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16 May, 47 tweets, 7 min read
Meditation - The Art of Doing Nothing:
Meditation is your birthright. It's your natural state.
It requires no one, needs no thing, and has no technique.

If something requires a guru, a mantra, or a teaching, it isn't universal, and it won't free you.
We say that we want peace of mind but what we really want is peace from mind.
“No technique of the mind will free you from the mind.”
All chases, whether flow, drugs, beauty, thrills, orgasm, or devotion, are attempts to escape from the mind.

Meditation is the direct path.
In an age of mental gluttony, meditation is fasting for the mind.

Before paying a therapist to listen to you, listen to yourself.

Before clearing your inbox, clear your mind.
Just as the sky rains when the clouds are heavy, and the body sleeps when the limbs are tired, meditation arrives when the mind is calm.
Prepare for meditation by sitting quietly in the morning, with eyes closed and back upright, in any comfortable position that will minimize movement.
Sixty minutes are easier than thirty, as it takes time for the mind to settle down.

Sixty consecutive days are needed, just as it takes time for the body to go from unfit to fit.
Realize that at this moment, you are the only person in the world and there is no one to instruct you, praise you, or judge you.
Make no effort for or against anything.

Whatever happens, happens.

Surrender to yourself in the moment.

Resist nothing and reject nothing, including the urge to resist and reject.
Meditation is not going through thoughts but rather letting thoughts go through you.

The thought “I am meditating” is also a thought.
Meditation isn’t holy or spiritual or magical. It’s literally nothing.
No focus, no mantra, no dharma, no chakras, no Buddhas, no gurus, no gratitude, no scripture, no temple, no music, no gadgets, no apps are required.

Some may be helpful, but eventually all will have to be left behind. Start simply, because that's where this all ends.
There are many meditation methods, but "no effort" is the universal method. Every creature at all times can choose to do nothing.
There's no need to get up to record a thought. If the idea was good, it’ll come back. If it doesn’t come back, it wasn’t that good.
Meditation is a single player game. There is no point in comparing to other meditators or to even your own previous meditations.
If meditation was easy, you’d do nothing else.
The point of meditation is not to become "a meditator" - in reality, there's no such thing. If it doesn’t bring lasting and effortless change, drop it, before it becomes another struggle and another chase.
There is nothing to say and nothing on offer. No one is taking you anywhere, selling you anything, or making you promises. Reading or talking about meditation will do nothing for you.
You cannot fail at meditation.
Ignore all advice on meditation, including this thread.

“Meditation is good for nothing. That's why you do it.”
The closer you get to the truth, the more silent you become inside.
The ability to be content and at peace, by yourself, is freedom.

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31 May
Physical monopolies (phone company, electric utility) aggregate supply and raise prices.

They underpay for demand and make excess profits.

Digital monopsonies (search engine, social network) aggregate demand and lower prices.

They underpay for supply and make excess profits.
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29 Apr

(a short story)
Morpheus: Wake up Neo, the Matrix has you.

You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

Neo: I have to see it for myself.

<reaches for the red pill.>
Morpheus: The year is 2199. the desert of the real. The last human city. Zion.

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Morpheus: I didn’t say it would be easy, Neo. I just said it would be the truth.
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20 Apr
Recent serology studies may be wrong. But if wrong, they‘re all wrong *in the same direction.*

Finnish: 20-50x undercount
Scottish: 27-55x
Stanford: 50-85x
Italian: 30x
Mass: 17x
Germany: 0.37% CFR
Denmark: 0.21%

If true, COVID19 has much more spread and much lower fatality.
To be fair, all serology tests, if biased, would bias the same way. When the actual percent infected is low and population samples are small, false positives will have an outsized impact compared to false negatives. But none of these shows less than a 10x undercount.
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19 Apr
The Swedish approach allows us to measure the cost of building herd immunity using partial and voluntary measures rather than a full shutdown.

Drop your preconceived notions, ignore the narratives, and dispassionately track the data. ImageImage
As always, I will hide and block outraged and insincere replies mercilessly.
Here are deaths, for people who feel that Sweden may be under testing compared to other countries. ImageImage
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16 Apr
COVID19 isn't the flu.

But for under-45, COVID hospitalizes 1% & kills .014%.

All ages, flu hospitalizes 1.5% & kills 0.13%.

Restricting COVID to under-45s results in 6x flu hospitalizations & 1x flu deaths, & gets us to herd immunity.

Shelter the old, but release the young!

Herd immunity for R0=2.5 is 60%

58% of US population is < 44

Flu infects ~10% of US pop annually

20-44 hospitalization rate = 14.3%–20.8%; <20 = 1.6%–2.5% (CDC)

20-44 fatality rate = 0.1%-0.2%; <20 = 0% (CDC)

Missing 1/4-1/2 deaths, 9/10 cases (NS)
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