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Important Thread :

Follow this thread to know more about the antiques, Sculptures & parts of the original Ram Mandir discovered at #RamJanmabhoomi site #Ayodhya
#Ayodhya #Ram #Janmabhoomi :

Five-Foot Shivaling, Broken Idols, Carved Pillars Discovered During Construction Work

Pics ~ Huge pillar, Broken idols, Broken tiles, Gold coins
In a major development, a five-foot Shivaling, seven pillars of black touchstone, six pillars of red sandstone and broken idols of Devi-Devtas were found at Ayodhya Ram Janmabhoomi temple site.

Pics ~
1) Pillars of the Ram Mandir
2) Flowers made up of Stone
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KK Muhammed, ASI man behind #Ayodhya excavation.

Muhammed was part of the team of experts which carried out the first excavation at Ayodhya in 1976-77. He came up with the finding that there was a temple at the site.
Muhammed has been a big critic of leftist historians like Irfan Habib and Romila Thapar whom he accuses of preventing an amicable resolution in the Ram Mandir dispute.

One such instance was given by author and scientist @ARanganathan72

When Muhammed was told he was going to be suspended for making public the fact that he had discovered temple remnants, he replied, in Sanskrit: "Lokasamgramevapi Sampasyan Kartumarhasi.
Swadharme nidhanam shreya”

I spoke the truth. Death is preferable while on duty.

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#Ayodhya Through the Lens of Archaeology


Points from the overall report of the ASI 👇
1. The excavations give ample traces that there was a mammoth structure beneath this site.

2. This structure had perimeters in the East-West direction.

3. The bricks predate the time of Babar.

4. Some of these bricks at the lower levels, indicate that they are over 2500 yrs old since moulded bricks of round and other shapes and sizes were in vogue only over 2000 years ago. They ceased to be used during the middle ages.
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CAN Foundation hosts Webinar on "Ensuring an Independent Judiciary under our Constitution: Confronting the Contemporary Challenges.”

The Keynote Speaker is former CJI, Justice (Retd.) Ranjan Gogoi.

ASG Aman Lekhi is co-speaker.

CEO of CAN Foundation renders welcome address.
ASG Aman Lekhi begins his address.

Lekhi on independence on judiciary:
1. Adjudication must be open on the whole.
2. There should be a minimum standard of fairness.
3. Independence of the Judges is critical. And it has to be intelligent independence.
ASG Aman Lekhi (on what is necessary for the independence of the judiciary):

... 4. Institutional coherence - the judiciary should speak in one voice.
5. It has to be fiduciary - the benefit has to go to the public. The fiduciary nature of power must never be forgotten.
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Late #Congress president Rajiv Gandhi and top #RSS leaders, Balasaheb Deoras and Bhaura Deoras, had a secret understanding, which was reflected in certain decisions taken during his tenure as PM in the late 1980s.

According to RSS ideologue K.N. Govindacharya
Rajiv had inherited the "soft Hindutva legacy" of Indira Gandhi's second innings as PM.

Rajiv had met Bhaurau Deoras, at least half a dozen times at different locations
The last meeting between the two leaders had taken place at 10,Janpath in Dec1990 before he was assassinated
Rajiv’s election campaign of 1984 was aggressive & focused on making #Sikhs seeking a separate homeland a key issue. The hidden agenda was to somehow exploit #insecurity within the #Hindu community and project the Rajiv-led Congress as their sole saviour.…
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It is almost a blank in medieval #history of #India before the Islamic invasion. Was it because this was a period when INDIA fought back valiantly against the invading forces and our historians wanted us to believe in timidity of our race?
The #Huns who stampeded over Europe and Persia were thwarted out of India by Joint forces of Yashodharma of #Malwa and Baladitya of #Magadha to beyond Afghanistan in 6th Century. #History #INDIA
The same feat was repeated again when #Huns attacked. This time the Emperor Prabhakarvarman of #Kannauj in now #UttarPradesh fought and pushed them back till edge of Persia.
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* Behind every big position, there is huge sacrifice.
* Gurukula' is the best way of education system.
* If we don't perform our duties properly, we will not be eligible for the good we except to happen
* Desires must be within limits
Some extracts from #Ramayan_TheGloryOfIndia
* If you vow someone, don't break it at any cost!

