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Did Benjamin Netanyahu & Philip Zelikow write “the 9/11 script”? Netanyahu has said repeatedly that he PREDICTED 9/11 back in 1995 - apart from the seemingly unanticipated “flying bombs” & actually naming Osama bin Laden, who was barely on anyone’s radar back in 1995.
Netanyahu in his book Fighting Terrorism (1995) "predicted" that - if we don't stop "this rising tide of Islamic terrorism" - one day "a nuclear-armed Iran" might use “its pre-armed militants in the West” to detonate “a nuclear bomb in the basement of the World Trade Center”
In 1998 Philip Zelikow w/Ashton Carter & John Deutch published article "Catastrophic Terrorism" in Foreign Affairs (CFR) also raising the specter of nukes under the WTC & implicitly pointing to Osama bin Laden, just indicted for the East Africa bombings
In addition to co-authoring this "astonishingly precognitive" article, Philip Zelikow, "a self-described expert in 'the creation and maintenance of public myths' wrote the 9/11 Commission Report in chapter outline before the Commission even convened"!
Netanyahu & Zelikow leave to our imagination what a SINGLE nuke would have done under the WTC but quite clearly 9/11 ended up looking nothing like what Ramzi Yousef testified he intended w/his van bomb - to cause one tower to topple onto the other tower
Although the damage to the Twin Towers was far worse than anything anybody - except the perpetrators - could have ever imagined, NO network reporter, anchor or commentator seriously raised the possibility that nukes might have been involved in the devastation on 9/11
Instead, to a shocked & awed public, the TV networks on 9/11 from the very beginning pushed what would become the "official” story of a bin Laden-directed, top-down “collapse” of the Twin Towers due to “flying bombs", a story that came to dominate all TV networks by day's end
When one watches in retrospect how we were manipulated to accept this "official" story, it is not hard to think that there was some kind of "9/11 script" that at least certain TV reporters, anchors & commentators were following & that some "guiding hand" was behind it all.
At Fox from the moment anchor John Scott came on at 0857 ET - even BEFORE the “2nd plane” hit - he was suggesting a possible "deliberate" attack like the 1989 [sic] WTC bombing that tried "to bring down the building by knocking out the support pillars"
Once the "2nd plane" struck at 0903 ET, ALL the major networks started speculating about Osama bin Laden being behind it, although cautiously remembering rush to judgment after OKC bombing & TWA Flight 800 initially blamed on Middle East terrorists
Where we really start to see "the 9/11 script" kick in is @ 0959 ET w/"collapse" of WTC2 & this "dialogue" btwn Fox News anchor John Scott & reporter Bill Daley explaining how the tower wasn't designed to withstand a direct hit from a 737 loaded w/fuel
As to what verb to apply to what WTC2 did, John Scott tried "falling apart", "crumble", "fall", "disintegrate" & ended w/"the building simply collapsed of its own weight" b/c "there was so much damage from the heat of the fire" #SteelWillMelt
This Scott-Daley dialogue claims the terrorists of 1993 & 2001 had the same goal - to cause ONE tower (WTC1 is still standing at 0959 ET & was hit much higher) to [insert appropriate verb] but the 1993 terrorists failed b/c they went after the infrastructure in the basement
"FOX freelancer" Mark Walsh aka #HarleyGuy has often been ridiculed as #CrisisActor b/c in this interview w/reporter Rick Leventhal @ 1151 ET he spouts what would become the "official" tower "collapse" story. But Walsh only echoes what John Scott had laid out two hours before
Mark Walsh: "I saw this [2nd] plane come out of nowhere & just lean right into the side of the Twin Tower exploding thru the other side. And then I witnessed both towers collapse one & then the second, mostly due to structural failure because the fire was just too intense."
Other networks were not as blatant as Fox News but one by one they all came to espouse the same "collapse" story. Sometimes one can see the scripted nature of the story when one of the reporters, anchors or commentators wanders off script & someone has to reel them back in.
At ABC News anchor Peter Jennings had no words to describe what happened to WTC2 at 0959 ET but Don Dahler reporting live via phone from his apt @ corner of Duane & Church starting just a few moments after 1st plane was “fortunately” there to guide him to the “official” story
Dahler first informs Jennings that “the ENTIRE building [WTC2] has collapsed, as if a demolition team set off, when you see the old demolitions of these old building, it folded down on itself, and it is not there any more.”
