They're trying hard to give the impression after mocking & denying it for 3 yrs, that the big Coming Out Party for the Deep State was THEIR idea.

But the nervous chuckling & sweating gives it away.

They’re being FORCED to admit it as damage control.

Remember this recent column? Abou how we'd all see a MASSIVE MEDIA CAMPAIGN just before/during the Horowitz report's release to attempt damage control as everything they'd been doing was exposed?…
Well it's well underway at this point.

The first thing was their suddenly surprising everybody by boldly coming out and saying "Why SURE there's a Deep State, and lemme tell you, bro, THANK GOD FOR THE DEEP STATE!"

They've been doing this for a week now.
Soon you'll be seeing media panels made up of Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, maybe even Strzok will stick his head up, all sitting there pontificating about their great patriotism & devotion to duty, which COMPELLED THEM to try to save the country from ORANGE MAN BAD.
They know what's coming. They likely got a good look at what's in Horowitz's report by this point, so they have a pretty good idea what was found, and so all of a sudden they are changing strategies where they are going to ADMIT much of what they did.
"McCabe is being given this platform now for one reason control the national consensus as the Spygate scandal...gain[s] more visibility, with the coming release of the IG’s FISA abuse report and as more documentary evidence supporting the scandal is declassified."
"A basic outline of what occurred is already known—that federal officials laundered fake information being fed to them by political operatives employed by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee to make it appear as if it was from legitimate intelligence sources..."
" a way to start investigations of the Trump campaign during the 2016 election."

They denied and denied and denied for 3 years.

The Mueller failed. UkraineGate is going to fail. Trump's not going to be forced out of office. He's going to VERY LIKELY win reelection.
So now they have their backs to the wall.

They've got one card left to play.

Drape themselves in the American flag & brazenly & proudly call themselves super-patriots trying to save their country from a deranged lunatic.
I always predicted this is where they'd have to end up because I've knew for over 2 years Mueller wasn't going to find anything to impeach Trump with.

And UkraineGate was dead on arrival, despite what others tell you about that farce going on in the House.
Plus the SpyGate plotters have gotten a real good look at the Democratic field over the past couple of months and & Trump has grown stronger....and stronger....AND STRONGER...they've had to watch this bunch of losers competing for the Dem nomination say the stupidest crap.
"Biden is done. Trump boomeranged UkraineGate on the Democrats & used it to take out Biden...well no worries! Now Liz Warren will...."

Yeah. About that.

See link below.…
Now remember, not just every AMERICAN is going to be covered by this awesome plan. Liz already put her hand up & declared she's going to cover every single illegal immigrant that makes it over the border.
Remember, Trump pulled off a 'miracle' victory against what was assumed to be an incredibly strong & favored bid by Hillary Clinton for the White House.

NONE of these losers in the Dem field are anywhere NEAR being as strong as Hillary was.
Obama was clever. Hillary was clever. They would never openly or brazenly admit what they fully planned to do if they won the election.

This current crop of pathetic losers ARE NOT CLEVER.

Far from it.

They stupidly BRAG about what they really plan to do if we elect them.
When Liz Warren craters and crashes to earth, that's when Bernie will make his move!

And then when Bernie craters and crashes to earth...

Well you get the idea.
So...up until they got a good LOOK at the Democratic field & how batshit insane it is, SpyGate plotters could tell themselves to hold fast, there was a CHANCE Trump would lose his reelection bid to Slow Joe, Injun Liz or Crazy Raving Bernie.

They now see how foolish that was.
So...Mueller failed. UkraineGate is a farce. Trump's not being thrown out of the White House, and... dear God...he's actually...NO....GROWING STRONGER....and he's not only going to win his reelection, it's looking like a landslide...

What do they do NOW?
And you see the answer to that question in the video in the first tweet in this thread.

They're going to cop to what they did, BUT try to do damage control & mitigate the fallout by claiming they committed all these crimes because they are TRUE PUBLIC SERVANTS and stuff!
They'll remind everybody about all the LURID FAKE NEWS MEDIA STORIES they were reading back in 2015-2017 about how ORANGE MAN BAD was going to literally BLOW UP THE WORLD if he was handed the power of the Presidency.

What they did...they were COMPELLED TO DO.
Yeah...they're gonna go all Charleton Heston in the Ten Commandments in the scene with Pharaoh.

So, get ready. Gird your loins. You are going to see epic level of massive spin as justice starts to be meted out.
While a few of them might keep up the brazen act of claiming Trump 'weaponized' the federal agencies into his own personal attack dogs to go after his political enemies -which is exactly what they are guilty of - the **smart** ones are going cop to what they did & 'explain it'.
"All right, Horowitz, Durham, you got me. Good job. But listen....I had to do it, you understand? I really thought Trump was an unstable person, unfit to be President...hell I **still** think that!"

Note that's not saying "I'm innocent, I didn't do it!"
That is what the panel discussion they are having in that video is all about.

They are fully preparing to cop to what they did because they HAVE TO. Trump, Barr, Horowitz, Durham, Huber, they have it ALL. As I've said, they left a paper trail a mile wide and deep.
So after 3 years of denying, hoping Trump would get taken out, resign, then maybe lose his reelection, they've now seen that's not going to happen & recently they saw for themselves what's in Horowitz's report.

It's time to come clean and manage the blowback that's coming.
And this is the guy that's coming for them.

They're right to be scared.…

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