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The Pentagon’s deputy inspector general Glenn Fine resigned today.

Last month, Pres Trump removed Fine as chairman of the committee overseeing $2 trillion in emergency Covid-19 funds.

IGs are under siege. Why does this matter? Here’s the history & importance of IGs. 1/
IGs were installed in the aftermath of the Watergate scandal when the public’s trust in government dropped. Jimmy Carter signed the Inspector General Act into law in 1978 & installed 12 IGs to provide oversight of each agency of the executive branch. 2/…
Lawmakers hoped these watchdogs would prevent corruption. If IGs suspected wrongdoing, they would report it to the head of the agency and the head was required to forward it to Congress within 7 days. 3/
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THREAD Fascinating. @FBI just sent me a #FOIA release. But all is not what it seems.

So, you've probably seen me talking about how FBI completely ...

@joshgerstein @cjciaramella @BradMossEsq @MarkSZaidEsq @MuckRock @JasonLeopold @CREWcrew @_rshapiro @AshaRangappa_
closed down their FOIA office on 3/17 because their entire FOIA processing system is on their classified system & therefore no FOIA analyst can work from home on any requests, because "work must necessarily be done in the office."
On 4/29, the FBI FOIA office (called RIDS) began slowly reopening, with only 1/3 of the employees allowed in the office at a time to ensure social distancing. At the same time, they doubled down on telling courts that they could ONLY process FOIA requests *at RIDS* for ...
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CNN reports Pompeo pushed State officials to find a way to justify controversial arms sales to Saudi Arabia. IG Linick was reportedly investigating when he was fired.

We've #FOIA'd docs to investigate the arms deal, Linick’s removal & Pompeo’s conduct.…
This week, we asked for urgent release of records of complaints filed by employees regarding Pompeo, including related communications sent or received by Linick.…
Here are our Freedom of Information Act requests seeking information on the questionable emergency declaration used to facilitate Saudi arms sales.…
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NEW LAWSUIT: We’re suing the Dept of Homeland Security, ICE, and the Bureau of Prisons for records related to COVID-19 to determine what, if anything, they are doing to protect vulnerable populations in prisons and detention centers.…
In March, we submitted #FOIA requests to the agencies and sought the release of directives, risk assessments, and other documents containing key terms related to the coronavirus and vulnerable populations.…
Despite the expanding health crisis in our nation’s detention facilities, the agencies failed to adequately respond to requests within the legally mandated 20 business days, so we’re suing to make these documents public.
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We’ve been investigating Jared Kushner’s inexperienced volunteer force tasked with securing medical supplies.

This week we #FOIA’d USAID and USTR for communications between top agency officials and Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.…
And here is our FOIA request to USAID. We requested emails between USAID Advisor Rachael Baitel and current White House advisers. Baitel is a former aide to Ivanka Trump who is reportedly working on Kushner’s task force.…
Read more about Jared Kushner’s amateur cadre of private sector volunteers tasked with helping the administration secure medical supplies and protect the supply chain of essential equipment.…
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We’re suing HHS, Treasury, State, and OMB for Mark Meadows’ emails and text messages with agency officials to shed light on Meadows’ political influence as he transitioned from congressman to White House Chief of Staff.…
In March, Trump announced over Twitter that NC Rep. Meadows would become his chief of staff. Reports suggested Meadows was attending high-level meetings before he resigned from the House.
Questions remain about his role in negotiations between the executive and legislative branches over the CARES Act.…
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NBC News obtained documents on the “Madison Dinners,” Mike and Susan Pompeo’s “elaborate, unpublicized affairs...on the government's dime.”…
One of those dinners appeared on Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue’s schedule that we uncovered through our #FOIA request for calendars of two of Perdue’s aides.…
Another “Madison Dinner” appeared on Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’s schedule that we obtained through a #FOIA request.…
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We obtained documents that show AG Barr & John Durham, who Barr assigned to re-examine the Russia probe, met immediately after the Mueller investigation ended, raising further concerns that Barr wanted to rewrite the Mueller report’s legacy.…
Barr met at least 6 times with US Attorney Durham over 10-weeks in spring 2019. One meeting was held during the crucial time after Mueller submitted his report to the DOJ and before it was released to the public.…
On March 25, 2019 — just a day after Barr submitted his letter summarizing the Mueller report to Congress — Durham met with Barr, Barr’s then-Chief of Staff Brian Rabbitt and two career officials from the department’s Justice Management Division.…
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Dismissed State Dept IG Steve Linick was reportedly investigating Secretary Mike Pompeo for allegedly using a taxpayer-funded employee to do personal tasks for him & his wife, Susan Pompeo.

