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THREAD 6: #JangDongYoon and #KimSoHyun after TTON. We have now finally arrived at this point. Allow me then by saying that a lot has changed for both JDY and KSH and their relationship. First, JDY and KSH must have realized already at the time TTON ended that they cannot go back
to their “close sibling” relationship. They just can’t. They may hide under or force that “sibling” label but both JDY and KSH are aware they cannot treat each other as siblings anymore after they’ve allowed themselves to truly feel and experience how to be each other’s love.
If you’re quick to catch on, you probably already have sensed something strange in the wedding BTS. In the wedding BTS, the sibling chemistry bet JDY and KSH somehow fizzled out. You can still see JDY showing his affection by proclaiming how pretty KSH is and you can still see
KSH actively holding back her affection to JDY by acting sad in the practice wedding and saying that she’s marrying Nokdu because of Aengdu. But a closer look at the BTS shows a serious JDY in a few instances esp in Sso’s presence (the most noticeable was KSH telling the PD
not to fan her because her garland will break then proceeded at staring intensely at JDY. JDY’s reaction? Nothing but neutral and serious.) JDY was often reactive/responsive to Sso but this time he was different. A more significant reference is at TTON’s after party (where the
dress code was red) when JDY, upon interviewing SooHyang/Ssook, got off-balance at the direction of Sso. JDY saw Sso and knew Sso was there but he did not mind Sso, as if actively not trying to be w/ Sso. This was also evident at the start of the party when they were early birds.
They just did not interact w/ each other not until GarimHan was w/ Sso and JDY approached the two (Don’t get me wrong here. JDY and KSH did have their moment later in the after party when they were seated beside each other. Like the two were glued to each other because JDY’s
chair was close to Sso and even slanted in Sso’s direction. What I’m confused about is the sudden lack of interaction when in fact they looked so happy and carefree when they finally were beside each other). The obvious and almost premeditated lack of interaction bet JDY and Sso
was really puzzling. I won’t be digging deeper here but something bet JDY and Sso’s relationship dynamics clearly changed. And I’m saying that this change in their relationship had something to do with how JDY and Sso personally changed after TTON.
For JDY, the change that he experienced can be spotted in his post-TTON interviews. In those interviews, he often discussed his growth as an actor, how he wanted to succeed in acting profession, and what kind of actor he wants to be. In all his interviews, the very impression
that I get is that JDY decided to do his best and go on full attack in the acting profession when he somehow landed on it by chance. An important thought that he did share is how unsure he was if being in the acting profession was really for him even though he knows that he's
he did his best and is doing well because of his recognizable successes (E.g. winning an award). Then JDY shared that right now he pretty much knows what he wants as an actor and is becoming greedy with the next work. He then finally shared he is becoming more like a workaholic.
From these, we can actually see Sso’s big influence to JDY. First, that “workaholic” attitude/lifestyle came from Sso. I mean JDY heard it firsthand from Sso from when she described herself as a workaholic in their radio interview and saw it firsthand in how Sso behaved and
thought about work while in TTON. Second, it’s not farfetched to believe that it was Sso who showed JDY a serious actor who loves and strives to develop one’s craft. JDY saw in Sso an actor’s determination to do so well in the acting profession and become the actor that one wants
to be. It was Sso who helped JDY mold his own idea of the actor that he wants to be, confident now in setting himself forth to that direction. JDY now has a clearer vision of what he wants to achieve. In effect, JDY gained a newfound respect and purpose in his profession as actor
which he probably doubted before he met Sso. You can now imagine how JDY’s initial idea and awareness of Sso which is that of healthy respect to an actress and his natural attraction to Sso blossomed into a singular Sso that JDY knew by heart—an ordinary girl with her own
struggles doing extraordinary things because she loves what she’s doing and she is determined to succeed on what she has set herself to do. It was the fine contradiction bet Sso’s purity and tenacity that JDY saw Sso for who she truly is: a strong-willed, independent woman.
Which practically set her apart from the rest in JDY’s mind. Hence, he referred to Sso as his best partner and the only one who can be Nokdu’s DongJoo. The extent of Sso’s influence to JDY? Probably much larger than what JDY imagined. Sso struck the core of JDY’s being that
he cried while singing Me After You by Paul Kim in his fanmeeting because it reminded him of someone close and significant. (This is not a long shot. There’s more reason to believe that Me After You really reminded JDY of Sso. I’ll explain: First, Me After You is a romantic song
that JDY chose personally to sing in his fanmeeting. JDY said he liked the lyrics. The lyrics? Definitely dedicated to that only one, to that special someone. Second, it’s highly impossible that it can refer to JDY’s past or current lover. The fact that he’s so free and vocal
about his affection for Sso while shooting TTON totally call into question the existence of JDY’s present lover. And basing on JDY’s awkwardness in acting out romantic scenes not just in TTON but also in his previous dramas [see BTS of JDY’s romantic scenes], JDY probably
haven’t dated or seriously dated anyone. Hence, the significance of a past lover is diminished. Third, I don’t think JDY is the type of person to rush into love. He did mention in his interviews that he would like to get to know someone’s personality first. Fourth, basing on
his innocent reactions in MBC’s Radio Star as guest MC, I’m more than convinced that he is pretty conservative in his views on romance/dating. Fifth, come on, we all know his respect for women runs deep. What I mean here is JDY acts and behaves according to the very values he
holds himself. Proof of this is the few instances of his conscious effort not to touch Sso’s shoulder or engage inappropriate skinship w/ Sso [See TTON BTS]. If he treats Sso in this manner in [and Sso is close to JDY], then he treats other women with
with the same kind of respect and RESTRAINT too. Thus, his daily dealings w/ women are mostly RESTRAINED. Sixth, JDY is a poet. Again, he said that he liked the lyrics. This means he liked the song for its own merits and the deeper impression that it gave him. Thus, he liked the
w/out necessarily associating it to anyone. Seventh and last, the fan meeting came about because of TTON and JDY confessed that he had not let go of Nokdu yet. Plus, he cried on Younha’s I’ll Be Your Light during the fan meeting. From this perspective, what made
JDY cry in the fanmeeting can only be TTON related. Then bam! He sings Me After You and stops and cries at the chorus. [This just means that JDY never thought/planned of being emotional in the song] I won’t spoil you but really who is this one person that JDY met that his/her
existence had shaken everything about JDY? We all know that person can only be Sso.) In the end, JDY’s heart could not help but acknowledge Sso’s deep influence and enduring presence. Then what about KSH? How did KSH change esp w/ respect to her affection to JDY?
