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Hey @apple and @AppleSupport ... i really love your humor with this targeted ad... but i'm now waiting since days for your (reasonable) answer on my denied data privacy requests. Next step is then some legalese, pesky lawyers and applied #GDPR/#DSGVO fun. #GimmeMyData
I'm gonna track all of this "funny adventure" from now on in this thread. Data Privacy request #1 is here:
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Stonewall is forcing gender ideology by forcing "non-binary" into systems and policies in Diversity Champion organisations.

This police force including NB and Gender ID in systems refuses to confirm a woman reporting rape can choose the sex of the officer interviewing them. >>
@ASPolice report progress on it's Workplace Equality Index submission, to get a higher Stonewall WEI ranking.

So why does #ProjectBluestone refuse to confirm that a female victim of male sexual violence can ask for a woman officer?

Would it lose @ASPolce Stonewall WEI points?
Like many forces, @ASPolice are embedding gender ideology in systems, reporting & training.

"Avon & Somerset are leading the drive for change to how Niche [record management system] works to accommodate for non-binary identities."

Note: "non binary" has no stable definition.>
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SCOOP: Steve Bannon racked up more than $1 million in legal fees during the Russia probe — then asked Trump's DOJ to reimburse him - by @cryanbarber ($) @thisisinsider… via @businessinsider
LEDE: As President Trump reluctantly prepared to leave the White House, his one-time chief strategist Steve Bannon asked DOJ for a taxpayer-funded reimbursement of the hefty legal fees he incurred in connection with the Russia investigation, per records obtained through #FOIA
"It is our understanding that the White House supports reimbursing Mr. Bannon's attorneys' fees," Bannon's defense lawyer, William Burck, wrote on New Year's Eve 2020 to the Justice Department.
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1/My firm filed new #FOIA lawsuit today for @wbaidlaw to compel disclosure of @FBI records re: #whistleblower’s efforts to reveal pattern of falsified intel reports generated by FBI & @CIA that led to unlawful retaliation. Story of #MarkMcConnell told in…
2/In July 2017, McConnell was detailed by Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Forces (OCDETF) Executive Office to work at Joint Interagency Task Force South (JIATFS) at request of JIATFS leadership.
3/Primary reasons for detailing McConnell were to inject agency-agnostic prosecutor perspective into fed law enforcement agency interactions at JIATFS to try & smooth out unproductive competitive interagency law enforcement behaviors ...
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1/Today my firm filed new #FOIA lawsuit for frm Gov #JimGuyTucker to secure release of records tied to his prosecution as part of infamous Clinton “Whitewater” investigation led by then-Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr back in 1990s.

Total blast from past!
2/The records sought will bring greater public understanding regarding how Office of Independent Counsel pursued criminal charges against Gov Tucker based on provision in Internal Revenue Code that had actually been repealed in December 1986.
3/IRS itself had internally concluded provision was not applicable. These records will corroborate that OIC’s reliance upon repealed IRS provision was done, at least in part, to improperly pressure Gov Tucker into cooperating with Starr’s probe into #PresidentClinton.
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#CoronavirusUpdate 2021/6/9🇯🇵Request to the police by @freeze209021 through Japan’s #FOIA reveals that of the 119 in-home deaths due to insufficient treatment of those tested positive during the #COVID19 pandemic this year #Osaka suffered most deaths (28) followed by Tokyo (22).
(DeepL訳) #CoronavirusUpdate 2021/6/9🇯🇵 @freeze209021 さんが日本の #FOIA (情報公開法) を通じて警察に開示要請したところ、今年度の新型コロナパンデミックで陽性反応が出た人で、治療が不十分だったために家庭内で死亡した119人のうち、大阪が最も多く(28人)、次いで東京(22人)だった。
[Detailed Report] According to @kantele, it was revealed that the number of total in-home and in-hotel deaths recorded by the police that were caused by #COVID19 who tested positive prior to their deaths nationwide since January 1 to May 21 this year was 122.
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So, remember when I talked about the @ShawnMusgrave #FOIA lawsuit for #FBI records about @DevinCow? Man, I can still remember it like it was yesterday.

Anyway, there's more. At least, more to FBI's complete reversal about whether it had records about Nunes's Most Wanted.
So, to recap, after we sued them, FBI ran away from its Glomar response & said fine, we'll process the request.

Then things got goofy again. They sent a "final" response to me last week.

Pause here a moment to review the 5 types of records we wanted. This will be relevant.
They CLAIM that they searched for the first three categories, but their description of their search is, shall we say, wanting. "We searched the places we wanted to search for things we wanted to search for and didn't find anything."
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Previously on #BadFOIATakes:

1) @ShawnMusgrave & I filed a #FOIA request for #FBI records about @DevinCow. FBI refused to confirm or deny the existence or non-existence of records, saying it would harm the privacy interests of a fake anonymous cow.