Peter Jennings building on Dahler’s controlled demolition idea suggests that anyone who knows anything about controlled demolition knows you have to get at the under infrastructure of the building to bring it down
Dahler then immediately corrects Jennings saying he didn't see any explosion at the base so there was no attempt to go after under infrastructure. Dahler explains the top part of WTC2 "so weakened by the fire that ... the weight of it just collapsed the rest of the building"
How does one explain how Dahler's explanation was uncannily almost identical to the one John Scott was pushing AT THE SAME TIME over at Fox when neither Dahler (left) nor Scott (right) nor anyone else had ever seen anything like what happened to WTC2 at 0959 ET on 9/11?
One also has to wonder how Don Dahler could tell Peter Jennings that "there was no explosion or anything at the base part" when he had already mentioned at least two times that morning that he could ONLY see the TOP HALF of the towers!
Indeed Dahler describes the apt from which he reported on 9/11 as on SE corner of Duane & Church (left picture, leftmost bldg) and the right picture shows what you can see today of the rebuilt One World Trade Center when you can see over nearby bldgs
NBC anchors foreshadowed plane-induced "collapse" 0908 ET after "2nd plane" w/Matt Lauer reporting both towers "leaning" & Katie Couric adding "perhaps they’re buckling under the floor of the collision & the hole that resulted from these two planes"
NBC anchor Tom Brokaw just after WTC2 "collapse" 0959 ET compared "enormous structural damage" from "two coordinated AIRPLANE attacks" to 1993 basement bomb. "Those buildings, I think it’s fair to say, will probably have to be brought down"!
Curiously when Matt Lauer sees a close-up of the top of WTC2 clearly tilt & "fall away from the rest of the building", all he can add is "I mean when you look at it the building has collapsed. That tower just came down." He never mentions it again.
Don Dahler's explanation of WTC2 collapse apparently didn't convince Peter Jennings b/c 20 minutes later he confessed to John Miller "I’m still desperately confused, John, about what may have caused the building to collapse."
John Miller (like NBC anchors) suggests WTC2 "collapsed" b/c it "buckled" at "the point of impact", debris started to fall, then it cracked & just went "straight down". He also reports WTC1 is now leaning & buckling! Seven minutes later WTC1 "collapses."
ABC's John Miller doesn't say who told him North Tower was "leaning" but it could have been #NYPD b/c a policeman told reporter N. J. Burkett the North Tower was "leaning" seconds before it "collapsed." But who told NYPD? Is this the invisible hand of the 9/11 scriptwriters?
CBS News coverage of the "collapse" of WTC2 @ 0959 ET was muddled b/c they did not show it live & it was just at this time that Dan Rather took over as anchor & he had no idea what had happened as he launched into an overview of the day's events
Amidst confusion over WTC2, Jim Stewart (CBS News anchor in Washington) @ 1013 ET took the lead in laying out the FBI "working theory" albeit "pure speculation" that "this is the work of Osama bin Laden" following a "blueprint...signed by Ramzi Yousef"
ABC's John McWethy likewise reported @ 1117 ET Pentagon didn't want to jump to conclusions but "very few organizations could put together this kind of coordinated attack" so "most initial fingers" point to bin Laden org w/"the money & sophistication"
NBC simplified everything for us @ 1028 ET as Katie Couric reports WTC1 "collapsing as a result of the crash of an airplane into its side" & Tom Brokaw declares "There’s been a declaration of war by terrorists on the US" - a line he repeats many times
NBC's Matt Lauer adds "But if you look at this picture, Tom and Katie, at lower Manhattan, it appears that terrorists have succeeded this time in doing what terrorists tried to do back in 1993" - repeating Fox News theme that 1993 & 2001 terrorists had same goals
Meanwhile, Netanyahu's mentor Ehud Barak speaking on BBC World News in London @ 1129 ET ups the ante saying, whether or not "a kind of Bin Laden organization" is behind these attacks, "It's time to launch an operational, concrete war against terror"
Ehud Barak, not to be outdone by Netanyahu, takes great pride in also having predicted 9/11 back in 1995 at a conference on fighting terrorism in NYC in a speech that was front-page news in the Hebrew papers
Netanyahu on 9/11 called news conference @ Jerusalem's King David Hotel (site of 1946 terrorist bombing) & said like Barak doesn't matter if bin Laden did it b/c root cause of attacks "terrorist states like Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan & Palestinian entity"
Netanyahu at news conference handed out copies of Fighting Terrorism to make sure world knew he had predicted 9/11. He warned attacks could be "a harbinger of worse tragedies that could kill millions of people once Iran or Iraq acquire nuclear weapons"
Still confused about what happened, Dan Rather @ 1312 ET asks Jerome Hauer: "Is it possible that just a PLANE CRASH could have collapsed these buildings, or would it have required the, sort of, PRIOR POSITIONING of other explosives in the buildings?"
