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15 Jun 20
Star Citizen passes $300m in crowdfunding |…
You know the drill.

Neither of the two games promised for 2014 at $2m, then 2016 at $65m are anywhere near completion. In fact, the development has regressed to such a degree that even the hard-core tribe have been up in arms since the last build update earlier last month.
Yes, the numbers are crazy.
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29 May 20
It's Fri and I'm in between builds, emails, and general weekend fuckery which I've mostly been ignoring all week. So here's a little diversion based on this earlier tweet.

1st, let me start by saying that in the 8 yrs since I backed Star Citizen, I have yet to come across a *single* gamer who wants to see it fail. Not one. Not even in 2015 when I wrote that first blog about why I felt it was destined to fail due to Chris Roberts inflating its scope
Most of the angst can be summarized into the following categories of gamer backers who:

1) want out via refunds (most didn't get one)
2) want to see it to the end, but are still disgruntled
3) think they're part of "something" else
4) just want to lol at the ensuing train wreck
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18 May 20
Right - I'm bored (and in between builds), so it's time for a Star Citizen thread that I've been curating this past weekend.

First, remember my last thread about the travesty that was the 3.9 release and the controversy that it caused? Catch up here:

Well shortly before that one, I also touched on the whole Theaters Of War debacle (from Nov 2019) and which was almost ready and totally coming in early 2020.

Well, apparently even after they canned it, now we find out that it's back on the shiny objects menu. In case you missed the news on this Battlefield (not to be confused with Battle Royale) mod, you can read more about it here.…
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30 Apr 20
My social media DMs are blowing up again. There must be a new Star Citizen fiasco brewing. And yes, there totally is. And yes it's about the badly broken 3.9 build which CIG shockingly released to live servers yesterday against the advisory from their own wave of testers.
In case you missed the latest scope creep fiasco, you can catch up on this thread.

Having shoved yet another massive scope creep feature into the game, and which literally broke everything you could possibly imagine, CIG made the decision to release it anyway. Why? Because they have a ship they want to sell for $395 - $440. Yup…
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26 Apr 20
Yesterday I was on a stream with @RobinAtTheHouse, @FocusBreak and crew. Among other things, we touched on the issue of scope creep in Star Citizen.

Let me take this opportunity to explain how scope creep has killed MANY a game project over the years.

Every. Single. Time

First, let me use the latest unfolding fiasco that is the Star Citizen "prison gameplay" as example.

This video by one of the faithful, @SaltEMike, shows this new feature; and is the best one yet. He did an excellent job with it.

Like so many “features” before it, this “prison gameplay” came out of nowhere.

This was the dev roadmap as of Oct 25, 2019. No word about prison gameplay.

This was the dev roadmap as of Nov 8th, 2019
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25 Jan 20
OK new court activity in the Crytek vs CIG fiasco. In case you missed where all this started earlier this year, here's a refresher.

There was that time when a lead CIG dev flat-out LIED about the engine switch.

He even drew an image - for which I tore him apart because with my knowledge of CryEngine, Lumberyard, and my disassembling of key Star Citizen modules, I knew he was lying.…
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10 Oct 19
As a legacy tier 1 dev, marketing statements like this make me roll my eyes while yawning. As a gamer they make me lol so hard. "negative latency" <--- 😂😂😂😂

Google Stadia will be “faster and more responsive” than local gaming hardware…
"This term describes a buffer of predicted latency, inherent to a Stadia players setup or connection, in which the Stadia system will run lag mitigation. This can include increasing fps rapidly to reduce latency between player input and display, or even predicting user inputs"😂
It's all pure and complete nonsense. All of it. For DECADES those of us who have developed engines - especially for multiplayer games - have battled this demon locally. It's a war we can't win since we stand ZERO chance of breaking the light speed barrier.
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14 Sep 19
So there's been some activity in the Crytek v CIG lawsuit. The parties have asked the court to extend the trial date by 3 months.
Aside from the fact that CIG has been pissing up a storm with pointless motions in a [failed] bid to frustrate Crytek and run up costs, their latest attempt (a bond) at forcing Crytek to the settlement table, failed spectacularly when Crytek put up the bond - in cold hard cash.
Not only did Crytek put up the cash, but as has happened twice in the past, they didn't settle the case with CIG; opting instead to dive headlong into discovery. If you've been following my coverage, this is PRECISELY what I had said was going to happen.
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26 Aug 19
{thread} In the how-the-f*ck-is-this-still-going-on dept, comes the latest (and hardly shocking) episode in the on-going Star Citizen farce.

