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17 Oct
You have ~65,000 thoughts per day.

95% are the same as yesterday.

Most are inner-critic repeated thoughts.

Only ~5% are action thoughts.

But why?

Repetitive thinking and negative thoughts once served us for hypervigilant alertness.

It now is the basis of most suffering.
One of the reasons I built #TheIntelligenceAmplifier in my garage lab was to help the computer age to solve the human condition:

Repetitive thinking dominates your human bandwidth.

Hypervigilant thinking removes your focus.

EVERYONE suffers this.
The repetitive thinking and hyperyvigilant causes a cascade adrenaline and cortisol to pump.

They are designed to be produced only when an immediate threat is present.

The flood of data and “news” online today keeps this pump on—always.

The effect is catastrophic.
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13 Sep
🔮 Signs of Life discovered on Venus and atmosphere.

Announcement on September 15th, 2020.

Here is the official video to be released on September 14th, 2020:
More insight can be found here on @Quora:
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26 Aug
Just finished a full attendance by all retainer clients: the last symposium on Elon‘s Neuralink before Friday’s demonstration.

There will be a staggering amount of misunderstanding on this technology and it will be.

My first neuro symposium was in 1997.

I will open source some of my insights from today’s symposium:

Neuralink can not read “un proceeded thoughts”: this means the only thoughts it could read are ones you have made ready to present to—speak. This is primarily from the phonological loop of Broca/Warnicke.
I will open source some of my insights from today’s symposium:

Neuralink can not present information to your consciousness that passes the 41 bit per second Shannon Limit. Anything past this bandwidth is equal to pumping undigested food in to your lower intestines.
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27 Jul
In a spectacular conversation with folks that work at a research lab on “recently unearthed off-world vehicles” and the technologies present. All I can say more at this point is there is more to this then even I thought.

So much gratitude I have been asked to help decode this.
I am the only person on this call that can read Sumerian cunniform and program in machine language apparently. Folks really know my background here. I am sort of concerned. And yes I got permission to tweet. The question is why?!
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16 May
If you find yourself near a DTMF touch-tone phone and you want to celebrate a birthday:

How to play happy birthday on your phone.

I spent a lot of time in the DTMF world in the 1980s.
On the phone was a customer service rep that was not getting your drift?

4 4 4 2
Here we go round
2 6 6 2 4
the mulberry bush
4 8 8 8 8
the mulberry bush
6 2 4 4 4
the mulberry bush
4 4 4 2
Here we go round
2 6 6 2 4
The mulberry bush
4 8 8 6 8 4 4
so early in the morning
Touch-tone phone:

112 3 2 1 2 33 22
nobody Likes You when your twenty Three
1 1 2 3 21 2 3 3 2
And Your Still More Impresed by Prank Phone Calls
1 1 1 1 321
what the hell is Call ID
3 33 3 3 2 2 2
I never want to act my Age
3 2 3 33
Whats My age again?
3 2 3 11
Whats My age a...
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6 May
I will let out a bit of a secret.

I have been running a full IBM System/370 Mainframe on a $5 Raspberry Pi Zero for ~5 years.

About 7 times faster System/370.

Millions of lines of COBOL JCLs running flawless on a battery.

Tested an entire bank’s mainframe COBOL on it.
This is one of the MVS System/370 emulators I have used with great success on Pi:

I want to give clarity: I have great respect for old and new Mainframes, COBOL and other software. I have great respect for the folks that work on these systems today.

My nerd/geek tweet was about my amazement of getting Pi to do this.

The Pi does not replace them.
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15 Mar
1/ For the last month I have been plotting out the residual effect from the 2020 Pandemic.

I studied past pandemics particularly 1919 and have ideas.

I feel it useful for the incredible minds here to consider:

How will society change and how can your ideas impact this change.
2/ Technologies will shift because of the 2020 Pandemic to a level that is permanent in most lifetimes.

One opportunity is for:

Real-time feedback
Real-time mitigation

From the simple to the most complex.

eg: Mitigation can be as simple as copper/brass human contact points.
3/ The 1919 Pandemic and the Epidemics in Japan/Singapore had a massive impact on behavior and use of new technologies to mitigate.

eg: Japan/Singapore became one of the most hygienic societies—for better or worse.

The US approach was earlier and more documented.
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8 Feb
Consider the Photoautograph of Édouard-Léon Scott.

In 1850 he captured the first human voice.

By printing his sound waves on paper using coal dust and a feather.

He called it Voice Calligraphy.

They called him crazy.

“you can’t do that"

They are gone—his voice remains:
Why don’t you know about Édouard-Léon Scott.

Why did it take a century for his Photoautograph ideas to become a reality?

Like always the “debunkers" & “scientists” of the epoch branded him a charlatan.

He died disgraced, alone in an unmarked grave:

“Something must be done about Édouard-Léon Scott”—Scientists & religious leaders, France, 1850.

Mobs formed:

“Mr. Scott driven by overly vivid imagination seeks in these traces information in a higher order, he believes in these inscribed lines, is articulation. He is in error”
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5 Jan
Consider: millions of years ago our antecedents gave a massive sacrifice of their left hemisphere.

We lost a tremendous amount of short term memory and replaced it with Broca’s, Wernicke & the phonological loop.

But why?

So we can—talk.

Thus chimpanzees can do this—we can’t:
Every animal has a limited amount of brain power and size, so every skill and talent has an opportunity cost. This is not controversial or particularly questioned.

The Cognitive Tradeoff hypothesis is about tradeoffs apparent between chimpanzees and human.
In 1956 "The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two: Some Limits on Our Capacity for Processing Information” by George A. Miller of Harvard University was published.

It was a landmark of human memory research.

Bell Labs adopted memory chunking in phone numbers (xxx)-xxx-xxxx
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24 Dec 19
Invisibility will be a hallmark of the 2020s.

It will appear to have come out of nowhere.

For more information on this type of technology this is a great overview from @Cambridge_Uni…
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13 Mar 19

Apple acquires @laserlikeapp the AI based “Interest Engine”. These former Google engineers built an astounding app.

An acquisition that is very important for Apple, Siri and SiriOS.

Context is everything in the next step of the #VoiceFirst revolution.

cc @reneritchie
I worked with the @Laserlike APK quite a bit in 2018. There are many elements that can tie Siri Shortcuts and Laserlike together.

Folks who work with me, VCs and others to tried it out last year. The APK is still working. Give it a try before it is gone:
There are many elements from the @Laserliek app that will translate to SiriOS. The user interface can be voice to text allowing for the Interest Engine to use differential privacy on your iOS devices yet still know much more about your context, thereby giving better results.
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