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I thought we had discussed taking breaks between issues..? None tonight: Moving straight into city response for restaurants. Presentation:…
Yvette Bowden leading. "Industry has asked for a couple things."
More time for cars to do curbside pickup (there are limits of 20 min, apparently)
To-go alcohol even after dining opens back up
And use of the right-of-way
They also want clarity on what the rules are, Bowden says. And promotional support from the city.
Alcohol licenses usually control activity INSIDE the space, unless they have a fenced patio.
Staff recommending the existing "temporary modification" process through August 30. It requires review from state and city.
It costs $50 for the city and $150 for the state to seek this modification. Used to cost $300 with the state but they reduced it.
"We're unclear at this time what is the expectation around masks" for outdoor dining, Bowden says. Working with the county on that.
Bowden recommending that Boulder lift all parking requirements for restaurants through August 30, to free up space.
Also suggests outdoor seating in privately owned areas, with landowner OK. So private parking areas, patio space, etc.
Also alleys next to businesses (not homes)
Ppl can set up by the curbs if they maintain pedestrian and ADA access. And city is considering renting its public parking spaces to restaurants.
"We're already in conversations on the Hill and downtown," Bowden says. Just waiting for state guidance.
Anything Boulder passes would be subject to county, state or federal orders. So if public health said it had to shut down, it would.
Could take as little as 5 days for city to OK permits for this, if there's not alcohol involved. State process on booze may lengthen things, bc it requires 10-day posted notice.
These plans might conflict with state/county orders on gatherings, Bowden says.
Also to consider: When city has done street / right-of-way closures for special events in the past, 80% of businesses along that stretch had to agree for just a 2-3 day closure. Should they pursue something similar/different here? Bowden asks council.
Staff is suggesting ~$100 to "rent" a public parking space for your business.
That's "about 1/5 the general revenue is for a space in that area during this time of year," Bowden says.
Depending on council's direction tonight, city could start accepting applications by next week.
Businesses could share space, maybe, if council OKs, Bowden says.
Yates: "I know you had to herd a lot of cats" between liquor, legal, public health and safety, transportation, etc.
Yates Q: If biz uses sidewalk, they have to leave 5 feet of pedestrian access. How side are our sidewalks downtown?

My q: Why only 5 feet when the recommended minimum for public health is 6 feet?
Cowern: They vary, but sometimes 8 feet, up to 15 feet or more.

Usually when we do events, we require 8 feet of access to be left over.
Staff looking up more info on that.
Yates q2: Are you concerned about curbside pickup, cars pulling up next to where ppl might be eating in repurposed parking spaces?
Bowden: We expect businesses to be working together on their block face.
Yates: Why wouldn't we just close a street, rather than just repurposing parking spaces? Particularly if the parking spaces on that street are all closed anyway.
Bowden: The city may choose to do so. If a certain amount of biz on a street decide to do that ... they could.

"We wanted to give them the opportunity to say that's what they wanted, rather than mandating it."
Cowern: "The importance of understanding what the different restaurant owners want out of that curb space." Some restaurant owners will want additional outdoor seating, but some might want more curbside pickup.
Road closure will only really be good for outdoor dining. "I think it's important to consider block-by-block" what restaurants want, Cowern says.
Yates: What do you think a reasonable distance is for ppl to walk for curbside?
Cowern: "I don't own a restaurant. If I did, I'd probably want them to park as close as possible." From transportation perspective, I'd say we want loading/unloading on the same block.
Chris Meschuk has an answer on the typical sidewalk clearance that is needed when outdoor furniture is present: Typically 6 feet.
Friend: Some ppl need ADA spaces. What about those?
Bowden: We "desired not to impact ADA" spaces. There are spots where almost the whole block face is ADA parking spaces. We'll follow your direction.
Weaver: What's the policy on the Pearl Street Mall. Obviously you can't drive down that to drop someone off. What's the ADA guidance there? Mile or half a mile?
Bowden: I'm not aware, but we can find out.