Jerry Hauer (reading from #HarleyGuy script): "The velocity of the plane, uh, filled with fuel hitting that building, uh, that burned, uh, had an impact on the structure itself and then, uh, that intense heat, uh, probably weakened the structure, uh, causing the collapse."
Seemingly OK with "plane-induced collapse", Rather next questions bin Laden hype: "I know many intelligence people at very high levels who say you can’t have these kinds of attacks w/o having some state, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, somebody involved."
Jerry Hauer, whom Rather introduces as "one of the world’s outstanding experts on terrorism", can only meekly respond "Well I’m not sure I agree that, umm, this is necessarily state-sponsored. Umm, it...certainly has, umm, the, uh, fingerprints of somebody like bin Laden."
So who is Jerry Hauer? Chris Bollyn writes Hauer, like Netanyahu, is "a Zionist expert on terror" & "among the small group of key individuals who are suspected of playing crucial roles in setting the stage for Israeli false-flag terror attacks of 9-11"
The exception that proves the rule about the "plane-induced collapse" 9/11 script was CNN’s Aaron Brown who rushed to the roof of CNN NY headquarters at 461 8th Ave (30 blocks from WTC) to start reporting after WTC2 was “hit” & became de facto anchor
“Collapse” was how what happened to WTC2 @ 0959 ET was reported on all other networks from the very start whether the anchor/reporter was watching video replay (Jon Scott @ Fox, Matt Lauer @ NBC), live (Don Dahler @ ABC), or just heard reports (Dan Rather @ CBS).
But the first words out of Aaron Brown’s mouth @ 0959 ET looking at WTC2 from 30 blocks away was "There has just been a huge explosion", "billowing smoke", "a cascade of sparks, and fire, and now this -- it looks almost like a mushroom cloud explosion"
Yet a minute later, with CNN's Brown, saying 3x he couldn’t see what was behind the smoke & he was just about to say more about the explosion, he pauses briefly - undoubtedly listening to someone speaking in his earpiece - and says “Apparently the South Tower has collapsed”
At that point, unlike all the other network anchors/reporters who immediately adopted the "collapse" terminology, CNN’s Brown curiously struggled with it. Many years later he was embarrassed to say he just couldn’t imagine the WTC2 could “collapse”.
Over the next 20 minutes, CNN’s Brown keeps repeating that WTC2 (or a portion of it) has (or appears to have) collapsed but he CHANGES from certainty there was a 2nd explosion to uncertainty b/c it could just have been part of WTC2 simply collapsing b/c it was so weakened.
Brown was still uncertain @ 1028 ET when he says "portions of both towers of the WTC have collapsed. Whether there were second explosions - that is to say, explosions other than the planes hitting them - that caused this to happen, we cannot tell you."
Seconding Brown's suspicions, just after WTC1 "collapse", CNN producer Rose Arce who was a block away from WTC told Aaron Brown by phone that first the top started to shake, then people began leaping from windows & finally "the entire top of the building JUST BLEW UP"
CNN's Brown @ 1040 ET report of 4th WTC explosion, asked reporter Brian Palmer "Did it sound like there was an explosion before the 2nd collapse, or was the noise the collapse itself?" Palmer replied couldn't tell but heard "some boom" before tower folded.
CNN's Brown @ 1053 ET still uncertain whether WTC2 "collapse" caused by "2nd explosion" or plane hit, but says WTC1 "almost looks like one of those IMPLOSIONS of buildings you see, except there is NOTHING CONTROLLED about this. This is DEVASTATION."
CNN reporter Patty Sagba @ 1057 ET tells Aaron Brown she was 1000 yards away when WTC2 "collapsed" "It was a MASSIVE EXPLOSION." A half hour later "I looked up, and that's when I heard the EXPLOSION, that's when the second tower [WTC1] came down."
CNN's Brown @ 1117 ET - obviously backing further away from his earlier description of "a huge explosion" at WTC2 - suggests it was actually the "collapse" of the "top" of WTC2 (rather than an explosion) that caused "an enormous plume of smoke, sparks"
Brown also reports for first time that CNN reporters heard not just one explosion but "loud noises" as WTC1 "collapsed" but says "unclear to them and to us whether those were explosions going on in the building, or if it was simply the sound of the collapse of the buildings."
To help settle the "explosions" vs "planes" conundrum, CNN's Brown @ 1231 ET turns to, off all people, Rudy Giuliani! “Sir, do you believe that…was there another set of explosions that caused the buildings to collapse, or was it the structural damage caused by the planes?”
Giuliani: “I don’t, I don’t know, I, uh, I, uh…I, I saw the first collapse and heard the second ‘cause I was in a building when the second took place. I think it was structural but I cannot be sure.”