* Follow the truth, it will save you!

* Don't enjoy at the cost of other's helplessness!

* Anger must be controllable in one's hands

* Serving Parents is superior than Yajna-Yagas too!

#Ramayan_TheGloryOfIndia lessons.
Ram is that Avatar of Vishnu who lead a life of normal human and gave us a lesson on how do we have to lead the life! #Ramayan_TheGloryOfIndia is the work of Valmiki who recorded it in the form of teaching to Ram's sons and it was spread subsequently!

@DDNational @Ramesh_BJP
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Justice AP Shah to deliver Fourth LC Jain Memorial Lecture on the Topic "Fighting For Freedom: Supreme Court in the 21st Century
Romila Thapar- had Jain been around, he would have been approving of the protests, especially the involvement of women. Underlines the ethics of what is happening today
Justice AP Shah is speaking now
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Watched #Shikara.
It has secularised the #HinduGenocide in #Kashmir and romanticised it for the mega bucks it will make.
Our homes and murders are a mere prop in this story.
Massacres, rapes and vandalised temples must've been too gory to qualify for even a prop, in a love story.
It reeks of the bhaichara politics of @VVCFilms right through
Blaming American guns
Disparaging the #Ayodhya movement
Rationalising #Jihad and cleverly masking its underlying #HinduHate
Glossing over the judicial apathy
Mocking at the help rendered by a 'Party' in the camps...
Airbrushed #Islam as a non-issue
Underplayed #Jihad as mere stray events
Exaggerated exceptions of individual warmth over deep society wide hostility.
Gross simplification of the issue of our return.
#Shikara like #Padmavat turns #HinduGenocide into entertainment for commerce.
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रामालय ट्रस्ट को सौंपा गया राममन्दिर का पहला माडल

#राम_मंदिर #RamMandir #Ayodhya #RamalyaTrust

इन विशेषताओं का किया है समावेश

# 1008 फुट ऊंचाई (विश्व का सबसे ऊंचा मन्दिर शिखर)
# -मन्दिर की प्लिन्थ 70 फुट
# -मन्दिर की प्लिन्थ का एरिया साढ़े तीन एकड
# -गर्भगृह 216 वर्गफुट
# -कुल 1लाख 8 हजार लोगों के लिये परिसर में व्यवस्था

# - प्रतिदिन एक लाख आठ हजार लोगों के लिये भोजन प्रसाद की व्यवस्था
# -1800 सेवादारों के निवास और कार्यस्थल का प्रबन्ध
# -1008 बसों, 10800 कारों एवं 21000 मोटर साइकिलों की एक साथ पार्किग
# -इनडोर ऑडिटोरियम तीन
5000 लोगों के लिए
2000 लोगों के लिए
1000 लोगों के लिए

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1) Was super lucky to hear the legendary archeologist Prof KK Muhammed today in a program organized by @namo_bharath.

Will post his exemplary #Ayodhya presentation in multiple videos in this thread.

Watch ALL parts. The best set of proofs of a bhavya #RamMandir that existed.
2) Prof KK Muhammed started with how the great archeologist BB Lal. He tried linking Vayu Purana's flood with in Mahabharata. Moved from Hastinapura to Kaushambi. Probed the cultural continuation. 

Archeologists used C14 dating, Thermo luminescence dating and more.

3) BB Lal's excavations established 1100 BCE date for an event in Mahabharata.

Then BB Lal came to #Ayodhya during 1976-77 time. 