Actually she said something much more stiff about "we will continue to meet all the needs and desires" of accessibility.
Friend checking in to see what plans are for places not on city streets, but maybe in strip malls with only private parking lots. We want to be equitable, she says.
Bowden: This is an example of private property, so it would be applicable in the same time frame, bc of the elimination of parking requirements. They could use frontage from the strip mall if the landlord agrees.
Friend: Why are we cutting off applications June 30?
Bowden: We wanted to leave a firm date by which we know what's going to be in existence for the remainder of the summer. But council can give different direction.
Wallach: What does the review process and criteria look like?
Bowden: Adequate access to fire hydrants, utilities, making sure fencing is 3 ft high, that location doesn't prevent emergency access. Also, required insurance, approval of landowner and provided notice.
Wallach: Why does it take 5-15 days then?
Bowden: Assuming ppl submit things that are simple (no structure, no hard flooring) it could be less. 15 days is only applied to period around alcohol, which is state requirement.
If governor waives that, it would go quicker, Bowden says.
"We do not plan on sitting on these. Staff has heard you and the community and we are trying to move swiftly."
Swetlik: Why might we want to run this by the Beverage Licensing Authority (a staff suggestion)?
David Gehr, city attorney: I think we wouldn't use them as part of the approval process "except when there is a significant amount of public opposition" during the 10-day notice.
There's always an opportunity for public to weigh in when a liquor license is applied for, Gehr says. This is a very "truncated" version of that which moves fast but doesn't leave the public out entirely.
Young asked about loans, I think.
Bowden: We don't have the resources for that.
Joseph wants to clarify for concerned community members: Restaurants are not reopened right?
Bowden: "We want to be ready" for when they are, aside from curbside pickup and delivery, which is available now.
Some talk about ADA spots again.
Friend: I don't think we can override federal requirements on those.
Charles Ferro, planning dept: ADA spots can be moved but they can't be eliminated.
Weaver: Why are we charging for the use of public on-street parking spaces? It's not much but it didn't say over what time?
It would be $100 for the entire summer, Bowden clarifies. It's 1/5 of revenue we'd normally get, she repeats.
Weaver: Why does private property need a right-of-way permit or review?
Gerh: They're wouldn't be a permit needed. But we do have standards that we'd need to review nad make sure they are following them.
Yates: "I want us to be more bold." Council will "take the heat," he says.
Thinks 15 biz days is too long. That's three weeks. Applying in May won't be ready to go until late June.
Yates says*
Can we get it down to 1-2 days? He asks.
And doesn't want to charge anything for permits.

"The amount we'll receive in food and beverage tax will swamp that in hours. ... I don't think we should put up any barriers to restaurants in this emergency situation."
"The proposition for downtown is not bold enough," Yates says.

Suggests closing streets downtown entirely: "at a minimum " from 9th to 11th on Pearl Street" and maybe 17th to 19th(?)
Yates, still: "Idk why a car needs to drive on Pearl Street. What is a car going to do? Drive past ppl eating?"
I think his suggestion for east of Pearl Street was 15th to 17th. Clarification to earlier tweet; he's talking fast.
The governor encouraged us to be bold, Yates says, and is reading a quote from Polis. "I would encourage us to follow his admonition and be bold to close our streets so we can open our restaurants."
Swetlik suggests one-way access to downtown parking garages, which could double for curbside pickup. "We still want to have parking available but also have more space for restaurants."
Friend agrees with Yates.
"If we're looking at street closures," I wouldn't limit it to Pearl Street, she says. "Idk other than the Hill where it might be pertinent."
Brockett also agrees on not charging any permit fees.
And move as quick as possible. "Reach out to the BLA only when absolutely necessary."
AND extend it through the end of September.
And wants to close streets, too, more than just downtown. Unless "every business on a street" hates it, Brockett says.
Wallach: I urge us to take a maximally aggressive approach on this ... We should be waiving every fee on this. We should be waiving every statute on this. Whatever needs to be waived should be waived."
Wants to get al fresco dining by Memorial Day weekend. "I would do this on after burners bc our businesses need help and they need it now."
Young asks about entities donating tables and chairs for biz that can't afford them.

I've heard they can't buy them. Stores are completely out. Can anyone confirm?
Young suggests the children's train (she called it the Tebo train, bc landlord Stephen Tebo sponsors it, or owns it, I think) to act as a shuttle if streets are closed.

Nagle and Joseph support street closures, too. So that makes unanimous council support.

Well, Weaver hasn't spoken so not quite yet.
But he's on board as well: "We can always roll something back."
I assume there will be some costs associated with closing streets, as we saw in discussions about closing them for bikes/peds. No info presented on that, though...
Weaver: Mark, I don't think we're going to make Memorial Day weekend. That's this weekend, and we won't have even heard from the governor by then.
Weaver: I think we'll end up at 3-5 day turnaround. "I know every day feels like an eternity" but going from 15 down to 2 is unrealistic. And there will be a rush.
"It's almost a no-brainer" to close east and west Pearl to cars, Weaver says. "I also think there's a culture of walking on Pearl Street" that doesn't exist elsewhere.
"I can imagine in the long run what will come out of this is something permanent, if it works well."
Bowden: "We pretty much thought you'd say that" (re: street closure, permit fees, having it last through September) and we are working quickly.
Weaver: "I hope this gives hope to our restaurant industry in town. ... The city is working as hard as we can to support them. We want to continue to hear what more we can do."
"We will try and preserve every one of those (restaurants) as we can," Weaver says.

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