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By the way, on the MAGA liar thread - a universal piece of advice for you: before you get too comfortable, make a bunch of absurd lies your own side tells first.

Go on, you can do it. Gird thy loins, of whatever gender, and actually bite down on the tinfoil: what lies are yours?
We can't get any purchase on reality because *everybody* - even single major political or cultural group - is lying through its fucking teeth about things which are critical to its identity.

Did you know we're at 4x of consumption in Europe, 8x in America?

Can you *imagine* it?
There's your fundamental horseshit: all of your politicians, activists, leaders are sweetly lying to you that we can be sustainable and still have a life that looks much like this.

No fucking way: it's a lie. It's either unimaginable new technology, or it's unimaginable hardship
There's your fundamental horseshit: all of your politicians, activists, leaders are sweetly lying to you that we can be sustainable and still have a life that looks much like this

No fucking way: it's a lie. It's either unimaginable new technology, or it's unimaginable hardship.
If you want to get right to the bottom of this worldview - and I do not recommend it, but it's necessary medicine for many. We have far worse to clean up than MAGA

"Waking up in the Monster Factory" w. @dthorson is the hard truth:……
Get the medicine down. You will hate it. It hurts. Then think about Sinead O'Connor and the massive paedo problem, and Epstine's death, and who knew, and the oceans of cover ups, lies and garbage that your shallow tribal affiliations required you to believe for social inclusion.
What I pointed out about MAGA resonated because it was the truth, but everything in western society (+most other cultures) is vulnerable to this analysis.

If we are to survive, there must be truth. Nothing else is compatible with making sound scientific decisions on climate etc.
If we are to survive, we must *stop politicians lying*.

I just want you to think about that for a long moment.

We have to shatter the norm and expectation that our politicians are all liars.

Open up your governments. Courage is contagious.: post-covid truth and reconciliation.
After covid, the death tolls from government incompetence will dwarf those of recent wars (fought, lest we forget, on doctored intelligence.)

We need to get right in there with a pressure sprayer filled with bleach, and clean out the rats nest of incompetence and corruption.
We need to teach politicians - all of them, both sides, all parties - that lying in ways which gets citizens killed is an immediate and total career killing event.

That's how we get to truth on climate change, and stop people dying needlessly because we would not change our ways
What I'm talking about is nothing less than the total destruction of the political class. Their survival is incompatible with our survival: 40 years to act on climate change, 10 years of screaming urgency, and all they have done is bailed out the banks.

They ALL must go.
Because you lie to yourselves and each-other, all the time, every day, about all kinds of little things, we have essentially lost our herd immunity to identify and recognise liars.

We used to benefit from lying: it was what made colonialism tolerable, covered up the rape/pillage
We need to *URGENTLY* fix the human lie-identification immune system. It'll kill MAGA. It'll kill the tories. It'll kill nuclear weapons spending, 95% of it anyway.

Quick answers, top of your head: how many people are starving right now? How many people die from tobacco? Why?
There's a spider-like web of lies that surrounds you, and persuades you that your lifestyle is ethical and equitable. It wound itself around the world, and fed your ancestors lies that let them build steel ships and cannon, and loot the world into the City and the British Museum.
You want these MAGA bastards back under control? You want Boris to stop enabling the negligent homicide of NHS staff?

Let's ask why your stuff from China is so cheap? It's all part of the same basic function of government: to distract us from what is being done for money.

You can't fuck with these realisations. You type your shit into these calculators: you are what you cause to happen in the world.

I want us to work together to get to 3 tons of carbon and zero slavery. To get there, zero lying too
Almost no other political agendas are remotely important.

Rich countries should provide heath care and housing for all of their populations: why not, people fucking stupid? If you've got a vote, you've got a right to a place to sleep. Maybe not a house, but a place *you* belong.
But instead of just accepting a bunch of obvious minor truths - who's precise solutions don't really matter very much - and then getting on with MAKING SURE OUR PLANET HAS A FUTURE we allow ourselves to be endlessly paralysed by temporary passing bullshit.

