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1. Mother Nature has worked as a branding tool to make nature seem nurturing, pure and beautiful

But in reality nature is incredibly harsh. Most of the time pretty gross/disgusting and will fucking ruin your shit every time.

Environmentalism is mommy issues from delusion
2. Science will never understand consciousness well enough to replicate it within a piece of physical hardware.

But there may be other methods.
3. Greed both drives progress and inhibits it. Cyclical push-pull between generations of thinkers (not biological generations). As the new paradigm rises, the old will use existing hegemony to suppress it to the fullest extent possible, until a tipping point is reached.
4. Advice on how to change is scarce because so few actually do it. Moreover, those that do need to understand it. Then, they have to figure out how to package that insight. Almost impossible.
5. If thoughts are viewed as a type of communication - communicating with self, physically altering brainstate - then communication is the fundamental impetus of consciousness. I communicate, therefore I am.
6. Early marriage cements the bond by granting women a wider portion of men’s peak attractiveness (30-40), in a dosage that hits after the marriage is formed. After that time period, inertia takes over.
7. To blame yourself for past ignorance is the same as blaming Roman armies for not having machine guns. Knowledge is technology that you can apply to reality for desired results. You can only attempt to optimize its progression.
8. Trust the group asking questions. Suspect the group providing answers.
9. Consuming “news” offers no unique benefit. Any valuable information can be learned through more productive means - news is only a shortcut that puts you at the mercy of someone else’s (probably stupid) mental digestion.

News watchers are like baby birds.
10. You’ll know a change is sustainable when you dip your toes back into what you used to do and feel repulsed. Wallow in that repulsion and it will propel you towards better behaviors with new intensity.
11. Baby Yoda is an effective psyop to increase the birthrate. Disney’s best interest is for people to have lots of kids, as that is their main long term cash cow.

As always the market will force a correction once this is figured out.
12. Taking pictures is ridiculous. No one cares, not even you. How often do you or anyone you know look at the family photos they took at christmas in 2017? Only worth photographing experiences that you will want to remember, or show to someone else (even then, questionable)
13. The charm of Star Trek (TNG) is that it’s boring. The Phaser is one of the most dull scifi weapons ever created. That’s why the show is so goddamn refreshing to watch in the modern media landscapes of splosions and plot twists. Thirsty for a return to this.
14. I love listening to music outside of public settings, but dislike concerts. I love playing sports, but dislike watching them.

In both latter scenarios, there is no direct connection.
15. Mainstream sports has accomplished an impressive task - erasing substructure of borders from basic tribalism. Players are mercenaries without clear roots to any particular tribe, yet the illusion of tribe remains intact from fans’ perspective. More globalism.
16. Sociological studies are unreliable not only due to dishonest answers, but also due to vast cohorts of populations having no idea what their drives, insights, emotions, behaviors, or thoughts are about. Most don’t even realize that they are thinking when they do it.
17. The greatest benefit of a working understanding of Physics (for a layman) is perspective. We’re right at the midpoint between LARGE and small. Both ends of that spectrum contain insights that are broadly functional, provided you can synthesize them into a healthy worldview
18. The veil of brand social media is lifted when you’ve seen the armies of legal, geopolitical, privacy and PR lawyers that must review every letter of every word with a fine toothed comb. Meticulously engineered.
19. You are better protected by widespread incompetence, laziness and greed than by any law, document or treaty
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