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Had a Puja at home today and interacted with two highly learned South Indian Brahmins (both are Engineers by qualification)

Both believe #RamMandirTrust has cheated donors in the so-called land scam.

They think Trust did the deal of ₹2 crores in 2011, which is untrue… Image

On 4 March 2011, Mehfooz, Javed, Noor & Firoz Alam entered into an Agreement with Kusum & Harish Pathak and Mohd. Irfan to sell the said land parcel for ₹1 crore.

This Agreement was cancelled on 4 March 2014.

On 20 November 2017, the 4 sellers named above entered into…

… another agreement with Kusum & Harish Pathak, but for double the price (₹2 crores)

Having been a leading real estate consultant for 14 years, let me be clear that there is nothing surprising in a 100% increase in the land price in 6.5 years.
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सरसों का तेल मंहगा क्यूँ हुआ ?...जानिये सच्चाई

हम भारत के लोग... पिछले 30 सालों से सरकार द्वार मान्यता प्राप्त मशीन ऑयल... सरसों के तेल के नाम पर खा रहे थे...

मोदी सरकार ने 30 साल पुराना फैसला पलट दिया है इसलिए अब शुद्ध सरसों का तेल महंगा हो गया है...
हमारे देश में जिन पार्टियों ने राज किया है उन्होंने देश के साथ क्या क्या धोखेबाजी की है.
ये जानकर आपको आश्चर्य होगा कि साल 1990 में वी पी सिंह की सरकार ने एक नोटिफिकेशन जारी किया था और इस नोटिफिकेशन के माध्यम से सरसों के तेल में ब्लेंडिंग को मान्यता दे दी गई थी ब्लेंडिंग का
मतलब होता है मिलावट करना...

दरअसल मिलावट शब्द का यूज जब पॉजिटिव तरीके से किया जाता है तो उसे ब्लेंडिंग कहा जाता है...

लेकिन इस ब्लेंडिंग के नाम पर भारत के लोगों के साथ बहुत बड़ा धोखा किया गया आप अब तक बाजार से खरीदा हुआ जो सरसों का तेल
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Ok, here's a list of HINDU TEMPLES & JAIN TEMPLES which were destroyed to build Mosjids in #UttarPradesh!

UP had 53 districts earlier, so the list is based on that & I've divided it into 2 parts.

This is part 1 which has 22 districts only

Special tag @sensenlogic FACTS ONLY!
I #Agra District

1 Agra
i Kalãn Masjid in Saban Katra (1521) Temple materials used.
ii Humãyûn-kî-Masjid at Kachhpura (1537-38) Temple site.
iii Jãmi Masjid of Jahãnãrã (1644) Temple site.
iv Dargãh of Kamãl Khãn Shahîd in Dehra Bagh. Temple material uses.
v Riverside part of the Fort of Akbar. Jain Temple sites.
vi Chînî kã Rauzã. Temple site.

2 Bisauli, Masjid (1667-68) Temple site.

3 Firozabad, Qadîm Masjid. Temple site.

4 Jajau, Masjid. Temple site.

5 Sikandra
i Maqbara of Akbar. Temple site.
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➡पूर्व मंत्री पवन पांडेय का बयान

➡रामजन्मभूमि ट्रस्ट में घोटाले पर बोले पवन

➡राम के नाम पर लूट मची है- पवन पांडेय

➡पवन पांडेय ने सीबीआई जांच की मांग की

➡जमीन खरीद की सीबीआई जांच हो- पवन

➡ट्रस्ट ने जमीन 18.5 करोड़ में खरीदी- पवन
➡ट्रस्ट सदस्य अनिल मिश्रा पहले गवाह हैं- पवन

➡दूसरे गवाह अयोध्या के मेयर हैं- पवन पांडेय
➡18 मार्च 2021 को बैनामा हुआ है – पवन पांडेय

➡2 करोड़ की जमीन ट्रस्ट ने 18.5 करोड़ में खरीदी’

