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On March 16th, we filed a motion to compel @NIH to expedite production of records from nine #FOIA requests about the origins of Covid-19 and high risk virological research.
NIH has finally replied -- with more foot-dragging. NIH’s excuses and stonewalling are a window into why — 3 years after Covid began — we still don’t have answers to basic questions about covid origins and risky research on viruses.…… ImageImageImage
It's long past time for the Biden administration to stand up for transparency, and tell its agencies to quit the stonewalling and cough up the documents about covid origins and high risk virological research.
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This Memorial Day weekend, @POGOwatchdog is revealing a recent Army watchdog report that paints a disturbing picture of its research response to high rates of suicide and sexual assault in its ranks that have plagued the Army for years…
The Army’s active-duty suicide rate in 2021 was 47% more than the Marine Corps & more than 2x that of the Navy & Air Force. But the Army's oversight of its research into suicide & other harmful behaviors has many long-standing shortcomings…
From 2020 to 2021, Army sexual assault reports rose 25%+, a much higher increase than any other military service

“It is clear that the military has not meaningfully addressed the scourge of sexual assault and harassment," Josh Connolly w/ @ProtectRDfnders told me
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SCOTUS basically saw TRUMP #WOTUS and decided to *exclude more wetlands* from protections. I'll explain 1/
The 5-4 decision by Alito finds wetlands are only protected if they are SO close to a bigger waterway and are SO wet that it is “difficult to determine where they ‘water’ ends and the ‘wetland’ begins.’”
If you recognize that wording, it's because it's a direct quote from Scalia's #WOTUS plurality in Rapanos.
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We use public records requests to fight corruption, drive accountability, and defend democracy.

Here’s a roundup of requests we’ve recently filed. #FOIA We use public records reque...
Records request to the Office of the Missouri Attorney General seeking communication records and analyses concerning AG Bailey’s emergency regulations restricting gender-affirming care.… Records request to the Offi...
Records request to the Florida Department of Health asking for email communications with external groups advocating to restrict gender-affirming healthcare.… Records request to the Flor...
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🆕 1/ Εσωτερικά έγγραφα της Ευρωπαϊκης Επιτροπής, που εξέτασε το Solomon σε συνεργασία με το Al Jazeera, δείχνουν ότι η «νέα γενιά» προσφυγικών καταυλισμών της 🇬🇷 δυσκολεύεται να παρέχει συνθήκες διαβίωσης σύμφωνα με τα πρότυπα ασύλου.

@lydiaemman @Balkanizator @LudekStavinoha Image
💥 2/ Σε εσωτερική αλληλογραφία που περιήλθε στην κατοχή του Solomon μέσω αιτημάτων πρόσβασης στη δημόσια πληροφορία (#FOIA), οι εκπρόσωποι της ΕΕ που επιβλέπουν τις δομές στα τρία νησιά του Αιγαίου ανέφεραν σχεδόν καθημερινά προβλήματα.👇…
💥3/ Στα έγγραφα αναφέρονται ελλείψεις γιατρών στους καταυλισμούς σε Σάμο, Λέρο, και Κω.

Ορισμένα ζητήματα υποδομής και συντήρησης που αναφέρονταν στα μηνύματα ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου παραμένουν ανεπίλυτα για εβδομάδες ή μήνες.❗️ Image
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Some of the “data” MarDx provided in their IgM Western blot application to the FDA. (MarDx WBs were 1st to be cleared after infamous #Dearborn conference.) A few interesting tidbits in here.

#LymeDisease #FOIA Image
My favorite: For their sensitivity study, MarDx included specimens of physician-diagnosed cases “relative to #LymeDisease case definition.” These undoubtedly would have been pre-screened arthritis samples from the Triangle of Death, Steere/Wormser/Dattwyler.
#LymeDisease Image
I can’t even imagine anyone today getting away with using “physician-diagnosed” samples to validate a #LymeDisease diagnostic device’s sensitivity. The crooks would surely protest. I’ve looked @ a lot of 510Ks & have never seen this before.
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#CDC Director Rochelle #Walensky is #leaving, White House says | May 5
- Last summer, Walensky launched a reorganization of the CDC, acknowledging that its “performance did not reliably meet expectations” during the '#pandemic'.
#WHO downgrades #coronavirus '#pandemic', no longer a global #emergency | May 5
- marking a symbolic end to the devastating coronavirus pandemic that triggered once-unthinkable #lockdowns, upended economies and killed at least 7 million people worldwide.…
Steve #Kirsch | Jan 22
#Walensky should be put in #jail for the number of #deaths CDC #responsible for
- Over 700 safety signals (incl #DEATH) have triggered in #VAERS and the #CDC was #SILENT about all of them until they were discovered by a #FOIA request… Image
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The autopsy report of #JFK DOES NOT show 2 bullet wounds in his back that appear in autopsy photographs
The Warren Commission published its report with a FALSE autopsy report as evidence
cc: @elonmusk… ImageImageImageImage
Steven F. Wilson worked in Texas School Book Depository on 3rd floor watching the motorcade of President Kennedy from window.
His statement:
• Shots identified as NOT coming from 3 floors above in the building
• Shots came from FRONT OF MOTORCADE
#RFKJr2024 ImageImageImage
The evidence given by Steven F. Wilson, as it appeared in the Warren Commission...
#RFKJr Image
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🧵1/ County jails have A/C. Animal shelters too.

