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After 5.5 years, a bunch of investigative projects, 2 of which were Pulitzer finalists, and successfully prying loose tens of thousands of docs via #FOIA from govt agencies, I'm taking a buyout and leaving @BuzzFeedNews. Tomorrow is my last day.

It was a hell of a run.
This has been the most rewarding reporting job I ever had. In addition to taking on big investigative projects, I was given the opportunity to build a groundbreaking FOIA operation that would make history, literally, and collaborate with every desk in our newsroom.
I'm so grateful to @SchoofsFeed for hiring me & working w/me, along w/amazing attys Chris Hickman, @nabihasyed @MatthewSchafer, to execute my vision & my other editors past & present @arielkaminer @HeidilBlake @semaforben @GeorgeWPapajohn @MartinSgottlieb for supporting my work
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I've obtained by FOIA surveillance video of the brutal beating of elderly Vietnam vet by a VA employee at an Atlanta VA clinic. @2Investigates was 1st to report on the attack last month. The attacker, Lawrence Gaillard is still employed by VA. @wsbtv at 6…
the person blurred out by the VA in that surveillance video is this man, Lawrence Gaillard. A "patient advocate" at the VA. He was initially charged in federal court by the US Attorney, but @wsbtv has learned the case has been turned over to Fulton County DA Fanni Willis
Watch our @wsbtv story at the link below. The @DeptVetAffairs employee beating an elderly Vietnam veteran at an Atlanta clinic in the surveillance video @2Investigates obtained by #FOIA is still employed by Atlanta VA…
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🧵 Storytime:

The anniversary of #BlueLeaks seems like a good time to tell the story about the behind-the-scenes intelligence failure of when Trump's DHS thought #DDoSecrets was a "hacking group." After hundreds of #FOIA requests and several rounds of follow ups, we know. /1
We'll start at the end, because that's the part that's already known - The Verge's reporting… about a DHS bulletin… dated June 29, 2020, ten days after #BlueLeaks. The bulletin opens by calling #DDoSecrets "a criminal hacker group" /2
How it came to this conclusion isn't clear, except for a vague reference to "initial media and DHS reporting," but it wasn't clear which part or parts that was referring to and there were never any specific citations. The bulletin was an accusation and a dead end, all-in-one. /3
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Ginni Thomas, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife, pressured 29 Arizona lawmakers to help overturn Donald Trump’s 2020 defeat, reports the @washingonpost. We’ve filed a suite of public records requests to investigate the Thomas’ political activism.…
We’ve previously published records that show Ginni Thomas’ ties to the Trump admin. and others that suggest her husband, Justice Clarence Thomas, was in contact with Fla. Gov. DeSantis.…
This spring, we filed more #FOIA requests to investigate her links to the Trump admin.

We asked DHS, DOT, HHS, HUD, Treasury, & more for emails sent or received by officials during the Trump admin. that include terms such as “Thomas Clerk,” “Ginni Thomas,” & “Justice Thomas."
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1. good morning,my #Australian #FOIA hearing took place last night (CET time) in #Canberra: I am represented by the excellent #Australian lawyers,@BarnsGreg and @peterbolam. @BarnsGreg grilled @dfat which refuses to release me the #FOIA docs on Julian #Assange.
2.I've been fighting my #FOIA litigation in #UK,#US, #Australia,#Sweden since 2015 to access the full documents on #Assange & the #WikiLeaks journos to reconstruct the case factually:without hard facts,we just have opinions,uncertainty and the government can manipulate us at will
3.#FOIA is one of the very few tools that we investigative journalists have to unearth facts and reconstruct facts thoroughly and rigorously. Never leave facts in the hands of the government: it will manipulate facts at will to fit its agenda
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1. buongiorno a tutti,udienza al Tribunale di #Canberra sul mio #FOIA è terminata stanotte intorno alle 4.40 ora italiana.Sono rappresentata dagli avvocati australiani @BarnsGreg
e @peterbolam
2. il dovere di un giornalista,soprattutto d'inchiesta, come sono io è cercare i FATTI e ricostruirli in modo rigoroso come un teorema di matematica, il #FOIA è uno dei pochi strumenti che abbiamo per cercarli
3. senza i FATTI, ricostruiti in modo rigoroso,brancoliamo nel buio e il Potere può manipolarci come vuole: per questo da 7 anni mi batto in UK,USA,Australia,Svezia per difendere il diritto della stampa di accedere a tutta la documentazione sul caso Julian #Assange e #WikiLeaks
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1. it's 11 PM in Rome,I've to stay up the all night:at 2 AM Rome-time (10 AM #Canberra,#Australia),I've to appear before the #AustralianAdministrativeAppealsTribunal to defend the right of the press to access the full documents on #Assange,represented by @BolamPeter & @BarnsGreg Image
2. My #FOIA hearing is supposed to start at 2 AM Rome-time=10 AM in #Canberra and finish at 5 AM Rome-time= 1 PM in Canberra.I've been fighting my #FOIA case and litigation since 2015 in #UK,#US,#Sweden,#Australia,and thanks to my #FOIA lawyers I've obtained crucial documents
3. I have 8 #FOIA lawyers:
1) @estelledehon 2) @suigenerisjen (UK)
3) @BolamPeter 4) @BarnsGreg (Australia)
5) #LaurenRussell 6) #AliaSmith (USA)
7) #PercyBratt 8) #SusanneFeinsilber (Sweden)
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1.sono quasi le 23 in Italia,devo tirare avanti tutta notte: alle 2 domani mattina mi devo collegare in videoconferenza con #Canberra x udienza Tribunale su mio #FOIA su Julian #Assange.Sono rappresentata da avvocati australiani @BolamPeter e @BarnsGreg. Questo 1 dei documenti:
2. udienza durerà da stanotte alle 2 fino alle 5 di mattina, ora italiana, ovvero dalle 10 alle 13 ora di Canberra, Australia. Sono 7 anni che combatto con #FOIA per aver documentazione del caso Julian #Assange e #WikiLeaks. Con enorme sforzo, ho ottenuto informazioni cruciali
3. ormai sono arrivata ad avere 8 avvocati #FOIA in 4 nazioni:
1)@estelledehon 2) @suigenerisjen (UK)
3)@peterbolam 4) @BarnsGreg (Australia)
5) #LaurenRussell 6) #AliaSmith (USA)
7) #PercyBratt 8) #SusanneFeinsilber (Svezia)
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NEW: DHS #FOIA is moving to a new system which will allow us to process records "faster"…
which would allow *them*
This is the roll out schedule for the new FOIA system across DHS
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NEW: I just obtained via #FOIA the secret 2020 DOJ report based on an investigation ordered up by Bill Barr to determine whether Obama officials improperly unmasked Michael Flynn & others prior to & after the 2016 election

