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{thread} In the how-the-f*ck-is-this-still-going-on dept, comes the latest (and hardly shocking) episode in the on-going Star Citizen farce.

It's good. Trust me.

First, catch up on this.

They're still bleeding money, even as the dev on the game continues to regress at a steady pace. To the extent that even the die-hards have been up in arms following the release of the last two dev updates.


So they have once again reverted to past whale milking tricks because guess what happens when your dev regresses? That's right - you need more money to fund the increased time. And when you have a bunch of complete fools (Sunk Cost Fallacy is a b*tch) giving you money, why stop?
They literally have ZERO incentive to stop doing this, let alone to release a complete game (at least in the case of the train-wreck that is Star Citizen actual) because the minute they do that, the spigot turns off. Which is why it comes as no surprise that this happened (again)
They recently hosted an exclusive event for $1000+ tier backers which cost $275 per person to attend, for the privilege of hearing about - and buying - a $675 ship. For which NO game play loop or functionality exists.

No, I'm not even joking

As expected, gamers who are still in collective astonishment, are having a field day with this one. Before you click on this link, be sure that you don't plan on having a productive day because, trust me, it's hilarious AF and you can't stop watching.

The Shitizens Defense Force (SDF) have been unsuccessfully trying to put out such fires for the past 24 hrs to hilarious effect; because, well, f*ck it, why not protect your "investment"?

Somehow, the otherwise comatose (to Star Citizen shenanigans) gaming media, have gotten wind of this latest farce.

massivelyop.com/2019/08/26/sta… via @MMORPGcom
These are some of the naive dweebs (aka believers) funding this scam-ridden train wreck with much fervor and unbridled glee.

Remember, 8 years and almost $300m later, they still only have a fantastically broken PRE-ALPHA product in the form of Star Citizen (which will never - ever - be an MMO) and the still MIA single-player Squadron 42 they've been threatening will be in Alpha by Q2/2020.
It's so unbelievable to me that when I look back to 2012 when I funded this train wreck, then wrote a scathing dev analysis in 2015 after it went off the rails, never in my wildest dreams did I envision we'd still be having this discussion...7 years later. But here we are.

ps. Star Citizen whale convention.

Meanwhile, over at the money burning furnace collective...


read that. seriously - just read it.
Wait! Wait! There's more. This expensive 890 Jump cap ship which was sold years ago, is currently in flight testing - without even half of what it was promised to be/have. And it's an absolute train wreck of epic proportions.

The whale ticket

The $675 ship which has neither been built, nor is it in dev

LOL!! They made a movie showing all the previously promised features which have now been removed and tossed into a burner

FYI: You can lay mines in 3D world space. It’s not different from any other object drop in such a game. The issue is whether or not they are an effective game play mechanic.
For example, when I implemented space mines in my Battlecruiser/Universal Combat games, through trial and error, I came up with two types.

1) proximity

2) contact

– both with timers.
proximity based one was more effective due to its range. Imagine a 10km sphere with a mine in the middle. If u don’t see the mine or know it’s range, u can detonate it when u breach the sphere; and the damage is exponential depending on how far from the center u are.
The contact one is just a standard mine that only detonates when something actually touches it.

And in both cases, if there is no detonation within a certain timer period, they self-destruct. Also, they don’t tend to appear on radar scans.
Their effectiveness was to deploy them around key objects in a defensive or offensive posture. e.g. one favorite tactic is to mine the jump anomalies in|out of certain space regions so that ships jumping in/out, get blown (depending on their shields, armor etc) on ingress|egress.
They are super-expensive to compute + track because of their AI which drives proximity, timer, damage etc. So in a multiplayer game, you have to keep track of them.
In an instanced game, your problem is they can’t be persistent because you can’t save|restore an instance with live entities.

They have their work cutout for them.
But here’s the thing. If they could have implemented mines, they would have done so by now because they already have a fleet of in-game ships which can deploy mines just as they can missiles and shots.
I have no doubt that they will implement mines at some point since it’s just another projectile. The issue is that it will be just another checkbox for useless functionality – much like similar inconsequential and useless features currently in the "game".
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