Explored before excavation for contours of the area. Found symbolisms of Ganga standing on a croc. Yamuna on tortoise. Could only be in temples!
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A thread about #Udupi Pejavara Matha's Vishvesha Tirtha Swamy Ji:

1) ~800 yrs ago, Madhwacharya started a unique parampara in Udupi - 8 mathas & a paryaya system. Each Swamy would worship Udupi Krishna for 2 years. Then the next.

Till now 300 Swamy's have followed this system.
2) Pejavara is 1 of Udupi's 8 mathas. Vishvesha Tirtha was very lucky to get 5 Paryaya chances. First after Vyasa Raya!

He had been a Sanyasi for 82 years!!!

Incidentally, he was given Sanyasa deeksha at Hampi, the capital of the richest kingdom on the planet 500 years ago.
Udupi Pejavara Sri's social consciousness was awesome.

Be of Latur's earthquake victims in Maharashtra, earthquake victims in Gujarat, flood or drought victims in Karnataka  or Nagapattinam's Tsunami victims in Tamil Nadu, he rushed to help people everywhere.
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बुलावा !!!

जय सिया राम !!!

हर हर महादेव !!


जय सिया राम

दैवीय योजना सदैव सुगम,सरल व दिव्य होती है।
इसकी अनुभूति जीवन भर करता आया हूँ।मर्यादाओं,परंपराओं,अतीत के गर्व व वैभव की पावन भूमि अयोध्या🙏🙏🙏
यहाँ की विशेष अनुभूति हेतु मनःस्थिति भी विशेष रखनी होगी..

#Ayodhya #Tweevalogue

Pic - सरयू किनारे!
हर यात्रा में कुछ पात्र होते हैं , जो यात्रा वृत्तांत को समृद्ध करने के साथ साथ आपको उस स्थान के जीवन का एक अंग भी बना देते हैं।
#Ayodhya में पैर रखते ही तुलसी राम मिल गये जिन्होंने बाइक से सरयू किनारे पहुँचाया। फिर सावित्री अम्मा और गुनगुन/अंजलि पाण्डेय मिले #Tweevalogue
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#Ayodhya has thrown up a question repeatedly-
Why must we punish the present generation of #Muslims for the crimes of medieval invaders?

Why not ask the Muslims-
Can’t you give up a few horrendous symbols of loot, medieval brutality and humiliation to #Hindus?

#Kashi #Mathura
For #Ayodhya the court ordered excavation and detailed examination to finally conclude that there was a temple underneath the mosque.
In #Kashi and #Mathura it takes just the naked eye and common sense to reach that conclusion.
Or, are the apologists busy inventing a new criteria
@asadowaisi keeps asking if the court on #Ayodhya would still have given the same verdict, had the mosque not been demolished.

The answer is, may be not.

Then, the question is, should an illegal and forcible demolition be a condition prerequisite for the #Hindus to get justice?
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I have been analysing TV news coverage on #Ayodhya for a while now.

Here I detail how some TV news anchors abjured all journalistic values to build a majoritarian consensus on the Ayodhya dispute. #AYODHYAVERDICT…
All debates had studio sets replete with Hindu imagery – the proposed temple, sounding of the conch shell by men dressed in saffron, Lord Ram in various poses.
Swamis or so-called Hindu spiritual leaders were brought on and allowed to go on unhinged rants against Babur and his supporters (read Muslims) that were treated as spiritual pravachan — and you could only stop it at the risk of hurting the sentiments of a man of god.
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At last, the #IndianSupremeCourt pronounces historic decision to settle #Ayodhya land dispute. The #RamMandir will be constructed on the same place and #Muslims will get 5 acres of alternate land for mosque.
Ideally, any alternate land for mosque should not have been allotted. However, it is justified if it reduces the communal tension. As this mosque was a symbol of oppression and illegal construction, the Indian government should ensure it is not named after #Babar again.
For this purpose, the government can also make good use of #Sunni_Shia dispute over this land.