In summary..

@kenbensinger & me…
It took me more than a year to pry this report out of DOJ. The reason this report -- known as the Bash Report -- took so long for DOJ to process is because it also had to be reviewed by CIA, NSA, ODNI and FBI.
Many thanks to @jloevy and team!
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Pfizer CEO admits "THEY" sold him on #mRNA even though it never produced one product.
World governments would follow suit.
100% experimental gene therapy with no history.
FOIA docs reveal crimes against humanity.
Here's your @pfizer board members who make all the decisions.
And here's your @pfizer #FOIA Data Dump Box with all the incriminating evidence you could ask for.
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A call for an independent inquiry into the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. "To date, the federal government, including the NIH, has not done enough to promote public trust and transparency in the science surrounding SARS-CoV-2." Via @PNASNews…
Regarding the PNAS piece today -- we're doing what we can to obtain documents about the origins of Covid-19. On 4/18 we filed an FOI lawsuit against the University of North Carolina for seven public records requests mostly related to Ralph Baric. #FOIA…
In total, we have filed 11 FOI lawsuits seeking information about the origins of Covid-19, gain-of-function research and biolabs where pathogens of pandemic potential are stored and manipulated. See:… #FOIA
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We’ve been investigating white supremacy in the U.S. military.

We previously received responses to our FOIA requests and records that illustrate how branches of the military are not adequately tracking incidents of white supremacy within their ranks.

#FoiaFriday Image
Records we obtained and @USATODAY reported on detailed 13 major investigations into white supremacist activity in the Marine Corps and Navy and show military leaders have quietly discharged the people involved in the incidents.…
The records “show a pattern in which military leaders chose to deal with personnel involved in extremism by dismissing them in ways that would not attract public attention.”…
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We have filed a #FOIA lawsuit against the @StateDept for documents related to a State Dept. investigation of the origins of Covid-19, the EcoHealth Alliance, gain-of-function research, dual use research of concern and the Global Virome Project.…
This is our 11th public records lawsuit for records about the origins of Covid-19, gain-of-function research and the biolabs where potential pandemic pathogens are stored and manipulated.…
You can read the documents we have obtained here:…
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Wed April 27,  Thurs April 28, Fri April 29, & Mon May 2

US Department of Labor online public hearing on proposed final rule to protect healthcare workers from COVID-19 exposure, livestream scheduled.…

Theo Allen (@UniversalMaski2) demanded OSHA hold a hearing on the final rule and his pre-hearing comments are posted here:…


Wed April 27,  Thurs April 28, Fri April 29, & Mon May 2

US Department of Labor online public hearing on proposed final rule to protect healthcare workers from COVID-19 exposure

Schedule of appearances:…

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We have filed an FOI lawsuit against the University of North Carolina, for seven public records requests during the last 21 months about the work of @UNC Prof. Ralph Baric and others, related to the origins of Covid-19. #FOIA…
Our FOI litigation against @UNC covers requests for emails (1) between Prof. Ralph Baric, former Prof. Lishan Su or Ms. Toni Baric with Wuhan Institute of Virology, Wuhan CDC, EcoHealth Alliance, or others; (2) to or from Prof. Ralph Baric with the terms “DEFUSE,” DARPA or DTRA.
This is our 10th public records lawsuit regarding the origins of Covid-19, gain-of-function research and the biolabs where potential pandemic pathogens are stored and manipulated.…
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1/ I am SURPRISED (ok, not really) that the discrepancy of the page count for the classified UAP report given to Congress last year is STILL some big issue.

