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As the Supreme Court will give its verdict today in the Babri Masjid case, here's a detailed account on how the Masjid was demolished illegally, the violence that followed & how the cuplrits enjoyed wide acceptance from the Hindus. Thread:
The Babri Masjid at #Ayodhya had been a bone of contention between the Hindus and Muslims for decades. For Hindus, the Masjid was reputed to be built at the birthplace of Ram, and hence a sacred site.
The issue had been dormant until the 1980s when a series of events brought it back in prominence. As a result, Hindu Sangh Parivar, which comprises of the RSS, VHP & the BJP, among others, decreed that the Masjid should be razed and a Mandir built in its place.
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#Ayodhya Ram Temple-Babri Masjid land case in Supreme Court: Chief Justice of India (CJI) Ranjan Gogoi has refused to take any intervention application in the case. [ANI]
[#AyodhyaHearing - Final Day]

Sr Adv Ranjit Kumar makes his submissions for Gopal Singh Visharad.
It was said several times that I was a practising muslim. I am also a practicing Hindu. I am aware of scriptures. I visited many temples with Paradaran and also Kailash Mansarovar. It's the mountain thats worshiped as abode of Shiva and not a deity alone.
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Day 40 of the hearing in the #Ayodhyacase begins with the #CJI making it clear that arguments will close at 5 pm today. "Enough is enough," says Justice Gogoi.

Sr adv CS Vaidyanathan resumes his arguments, saying the #Muslim side hasn't given any evidence on exclusive possession or title.

Vaidyanathan argues there could be some evidence that the #Muslim side offered Friday prayers at the disputed site between 1857 & 1934. "But there is absolutely no evidence that they offered any prayer after that. On the other hand, #Hindus continued to worship".

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#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: Constitution Bench assembles on Day 40 of the hearing.
#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi declares that at 5 PM today the hearing in the case will have concluded.

"We have already asked all the intervenors to apportion the time accordingly"
#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: Senior Counsel CS Vaidyanathan concludes his rejoinder arguments.

Senior Advocate Ranjit Kumar begins his rejoinder submissions
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AYODHYA,not only a city,not only a controversy but a place which is in the hearts of crores of hindus, jains, baudhs.We all know about its value n controversy of ayodhya, but today I am going to unfold the very less known facts about ayodhya n RAM Mandir.
The word ‘Ayodhya’ was first found in Ramayana, then in purana n vedas.

In Vedic mysticism, Ayodhya is considered as the best and most powerful example of Vastu aspect of Spatial- Directional – Gravitational engineering principles mentioned in Atharva Veda.
According to the Ramayana, Ayodhya was founded by Manu, the law-giver of the Hindus. For centuries it was the capital of the descendants of the Surya dynasty, of which Lord Rama was the most celebrated king. Based on the records, it is said to have covered an area of
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#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid [Day 34] Shekhar Naphade resumes his arguments.
#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: Naphade argues Mahant is legal representative of Math and Hindus.

"Once he says he is Mahant of place of worship, he is legal representative of Math and automatically becomes representatives of Hindu worshippers"

Justice Bobde disputes the submission.
#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: Law is law. Mahant represents the Math, Naphade.
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#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: [Day 32] Hearing commences. #thread
#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: Supreme Court asking parties how to conclude arguments before Oct 18.

CJI Ranjan Gogoi says matter has to be concluded by Oct 18 and won't be heard beyond that.
#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: Rajeev Dhavan now responding to the issue of whether Order XXVI, Rule 10 can be used to preclude against Sunni Waqf Board from making objections to ASI report.
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#Ayodhya: Land of Lord Rama

Ayodhya means one which can't be conquered in a war.
Ayodhya= A+yudhya which can't be won in “ yuddha” that city of supreme Lord Rama is known as Ayodhya.