➡5 मिनट में दाम 18.5 करोड़ कैसे हुआ- पवन

➡पहले बैनामा फिर 5 मिनट में एग्रीमेंट हुआ-पवन
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#WhatCongressHates 1/n
#NarendraModi of course!!
#WhatCongressHates and why I want #CongressMukTBharat 3/n
@myogiadityanath @CMOfficeUP
because of the colour of his clothes and because he headed a #Hindu temple trust
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Situated at 6 kms from #Rameshwaram, is a sacred fresh water spring in the sea. Yes, you heard me right. There is a fresh water body inside the saline sea. This place is called Villoondi Teertham and is the main attraction of this place.
A beautiful beach of #TamilNadu and one of the 64 teerthas(sacred water bodies) of Hindus in #Rameshwaram .There is a small Shiva shrine nearby and the Shiva linga here is named Thrayambakeshwara. The reason for this fresh water body in the sea is stated in #Ramayana.
It states that, After rescuing Mata Sita from Ravana, Rama together with Lakshmana, Sita, Hanumana and some of his other friends flew from Sri Lanka to Rameswaram on Pushpak Vimana, where he performed some rituals, Yajna and poojas by making a Shiva Linga.
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We all know about Sita Mata. How many of us know Sita Mata's family tree. Now we go thru Sita Mata's family tree
Let's go with a #Thread
After Vasishta's brief narration about Suryavamsa, Now King Janaka narrates the history of his dynasty-
consents to give Sita & Urmila in marriage to Rama & Lakshmana
Lets learn Sita Mata's ancestors -
There was a great man of religion King Nimi, strongest of men & well known in the three worlds by his own acts.
Nimi's son Mithi - who constructed Mithila. He was the first Janaka.
Mithi's son Udavasu
Udavasu's son Nandivardhana
Nandivardhana's son Suketu
Suketu's son Devarata who was righteous & powerful
Devarata's son Brihadradha
Brihadradha's son Mahavira who was heroic & powerful
Mahavira's son Sudhruti, who was armed with courage & the power of truth
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We all know about Sri Ram & His family members. How many of us know Sri Ram ancestors? Let's go with a #Thread
According to Srimad Valmiki Ramayana, Vasishta Maharshi introduces King Dasharatha's Family Tree to King Janaka just before Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam.
Lets learn Sri Rama's ancestors
From Bhagwan Brahma- Marichi
Marichi's son Kashyapa Prajapathi
Kashyap's son Vivsawan (Surya Bhagwan)
Vivaswan's son Manu
Among 10 son's of Manu 1 was Ikshwaku.
Ikshvaku made Ayodhya his capital & this way Ikshvaku generation came into existence.
Ikshvaku's son Kukshi
Kukshi's son Vikukshi
Vikukshi's son Baan
Baan's son Anranya
Anranya's son Pruthu
Pruthu's son Trishanku
Trishanku's son Dhundhumaar.
Dhundhumaar's son Yuvanshva
Yuvanshva's son Maandhaata
Maandhaata's son Susandhi
Susandhi had two son's-
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Video of #Sabrimala, reopening.
~2018,Nov—v wr fought to protect Sabrimala.
~2019,Nov—#Ayodhya verdict happened.
~2020–ppl involved in desecrating the temple r incarcerated.

I’ve lots more to say bt we believe Sri Ayappa Swami controls Saturn/lord of #Karma so let it be. 😊
In Kerala, anyone with shani (Saturn) dasha is advised to visit Ayappa temples & consume sesame seeds (hs iron & calcium). Apparently, Saturn dasha impacts calcium level jn our body, that’s why its associated with Bones & Teeth. Interesting nooh?
Correction: v fought* to protect.
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27 years ago on, On 16 Nov 1993, comrade Baba Lal Das was shot dead by hindutva criminals. He was a CPIM party secretary in the local unit @upcpim, Court appointed chief priest of the Ram lalla idols inside the Babri Masjid of the Ayodhya dispute in India. #Communist #Cpim Image
He opposed the Ram Janmabhoomi movement and a star witness in the Babri Masjid demolition case and a vocal opponent of the Vishva Hindu Parishad campaign to build a temple at the Ram Janmabhoomi site. He was murdered on 16 November 1993. Image
Lal Das, a strident opponent of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Vishwa Hindu Parishad, was shot dead in the middle of the night in Ranipur Chattar village, Ayodhya. His murder was never solved. #Ayodhya #RSSTerrorists Image
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Today's secular crimes:

Delhi: 3 stabbed - 1 dead, 2 serious
Surat: 1 stabbed & dead
Alwar: attempted #Ekatvam

Anymore from other places? Please consolidate & post..
After #MUNGERMASSACRE, it's back to WB.
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#BiharElections2020 | As polling for Phase-1 of #BiharElections begins, here is a quick look at candidates with criminal cases contesting in this phase.