But Texas doesn't require its prisons to have climate control.

In the past, the state hasn't kept indoor heat logs.

We @dallasnews obtained new data that exposes conditions behind bars.… #txlege #FOIA
The News obtained the indoor temperature logs at all Texas prisons, which the state only recently required them to begin keeping, through a public info request and analyzed them.

The data show indoor temperatures in 15 state-run lockups exceeded 100 degrees last summer. #txlege A heat map shows the thirte...
3/ The temperature topped 99.4 degrees where inmates are housed inside the state-run jail in Dallas County, the data show.

The Stevenson Unit near Cuero was the hottest; temperatures there exceeded 95 degrees two out of three days last summer.… #txlege A line graph shows the temp...
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We believe that transparency is the first step to accountability.

So every week, we submit public records requests to local, state, and federal agencies.

Here’s a roundup of requests we’ve recently filed. #FOIA We believe that transparency is the first step to accountabi
We filed public records requests to investigate whether and to what extent Florida Gov. DeSantis may be influencing legislative agendas in Texas. We filed public records requests to investigate whether and Records request to Texas Rep. Tom Oliverson seeking emails a
Records request to Texas Rep. Tom Oliverson seeking emails and texts with and referencing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.…
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For 2nd day in a row, GOP lawmakers hit Garland for proposing only 4 new DEA agents as Fentanyl deaths surge. But AG says real no. is 131, counting agents OK'd this year but not yet hired. Garland: 'The budget math and the actual math doesn’t always add up.'
Democrats are pointing out that across-the-board cuts GOP would impose government-wide as part of debt limit extension would actually slash spending by about 22%. Garland says: 'It would be devastating for our efforts to combat drug trafficking. Totally devastating.'
Garland says that would lead to 11,000 jobs at FBI being eliminated.
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We believe that transparency is the first step to accountability.

So every week, we submit public records requests to local, state, and federal agencies.

Here’s a roundup of requests we’ve recently filed. #FOIA We believe that transparenc...
Records request to Missouri Sen. Mary Elizabeth Coleman seeking communications with anti-choice external entities and individuals.… Records request to Missouri...
Records request to the Florida Governor’s Office for staff communications with transphobic groups.… Records request to the Flor...
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Nessuno è in grado di sapere, in modo omogeneo e per tutta #Italia, quanti soldi del #PNRR sono stati spesi, per quali progetti e su quali territori. Le uniche informazioni reperibili sono quelle pubblicate sulla piattaforma #ItaliaDomani, che tuttavia presenta numerose lacune:
su 75mila progetti in corso - così dichiarava il #Governo Draghi a ottobre 2022 - sono reperibili informazioni solo su 5246 progetti, aggiornati comunque al 31 dicembre 2021. È un fatto molto grave, indice di una quasi totale mancanza di trasparenza o capacità di raccogliere dati
Ad aggravare un quadro già di per sé preoccupante concorre anche la risposta del #GovernoMeloni alla nostra ultima richiesta #FOIA presentata da @openpolis e sostenuta dalle organizzazioni che, come noi, fanno parte della coalizione #DatiBeneComune.
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This Sunshine Week, we’re highlighting serious threats to public accountability as well as major victories in government transparency.

Here are three major threats to transparency — and three big wins from the last year. #FoiaFriday…
1. State legislatures exempting themselves from open records laws.

A concerning pattern is emerging in state legislatures: Lawmakers are taking steps to exempt themselves from public records laws and shield themselves from public scrutiny.
In January, the Arizona Legislature implemented rule changes that call for the deletion of correspondence sent or received by lawmakers and staff after 90 days unless someone makes an active decision to retain a given email, letter, or text message.…
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It’s #SunshineWeek!

Here’s how our viral #BeagleGate campaign is finding, exposing & defunding cruel & wasteful NIH dog experiments 🧵🐶✂️💸 Image
Back in 2016, our Spending To Death report 1st exposed how Fauci’s in-house NIH labs strapped capsules full of biting sand flies to beagles’ bare skin in max pain experiments 💉🐶🪰💸

#SunshineWeek #BeagleGate…
Using #FOIA, we exposed how Fauci’s NIAID funded a lab that infested puppies with biting flies & how the dogs “vocalized in pain” 💉🐶🪰💸

#SunshineWeek #BeagleGate…
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NEW: Darkness during this #SunshineWeek celebration

In court filings, DOJ & FBI refuse to say -one way or another- in response to my/@business #FOIA lawsuit whether Trump had a "standing order" to instadeclassify docs that he removed from Oval Office🧵…
“The existence or non-existence of the alleged ‘Standing Order’ would bear on whether records with apparent classification markings were in fact classified - a key fact in the investigation,” wrote Joseph Bender, one of the FBI’s top FOIA officials, in a declaration
In FOIA circles, that response is known as a Glomar, named for a CIA ship designed to recover a sunken Soviet submarine, whose existence the CIA refused to confirm or deny in the 1970s.
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By now, everyone's heard about the #WuhanLab & #lableak 🧪🦠🦇🐭