Clear the agenda, NOW.
What needs to go on the agenda is climate change, mass starvation, global slavery, nuclear weapons and human rights.

We've got a few billion educated people in the world.


You think I want to die of this shit, or see you die of it?
They all must go.

Every single one of them, both sides, all parties. Maybe a few of the back benchers. Maybe the occasional green.

But their hands are all covered in blood from the Iraq war, and they were all in the loop on Saville: it was an open secret.

It is all rotten.
You've sat there ignoring the lies your own side tell you *because they're your side* and if you reveal the truth, they'll lose to THOSE OTHER BASTARDS.

This is a confidence game: whoever you vote for, a lying bastard gets in, and lying bastards are your problem, period.
The post-covid accountability processes are the only chance we are going to get to comprehensively break the hold of these monsters on political power. We have to act now, so we have clean hands running the climate change adaptation and resilience processes.

This is a war.
Every single fucking thing on this planet has been imperilled by the human race since we invented the nuclear weapons. Every single species.

We've sat on the bleachers, while corrupt politicians played frisbee with the truth, while the smell of smoke and lick of flames increased
The climate meltdown approaches.

We need to get rid of our shit governments, and get sensible scientifically literate people in charge, and they need to fix the underlying issues *really quickly* before our carbon overshoot cuts global population in half through harvest failures
Now, let me point something out: everybody loved the MAGA thread, because it gave them a stick to beat their perceived enemies. Fine, I'm a fighter, I'm good at that stuff.

But this thread is about *keeping people alive* and it involves all of us changing together.

Are you in?
Because it's really easy to pretend the MAGA guys are the problem, while the Democrats will save you, but in 8 years of power, Obama did essentially jack shit to prevent climate change wiping out our shared global climate.

It's all sides. They're all lying bastards. We fix it.
Are we really going all the way down the climate genocide path? Are we really doing that?

If we don't fucking break and re-set the broken arms of State to create honest governments that solve our real survival problems, not line their pockets, we are all going to hell very soon.
We get one chance to clean house post-covid where we get to the bottom of all the lies. We figure out who knew what when. We figure out when our own side lied to us.

We nail every single involved party to the wall: careers over, and maybe entire political groups destroyed.
It is time for us to make an example of the political class. They cannot be trusted, they cannot be repaired, they cannot be reasoned with. The only language they understand is "IF WE EVER CATCH YOU LYING, YOUR CAREER IS OVER."

So that's the language we must speak. Clean sweep.
A world largely run by people that accept the broad sweep of scientific reality can manage climate, and prevent mass starvation, relatively quickly. It's a mixture of very, very accelerated R&D, and providing basic needs cheaply and at a huge scale.

It's very different from now.
But if we don't built that world, we get the *other* world - vast baked desert planes covered in the bones of refuge caravans that were killed by gunfire or ran out of water.

That's not tomorrow's problem… it's here today, it's just a matter of scale.
We are going to hell *very* rapidly if we do not make *incredibly* sweeping adaptations to climate change.

And I mean *hell* - I mean, 10x price rises on basic food stuffs, and your neighbours rob your house when you go outside. I mean *really* bad shit on so many fronts.
That's not to mention the hundreds of millions of people who simply starve.

So if this is not what you want?

Stop lying to each other: everything, all events, all issues, take place in the context of global climate change and resource limits. That's the container for all life.
You tell me how much the fucking Kardashians matter in a world that's 3C warmer with widespread agricultural failures across half a dozen regions and pictures of dehydrated babies like it's the Ethiopian famines all over again.

That's where we're headed. It's time to stop lying.
If we are to save this planet, the age of liars must be ended.

A relentless searchlight on falsehood will fix most of what is wrong with this planet in a generation.

Support your journalists: the good ones are our special forces. Demand the truth from government. Join parties.
If you think the MAGA Revolution in America was a groundswell, imagine the groundswell from every adult that doesn't want to see the children they love weeping in hunger because the crops have failed, and the world is in famine.

That's the alliance we need now.

Get to work ppl.………

We have known for a while - Six Degrees was 12 years ago - so maybe it's time to wake up and deal with reality, before it's too late, yes?
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