We’ve #FOIA’d records that could shed light on the role Susan Pompeo has had at State.
We FOIA’d the State Dept for records related to the domestic travel of Secretary Pompeo and the costs of Susan Pompeo’s travel — including the 8-day trip to the Middle East during the government shutdown.…
Here is the Freedom of Information Act request:…
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1) "Federal Reserve developed the #MainStreetLending Program to help credit flow to small and medium-sized businesses that were in sound financial condition before the pandemic."
2) after initial announcement of #MainStreetLending Program, Fed Reserve expanded it to: Create a 3rd loan option, w/increased risk sharing by lenders for borrowers with greater leverage &
Lowered the minimum loan size for certain loans to $500,000…
3) this resulted in 3 loan (🍕) options: plain, pepperoni & mushroom: "termed new, priority, & expanded" 4 year loans:
New: $500K Minimum Loan Size
Priority: Ditto
Expanded: $10M Minimum Loan Size & up to a TON!
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NEW LAWSUIT: We’re suing the CDC over its illegal practice of rejecting valid #FOIA requests — including requests related to the coronavirus pandemic.…
We’re asking the court to order the CDC to comply with the law and to stop groundlessly rejecting requests it deems “overly broad.” Our suit cites CDC’s inadequate response to several recent #FOIA’s related to coronavirus. Here are a few examples.
On March 17, we FOIA’d emails from six specific CDC officials containing any of 43 key terms related to the coronavirus. These included “coronavirus,” “COVID 19,” “Wuhan,” “hoax,” “vaccine,” and “quarantine.”
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Secret Service is attempting to deny multiple #FOIA requests I've filed by claiming the review process would take time and that the documents "would be heavily redacted"

Also I'm very curious how releasing records on #HackingTeam (among others) would put #POTUS et al in danger.
"We're denying your request in full because we'd have to deny it in part" is a declaration that they want to ignore the law. They're legally required to segregate the info which they essentially admitted in their letter they can do – but won't do. #FOIA
Secret Service said this about #HackingTeam and about #WikiLeaks, and now is really not a good time for USSS to claim that info on WikiLeaks would endanger the POTUS.

I mean first off, it's not true. Second, do they really want to hint that info on WL can hurt the POTUS? #FOIA
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NEW #FOIA docs on #COVID19 response from Cook County Sheriff's office, including alerts, SITREPs and U//FOUO guidance on avoiding PPE fraud that should "under no circumstances ... be released to media sources or members of the general public"…
Meta-FOIA: The release also contains docs on the Cook County Sheriff’s Press Office's response to #COVID19 #FOIA requests from journalists and media (it looks like mine was the first they received)
El Paso PD also released a few documents on #COVID19-related fraud, including a caller that said "they were calling from Covid-19"… #FOIA
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As we're days just away from the FIRST TIME #HillaryClinton will sit for or a sworn deposition in connection with her use of a private email acct & #Benghazi while Sec. State, I thought we could look back on the list of things she could not recall in her 2016 #FBI interview.

☑️ When she received security clearance
☑️ Being briefed on how to handle classified material
☑️ How many times she used her authority to designate items classified
☑️ Any briefing on how to handle very top-secret "#SpecialAccessProgram" material

☑️ How to select a target for a drone strike
☑️ The number of times her staff was given a secure phone
☑️ Why she didn’t get a secure Blackberry
☑️ How the data from her mobile devices was destroyed when she switched devices

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In Philadelphia, police are throwing this man off of a SEPTA bus because he refused to wear a mask.

#CoronaCrimes #NoMask

Meridian, Idaho. Mother arrested in front of her children for using the public playground.

#CoronaCrimes #Playground #Idaho
Playground arrest, Clip 2
#wellhellzbellz #CoronaCrimes #Idaho #Playground

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We just filed #FOIA requests with @DeptofDefense for troop numbers in #Afghanistan #Iraq #Syria.

Administrations gave Americans this info for DECADES.

SecDef #Mattis committed to even more transparency.

Then poof: late 2017, DoD went dark.…
2. Read what former Defense Secretary (and former Republican Senator) Chuck Hagel said about our FOIA request for US troop numbers:
3. “Secretary Mattis is committed to developing a more transparent accounting of our troops in the field than he inherited.”