Mayor Giuliani was much more authoritative that it was all about the planes at a press conference two hours later @ 1440 ET w/Gov Pataki, NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik & FDNY Commissioner Thomas Von Essen by his side
Reporter: “Do you know anything about the cause of the explosions that brought down the two buildings yet? Was it caused by the planes or by something else? There were second explosions.”
Giuliani: “We believe it was caused by the after effects of the planes hitting the buildings. We don’t know of an additional explosion after that.” (While Giuliani is talking, he turns to Kerik, who shakes his head and appears to mutter the words, “No, nothing like that.”)
How Giuliani & Kerik could say they didn't know of any additional explosions is BEYOND BELIEF. As shown over & over by @AE911Truth, the amount of evidence of additional explosions that Giuliani & Kerik had to have known at the time is OVERWHELMING!
Around 1155 ET NBC’s Pat Dawson had reported FDNY’s Deputy Asst Chief of Safety Albert Turi saying he thinks there were "secondary devices" (i.e., bombs) on the plane that crashed into one of the towers and another planted in the building.
USA Today reporter Jack Kelley (just back from Israel!) reported FBI’s “working theory” on morning of 9/11 was that a car or truck packed with explosives underneath the buildings exploded at same time the two planes hit and brought both towers down
With Giuliani's "official" pronouncement, his "belief" that "the after effects of the planes hitting the buildings" CAUSED the Twin Towers' "collapse" became etched in stone & any suggestion of "additional explosions" was reduced to the realm of #ConspiracyTheory
At this point #MSM turned over analysis to so-called "experts" - "structural engineers" - who in the hours & days that followed 9/11 UNANIMOUSLY confirmed that it was practically INEVITABLE that flying fuel-filled jets into skyscrapers would cause them to "collapse"
CNN @ 1620 ET brought on structural engineer Jim DeStefano to tell us that the "tremendous impact" of the plane damaged the columns & bracing system wch coupled with the raging fire & high temps, softened the structural steel causing the columns to buckle & tower to collapse
CNN's Aaron Brown kowtowing to the "expert", hoping he isn't asking "a terribly oversimplified question", does NOT ask DeStefano how his "buckling theory" explains all the phenomena reported by CNN reporters (51,52,54,56) including Brown's own "mushroom cloud explosion" (46)
Perhaps there was no need to press the "expert" Jim DeStefano on these "explosions" b/c CNN's Aaron Brown was all along undercutting reports of "explosions" saying perhaps they were just the EFFECT (not the CAUSE) of "collapse" b/c the tower was so weakened (49,52,55)
Prof Graeme MacQueen has rightly criticized Jim DeStefano as, at the very least, "extremely irresponsible" in making such categorical claims that the collision of fuel-filled jets caused the Twin Towers to collapse w/o the least bit of evidence
Prof MacQueen also rightly criticized Fox anchor Jon Scott who named bin Laden as suspect 42 seconds after "2nd plane" & laid out "the structural failure hypothesis" right after WTC2 "collapsed" - overriding, silencing & patronizing any reporter who dared speak of explosions
However, as much as Prof MacQueen lauds the journalism of CNN's Aaron Brown, he acknowledges by the end of day on 9/11 both "CNN & Fox were singing from the same hymnbook". Indeed, EVERY network reporter/anchor ended up reading from the same #HarleyGuy script!
By the end of the day of 9/11 EVERY major newspaper had also come on board. The first reports in #NYTimes on 9/11
mentioned "later, after a number of explosions, both towers of the WTC collapsed" & one witness described seeing "small explosions on each floor."
But reports of "explosions" disappear from the papers by end of the day on 9/11 and in the days, weeks & months that follow EVERY newspaper - along with EVERY structural engineer sourced - will repeat the some variation of impact-intense heat-buckling-collapse storyline.
#NYTimes on 9/12 proclaimed “experts” said "most likely" cause of “collapse” was the intense fire that “probably weakened the steel supports…causing the external walls to buckle and allowing the floors above to fall almost straight down” (aka “pancake collapse”)
AP quoted Hyman Brown, U of Colorado civil engineering prof and WTC construction manager, that towers withstood plane impact but "24,000 gallons of aviation fluid MELTED THE STEEL. Nothing is designed or will be designed to withstand that fire."
SF Chronicle "experts" asserted thousands of gallons of burning fuel created an inferno that weakened supporting steel elements no longer able to support weight of undamaged upper floors triggering "progressive collapse"
Milwaukee Sentinel Journal used illustration to show why structural engineers "believe that fires fed by ruptured fuel tanks melted or weakened steel beams in the towers’ floors until they collapsed, creating a devastating chain reaction that brought the towers down"
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