The dispute was of local nature during the #British rule and the first reported clash happened in 1853.
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#India's Supreme Court clears the way for construction of #Hindu temple on site of destroyed #BabriMasjid in #Ayodhya.

I've been following this issue for 30+ years. Here's a thread analyzing the #AyodhyaJudgment:…
2/n #AyodhyaJudgment
-I first visited #Ayodhya (& #BabriMasjid) in 1990: before the masjid was destroyed, before I entered the field of #anthropology. I went there while researching my first book, "Arrow of the Blue-Skinned God": A re-tracing of the #Hindu epic #Ramayana...
3/n #AyodhyaJudgment
...In my book, I take what I hope is an even-handed approach. For what it's worth, I've received approving messages from #Hindutva activists & #secularists alike. You can judge for yourself:…
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#AyodhyaJudgment: Judges arieve, #CJI requests silence.

Judges signing the verdict
Judgement is unanimous
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The Supreme Court will pronounce the much awaited judgment in Ayodhya Babri Masjid land dispute case today
Stay tune here for live updates.
#AYODHYAVERDICT #AyodhyaCase #Ayodhya #AyodhyaJudgment #SupremeCourtjudgement #SupremeCourt
The scene outside the CJ Court
Media reporters in SC premises for covering #AYODHYAVERDICT
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#AyodhyaCase: A Supreme Court Bench of Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi and Justices SA Bobde, DY Chandrachud, Ashok Bhushan and S Abdul Nazeer will pronounce verdict at 10.30 am today

Track this thread for live updates

#RamMandir #BabriMasjid #AYODHYAVERDICT #AyodhyaHearing
Heavy security deployment in and around court premises.

Here are the 5 Judges who will deliver the #AYODHYAVERDICT today.
#AyodhyaHearing #BabriMasjid #AyodhyaJudgment

CJI Ranjan Gogoi
Next CJI Justice SA Bobde
Justice Ashok Bhushan
Justice DY Chandrachud
Justice Abdul Nazeer
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News Broadcasting Standards Authority has issued an advisory for journalists and media houses reporting on the #AyodhyaHearing.

We'll be watching how TV media reports on proceedings with quick updates.…
Times Now is keeping its coverage restrained, noting the verdict will give very little "wiggle room". It sticks to summarising arguments by both sides.
Zee News has a constant hum of Ram bhajans playing as background score, even as the anchor declares that the verdict today is limited to a title suit.

Follow our live updates on #AyodhyaHearing here:
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•In 1528AD around 491 years from today,
On the orders of Babur his Commander Mir Baqi demolished the Pious Lord Shri Ram temple & built the Babri structure on it.
•After being defeated by Rana Sanga, Twice Babur attacked the birthplace of Sri Ram, the prominent of Hindu culture, and emerged victorious.
On the advise of Muslim fakir disciples Khwaja Abbas Musa and Jalalshah, Babur destroyed Temple of Shri Ram in Ayodhya.
•Babur ruled India from 1526 to 1530, but he continued to target the shrine of Indian faith and this jihadi terrorist continuously betrayed Hindu’s.
Hindu’s back then tried resisting and protect all their heritage sites!
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List of places mentioned clearly in #SkandaPuran about #Ayodhya and #RamMandir 1/3
Courtesy #GaurangDamani
#SkandaPuran evidence about #RamMandir 2/3
#SkandaPuran indicating exact spots in #RamMandir 3/3
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#Ayodhya Ram Temple-Babri Masjid land case in Supreme Court: Chief Justice of India (CJI) Ranjan Gogoi has refused to take any intervention application in the case. [ANI]
[#AyodhyaHearing - Final Day]

Sr Adv Ranjit Kumar makes his submissions for Gopal Singh Visharad.
It was said several times that I was a practising muslim. I am also a practicing Hindu. I am aware of scriptures. I visited many temples with Paradaran and also Kailash Mansarovar. It's the mountain thats worshiped as abode of Shiva and not a deity alone.
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