Pentagon’s chief spokesperson to @jamiejmcintyre August 29, 2017…
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1. the UK authorities' cruel and illegal treatment of the @wikileaks founder, Julian #Assange, is truly unbelievable. They won't release Julian #Assange from the Belmarsh high-security prison, no matter he faces a HUGE risk of getting #COVID19
2. in the last decade,this cruel treatment by the UK authorities has been possible ONLY thanks to the British media, which have failed to rein in the worst instincts of their government,quite the opposite they have assisted their government in destroying Julian #Assange
3.even the Russian journalists behaved more courageously than the British journalists: when #IvanGolunov was arrested, they sided with their colleague and embarrassed the Russian authorities. It worked: #IvanGolunov was released
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1. ten years ago,#WikiLeaks published the #CollateralMurder video depicting a #US Apache helicopter killing innocent civilians in Baghdad and laughing at the dead: The innocent civilians targeted included children and 2 #Reuters staffers
2. the #CollateralMurder video was NOT secret (and in fact it is NOT included in the list of classified documents at the center of the US indictment against Julian #Assange): after the death of its 2 staffers, #Reuters had tried to obtain the video filing a #FOIA at the #Pentagon
3. the Pentagon had rejected the #Reuters FOIA. Only thanks to the courage of #ChelseaManning, Julian #Assange and the #WikiLeaks journalists, it was possible to reveal the #CollateralMurder video
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1. esattamente 10anni fa,#WikiLeaks pubblicava il video #CollateralMurder in cui si vedeva un elicottero americano Apache sparare su civili inermi a Baghdad mentre l'equipaggio rideva:
2. tra i civili inermi c'erano non solo bambini, ma anche due cameramen della #Reuters,che furono ammazzati. Il video NON era segreto,per questo #Reuters aveva provato a richiederne copia al #Pentagono con il #FOIA,ma il Pentagono aveva negato il rilascio
3. Solo il grande coraggio di #ChelseaManning che aveva accesso ai database classificati del governo americano ha permesso di rivelare #CollateralMurder. Il coraggio di Chelsea e il coraggio di Julian #Assange e dei giornalisti di #WikiLeaks che l'hanno pubblicato
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FBI accepting #FOIA requests again through their eFOIA portal, which they iced a few weeks ago because of #coronavirus

BUT "you can expect delays in both the acknowledgement and substantive response to your FOIPA request."

In other words, back to normal

Thx for flagging @AllanBlutstein
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Happy #FOIA Friday! Although the FBI's FOIA team may be taking a break due to COVID, that doesn't mean all you diggers have to wait another month for "new" MYE research. I am pleased to present a new MYE database for easier research, available at!
The MYE Files is an expansion of my database that has been somewhat available on my Google Drive for the past several months. However, users now have the ability to sort by Serial, Date, Title, and even individual Bates Numbers (nearing 14,000 as of the latest Vault release).
Each Serial has a link to an individual PDF of the document, references to when it was released, missing or duplicated pages, and links to @nick_weil's website for cross-checking dates with the Strzok/Page texts and @codyave's detailed timeline.
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THREAD: A #COVID19 #FOIAFriday story

SIX yrs ago, I filed a #FOIA request w/DIA for docs related to Michael Flynn's tenure as head of the agency

DIA failed to respond to my request for 3 yrs. In June 2017, DIA sent me a letter: they were withholding docs b/c Mueller probe

A year ago, I refiled the request and then sued DIA for the Flynn docs. During the course of litigation, we discovered DIA never even initiated a search for docs. We ultimately got them to do that and late last year agreed on a production schedule.

DIA was supposed to produce the Flynn documents to me on Monday. Yesterday, the govt attorney in the case reached out and said b/c of #coronavirus the agency would not meet the March 30 production deadline. The pandemic has impacted their FOIA operations.

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NEW THREAD: I can't stress enough how critical it is that we utilize the #FOIA to inform the public about what is happening behind the scenes about #Coronavirus as well as other pressing matters

But it is going to be a battle. State Dept just shut down their #FOIA operations
My colleagues & I @BuzzFeedNews have been aggressively pursuing docs via #FOIA about the pandemic from govt agencies and we are well positioned to push back against govt efforts to stifle the public's right to know & WE WILL

But I need your support
It's crucial that the public be told what has been happening behind the scenes, what is happening now, and what they can expect to unfold in the days, weeks and months ahead. One way to accomplish this is through transparency in the form of documents. Support the #FOIA

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Brutal #FOIA opinion from the D.C. Cir. this morning.

DOJ says it can't redact video and therefore must keep all of it secret. Court: Teenagers edit videos all the time, and "presumably, most of these teenagers have fewer resources than the United States government."
Court also rejects DOJ's claim that releasing a video of federal inmates eating in the prison cafeteria would violate their privacy. The panel notes that they are required by law to be eating there, so .......
D.C. Cir.: If the government really can't edit video to conceal faces, it had better explain why. Teenagers, the court says, have found a way to stick cat heads in front of faces, though "we do not necessarily advocate that specific technique."
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