Sso’s interview after TTON’s wrap up party where they watched the last airing together holds the clue. The interview asked Sso to give a message to Nokdu. Her message? Sso said these words to Nokdu: “I like you a lot. This is really goodbye.” Yep. After all she actively
withheld her public affections to Nokdu, she finally said “I like you” along with the words “goodbye”. TBH, this is not something we are surprised about because we know Sso genuinely liked JDY. It was, after all, JDY who brought up Sso’s spirit and made Sso feel so free.
Which Sso needed so much. Sso must have known that she relied on JDY throughout TTON too. And that goodbye probably meant a lot to Sso too. In one of Sso’s interview, Sso said that the last scene she filmed was the one where she cried holding Nokdu in her arms in a wooden shed.
According to Sso, she realized that TTON is finally ending that she just poured all her emotions in that scene. Sso too didn’t want to let go of DongJoo and TTON. I believe Sso never really expected for TTON to grow on her. In the same way, she didn’t expect for JDY’s existence
to grow so much on her. Finally, Sso realized JDY for who he truly is, that she changed so much too because of him.
So now we ask the question: Have JDY and KSH seriously thought of each other as a love interests? Has their mutual like somewhat matured into love? I believe so.
I’ll give you the best proof: In their interviews, there is one language that really bugged me. I call this the Aengdu language. These two are so caught up about talking and taking care of Aengdu that it’s already suspicious. I mean, I’m no psychologist but I do know that people
are capable of redirecting their emotions and feelings to others as substitute. This whole Aengdu language is basically JDY and Sso’s way of redirecting their affections toward each other to Aengdu. And I’m telling you that the way they are taking care of Aengdu is quite intense
which probably meant that their affections for each other are also the same. I believe that the two are in a crossroads. I think that JDY, for the man that he is, will always respect Sso and all her decisions. Sso in return wants only the best for the both of them. They probably
by now that their feelings for each other have matured. And that they could never go back to how they were before. They are also probably anxious of what’s to come but I believe they’ll decide by putting each other’s good first.
In the end, no matter what happens, JDY and Sso will support each other with the same heartfelt feelings and affection.

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a serious fan of Sso need not know JDY’s words because that’s just who Kim So Hyun is. Even KSH acknowledged this side of her to a point she referred to herself as a WORKAHOLIC. You can check the 1st radio interview by JEJ where Sso recommends the song Workaholic by Bolbbalgan4.
What’s interesting here is JDY’s surprised reaction: JDY opening his mouth and nodding as if it was his first time to know this side of Sso. And he should be surprised. I mean, Sso is still 21 and she just openly declares she loves working and feels refreshed (or healed)
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Thread 3. Deconstructing #JangDongYoon. I'll stick with Sso's own words that he was "a great energizer." I mean anyone who has been obsessing on him can see that. 🤣 He is just so lively on and off cam that his energy is infectious. But I'll add that JDY is also smart, quirky,
softhearted, and a little mischievous. You can search the TTON BTS and interviews and see for yourself how he interacts with others (including animals). And here's the fun part: that man is super COMPETITIVE esp w/ attention. He himself said that he wants getting attention when
he was interviewed along w/ Sso, KTO, and the King. But a deeper look at his competitiveness can be seen at KSH and JDY's 2nd radio interview w/ JEJ. In that interview, Sso casually mentioned Shin Jae Ha and proposed that the 4 of them could meet up sometime (btw, SJH is a
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Thread 2. I'll proceed by revealing an important trait that both #KimSoHyun and #JangDongYoon have. What I really love about our #Dongjeoncouple is that they have a writer's heart. Their past interviews tell so. And it shows because they are well-spoken and have a way with words.
AND THIS IS IMPORTANT. I'm a writer myself (which is why I really adore KSH and JDY. I consider them my spiritual companions lol) and words that come out of a writer either by hand or mouth represent an idea that they mean to say. In short, THEY MEAN WHAT THEY SAY AND THEIR
CHOICE OF WORDS READILY REFLECT WHAT'S ON THEIR MIND. This is an excellent hint in deconstructing KSH and JDY with all their interviews recorded. I might break some hearts out there later (caution!) but hear me out. I'll tell you by now that I've only come up with two possible
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