But did you know that in April 2020, WCW was the 1st to expose (& cut!) taxpayer funding for the Wuhan animal lab? 🔎💸✂️

A #SunshineWeek 🧵…
Via #FOIA, we uncovered the infamous 2016 emails where NIH & EcoHealth conspire to violate the federal #GainOfFunction ban & Peter Dazsak exclaims "This is terrific!" when NIH approves the dangerous animal tests at the #WuhanLab 🧪🦠🦇🐭💸

Via #FOIA, we unearthed documents showing that EcoHealth was collecting dangerous bat coronaviruses around the world (incl in Laos) & shipping them to the #WuhanLab for experiments 🦇🦠🧪💸

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It’s #SunshineWeek, a week that celebrates & promotes access to information and open government nationwide.

Today, we’re highlighting the power of #FOIA with a thread about its past, present, and future.
President Lyndon B. Johnson signed FOIA into law on July 4, 1966. Records show LBJ personally removed strong language supporting open government from the press statement. He only agreed to sign it after DOJ suggested he include a signing statement.…
In his signing statement, LBJ praised the importance of openness for democracy and said the legislation affirmed American principles. But he also wrote that he felt some documents shouldn’t be available to the public.…
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Todays UNN show situation report by KimPossible was all about the #bankingcrash who caused it and why, needless to say it was yet another failed attempt by the remaining #blacksun minions > Watch 13-MAR-23 NEWS 1…
Here is the last of #kimpossibles report from todays show. 13-MAR-23 NEWS 1…
#quote: Jacob Rothschild passed away last weekend 80+ yrs old. Nathan Rothschild is running the family biz now. h/t KimPossible 13-MAR-23 NEWS 1…
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Hey, @SportsparkUEA yr swimming pool reopens on Weds. You & UEA still haven't sent our members the policies they asked for a month ago. #FOIA

Have you found the courage to face up to the fact that letting naked men into female changing spaces discriminates against women & girls?
You said to @EDP24 that you "do not allow men to use the female changing rooms" and a "spokesman confirmed the centre does not allow men in women's changing spaces and vice versa."

But that's not true, is it, @SportsparkUEA?
Since you rec'd complaints about men in female spaces, you snuck in a change of words. What on earth are "gendered" changing facilities, @SportsparkUEA?

Clear plain language is required. It's an issue of #safeguarding with 12 yr old girls changing without parental supervision. 18. Changing areas are made...
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In February 2021 Congress gave the @NIH $1.15 Billion to study #LongCovid.

They decided to start with an observational cohort.

Recruitment started October 2021.

Recruitment status as of TODAY:

13,365 out of 17,000 adults
2917 out of 6000 peds

Where did the money go????

In April 2021 @NIH put out a call to scientists to apply for trials (how things should work).

No applications were accepted and clinical trials were put on hold.

As of TODAY:

- no trial protocol has been completed
- no trial sites have been chosen
- no trials have started

The piece de resistance of RECOVER was to be (sadly not the clinical trials) a registry*

The registry was supposed to start recruiting Dec. 2022.

As of TODAY it is on hold (pulled?)

* @Survivor_Corps @ColumbiaMed @ChanZuckerberg @Sagebio started this in Summer 2020 fwiw

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Today is the first day of #SunshineWeek, a week that celebrates & promotes access to information and open government nationwide.

To kick things off, we’ll explain exactly what the Freedom of Information Act is and why it’s such a powerful tool.
The Freedom of Information Act was signed into law by President Johnson in 1966, giving anyone the right to request federal records from executive branch agencies.
Yes, anyone can file a FOIA request! Journalists, scholars, and watchdog organizations use FOIA requests to find out what goes on behind the scenes in government. You can request records like emails, text messages, paper documents, videos, and more. es, anyone can file a FOIA request! Journalists, scholars, a
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It’s #SunshineWeek! Throughout the week, we will talk about #FOIA and transparency.

We’re also highlighting how other transparency organizations are celebrating this week. Here are a few events we’re excited about:
.@NARA is live-streaming a panel discussion on “Making Access Happen: FOIA at the National Archives.” Watch on their YouTube channel TODAY at 1 p.m. ET.
On Wednesday, High Country News is hosting a live virtual event and Q&A on the power of open records laws and how you can use them to hold the government accountable.…
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When @TruthCuresLyme met with @US_FDA investigators in Oct 2021, it was a hybrid in-person/virtual meeting conducted on their premises and with their virtual meeting platform. Our attorney and a well-known clinician participated virtually.
We were on premises for 3 hours with 2 investigators & an administrative employee. We were told of only one other FDA employee participating virtually. However, something very telling happened prior to the meeting.
The virtual meeting invitation they sent was rescinded and replaced, causing confusion for our remote representatives. The new invitation included only their names. The old one contained the names of about 10 other FDA employees.
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