2) We sued.
3) FBI unilaterally reversed its position & agreed to process the request rather than defend its response.

4) We learned that the US Atty's Office for DC had attempted to subpoena Twitter for information about @NunesAlt.
5) We filed a new FOIA request for US Atty's Office for DC's records about @DevinCow.

And now:

US Atty's Office for DC refused to confirm or deny the existence or non-existence of records, saying it would harm the privacy interests of a fake anonymous cow.
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The crimes against humanity during the **ump Administration cannot be overlooked— several women had their uterus removed without consent by a doctor working for/at a Georgia ICE detention center. 👀⤵️
ICYMI: In October 2020, José Olivares and John Washington reported that at least 57 migrant women were subjected to gynecological surgeries without informed consent.
A few weeks ago, DHS Sec. Mayorkas announced that the Irwin County ICE detention center would be shut down.…
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Ob die Verteilerlisten/Inhalte d. #Fauci-EMails zum Thema #COVID dank Freedom of Information Act (#FOIA) auch in #Deutschland durch #Journalisten hinterfragt werden? Vielleicht sehen wir einen Wettbewerb zwischen #Faktenchecker​n, ​@NDMedienmacher und @reitschuster? 😁 [#Drosten]
Das oben gezeigte Standbild stammt aus diesem Video:
Und eine Kopie der veröffentlichen E-Mails (Einzel-PDF) findet sich hier [via @BuzzFeedNews]:…
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Just in: Federal/provincial/territorial information and privacy commissioners (including B.C.'s @McEvoy_Michael) call on governments to respect Canadians' quasi-constitutional rights to privacy and access to information. #bcpoli #cdnfoi #coronavirus #stateofemergency #righttoknow ImageImage
Here is the full resolution. But is it too little, too late? @BCInfoPrivacy has given @jjhorgan @bcndp too much freedom to trample on citizens' #FOIA rights, starting with the temporary March 18, 2020 disclosure holiday. #bcpoli #cdnfoi #coronavirus #stateofemergency ImageImage
Today's statement from information and privacy commissioners comes MORE THAN A YEAR after Canadian COVID-19 Accountability group, including @seanmholman, sounded the alarm.
The statutory watchdogs waited more than a year to speak as one. #bcpoli #cdnfoi…
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OMG this #faucileaks campaign is right out of a KGB playbook. Call it a "leak" 2 make it seem nefarious when it's just a legal FOIA request & cherry pick emails to fit your narrative from total randos like Dermatologists and fake Physicists that cant even spell hydroxychloroquine
Hey Dr. Fauci why are you not addressing the new cure I found, that Elmer's Glue will actually stick to the virus and remove it from your body? Signed Jack Posobic @JackPosobiec, who stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night. #FauciEmails
You can almost pick any tweet in #fauciLeaks and it is a total rando like DJ Freedom Rockets spewing insanity, pontificating on cherry picked emails that are completely out of context. This whole mask insanity is total gaslighting ... 1/3
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Remember when I said that journalists seeking to write about COVID-19 origins should speak to subject matter experts with real-world experience, like @angie_rasmussen and @K_G_Andersen? 👀⤵️
The upshot is that each theory was given serious consideration. At one point, some theories seemed more likely than others. When the dust settled, however, some made the cut and some didn’t.

That’s how science works.
So, now, I ask folks to resist the temptation to cherry-pick emails to fit a narrative. We all have access to the same set of documents thanks to @JasonLeopold and the #FOIA team at @BuzzFeedNews— now let’s make sure that we get on the same page 👀⤵️
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NEW: @natalierbett & I are joining WaPo's #FOIA party on Anthony Fauci's #COVID19 emails but we're adding 2400 more pages and we're releasing all of the docs so everyone can read them. It covers Jan through June 2020.

Here's our story & docs…
A handful of these Fauci emails I previewed in tweets earlier this year as I received them via #FOIA…
Our story today captures a different set of Fauci emails covered by the WaPo, such as these Obama's former health advisor Emanuel Ezekiel sent Fauci and Fauci's response.… ImageImageImageImage
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On Election Day 2018, public backlash forced the El Paso Border Patrol to scrap plans for a “crowd control exercise” near a Hispanic neighborhood. Newly released emails show the event essentially was a media stunt that drew heavy criticism within @CBP. 1/…
“BP plans to make this interesting to excess,” one CBP official warned the week before. “Make sure the media are there. Especially (Mexican) media,” another official wrote. 2/
The Border Patrol planned horses, helicopters and simulated tear gas for the exercise, which was to take place between the Chihuahuita neighborhood and the Paso del Norte Bridge. On Election Day 2018. 3/
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We obtained records through #FOIA that show Newt Gingrich made an aggressive 5G pitch to Trump’s FCC. His proposal aligned with the business interests of Rivada, a company backed by long-time Trump supporter Peter Thiel and Karl Rove.…
The records we obtained reveal a series of emails from 2019 in which Gingrich arranged discussions with the FCC’s then-Chairman Pai and staff about 5G and China.
He also shared messaging and a report that outlined Rivada’s call for Defense Department-controlled spectrum to create what critics have described as a nationalized 5G network.
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We’ve been investigating government contracts with Clearview.