#BiharPolls #Bihar
#BiharPolls | PM @narendramodi urges voters to cast their vote in the first phase of Bihar Assembly election and participate in 'festival of democracy' while taking precautions against #COVID19.

#BiharElections #BiharElections2020
"Good luck to all of you in the first phase of #BiharPolling": tweets @RahulGandhi as voting begins in Phase-1 of #BiharElections2020.

#Bihar #BiharElections #BiharPolls
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The demolition of the Babri mosque structure was not planned. All 32 (living) accused let off in the Babri structure demolition case. Court also found that both LK Advani & MM Joshi tried to stop the demolition. Stand by for more details. Breaking on @IndiaToday & @aajtak
After the structure case demolished.
(The demolition was a spontaneous act. No evidence to indicate premeditated move to demolish the Babri structure acc to verdict. Miscreants/unscrupulous elements went ahead & demolished structure. Advani, Joshi & Co tried to disassuade them.)
'Jai Siya Ram. Sabko Sanmati Dein bhagwan': Murli Manohar Joshi, veteran BJP leader after being acquitted in the Babri structure demolition case. Says it is good that a massive Shri Ram temple is coming up at the Shri Ram Janmbhoomi at #Ayodhya. Live on @IndiaToday
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[LIVE UPDATES] Babri Masjid Demolition: Special Judge SK Yadav to pronounce the verdict in the Babri Masjid Demolition case.

#BabriDemolitionCase #BabriVerdict #Advani #UmaBharti #Ayodhya
Lucknow Special Court had directed presence of all 32 accused.

The case refers to the demolition of Babri mosque in Ayodhya on December 6, 1992.…
Special Judge had sought security and Supreme Court in 2019 had said:

"the concern of security is a valid one in light of the fact that the responsibility on the judge is a big one".

#BabriDemolitionCase #BabriVerdict #Babri #YogiAdityanath #UPPolice…
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After success of #RamLallaVirajman civil-suit in #Ayodhya, now there is #BhagwanShriKrishnaVirajman suit in #Mathura to reclaim #ShriKrishanJanmabhoomi & remove Islamic-Encroachments.

If SC can allow #LordRam, it has to allow #LordKirshna as well. No double-standards!
@rsprasad Image
Mathura-Court allowed petition of #BhagwanShriKrishnaVirajman against Islamic-Encroachments & hearing to start 4m Wed Sep30. Hope court give a compassionate-hearing to the petitioners and throw-away the compromise done earlier. No mosque in temple-premise!…
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Going by recent events, I firmly believe #KanganaRanaut will be the next dark horse of #Maharashtra politics. Reasons:
1. BJP desperately needs a Big Bang name in #Mumbai to take on #UddhavThackeray who is living on his father’s legacy.
2. She has repeatedly reiterated that she
belongs to #Maharashtra and #Mumbai is her #Karmabhoomi. Hence creating an image in people’s mind that she has deep roots here.
3. She has solid #BJP backing. Always supports their narrative & look at the speed at which #AmitShah approved Y+ security for her.
4. BJP spokespeople
defend her as their own. On every news channel.
5. She was the only celebrity to publicly acknowledge the #BhumiPujan at #Ayodhya
6. She will not take on #Bollywood mafia if she isn’t sure of being protected by bigger forces - the Centre.

Manyreasons but these are the main ones.
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The #RSS also has a subsidiary for Muslims. How do I explain that contradiction — even though they are overtly anti-Muslim?

Discussing Muslim Rashtriya Manch in wide-ranging conversation w/@Cavach_EU_IN about India's fascist movement.

Full part 1 here:
"We're seeing this growing crackdown on democracy around the world under these right-wing regimes. One of the primary differences in India is that India's crackdown is led by this 95-year-old paramilitary. It's one of the largest, most overtly fascist organizations in the world."
"Under Modi's regime, which is essentially an #RSS regime, social justice is being jailed in India.... We see this growing, developing environment, under this RSS regime, where there's no room for freedom of expression, for dissent, for exercising basic democratic rights."
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Srimad Valmiki #Ramayana, Ayodhya Kanda, when Sri Rama leaves for Vanavaas, His brother #Bharata came to know about His mother Kaikeyi's trick to make Her son the King of #Ayodhya, without the #knowledge of Him. He accused Her how can she ask a boon from Bharata's father
2. King Dasaratha? Meanwhile, Kausalya hears His voice & wants to meet Him. Bharata meet grief stricken Kausalya; Bharata asserts that he doesn't know how the Vanavaas of Rama, Sita & Lakshmana has occurred. Kausalya speaks harsh words to Bharata, saying that Kaikeyi
3. His mother procured for him the kingdom as desired by him. Bharata appeases Kausalya. Bharata politely explains, on a number of oaths, His innocence over the matter, Kausalya comes to know Bharata’s heart, fondly takes him to her lap &
@UdayMahurkar @Lost_History1 @nkgrock
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2020 suo motu criminal contempt case against #PrashantBhuahan begins.