It's good. Trust me.

First, catch up on this.

They're still bleeding money, even as the dev on the game continues to regress at a steady pace. To the extent that even the die-hards have been up in arms following the release of the last two dev updates.……
So they have once again reverted to past whale milking tricks because guess what happens when your dev regresses? That's right - you need more money to fund the increased time. And when you have a bunch of complete fools (Sunk Cost Fallacy is a b*tch) giving you money, why stop?
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2 Jul 19
The latest in Star Citizen news is a doozy of sorts.

First, remember back in Dec 2018 when they released their financials and which proved beyond a doubt that I was right all along about the project?…
At that some time, we found out that, having run out of money to fund future ops, they got a $46M investment bailout from an off-shore billionaire, who then apparently installed industry vet, Dan Offner as director & board member to babysit it.
As I had written back then, having a guy like Offner on your board is kind of a big deal. He has lots of experience and knows a LOT of industry players. Not to mention knowing all the ins and outs of the biz. Basically, nothing - shady or otherwise - is going to get past him.
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8 Jun 19
I wasn't going to cover this until Mon - for max lols. But I kept getting pinged by people who - foolishly - assume that I didn't already know already

There's been new activity since my last missive about the Crytek v CIG debacle.

And it's hilarious AF

In prev filing, we saw new Crytek attorneys. I have learned that these aren't experts attached to the case, but that Crytek have switched from Skadden to another IP law powerhouse, who also brought along external experts as some law firms tend to do.
Leading the renewed - and rather aggressive (trust me, it's hilarious) - charge, are Clifford Brazen and Eric Buresh.…
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5 Jun 19
Us borderline autistic types tend to latch on to the most mundane things which mere mortals can barely comprehend. And when you combine passion with the quest for knowledge & understanding, you end up down a rabbit hole of amusement.

So over the weekend, a leak about the next Watch Dogs game broke. It's just another game leak; but what made this particular leak stand out, was what some attribute to an unexpected feature. That being the ability to allow the player to assume the role of any NPC in the game.
Players in the majority of the games, assume the role of a character depicted in the game world. And in some games, particularly FPS games like Watch Dogs, the player engages with Non-Player Characters controlled by the game's AI. Standard fare stuff really.
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31 May 19

The demise of Worlds Adrift once again shines a spotlight on how games relying on third-party tech can be unplayable at some point down the road.

Yes, this is going to be a Star Citizen thread. Grab a chair.

The game was one of the first to adopt @Improbableio entirely cloud based platform, SpatialOS which supports most game engines, but had direct hooks for Unity & UnrealEngine
In fact, @WorldsAdrift remains the only playable game to be "released" based for that platform. While Bossa Studios isn't a widely known studio, innovative ideas usually comes from indie studios with lofty ambitions & small bank accounts.
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5 May 19
Sunday morning Star Citizen newspaper thread.

Until another (in the works) fiasco unfolds, this will probably be my last take on the fallout from the Forbes article by @MattRyanPerez

It's a trip down memory lane which I'm sure most will find interesting, if not alarming.
First, please get caught up because some of what is in this thread will seem out of context if you're not caught up on the drama.