Clearview’s software lets users compare photos of faces with a database of 3 billion photos taken from other Internet sources. ICE, CBP, DOJ, and the FBI have all reportedly used the software.
Last year, we #FOIA’d the Trump administration CIA for records of communications with Clearview representatives. The agency said it will neither confirm nor deny the existence of any such records.…
In June 2020, the FBI also said it would neither confirm nor deny the existence of records regarding the facial recognition software company Clearview AI, Inc.…
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OK serious nerd alert here. This tweet is designed for only the most die hard policy wonks.

There's a dirty little secret in federal agencies. When you hear an agency say that it can't do something because it's a funding issue, that's not always as clear cut as it seems.
Sometimes it's pretty obvious. You want an agency to do a new program or make a current program work better. They say they can't without additional funding. OK, that's fair, & that's why people like me (you know, masochists) file approps requests & testify about such things.
But sometimes it's a little more dubious. Let's say you ask, why did the agency stop doing this automated thing that doesn't cost any money? I'll use a hypothetical #FOIA example. The agency has a system where if you email them a FOIA request, their system will automatically ...
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NEW: President Trump's advisor Stephen Miller lost his White House access on Jan 20, but he continues to pocket a government paycheck — & is slated to do so until late July, according to government records @rbravender scored via #FOIA ($) @thisisinsider…
Miller is one of at least 17 people who continued to receive taxpayer-funded salaries while working for Trump's post-presidential transition office, according to government documents released to Insider under the Freedom of Information Act.
So much more in this SCOOP from @rbravender - here's one more tease: Trump's post-presidential staff is expected to receive about $1.3 million in federal salary and benefits between 1/20 & 7/21, when the formal presidential transition period ends, per a GSA estimate.
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OGIS Director now talking about their advisory opinion saying that estimated dates of completion are required and if you don't give them, you can be successfully sued, which cites two of my cases, Muttitt v. CENTCOM, @MuckRock v. CIA, & 2 NSC v. CIA cases.…
This is a pretty good example of how #FOIA litigators can complement the work of @FOIA_Ombuds. They exist to help solve issues outside of litigation, & we exist to be the stick for when agencies don't want to cooperate. We don't always agree obviously, but it works nicely so far.
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🧵Can we believe @bcndp pandemic data? #BCgov has under-tested and made #covid19 case/death reporting errors along the way. I wanted to know how many and whether they were corrected. This is about science and history. I filed an #cdnFOI request last July. #bcpoli #GiveUsData
I asked for B.C.-wide and health region correction and revision notices for March-July 2020. The original due date: Sept. 14. #bcpoli #cdnfoi #coronavirus #GiveUsData #FOIA Image
Instead of documents, I got a bill for $270. Less than two weeks before @jjhorgan took time off from the #coronavirus pandemic and called a very costly snap election. #bcpoli #cdnfoi #FOIA Image
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Via my #FOIA: Here's former DOJ spox Sarah Flores providing a reporter a comment on deep background about whether Jeff Sessions met with Russian ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak.

WaPo said today their 2017 story on this mtg may have lead DOJ to seize reporters' phone records
AND here's Flores in an email describing the Kislyak/Sessions meeting as debunked! So if not true how could it be a leak?
Sarah Flores responded to at least two dozen reporters by saying the Sessions/Kislyak meeting during 2016 campaign never happened and I have every single email. So if this is one of the stories that served as the basis for seizing WaPo phone records does it mean it's true?
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.@FBI has an email you're supposed to use to ask questions about your request. I wrote them and asked about their search. They refused to tell me where they searched. So I asked again, & I added that if they still didn't answer, I wanted ...
the #FOIA Public Liaison to contact me, which they are literally required to do by statute upon request.

In response, they sent me language about how to file an appeal & how to ask @FOIA_Ombuds for assistance. Then they told me I had to include magic words in my email if I ... Image
wanted to talk to the Public Liaison. Who, again, they are required to make available upon request--ANY request, regardless of the words I use. And whom, again, I had ALREADY ASKED FOR.

Your taxpayer dollars at work. "Hey, please tell me where you searched so I can decide if ...
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There is a very important document on my computer.

It is apparently not OCRed.

I do not know where it is.

Fair warning, I will likely be significantly more pissed off than usual today.

This might be of interest to some #FOIA nerds. You know that "chilling effect" the agencies keep going on about? How government employees couldn't possibly be expected to work if they knew someone could see what they did?
Funny story, the former head of DOJ's FOIA appeals office had some thoughts on this.

IN 1977. ImageImageImageImage
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