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6 May
“Hope, danger's comforter, may be indulged in by those who have abundant resources ... but it’s nature is to be extravagant, and those who go so far as to put their all upon the venture see it in its true colours only when they are ruined”
“ but so long as the discovery would enable them to guard against it, it is never found wanting. Let not this be the case with you, who are weak and hang on a single turn of the scale; “
“ nor be like the vulgar, who, abandoning such security as human means may still afford, when visible hopes fail them in extremity, turn to invisible, to prophecies and oracles “
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23 Apr
There once was a poor man who walked around without shoes.

His feet were covered in calluses.

One day, a rich man felt sorry for the poor man and bought him a pair of nikes.
The poor man was extremely grateful and wore the shoes constantly. He was overjoyed! Such a simple gesture by the rich man had improved his lot greatly.

After a year or so, the shoes fell apart. The poor man had to go back to walking around barefoot.
He did so, but now his calluses were gone and his feet got all cut up and soon the cuts became infected and the man got sick and eventually, after they cut off his legs, he died.
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17 Apr
Walking around the empty streets of my city, it feels like the lowest dream layer in inception.

I’m making a mental note of what I see, and telling myself that I own it.

My bench. My buildings. My statues. My fountain.

A psyche experiment.
How will it affect my aura to walk around convinced that I own the place?

Subconscious cannot tell the difference.

Unique opportunity afforded by quarantine. The eerie atmosphere makes it more persuasive.

Must study this thoroughly
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20 Feb
OkCupid has had a major brand initiative for 2020, they are actively trying to court woke social justice millennials/leftists as their primary customer base. The implications of this are pretty funny to think about (thread)
Woke Capitalism is extremely stupid for a few reasons.

Primarily, big companies are dinosaurs and leviathans. They sense the cultural impact, but they simply are not agile enough to keep up in the culture war landscape
The "Social Justice" or Wokeness movement is utterly phrenetic. Their preferences and definitions seem to change on a weekly basis. New history months seem to spring up all the time. Totally suboptimal for rigid corporate marketing initiatives that take a ton of time to implement
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7 Feb
@memeofsteel @ScottAdamsSays My favorite Trump nickname of all time is Al Frankenstein.

Apparently he has called Buttegeig Howdy Doody before
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5 Feb
I’m having so much fun telling my Trump-hating friends and loved ones “I guess Trump didnt end up getting impeached after all”. Completely easy trolling today lads
When they inevitably try to correct you (their urge to do so will be irresistable), say that you were watching the impeachment in the senate and they didnt have a 2/3 vote.
They will say “no that was the impeachment trial”, to which you respond “it wasnt a trial there were no witnesses or evidence.
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18 Jan
Side note: the replies to this are fascinating.

Leftists npcs spouting orange man bad
Weird iranian regime supporters (fake accounts?) giving generic messages about supporting ‘imam khamenei’
Weird iranian trump supporters (fake accounts?) giving generic trump love
Bots? None of the replies here seem real. Literally a twitter flame war between world leaders. Surreal
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16 Jan
@DejaRu22 Incredibly dense. It will require repeated readings.

Some things I understand.

Versatility. Adaptability. Timing. Composure. Perception.

These are the keys to it all - all else is flash and rigidity and superfluousness
@DejaRu22 Do not slash, swing, attack, move, or touch.

Instead simply CUT.

Hold a sword with ironclad intention to cut and kill.
@DejaRu22 Interesting non-metaphysical use of the word “Spirit”. Seems to sort of translate as “headspace” or “mindset”. Meditation trains this and ostensibly offers the capability to flow between spirits at will - increasing adaptability and versatility
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8 Jan
@DejaRu22 Ill do it
@DejaRu22 nothing happened your good to try it out
@DejaRu22 my mouth did disappear though like neo from matrix 1 at the beginning
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13 Dec 19
1 take per like challenge. Like this post for my opinions
1. Mother Nature has worked as a branding tool to make nature seem nurturing, pure and beautiful

But in reality nature is incredibly harsh. Most of the time pretty gross/disgusting and will fucking ruin your shit every time.

Environmentalism is mommy issues from delusion
2. Science will never understand consciousness well enough to replicate it within a piece of physical hardware.

But there may be other methods.
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9 Dec 19
@HarmonicTension This single paragraph has given me more to think about than hours of content I’ve consumed recently. God damn.
@HarmonicTension I wonder if I say more sweeping categorical judgements to people who I know are dumb
@HarmonicTension How is the value of a belief mediated in the mind. Mind is notoriously bad at evaluating this. Change that, and you can change everything?

Intentionally convince yourself of the true negative roi that comes from a particular belief. How do?
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7 Dec 19
Some ruminations on self-improvement Twitter
This sphere is growing, and there are many players vying for attention of a clear audience of people. The way this audience is split up is evident by the content and style of a given account’s tweets.
There are a few challenges with this format though.