Sr adv Rajeev Dhavan seeks permission to read out the supplementary statement by Bhushan.

But Justice Mishra says: "What's the point of reading it when we have already read it."
SC decides to hear Attorney General KK Venugopal first. "Tell us what is to be done. We expected a different statement."

AG starts by saying several sitting & retired judges have commented upon corruption in the higher judiciary.

Justice Mishra: That matter, we already adjourned earlier & sent it to an appropriate bench.

AG: These statements were perhaps only to tell the court about the facts and ask for reforms. It is a fit case to forgive him (#PrashantBhushan).
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How the Indian Army’s Military Intelligence and Uttar Pradesh Police’s Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) unearthed a nefarious design in Karachi, Pakistan based ISI unit. Important thread on the OPERATION GORAKHDHANDA. Story of 51 year old Mohammed Arif and much more. 👇
In June, Lucknow based Military Intelligence (MI) unit received an intel regarding suspicious activities of a Gorakhpur based cell from their counterparts in J&K. Lucknow MI unit sprung into action & found more on the suspect at Gorakhpur, Eastern UP city near Indo-Nepal Border.
Military Intelligence in Lucknow named the operation as 'Op Gorakhdhanda'. Subsequently they could discreetly corroborate the input, electronically identify the suspect as Mohammed Arif and detect his suspicious connections with Pakistan.
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It is birth anniversary of the original #RaGa. #RajivGandhi was born on 20th August. I am inspired to write this after looking at Congress relaunching Rahul in Rajiv mood with a new wig and new set of artificial dentures.
#Part1 Image
Rajiv wasn't just original RaGa. He was the original Pappu too. What Rahul is doing today for the BJP, Rajiv began that process in 1985. He laid the foundation stone for the phenomenal growth of #BJP from two seats to 330 plus.
The trinity of Father, son and Holy Ghost; RaGa, RaGa and #SoGa have practically handed BJP over to India and India over to BJP.

With #ShahBano, #Ayodhya, #IPKF and #Bofors, Rajiv was the Haley's in Blunderland.
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🚩#Thread He is Dharmachakravarti,founder of ThulsiPeeth, Padmavibhushan Jagadguru Rambhadracharya ji, who has no eyes but was present as litigant & gave evidence in favor of Shri RamLala & #RamJanmabhoomi in the #SC with the Verses from the Ved Purana Scriptures 1/n 🚩@AB_BJP Image
🚩The judge chair asked with a stinging question, "You guys ask for proof from the Vedas in everything ... So can you give evidence from the Vedas that Bhagawan ShriRam was born at that place in #Ayodhya ? 2/n
🚩 Jagadguru Rambhadracharya ji (who is PrajnyaChakshu) without missing a single moment,said, "I can give Sir" & started quoting from Rigveda's Gaiminiya Samhita in which direction & distance from the particular place of River Saryu is given exactly to reach #RamJanmabhoomi 3/n🚩
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Head of Ramjanmbhoomi trust, who shared stage with PM Narendra Modi (@PMOIndia) during the groundbreaking ceremony of #Ayodhya Ram Mandir tests #COVID19 positive. Image
"Mahant Gopaldas ji tested #COVD19 positive but is stable and feeling better. Doctors & the health team are here. UP CM Yogi Adityanath is checking on him frequently," Sarvagya Ram Mishra, DM, Mathura.
Mahant Nritya Gopaldas taken to a hospital in Gurgaon for further medical treatment.
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Well done @pranitasubhash u r the only one who tweeted about #RamMandir #BhoomiPujan #Ayodhya from all of south film industry. No one has guts in the entire #Tollywood #Kollywood #malluwood who could feel happy publicly. Each of them earned hundreds of crores with Hindu’s money.
This entire film fraternity rejoiced when @BeingSalmanKhan was falsely acquitted from murders of poor people slept on footpath, they all drank fevicol for #AyodhyaBhoomipoojan. In the name of #Sickularism these people have lost their true self. Do they deserve love from Hindus?
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