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1/ For the last month I have been plotting out the residual effect from the 2020 Pandemic.

I studied past pandemics particularly 1919 and have ideas.

I feel it useful for the incredible minds here to consider:

How will society change and how can your ideas impact this change.
2/ Technologies will shift because of the 2020 Pandemic to a level that is permanent in most lifetimes.

One opportunity is for:

Real-time feedback
Real-time mitigation

From the simple to the most complex.

eg: Mitigation can be as simple as copper/brass human contact points.
3/ The 1919 Pandemic and the Epidemics in Japan/Singapore had a massive impact on behavior and use of new technologies to mitigate.

eg: Japan/Singapore became one of the most hygienic societies—for better or worse.

The US approach was earlier and more documented.
3/ In the US an efficient response in the 1920s the 1918/1919 pandemic was to public/private building design.

eg: Air flow. It was shown that a reasonable CMF of air exchange would diminish likelihood of infection.

Open windows became a priority with year-round slow fans.
4/ Airflow via an open window with a simple fan is actually better then current HVAC.

eg: one reason most outside air is better is the ionic charge. Indoor air becomes positively charged and dust, some bacteria, viruses can travel much farther, even going through some filters.
5/ Airflow that is negatively charged (thunder storms, water falls, breeze through trees) will repeal dust, some bacteria, viruses.

eg: Some ionizers (not ozone, that is healthy in some other limited ways) will become prominent in public spaces and a “selling” feature.
6/ I have gotten into the habit of calling it they 1919 Pandemic as most of the useful data stats in 1919. 1918 was the “stun” phase and 1919 was the reaction phase.

I suspect a similar pattern but perhaps more compressed. We are in the reaction moment not the action moment.
6/ Technologies of air quality feedback on a device is one simple solution. It can give an insight of the quality of air, although not the biggest spread vector, it is an indicator.

A location with significantly high positive ionic air and a large crowd created higher spread.
7/ Post 2020 Pandemic humanity will be in a state of justified or unjustified fear that will last on the arc of ~40 years.

The result will be a fundamental change in workplace design and the concept of a corporate “headquarters”.

Less central large buildings in one geographic.
8/ In the post 2020 Pandemic all mass gatherings will be mentally be judged by the fear response that was instilled by the Pandemic perhaps 3 years after it subsided.

The impact is clear to all business and pleasure events. It will come back but it takes time.
9/ The 2020 Pandemic will deeply impact public transportation with closed air and many human contact points. The mental judgement will be the length of time on the transport + the number of people that have used it + the apparent cleansing and mitigation done.
10/ Decentralization and HyperLocal will become more top of mind.

Based on the severity: the supply chain and food production will be forever realigned.

Smaller local factories will rise as will more local farming.

However big cities for better or worse will be less valued.
11/ Not all ideas moving forward were rational in the 1918 Pandemic.

Nor will the ideas from the 2020 Pandemic be deemed rational looking back 100 years later.

Virus are not “alive” they need your DNA and are so small they can pass through most “masks”.

They are not bacteria.
12/ We know the 1918 pandemic took place in an era when most of society was self-sufficient and had already had a mindset established by WW1.

We are witnessing something far different in 2020.

Most are reliant upon an unknown supply-chain and have fear of not providing.
13/ We know from the 1918 Pandemic it changed “the will of the people” we lost the will to fight WW1—as the casualties of the Pandemic were many times worse then the war. It not only attacked the soldier age but also the young.

On the other side of the Pandemic we see different.
14/ We know that the 1918 Pandemic raised the awareness and the desire for the Telephone. The residual isolation made us want to reach out more. The Telephone became more valuable and there was a rise in adoption.

New communication forms will soar post 2020 Pandemic.
15/ The rise of new technologies like home Radio rose out of the 1918 Pandemic. This new technology allowed for the new desire to connect with the world in a new way.

We will see the same post 2020 Pandemic.
16/ During the 1918 Pandemic there was a drought of information.

During the 2020 Pandemic there is a flood of information.

This century defining moment—we are awash with information and data but we have little wisdom.

The tech that defines the century will produce—wisdom.
17/ The rise of Radio and Telephone post 1918 Pandemic allowed for data and information to flow world wide.

In the post 2020s the rise of new skills: discernment and technologies, Contextual AI that assists in not information but wisdom will define these next 100 years.
18/ The 1918 Pandemic already had mostly a HyperLocal supply-chain for almost everything.

The post 2020 Pandemic will move many national and regional supply-chains back.

The first is pharmaceutical and medical supplies to national and maybe regional as well as food production.
19/ Pause.
20/ Although anecdotal during the 1918 Pandemic workers at Cinnamon factories and people that worked with Copper and Silver had almost no cases of infection.

Some people took this “folk” observations and rapidly applied it in 1919—even the US military.

It will be true in 2020.
21/ The 2020 Pandemic will redefine the “perfect job” with aspects tilted to tele-commuting.

The proof case will be the surge in creativity and productivity working from home.

Smart companies will adopt and investors will reward the early adopters.
22/ In the post 1918 Pandemic people focused on cleanliness/hygiene to a higher level. No sharing cups, clothes was the start.

Post 2020 Pandemic there will be hygiene tests/requirements/mitigation for:

Food delivery
Car sharing
Home sharing

Demand by consumers and regulation
23/ The post 1918 Pandemic had created the largest expansion in technology/economy ever seen before.

It was called the “Roaring 20s”

We will have our “Roaring 20s” also and it will be one of humanity’s greatest moments and likely not to crash.

This awaits us—on the other side
24/ To be continued soon. Gratitude 🙏.
2.1/ The effects of copper, brass, zinc, silver on viruses is well understood just not widely known or deployed. It is called “contact killing” and all bacteria and viruses will devitalize with no outside forces. More research here:
5.1 “Negative Air Ions and Their Effects on Human Health and Air Quality Improvement”

“...the inhibition effect of NAIs on bacteria, reports also showed that NAIs inhibited the growth of fungi and viruses”…
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