Let me add some closing (for now) thoughts on the issue until new information, if ever, arrives.…
2/ I like Mr. @LueElizondo, and feel we get along just fine behind the scenes, despite some differences of opinion. You would never guess from some garbage posted on #UFOTwitter by others, but I hope that much is true and he agrees.
3/ But, I was dismayed to see another interview bringing up the page count of the report, and taking jabs at #FOIA.

Not only were his remarks mischaracterized, but it fires up some of his nosiest fans, and of course, they come right after me immediately after he said it.
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1. today 10.15 am London-time, #WestminsterMagistrateCourt: a district judge will issue a order to #extradite Julian #Assange, I will watch and report on the hearing, please follow my colleagues as well: @StefSimanowitz,@kgosztola,@richimedhurst,
2. please follow the indefatigable @rebecca_vincent of @RSF_inter as well: she has been monitoring the extradition of Julian #Assange from the very beginning
3. it must be very clear: the sadistic criminals who committed war crimes and torture exposed by Julian #Assange and by the #WikiLeaks journalists will uncork several bottles of champagne today as the judge will order the #extradition of Julian #Assange
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"Ontarians deserve better than this."

Emails show the statement Ford's office released on @DFisman last year was toned down from the initial draft.… (🔓) #onpoli #foia
@DFisman The first draft said the govt was seeking "a resolution to ensure clear conflict of interest screens are in place."

The table's co-chair (@SteiniBrown) said the phrase "worries me a lot." The health min wouldn't tell us what it meant. It didn't appear in the final statement.
@DFisman @SteiniBrown Much of Dr. Brown's response is censored in the FOIA results. He didn't respond when I asked what he said here — which is his right. But I'm appealing to try to get the full results.
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If you've never had a fight over the phrase #IntellectualProperty, count yourself lucky, you normie, you. In the land of #FreeSoftware and #FreeCulture, "IP" is fightin' words.

Not unreasonably, mind you. 1/ Benjamin Franklin's head from the US $100 bill; his mouth ha
"IP" was a deliberately ploy, undertaken by the world's largest, most aggressive corporations, who hated the existing terms of art, like "creators' monopolies." 2/
You can see why: it's hard to ask a legislature to strengthen your monopoly without provoking giggles, but "Help me defend my property"? That's an appeal to the American state religion. 3/
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Just filed this #FOIA request in reference to my article from earlier this week.
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BREAKING: my @VanityFair investigation into @EcoHealthNYC, @NIAIDNews transparency and debate over #COVID19 origins is live. Vanity Fair obtained over 100,000 internal EcoHealth Alliance documents including meeting minutes, internal emails, reports.… /1
The documents - most predate pandemic - shed light on the world @EcoHealthNYC operated in: one of murky grant agreements, flimsy NIH oversight and pursuit of gov't grants by pitching increasingly risky global research. /2
For years, @EcoHealthNYC cultivated gov't officials at @cosmos_dc cocktail events, where EcoHealth pres. @peterdaszak worked to share podium w/ Fauci. "Cultivation events" were "great way to increase our visibility to federal funders," Daszak told his board. /3
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Lab accident is "most likely but least probed" origin of COVID-19, @StateDept memo says. Via @emilyakopp @USRightToKnow…
Here is the U.S. State Department memo, titled “An Analysis of Circumstantial Evidence for Wuhan Labs as the Source of the Coronavirus.” We obtained the memo through #FOIA litigation.…
This is the top of the U.S. State Department analysis of the source of the coronavirus.…
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Hey @chicagotribune & @TedSlowik1, the "Ten Shared Principles", like Mitchell Davis alludes to, is window dressing. We’ve seen how it plays out in our communities.

@DailySouthtown @MuckRock
When @Nilespdil were menacing the community with their thin blue line face masks they were also signing onto the Ten Shared Principles. We objected and met with @ilpolicechiefs in good faith. They seemed amenable to helping but ultimately ghosted us.…
In #FOIA we saw how @VNilesIL was positioning themselves to escape accountability. @edwojcicki of the @ilpolicechiefs even referenced @MountProspect saying “the blue line remains”. Thanks Ed, we joined that struggle & the blue line is now GONE.…
(p. 310)
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