Apparently I exceeded my limit. I apologize. This story spans YEARS.
Instead... Aaron drunk texted at Austin GDC two weeks later. Saying he wanted to tell me what had happened to me.
Dear reader, I want you to understand. I was confused. I was told I had a job, that he (Director) and a Lead had hired me. I wanted to know what had happened. That’s all I wanted to know.

Keep this in mind, that’s all I wanted to know FOR YEARS.
When I saw him, I was kinda angry. I had a terrible thing happen to me and I challenged him. He had no answers, tried to deflect then tried to change his story. He said he didn’t want to talk at the bar but he would call me when we all got back from Austin.
I waited a month for that call.
When I finally poked him about giving me clarity on this situation. He gave me stories about being busy and kids and not being able contact me.
I say stories cause my friends told me what was actually happening which was that he was ignoring/avoiding being responsible and playing League in the PCBang till 1am. When he was “very busy with kids”
Finally I nailed him down. He called me. I put him on speakerphone with my husband.

When I asked him what happened then the gaslighting came in hardcore.
He told me he had no idea what I was talking about. That even though he said to me “this was not my decision” in a moment in Austin that he did not.
That I was mistaken. That I didn’t know what I was talking about. That he never said things he told me.
When I finally said “Please just tell me what happened. It’s all that I want to know. You said you would tel me.”
He told me “I NEVER said that.”
When I implored him hear fully he panicked told me I was wrong and that I didn’t remember properly.

I did remember. He made me think I was crazy for a bit I did.
He told me “I don’t think hearing what happened to you will help. But l can give you some advice.”
Do you know what his advice was gentle reader? Let me tel you...
“You need to be less. Who you are, is too much. You need to be less.”

I was stunned. I had no idea what to say.

He was like “I think that will help you going forward.”
He then quickly exited the conversation. And then said “I know I shouldn’t say this, but I will anyways. I’m rooting for you.”

I managed to choke out a good bye.
The words “I’m rooting for you” have been burned into my mind FOR YEARS.
Afte I hung up I started sobbing. My husband, who had listened to the whole thing held me and said “Don’t listen to that asshole. You are who you are and that I amazing.”

I am always grateful for my husband.
I this story isn’t done.
Spent YEARS wondering what happened to me. At one point I made peace that I would never know. And that’s when Aaron slithers back in yo fuck with my life and emotions.
YEARS later. After friends who worked with me abandoned me and sides with him cause they LOVED Avatar, and wanted his approval more than my friendship. Had excluded me. And made ME feel bad for wanting not be to around this horrible person. (It was MY problem, not his)
YEARS LATER. An ACQUAINTANCE who I am friends with but don’t talk to all the time had dinner with me. Says to my face...

“Hey Aaron told me what happened to you at Riot. That’s fucked up.”
This person had started working at Wonderstorm. Aaron found out he knew me and Aaron pulled him aside to tell this ACQUAINTANCE *MY* story and all the details I always wanted to know. Had ASKED to know.
There are NOT words for how I felt. Hurt doesn’t even emcompass it. When I asked my friend... “why didn’t he tell me, why is he telling others?”

The only answer I got was “I think he feels bad about it”

Cool, but other people aren’t me.
The story doesn’t end still.
My husband was applying for a job, Aaron wanted to talk to him about it cause there was crossover with things. My husband asked it was okay to talk to Aaron. I said yes cause Aaron was gonna talk to him about this work thing right?
After taking the call my husband comes back to me stunned. He said “I got on the phone, and the first thing he stated in on was ‘Let me tell you about Diandra’” and then the whole thing again...

I didn’t think I could be more hurt. I was wrong.
I had a breakdown. I didn’t undertand why everyone besides me was entitled to these details about me but I was not.

He knew my friends he could@get my number.
FUCK. He could’ve asked my husband “Hey, get me in touch with Diandra.” But he didn’t.

He did none of that.
My husband brought up a point. He said that Aaron knew I would be at a wedding for mutual friends. That maybe he wanted to see me in person to reach out and connect. I thought “Yeah! That’s probably right”
Yeah... I’m REALLY stupid sometimes.
Let’s cut to the wedding where I am standing with two friends that Aaron knows.

I had seen him he had seen me, he knew I was around.
He comes up to us and I think “This is it! This is where the thing will happen.”

I’m an idiot.
He engages and chat with my two friends in depth while I sit on the sidelines and watch in shock.

He doesn’t look at me, or talk to me.

He walks away.
He turns back and hope flares. He says “Oh uh... hi. How are you?” I tell him “Fine. How are you.” He says “Good.” Then literally RUNS away.
At that point I was DONE. I had held out hope and thought THIS time and NO.

He used what he did to me to garner sympathy from people and try and make himself to be a “good guy”
From that point I was DONE.

And I thought it was all over... UNTIL...
Someone at Wonderstorm told me a story he told that didn’t match the thing I heard. Instead it was a BOLDFACED LIE.
Apparently he didn’t like me telling others I was hurt. He even stifled me from telling my much bigger Riot story cause in involve him.

Instead he pivoted.
And the new story... I’m a shrieking violent harpy who he was scared of cause when I was leaving I did acts of physicality.
@luluryounes do you know anything about this?
I was SO stunned and suddenly scared at who he told this. He’s been apparently trying to ruin me behind my back with lies.

I kept my mouth SHUT.
Even when Dragon Prince came out and everyone was talking about GoodGuyAaron. I didn’t say ANYTHING even to friends.
I’m sorry gentle reader but NO MORE. NO ONE should be scared to speak their truth. I empower EVERYONE who wants to do so.

I think we are at the end. There are more details but I kept it as concise as I could and see how long this is.

I’m tired but here we are.
I suppose I will end on the note of, don’t let bullies and gas lighters win. You are strong, you are not wrong, you KNOW your truth. Don’t let anyone ever take that away from you.
As always, for those who made it with me on this journey, thanks for listening 💕

• • •

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