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The 30 July 2018 FAA Payload Review & Determination letter for SpaceIL’s @TeamSpaceIL February launch of #Beresheet with @SpaceX was #FOIA’d last week by @LauraMontgome18 & now posted on her blog
@TeamSpaceIL @SpaceX @LauraMontgome18 @MasaCritit @ILAerospaceIAI @novaspivack @archmission @SpaceflightInc @Hearsey4md6 @spacedaporras @tanjamasson @Simberg_Space @AstroTraviesa @Monkeybane_DC @MonicaGrady @lorengrush @mikamckinnon @shannonmstirone @erinbiba So, what does this Payload Review & Determination letter mean? First, SpaceIl (Israeli entity) asked the US authorities (FAA) to review the #Beresheet payload
@TeamSpaceIL @SpaceX @LauraMontgome18 @MasaCritit @ILAerospaceIAI @novaspivack @archmission @SpaceflightInc @Hearsey4md6 @spacedaporras @tanjamasson @Simberg_Space @AstroTraviesa @Monkeybane_DC @MonicaGrady @lorengrush @mikamckinnon @shannonmstirone @erinbiba For int’l #SpaceLaw purposes, this indicates that Beresheet is an Israeli mission, but that the US has jurisdiction to authorize & supervise, pursuant to Art. VI of the Outer Space Treaty.
Beresheet is the int’l responsibility of both Israel and US.
@TeamSpaceIL @SpaceX @LauraMontgome18 @MasaCritit @ILAerospaceIAI @novaspivack @archmission @SpaceflightInc @Hearsey4md6 @spacedaporras @tanjamasson @Simberg_Space @AstroTraviesa @Monkeybane_DC @MonicaGrady @lorengrush @mikamckinnon @shannonmstirone @erinbiba SpaceIL notified that #Beresheet is subject to #PlanetaryProtection guidelines & that the mission falls into Category II. Yes, the COSPAR guidelines are non-binding. However, NASA implements them on all @NASA missions per Nasa Policy Directive 8020.109A
@TeamSpaceIL @SpaceX @LauraMontgome18 @MasaCritit @ILAerospaceIAI @novaspivack @archmission @SpaceflightInc @Hearsey4md6 @spacedaporras @tanjamasson @Simberg_Space @AstroTraviesa @Monkeybane_DC @MonicaGrady @lorengrush @mikamckinnon @shannonmstirone @erinbiba @NASA This sections makes reference to a few sections of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), which I’ll also screenshot for your #SpaceLaw understanding. The CFR can be found here:… & scroll for Title 14.
@TeamSpaceIL @SpaceX @LauraMontgome18 @MasaCritit @ILAerospaceIAI @novaspivack @archmission @SpaceflightInc @Hearsey4md6 @spacedaporras @tanjamasson @Simberg_Space @AstroTraviesa @Monkeybane_DC @MonicaGrady @lorengrush @mikamckinnon @shannonmstirone @erinbiba @NASA PAYLOAD & LAUNCH LICENSE: CFR §415.63. Incorporation of payload determination in license application. The determination letter will be included in the later launch license issued to the launcher (SpaceX), stating that the payload has been reviewed by the FAA.
@TeamSpaceIL @SpaceX @LauraMontgome18 @MasaCritit @ILAerospaceIAI @novaspivack @archmission @SpaceflightInc @Hearsey4md6 @spacedaporras @tanjamasson @Simberg_Space @AstroTraviesa @Monkeybane_DC @MonicaGrady @lorengrush @mikamckinnon @shannonmstirone @erinbiba @NASA DISCLOSURE: CFR §415.59 – Information requirements for payload review. This lists the information to be disclosed to the FAA as part of the application. With this information, the FAA determines compliance with any & all valid and applicable laws.
@TeamSpaceIL @SpaceX @LauraMontgome18 @MasaCritit @ILAerospaceIAI @novaspivack @archmission @SpaceflightInc @Hearsey4md6 @spacedaporras @tanjamasson @Simberg_Space @AstroTraviesa @Monkeybane_DC @MonicaGrady @lorengrush @mikamckinnon @shannonmstirone @erinbiba @NASA CONTINUING ACCURACY: CFR §413.17 – Continuing accuracy of application; supplemental information; amendment. This essentially mandates that the application must be kept up to date, even after the application is made. I’ve highlighted each sentence individually for ease of read
@TeamSpaceIL @SpaceX @LauraMontgome18 @MasaCritit @ILAerospaceIAI @novaspivack @archmission @SpaceflightInc @Hearsey4md6 @spacedaporras @tanjamasson @Simberg_Space @AstroTraviesa @Monkeybane_DC @MonicaGrady @lorengrush @mikamckinnon @shannonmstirone @erinbiba @NASA ENFORCEMENT: Jumping from the CFRs back up to the actual US Code, the letter references US Code§50917(a) as the applicable enforcement procedure.
FYI the US code is at…
@TeamSpaceIL @SpaceX @LauraMontgome18 @MasaCritit @ILAerospaceIAI @novaspivack @archmission @SpaceflightInc @Hearsey4md6 @spacedaporras @tanjamasson @Simberg_Space @AstroTraviesa @Monkeybane_DC @MonicaGrady @lorengrush @mikamckinnon @shannonmstirone @erinbiba @NASA So how does this change the discussion? Well, @TeamSpaceIL applied to the US, which quashes some issues about US responsibility. And the planetary protection guidelines are referenced, as a domestic NASA policy directive. For this mission, they matter. #SpaceLaw #SpacePolicy

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