occurs at the rate of those requiring healing.…
It’s disrespectful to the process & the healing required to rush this process by immediately seeking a solution.

We need to sit in the anguish and experience the discomfort as a nation.

To move on without respecting the process is a rejection of reconciliation.
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31 May
@Sarinafull @TheRealDenene @JoeBlowCarSeat @GlobeDebate @sunshinny I wish you would look into legal precedent and why it is so important for governments to retain the authority for deciding the criteria and for new govts to not overrule past government’s decisions.

Precedent is the basis for the rule of law. We must preserve the rule of law.
@Sarinafull @TheRealDenene @JoeBlowCarSeat @GlobeDebate @sunshinny One governing party changing the criteria opens the door to future new governments doing the same.

Which defeats the purpose of the rule of law if new govts can just override a past govt’s legislation and decision making.
@Sarinafull @TheRealDenene @JoeBlowCarSeat @GlobeDebate @sunshinny That’s the reason for some people being excluded for restitution and refusing to change the criteria.

Because it undermines all LPC legislation in the future. Not that it would stop CPC from reversing LPC policy and legislation.
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31 May
Interesting development from G&M opinion.

Classic Finkelstein Method being used to polarize the electorate.

On the backs of 215 dead indigenous children in unmarked graves.

That’s political opportunism at its worst.

Sickeningly gross.
First we have G&M setting the premise. Laying the groundwork that treatment of indigenous people in Canada has been horrific.

It has. And still is.

Then we have two opposing polarized comments following to evoke an emotional response.

Truly this disgusts me.
Using dead children for political opportunistic messaging is repulsive and morbid.

A bot offers far right inflammatory rhetoric to accompany the opinion piece. The left opposition uses that toxic rhetoric as a foil. It’s really quite demoralizing and sad.
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30 May
It continues to befuddle me that people continue to skirt around the issue.

The far right BELIEVES that god chose Jews as a people above all others. A superior culture. With people who are superior to all other cultures.
Why no one is willing to name the central issue is confusing.

While most people who claim liberalist, humanist and egalitarian beliefs, this inconsistency has been glossed over for centuries.

Egalitarianism can NOT be true, if one culture is above all others.
Complicating this even more is the Dominionist Christian belief that Jews were god’s favoured people before Jesus, but evangelical Christians have replaced Jews as god’s favoured people.

Many like to believe there was a point in time that religion and politics were separate.
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29 May
I’m fuming. The utter condescension and contempt for education professionals by UCP is repugnant.

However, I am not surprised in the least that a conservative lackey was brought in to “endorse” the curriculum under so much public pressure to scrap it and start again.
UCP is busy boasting about the glowing endorsement by a BC teacher who wishes ever so longingly that he could use the proposed curriculum instead of the inquiry based curriculum BC has adopted. Mr. Formosa is a teacher. He even has a Masters in Education. Impressive.
But, and there is a but, Formosa is also a conservative activist. He’s a young impressionable millennial with firm ideological beliefs about right and wrong, good and bad, evidence and faith, and politics.

He’s an Anti Choice advocate that led his Campus “Pro-life” organization.
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28 May
We’ve reached a precipice in Alberta.

In the next month, the Alberta UCP plans on removing all covid restrictions.

This WILL result in a fourth wave and exponentially more deaths and long covid.

Do we plunge into plague or work together to prevent this inexplicable policy?
I’m assembling evidence to help make that decision and pinning it on my Twitter feed.

Attached are a selection of newer and older threads that document the UCP agenda, beliefs and values.
My hope is that anyone interested in knowing more about UCP and the paleolibertarian/anarcho-capitalist/Dominionist agenda they are currently installing will take the time to read.

What the public does with it is beyond my control. But this is my contribution to the decision.
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28 May
This is why Q’Anon is such a national security threat. For the US, Canada and several EU nations.

These beliefs are bizarre and not based in reality.

But 15% of Americans believe this is fact.

They believe violence is warranted to take back control of the presidency.
If the Q’Anon propaganda has created about 50 million deluded Americans, then we can expect an equal amount here in Canada.

That’s about 5.6 million radically deluded Canadians.

And that’s why Q’Anon is no joke.

Imagine if even 1-2% of that population act on their anger.
That’s 56K to 112K people.

Are the armed forces willing and able to counter any domestic terrorist violence of this magnitude?

PMJT said he was preparing the armed forces to deal with any circumstance.
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