Ayodhya is the legendary place where Lord Rama was born
and it is also sometimes referred to as Ram Janmabhoomi ("Rama's birthplace"). The town is located on the banks of river Sarayu, also spelled Saryu. There is a surfeit of temples in this town, numbering over 100.
Some of the important ones are: Temple of Rama and his consort Sita, called the Kanak Bhavan; Hanuman temple called the Hanuman Garhi on top of a hill where, apart from a Hanuman statue in a sitting posture,
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A thread on the views of Justice Gautam Patel regarding Allahabad High Court's #Ayodhya verdict on #BabriMasjid demolition and construction of #RamMandir:

"The findings and orders of the special full bench of the Allahabad High Court on the successful Bhagwan Sri Ram suit......
...and the dismissed Wakf Board suit demand close examination. Central to the final order are two findings - that the disputed site in Ayodhya is the birthplace of Ram, and that it is a juridical entity. Both conclusions are of extremely doubtful legal tenability. In addition...
, is on the basis of the dubious legal proposition of faith and belief that the court arrives at a finding of legal and lawful ownership. The placing of idols in the disputed site in 1949 was as much an act of illegality as the events of 6 December 1992, but the court.......
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Day 19

#Ayodhya case.

A five-judge bench comprising CJI Ranjan Gogoi and Justices S A Bobde, D Y Chandrachud, Ashok Bhushan & Abdul Nazeer has assembled.

Senior advocate Rajeev Dhavan (RD) resumes his arguments for Sunni Waqf Board.

RD: With some regrets i have to tell you that Iqbal Ansari, one of the litigants, Md. Hashim's son in this case was attacked by a shooter. Whether this requires investigation or not i do not know, sometimes a simple word from the bench is enough.

RD: I do not want security, my life will alter. My gates are always open, i do not need security. Its about what security is attacked.

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Day 18

#Ayodhya case.

Supreme Court issues contempt notice to Prof N Shanmugam for allegedly threatening Sr. advocate Dhavan for representing Muslim parties.
Senior advocate Rajeev Dhavan (RS) resumes his arguments on behalf of Sunni Waqf Board.

Dr. Rajeev Dhavan arguing for the plaintiffs in suit 4 is reading out excerpts from the written statement of Hindu Maha Sabha, represented by Adv. H S Jain to indicate the averments made therein.
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Day 17.

#Ayodhya case.

Bench has assembled.

Senior advocate Kapil Sibal mentions contempt petition filed by Dr. Rajeev Dhavan against Prof N Shanmugam for allegedly threatening Sr. advocate Dhavan for representing Muslim parties

CJI orders to list contempt petition tomorrow.
Senior advocate Rajeev Dhavan (RD) commences his arguments on behalf of Sunni Waqf Board.

Dhawan: Today is the 18th day of the hearing My lords, on 18th Day Mahabharat starts.

RD : I have no intention whatsoever to break decorum of the court. It is universally recognised that i am irritating. My second apology is to Mr. Mishra. I think a counsel has a right in this court to not to be disturbed.

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Its about time this poorly-educated on Hinduism & low awareness judge Chandrachud is removed from the #Ayodhya case.. He mostly blabbers like Sagarika... Hindus dont pray at mosques.. theyre mostly not even allowed... Muslims pray at temples... @RSPrasad @Timesnow @Republic
@rsprasad @TimesNow @republic How can a Judge.. With so much contempt and prejudice against Hindus be sitting on the #Ayodhya case?... Why in hell are Hindu lawyers tolerating this nonsense?... Ask Judge Chandrachud to be removed from the case... @RSPrasad @NarendraModi @AmitShah...
@rsprasad @TimesNow @republic @narendramodi @AmitShah This judge Chandrachud is like journos... not very bright... When Muslims kneel at a temple premises... no matter what prayer they say... theyre implicitly praying to the deity that lords there... Hindus dont pray at mosques
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#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: Day 11 of the hearing in the case begins.
#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: CJI Ranjan Gogoi tells Senior Counsel Sushil Kumar Jain appearing for Nirmohi Akhara to concentrate on the merits of the case as he has already argued on limitation extensively.

#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: I'm claiming title as a 'shebait' and not as a title holder.

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Update #RamJanmabhoomi
CS Vaidyanathan continues to argue:
Janm Sthan is a Punya Sthaan - cannot be supplanted with any other piece of land.
Unlike other temples where the idol can be shifted, where the divinity is associated with the deity, #RamJanmabhoomi - the land is divine for that's where the deity is born.
Doctrine of adverse possession does not apply to #RamJanmabhoomi since Hindus never stopped worshiping the land.
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Day 9


Bench has assembled.

Senior advocate C S Vaidyanathan resumes his arguments for that deity (Ram Lalla).
CSV: High Court having held that the suits are barred by time could not have granted the relief it granted. This is my submission. Relief granted to waqf board and Nirmohi Akhara is nothing contemplated in any law.

