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Starting a thread of sketches/drawings that I have started as a hobby.

Gharapuri/Elephanta Sadāśiva. Image
Today's attempt from the Kailāśanātha temple at Kanchipuram.

Please guess what is represented here. Image
Dancing Martanda Bhairava (as identified by Prof. Nagaswamy) from Darasuram Airavateshwara temple. Image
Liṅgōdbhavamūrti from... well... every Śiva temple. Image
Today's sketch: Ardhanarishvara Image
Me happy! ImageImage
Today's sketch Adiguru!

Dakshinamurthi! Image
From the benign to the furious. Today's sketch: Gajāsurasaṃhāramūrtī Image
Inspired by the Tanjore Painting hanging in the seating area of the lower level in Chennai airport, today's attempt:

Ūrdhva Tāṇḍava. Image
Today something different.

May Kanchi Kamakshi Amman save us all from this pandemic. Image
My Lord dances... Yours? Image
रमन्ते सर्वे जनाः गुणैः अस्मिन् इति रामः।
"In whom everyone takes delight for his virtuousness, thus he is Rāma."

In nāmasankīrtanas, the lord is generally introduced so.

Today's sketch is a version of Utsavamūrtī of Kōdaṇḍa Rāma.

#RamaNavami Image
The lord who measured the worlds, UlagaLanda PerumAL.

Trivikrama. Image
Today no sketch. But trying a new direction with help from the missus.

Utsavamūrtī version of Kōdaṇḍa Rāma painted.

🙂 Image
Today I sketched the Lord who emerged from a pillar so his devotee's word was kept true.

सत्यं विधातुं निज-भृत्य भाषितं 
व्याप्तिं च भूतेष्वखिलेषु चात्मनः | 
अदृश्यतात्यद्भुत रूपं उद्वहन् 
स्तम्भे सभायां न मृगं न मानुषं || Image
O great Varāha, just as the earth that was formerly sunk into the waters had been lifted up from the nether-worlds, so also you rescue me from the ocean of misery. Image
Something a little more fun today! 😃

Based on the cover of ACK's issue on Hanuman! Image
Today's sketch: Depiction of a panel from my favourite temple, Kanchi Kailāśanāthar.

Kirātārjunīya. Image
From today, I will be sketching each of five faces or aspects of Lord Śiva.

Today, Īśānamūrtī. Image
2nd face or aspect of Lord Śiva, Tatpuruṣamūrtī.

ॐ तत्पुरुषाय विद्महे
महादेवाय धीमहि
तन्नो रुद्रः प्रचोदयात्॥ Image
3rd aspect: Aghōramūrtī.

अघोरेभ्योऽथ घोरेभ्यो अघोरघोरेतरेभ्यः।
सर्वतः शर्वः सर्वेभ्यो नमस्ते रुद्र रूपेभ्यः॥

I bow to those not terrible and those who are terrible,
And to those who are both terrible and not terrible.
Everywhere and always, Śarva, I bow to all Thy Rudra forms. Image
4th aspect: Vāmadeva

I bow to the Noble One, the Eldest;
to the Best, to Rudra and to Time,
I bow to the Incomprehensible,
to Strength,
To the Causer of various forces,
and to the Extender of Strength.
I bow to the Subduer of all beings,
and to the One who kindles the Light. Image
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