David Piner @orangekun has been around the scene for some time now. Like others chiming in, his latest article following the Forbes article, got me thinking about a few things. You can read that column below. It's quite the read.…
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4 May 19
Star Citizen community remains in a collective meltdown mode since the Forbes article that not only exposed the VP (wife of CEO) as an abusive person accused of domestic violence, but which also highlighted that they've been unjustly enriching themselves with backer money.
They've been creating thread after thread, lamenting the "unfairness" of the article, even as the mods on the official forum play whack-a-mole in an on-going bid to keep deleting them.

This one's new; created when the mods were asleep.…
Meanwhile, over in the no-holds-barred cesspool that is the official Reddit, it's no different. Though I have to admit that I'm shocked to have seen quite a few reasonable posts supporting @MattRyanPerez article. This is about the umpteenth one.…
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3 May 19
PSA: There's a Star Citizen Free Fly event going on atm, PLEASE - for the children - go check it out for yourself. Don't listen to ANY of us FUDsters who think it's a $300M train-wreck and an on-going scam that's making Chris and his family & friends rich…
And if you like it, this guy is selling his $800 (cheap!) package on eBay because, you know, it's not as if he can get a refund. 😂…
So it's Friday, and I'm off today. I will be surveying the carnage left in the wake of the Forbes article on Star Citizen.

I started off with the official game forums, which aren't any fun because mods keep deleting any/all threads about it.

Now I'm off to Reddit. Pray for me.
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2 Apr 19
{thread} While I haven't been paying much attention to Star Citizen since Dec when they released a financial statement proving me right again about their finances, a short para in the latest Crytek v CIG court filing has me thinking about a lie that's been in plain sight
Last week when CIG filed a motion for Crytek to post a bond for costs, I wrote a short thread about it, while not going too much into the details. Embedded in that filing is an affidavit - not from Chris Roberts - but from his partner Ortwin.

That affidavit (below), though riddled with the usual colorful rhetoric that has come from CIG during this lawsuit, the "Switch To Lumberyard" section on p3 has some statements which weren't publicly known until that filing.
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18 Mar 19
That we're still having this discussion almost three months later, shows how polarized gamers are. But most of us are just being repetitive now I think.

"Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games, comments on current and future Epic Store exclusive games"…
Threads like this one on Reddit - not the disjointed rage-tweets - bring a lot of clarity to the issue, and illustrates how most gamers (a legendary tribal bunch) feel about it.…
I think that each time @TimSweeneyEpic says anything, it just mostly falls on deaf ears; while serving to fan the flames even more because some gamers have literally dug in, and there's no budging.

They think they're mad now? Wait for the upcoming AAA exclusive announcements
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1 Feb 19

Here we go again.

While I agree with some points that @robfahey makes in his take on this brewing showdown, I can't help but wonder why, all of a sudden, some people are willing to deride @steam_games just because there's a shiny new toy in the play pen. It's bs.

@robfahey @steam_games There are so many issues with this opening paragraph, that as a gamer and game dev, I don't even know where to begin.

Let me try and break this down as best I can.

"Epic promised a more equitable revenue share system"

That's FALSE.

This is what they offered, in their own words:

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1 Feb 19
amma just gonna leave this here, and start running real fast.
Remember all of that when you start moaning about how @steam_games is not earning their 30%

And that list isn't even complete, nor does it contain the SDK and tools in my thread.

ps: They also pay for ALL the bandwidth you content suckers slurp every minute of every day, 24-7.
Point is, everyone likes shiny new things, and we're quick to forget the rusty old things which have served us long enough to get us where we are.

Steam & EGS can co-exist because they're different in many ways. Being tribal about it is why most of us just lol and move on.
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31 Jan 19

For those of you wondering (and sending me messages) about the silence from other industry devs & publishers regarding the on-going Steam vs Epic Games Store furor as per my latest thread (below), this one is for you.

Pull up a chair.

Before I start the thread chopping & posting, catch up by reading these 3 articles which give a very good overview, and from different perspectives. There are others, but they're mostly rubbish not worthy of your time.

First up, is this one by @erikkain…
Next up is this one from @BenKuchera over at Polygon.

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