CSV now citing cases in support of submission that if hindus are having the belief and faith to worship the place of birth, it should be treated as religious worship.

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The History of Ayōdhyā and the Rāma Janmabhūmī Dispute – VI
Several layers of obfuscations have been inserted by the lobby that stands in opposition to movement for the Rāma Janmabhūmī temple to stir up a hornet's nest in what was a straightforward..…
..fact accepted by tradition and an officially settled issue by the pre-independence British government...…
The most patently offensive attempt by the lobby opposing the #RamMandir is the attack on its fundamental premise with the claim that no temple ever existed at the site of the #BabriMasjid,& it must be taken head on……
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Day 8


Five-judge bench comprising CJI Ranjan Gogoi, Justices S A Bobde, D Y Chandrachud, Ashok Bhushan and Abdul Nazeer has assembled.

Senior advocate C S Vaidyanathan resumes his arguments for the deity (Ram Lalla).
CSV is reading report of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

CSV: Muslim parties had first said that there is nothing beneath the land but later changed their case to the effect that what has been found beneath was probably an islamic structure.

CSV: ASI has a reputation in this country and it is due to these considerations that yhe High Court accepted the report if the ASI.

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#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: Day 7 of the hearing in the case begins.

Senior Counsel CS Vaidyanathan continues his submissions for Ram Lalla

#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: Vaidyanathan submits that there are photographs to show that there were sculptures and structures in the mosque structure which shows a temple existed there.
#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: No mosques ordinarliy contains pillars with images of deities etc, CS Vaidyanathan.
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#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: Day 6 hearing in progress in Supreme Cour; Senior Advocate CS Vaidyanathan continuing submissions on behalf of Ram Lalla.

#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: Vaidyanathan referring to various European books which describe the city of Ayodhya and also to constructions/ temples in the city dedicated to Lord Ram.
#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: A book speaking about demolition of temple and construction of mosque by either Babar or Aurangzeb being relied upon by Vaidyanathan.
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Day 6

Ayodhya case hearing commences.

Senior advocate C S Vaidyanathan (CSV) resumes arguments on behalf of Ram Lalla.

CSV: referring Skanda Purana stating about the rituals in saryu river in the west part of ram janmabhumi, and the benefits of darshan of RJB.

Justice Bhushan: What is the period of this purana, when was it composed.

CSV: It was composed by Ved Vyas during rime of mahabharat. It is nobody's case that it is recent, it is much older, how old is not known.

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#SupremeCourt #Ayodhyadispute #Ramjanmabhoomi #Babrimasjid
Day 6- The Constitution bench assembles.
Mr. Vaidyanathan begins his submissions for the day. #Ayodhya
#SupremeCourt Mr. Vaidynathan submits that a French traveller William Pinch had visited Ayodhya between 1608-1611 and the absence of reference of a mosque is significant to the non existence of a mosque. #AyodhyaDispute
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Why the ASI report of 2003 on #Ayodhya is not convincing ?

The report highlights bases of Pillars, Circular Shrine, Terracotta found during excavation of the site of demolished #BabriMasjid .

Pillar bases: But the scatters of bricks (claimed as bases) are not in a row

Scatters of bricks (claimed as pillar bases) are in different level- strata, so pillars emanating from them cud not have supported the same roof.

So these alleged 'pillar bases' could well just be cavities which were filled up with brick-bats & debris.

The fact that blocks are re-used in the masjid does not mean that the temple was destroyed to build it.

A 12th century construction, if it existed on the same site cud have been either a secular structure or a muslim religious site which re-used earlier material.

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🚨#Mulzims are on rampage in 2019, Blast from the past #Thread

🆘16 Hindu Temples demolished By #ILZAM


Invaded by Mahmud ghazni in 1014 AD

Mehmood looted the temple/town

Sent the idol of Chakra Swami to Ghazni
2. Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple

This temple has been a prey of the foreign invaders due to its wealth and prosperity.

Bhagwan #Krishna Janmasthan was invaded by Mahmud Ghazni in 1017/1018 AD

He destroyed so many prosperous and wealthy temples and looted the riches of #Mathura

In 1024, during the rule of Chaalukya ruler Bhima I , Mahmud Ghazni of Ghaznvidas attacked

Broke the Jyotirling situated in the Grabhgrih of the temple

Took away the the riches of about 20-25 million dinars

Killed around 50000 hindus during his invasion
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