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I, henceforth, declare myself a #macaroncouple analyst. 🌸 A recent #KimSoHyun fan AND I definitely adore her. Thankful to #TTON fam for making KSH happy.
Dec 31, 2019 38 tweets 8 min read
THREAD 6: #JangDongYoon and #KimSoHyun after TTON. We have now finally arrived at this point. Allow me then by saying that a lot has changed for both JDY and KSH and their relationship. First, JDY and KSH must have realized already at the time TTON ended that they cannot go back to their “close sibling” relationship. They just can’t. They may hide under or force that “sibling” label but both JDY and KSH are aware they cannot treat each other as siblings anymore after they’ve allowed themselves to truly feel and experience how to be each other’s love.
Dec 30, 2019 31 tweets 7 min read
PART 3 of Thread 5 [#JangDongYoon and #KimSoHyun before/during TTON]. At the very start, I have always maintained my position that JDY and KSH’s relationship is that of a close sibling. And I have a good reason for this: I believe that this close sibling relationship was formed SPONTANEOUSLY when JDY and Sso met each other. The two were just so naturally compatible that they were able to show and express their true selves when they were with each other w/out the usual restraint reserved for strangers or acquaintances meeting for sometime (Sso
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PART 2 of Thread 5 [#JangDongYoon and #KimSoHyun before/during TTON]. In JDY’s heart, he is already convinced that Sso feels the same way and is not oblivious to his feelings. The catch? Sso is never the type to overemphasize what she truly feels about her fellow actors. When she openly gives compliments to or comments about her co-stars, she does this on needs basis and in good taste (What I mean here is she understands what her audience wants to hear. And she takes advantage of this. As a result, she can give either a fanservice reply
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Thread 5: JDY and KSH before/during TTON. I will now flesh out and establish the relationship dynamics between #JangDongYoon and #KimSoHyun before and during #TheTaleofNokdu. First, I wish to remain on what our #DongJeonCouple have always insisted in their interviews: that the two have a close sibling relationship especially before TTON. Besides, the whole production team has also labeled their relationship as such. I believe this sibling relationship also went on until the earlier part of TTON as this was evident on many occasions
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Thread 4. Deconstructing #KimSoHyun. In JDY's words, KSH is his "best co-star" that anyone "can't help but like." This is a testament of Sso's superb talent, work professionalism, and JDY's personal admiration of Sso being a “strongly driven” actress. In fact, anyone who has been a serious fan of Sso need not know JDY’s words because that’s just who Kim So Hyun is. Even KSH acknowledged this side of her to a point she referred to herself as a WORKAHOLIC. You can check the 1st radio interview by JEJ where Sso recommends the song Workaholic by Bolbbalgan4.
Dec 18, 2019 18 tweets 4 min read
Thread 3. Deconstructing #JangDongYoon. I'll stick with Sso's own words that he was "a great energizer." I mean anyone who has been obsessing on him can see that. 🤣 He is just so lively on and off cam that his energy is infectious. But I'll add that JDY is also smart, quirky, softhearted, and a little mischievous. You can search the TTON BTS and interviews and see for yourself how he interacts with others (including animals). And here's the fun part: that man is super COMPETITIVE esp w/ attention. He himself said that he wants getting attention when
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Thread 2. I'll proceed by revealing an important trait that both #KimSoHyun and #JangDongYoon have. What I really love about our #Dongjeoncouple is that they have a writer's heart. Their past interviews tell so. And it shows because they are well-spoken and have a way with words. AND THIS IS IMPORTANT. I'm a writer myself (which is why I really adore KSH and JDY. I consider them my spiritual companions lol) and words that come out of a writer either by hand or mouth represent an idea that they mean to say. In short, THEY MEAN WHAT THEY SAY AND THEIR
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Okay, I'll start. Thread 1. Let me begin by saying that I'm a fan of both KSH and JDY. But I'll emphasize that I'm here for Sso. I mean I absolutely adore Sso. Who wouldn't? 😍 I became a fan of Sso after watching LA, and JDY after following Sso in TTON. In other words, I don't have an exhaustive knowledge of Sso's works. Same with JDY. So there's no need to tell me how lacking I am with KSH and JDY's background. But, as I've also pointed out, I'll be systematic/methodical in assessing KSH and JDY's relationship. Which means