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Update #RamJanmabhoomi
CS Vaidyanathan continues to argue:
Janm Sthan is a Punya Sthaan - cannot be supplanted with any other piece of land.
Unlike other temples where the idol can be shifted, where the divinity is associated with the deity, #RamJanmabhoomi - the land is divine for that's where the deity is born.
Doctrine of adverse possession does not apply to #RamJanmabhoomi since Hindus never stopped worshiping the land.
Hindu Idols and deities have an independent judicial identity and thus rights of the deity need to be considered.
When a deity is damaged or replaced, and subsequently a new idol is placed, it has all the divine powers of the original deity - it is divine in perpetuity
Significant material is available to show pilgrimages have been undertaken to #Ayodhya - CSV says he's not gone into any new material. #RamJanmabhoomi
CSV: 1885 legal suit on #RamJanmabhoomi was not suitabily represented by Hindus; Ram Lalla was not a party to that suit.
CS Vaidyanathan concludes his arguments on #RamJanmabhoomi
Clarifications start:
osque does not have presence of Almighty; it is a prayer house where angels take prayers to Almighty; in a temple the Almighty is present. #RamJanmabhoomi
Clarification 2:
Once Mosque Always a Mosque was not the original concept of Islam.
PN Mishra: Lord Vishnu Sahastranaam uses the word अपृतीबिंब जन्म भूमि wrt #RamJanmabhoomi
PN Mishra: explains the Sun dynasty in detail, with reference to an inscription on the stone slab used as evidence for #RamJanmabhoomi
PN Mishra: अमल - free of मल, is the almighty. Kalash and Shikhar are integral to North Indian temples.

This is with reference to amalak (circular stone used in temple shikars) found at the site excavation of #RamJanmabhoomi
PN Mishra quotes Atharva Veda where it is mentioned that #RamJanmabhoomi is the deity itself - almighty.
PNM: Three domes mentioned in the Atharva Veda are aligned to reference maps of #RamJanmabhoomi
PNM: #RamJanmabhoomi is used in scriptures and Jann Sthan is used in revenue records.

Sthan and Bhoomi have been used as synonyms.

English translation: place of birth
PNM: Skand Puran gives the exact location of #RamJanmabhoomi

'take holy bath in Sarayu, celebrate annual festival in Navratri, to North East of a spot, West of another'.

PNM gives exact shlokas to the bench;
Rajiv Dhavan interrupts PNM when he starts explaining the scriptures. PNM comes back, 'he argued for 2 years, I have just argued for 30 minutes' on #RamJanmabhoomi
PNM asked by the bench to identify Vigneshwara, Pindarak & other spots mentioned in his argument, on the map with the bench
PNM: In A'aine Akbari, it is mentioned that Ram was born in Ram Kot, which further narrows down the location of #RamJanmabhoomi
Ranjit Kumar starts arguing; PNM to resume with a detailed chart if facts which he shared on #RamJanmabhoomi
Ranjit Singh on behalf of Gopal Singh Visharad, son of a worshipper, Thakur Girdhari Singh.

Fact: Girdhari Singh filed a case in civil court, Faizabad, seeking permission to worship the deities installed at "Asthan Janma Bhoomi" #RamJanmabhoomi
Hearing for #RamJanmabhoomi concluded for today. Will resume again at 10:30 am tomorrow. Stay tuned!
Hearing commenced for #RamJanmabhoomi - arguments begin on behalf of Gopal Singh Bisharad - the worshipper.
Bench agrees to accept exhibits that were previously not taken into account due to absence of person for cross examination for #RamJanmabhoomi
Even when Nawabs forced Hindus to stay away from #RamJanmabhoomi Namaz was offered only on Friday & Hindus never left their possession - continued to worship.

Similar practice continued during the British
Even after the Gadar of 1857, Hindus continued to worship at #RamJanmabhoomi

RN understands: Hindus never gave up their right to worship the deity - here the Janm Bhoomi itself.
Affidavits filed by worshippers before Magistrate in 1954 cannot be discarded due to lack of cross examination - there was no dispute in 1954, even when there was a Notice by Publication in a public newspaper. #RamJanmabhoomi
Chronological presentation of affidavits from 1858 being read by Ranjit Kumar on #RamJanmabhoomi
Ranjit Kumar reading the #RamJanmabhoomi in chaste Persian. That was the language of courts in those days.
Even in 1858 affidavit: the site is referred as Masjid - Janm Sthan.
Reference to #RamJanmabhoomi as Janm Sthan is consistent across hundreds of years
The struggle for Right to Worship at #RamJanmabhoomi has not just started in 1950. Evidence from 1858 in the form of affidavits onward reflects that this struggle has been going on from far before.
Prayer: Puja has been going on - worship was always permitted and therefore the Right to Worship be continued at #RamJanmabhoomi
From ancient times shops were put during Kartik Mela and Navami at #RamJanmabhoomi. In other days flowers & Batashas were sold. Suit was filed against Raghubar Das wrt profits & rent sharing from these shops

Suit was dismissed as Asghar Khan didn't have land in his possession.
1877, in appeal by Md Asghar, Commissioner said, doorway was opened in dividing wall and not mosque to give separate route to visitors of Janm Asthan.” Earlier there was one door in boundary wall towards east.

Shows that Hindus never gave up right to worship at #RamJanmabhoomi
Arguments that define the diversity and comprehensive nature of Hindu religion being placed before the Hon'ble bench

Temple worship is a part of Hindu Religion #RamJanmabhoomi
True beneficiaries of the idol are it's worshippers, argues Ranjit Kumar on behalf of worshippers of #RamJanmabhoomi

Private temples limited to specific individuals
Public temples: the larger group of believers
There were no Ecclesiastical courts in India. Religion in India has largely been ritualistic. #RamJanmabhoomi
At least from 1936, Muslims have neither used nor offered Namaz at the site. Hindus however, never let go of their right to worship #RamJanmabhoomi
Right to Worship is an unfettered right - which has not been frozen for centuries.
Prayer: Right to Worship be continued at #RamJanmabhoomi
Sr. Adv Ranjit Kumar concluded.
VN Sinha, on behalf of Hindu Mahasabha starts arguing now for #RamJanmabhoomi
VN Sinha: Since the land was annexed by British, Waqf has no right in the absence of any further lease of #RamJanmabhoomi
VN Sinha asks for more time to submit a few documents. He will present those after arguments of the opposite party. Sushil Jain, on behalf of Nirmohi Akhara starts arguing for #RamJanmabhoomi
Sushil Jain: Nirmohi Akhara has always been a part of #RamJanmabhoomi case.

On basis of oral & written evidence - inner portion of #RamJanmabhoomi has ceased to be a mosque since 1934
Idol of Ram Lalla and other idols along with inner and outer portion of Janm Bhoomi was in possession of #NirmohiAkhara

All pujas done by pujaris at #RamJanmabhoomi are appointed by Nirmohi Akhara.
Nirmohi Akhara prays for shebaitship rights of the deity #RamJanmabhoomi

Largely belongings, possession and management rights.
Jain: Nirmohi Akhara' shebaitship rights have never been challenged except by Umesh C Pandey who never appeared for any cross examination or pursued the Case further. #RamJanmabhoomi
Jain: Suit of Nirmohi Akhara is about shebaitship rights. Challenges claim of Lalla's 'sakha' Deoki Nandan Agarwal on #RamJanmabhoomi
Bench rises for the day #RamJanmabhoomi
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