1. The content is geared towards getting people started (growth).
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6 Dec 19
In WW2, the US military was trying to determine where to add more armor to their planes.

Planes would come back with massive amounts of bullet holes in the fuselage, wings and fuel system.

Naturally, they assumed that planes were getting shot most often in these areas.
A mathematician named Abraham Wald disagreed with this intuition.

Assuming the bullet holes should be randomly distributed, he noticed that there were very few bullet holes on the engines of the returning planes.

His recommendation was to maximally armor the engines.
You see, the planes with relatively few bullet holes in the engines were the ones that survived.

Planes that took too much damage to the engines simply *weren’t making it back*

The areas with the most bullet holes were actually the noncritical ones.
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26 Oct 19
@LifeMathMoney I was watching a CNN clip the other day. It’s been a long while, but the casual ease with which the propaganda flowed was still totally astounding.

“So given x, this means that y right?” Said Anderson Cooper
@LifeMathMoney Y was just the narrative. He outright inserted his desired interpretation for the viewer to adopt, and they just adopt it as belief.

Epistemological wizardry. Yeesh.

Here’s the clip in question.

Watch how he fortifies the entire narrative 100%

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30 Sep 19
@DeeperThrill Once you can do these things, experiment endlessly.

Some fun tricks I have found:

- Pretend that your brain is in your foot. Observe how that changes your perception of your sensory inputs. Imagine that everything about your experience of your mind is happening elsewhere
@DeeperThrill - try to feel as though the sensory inputs of you having a head are actually *enveloped by* your consciousness, rather than the other way around.

Your mind is actually occuring around the outside of your head, with your head just being a part of it
@DeeperThrill - try to spatially “locate” your thoughts. Where precisely are they happening? When you have a thought that seems like words, how is that not in your ears?
If you have a song stuck in your head, is that phantom sound? Try imagining that you have a pause button. See what happens.
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26 Sep 19
The only person who can ever truly “like you for you” is yourself.

Maybe close family. But otherwise, others will like you because you offer something to them.

Belief otherwise is one of the most dangerous assumptions to make.
At best you will stagnate because you feel you are “good enough”

At worst you will feel your own character to be under assault when someone who you thought “liked you for you” reveals their opportunistic nature.

There arent any upsides.
“Who would want to live like that? To assume every relationship is transactional?”

People will say this if they fear the burden of performance.

They’d be happier leaving themselves vulnerable to a relentless and uncaring universe.

Seems like a good idea
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25 Sep 19

This has me thinking. Card analogy breaks down.

You deal yourself most of your own hand.
First, you need to analyze the playing field - understand the rules, and what your objective is. What is the "Win" condition, what are the "Lose" conditions
Then, map it out

Things you control | Things you don't

Items on the left will be more numerous.
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16 Sep 19
@benjamingjw Internet gives a window into the future

Anonymity reveals what people are really thinking

I won election prediction bets in 2016 based entirely on twitch chats and youtube/facebook comments

Most I meet are afraid to admit this - lack the ability to harvest the insights.
@benjamingjw “Why would I want to read a bunch of angry racist sludge?! You cant trust anything those anons say, and most are probably kids trolling or bots anyway”

Translation: “It’d break my worldview to accept the toxicity of humanity”

So they stay blind!
@benjamingjw As you stated, Principles of Power and Influence apply here too.

It’s a perfect testing ground - with minimal risk and required investment.

How much do you risk on a tweet? Not even on the radar. (especially if you’re anon like me)

A/B/C/D test all day. Free of charge.

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9 Sep 19
1. Fear Inoculum

This will be a long thread detailing my analysis of Tool's new album, #FearInoculum. I've had some time to contemplate it - and it's phenomenal.

Lyrics are available here:…
2. in·oc·u·lum
a substance used for inoculation.

Tool intends this album to be functionally useful in immunizing yourself against FEAR.

Folded in half, the word "Tool" on the album cover becomes a syringe.
3. Title Track: Fear Inoculum…

The album begins with a quiet, rhythmic djembe.

The speaker opens with the line "Immunity, Long Overdue"

Double reference to the fact that it's been 13 years since Tool's last album release.
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28 Aug 19
@flyover_country I don’t know what the tweet referenced says (either I’m blocked or blocked them) but I am not sure I agree that Feminism and Red Pill are dichotomous. There may be elements that are similar, but they are structured totally differently in terms of dogma.
@flyover_country Feminism does not proliferate observables. Rape Culture is a myth that cannot be verified. Hypergamy, or other patterns of female behavior, are observable and to some degree hidden, or at least not openly discussed.
@flyover_country Feminism vectors towards female supremacy by LYING about the nature of men.

Red Pill provides an alternative framework of analysis for men, IN REACTION TO the primacy of feminist tenets.

Without Feminism, there wouldn’t be a need for Red Pill, at least not has it has evolved.
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