A thread: I first came across Queer Theory in my early 20s, whilst working on the collective at Modern Times Bookstore, San Francisco, California. Now closed, it is rightly regarded & revered as an iconic institution of the progressive left in the USA. 1/
I hadn’t been to university yet & I was in awe & inspired by most everything & everyone around me. Kathy Acker, June Jordan, Angela Davis, Essex Hemphill, Alice Walker, Cornel West & so many others were all visitors to the store. Armistead Maupin lived around the corner. 2/
I was a black girl from Cowley, Oxford, living my very own Tales of the City in early 1990s SF & it was thrilling. People would come into the bookshop starry eyed looking for works by Foucault, who I’d never heard of but did my best to pretend otherwise. 3/
When Judith Butler arrived in northern California to begin teaching at UC Berkeley, she lived above the bookstore. We met, she was miserable, but she had just locked herself out of the flat & was stood in front of me barefoot. 4/
The bubble burst when doyenne of the left & 3rd wave feminism, Pat Califia (now Patrick) edited Public Sex (1994). In it Califia advocated for (extreme) pedophilia. They would later print a retraction in the 2nd edition & I’m grateful that they did so. 5/
But the dye was cast. My awe of the progressive left was shattered. The sexual abuse by mostly men of children was being intellectualised, rationalised & condoned by too many on the left, incl. Foucault. It was viewed as the next & perhaps the last sexual taboo. 6/
What chilled me to the bone & does to this day, was how many of the people who I respected & admired brought into this bull about paedohillia (none of the names mentioned in this thread save for PC). A whole language sprung up, seemingly overnight: it was a rights issue...7/
Children‘s sexuality needs liberating; they said the same about the gays etc. I had hoped that those sinister actors went away. They did not. I fear that they have once again embedded themselves within the LGB & T movement. 8/
What seemed thrilling & radical 30 years ago turned out to be the birth of a monstrosity, IMHO. People trot out Queer this & Queer that & I wonder if they fully understand the lunatic, offensive & dangerous ramblings of its most ardent advocates, both living & dead. 9/
All things that come calling dressed up in a Rainbow Flag are not benign. Stupid politicians & institutions, petrified of being labelled phobic, want a quick fix, a quick stamp of approval. Their gullibility, laziness & homophobia has brought us to this place. 10/
Do not be dazzled by the rainbow or anything else. Be clear headed, rational & compassionate. If you are, you will understand that the only sexual liberation & autonomy that children need is to be left to grow into young adulthood unmolested. 11/
We must demand that children be allowed to grow into maturity without adults & our adult organisations & institutions claiming first dibs on them, labelling them as LGB or T or S out of a need to validate our own adult identities. To do otherwise is child abuse. 12/
And that is why I am lesbian and not queer. Women like me & our male allies will never stop fighting against those who would seek to sexualise children & dismantle child safeguarding norms, regardless of how it is rationalised & marketed. We see you. 13/

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13 Nov
1/ Over the past few days, I have beens subjected to a vicious & co-ordinated campaign of vile abuse & harrassment by trans rights activists.

They seized on single sentence from my speech: "Girls are having breasts removed that have never known a lover's caress".
2/ In a short while my speech will be released & everyone can judge for themselves whether I was advocating for the molestation of children or for young people to experience sexual intimacy in their bodies before having bits of them amputated.
3/ The point is this is a political tactic. Trans activists rightly worry that I will speak truth to power & they are scared. They have come for me, like they have for so many other women. The goal is to instil fear & to stop people speaking out. It's a form or terrorism.
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3 Oct
Disgust at homosexuality hasn't gone away. That's what makes this moment in history far worse than the Section 28 era I grew up in.

We're called bigots for saying that young people & society's enthusiasm for transgenderism is a response to homophobia & is itself homophobic.
2/ It's about sex stereotypes. You cannot explain the concept of 'gender identity' without them. The sudden jump in the number of girls wishing to present as boys correlates with same-sex attraction. The same is true for boys.
3/ I've been stunned by the number of trans men, females, who say they were lesbians & cannot conceal their discomfort with that word / reality. Being gay is seen as more difficult, more shameful; feelings that most lesbians & gays can relate to at some point or other.
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1 Oct
1/ The former chief scientific advisor for the Scottish Government and European Commission Prof. Dame Anne Glover has the courage to say what should not require courage to say: sex is binary and cannot be changed.
2/ "proposed reforms that would allow trans women to legally self-declare themselves biological women and trans men to self-declare themselves biological men make no sense from a scientific point of view."
3/ "it is important to be realistic about trans women remaining biologically male and trans men remaining biologically female because biology “predisposes us to certain diseases”.

“[A trans woman] is different because she was born sexually as a man ..."
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17 Sep
1/ If @VICE has audio of Kemi Badenoch ranting about LGBTQ people they better disclose it, fast.

Making a distinction between males & females when considering single-sex provision is necessary & eminently sensible.

2/ If referring to transsexuals is transphobic, then the Equality Act 2010 is transphobic!

Section 7 of the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Reassignment), the protected characteristic, is a reference to a *transsexual person*.
3/ Nowhere in the article is Kemi Badenoch quoted questioning same-sex marriage. If @BenInLDN has listened to the audio and she does, why doesn't he disclose it?
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14 Jul
1/ My personal opinion:

Between February 1979 and June 1986, Colin Pitchfork raped and or indecently assaulted (oral rape with screwdriver to head) FOUR schoolgirls, two of whom he murdered. Both murdered schoolgirls were strangled.
2/ The fourth victim was subjected to an unspeakably brutal sexual assault & murder. Her perineum, the area between vagina & anus was split, she was punched in the head. The anal ring was spread with three fissures. The pathologist described a “brutal sexual attack”. She was 15.
3/ Reports on Pickford repeatedly speak of his ability to manipulate those in authority. One sees evidence of this manipulation in the parole board reasoning: his sexual frustration & loneliness, a desire to dominate & control. SO WHAT, WHO CARES.
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3 Jul
1/ Yesterday I posted that gender identity is comparable to the extreme racism of Enoch Powell. I deleted that tweet because I failed to make it clear that I don't suggest that gender identity = racism. I do think the hateful rhetoric & threats are comparable.
2/ I can honestly say that I have never encountered such racist, violent language & threats in my life until now & it's coming from many so called trans activists & gay men.
3/ The trans movement uses blackness & black women to serve its agenda. We add colour & 'diversity' when it suits. But scratch the surface & what is revealed is a degree of hatred of black & brown women in particular that is more overt than anything I've ever encountered.
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