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Oct 6 17 tweets 2 min read
We've still got one more item: A nod of 5 (informal vote) on safe outdoor spaces Council is confused (and so am I) about whether it's directing staff to actually DO one, or just to keep exploring the potential.
Oct 5 99 tweets 12 min read
I'm at Boulder City Counicl because it's BUDGET NIGHT!! Folkerts: More $$ for parks + rec, paid for by repurposing $$ for encampment removals

Friend + Winer: More $$ for potholes /road maintenance. They did not ID a funding source.
Winer also asked for more $$ for underpass lighting. Again, no suggestion where it's coming from.
Sep 29 64 tweets 9 min read
I have so little energy for this homelessness update. I'll tweet what's new and in addition to this story:… Staff presentation:…
Sep 29 32 tweets 4 min read
Next: Boulder Police quarterly update… We just did the Reimagining Policing Plan, so I'm not sure how much of this will be new. But I'll tweet what is.
Sep 28 72 tweets 10 min read
Hey, all. I'm watching the Boulder City Council study session tonight. We've got updates from the municipal court, Boulder Police Dept and a discussion of homeless services. I'll tweet what I can; it's a lot of info. All these issues are big topics in the upcoming election, so prob a good meeting to pay attention to.
Sep 22 8 tweets 1 min read
Benjamin: On Monday, county commissioners gave $700K to Boulder Shelter for the Homeless to expand services.

(City of Boulder gave $300K; City of Longmont gave $50K) He's discussing a letter to county commissioners asking that, if the affordable housing tax on this year's ballot passes, the county set aside $$ for housing + services specifically for homelessness.
Sep 21 78 tweets 10 min read
I'm at Boulder City Council tonight for the zoning + density changes (public hearing and vote).

They're doing Boulder Junction Phase 2 before that, so it will be a few hours before I start tweeting.… In the meantime, though, you could read that story ^ about what they're voting on, or this one about what Boulder's rental market + affordable housing program is producing:…
Sep 15 19 tweets 3 min read
I didn't tweet last night's budget study session, because it's not really that different from what has already been written on the budget. But I'll share some high-level stuff today.… First, a couple corrections: The police budget is actually $43.7M, not the $41.1M originally reported. Staff said they put some police spending in the general governane budget accidentally. (Still not updated on the city's budget website.)
Sep 7 95 tweets 14 min read
I forgot to tell you that I'm at City Council tonight. I'll be tweeting the vote and public hearing for the new BPD plan, Reimagining Policing. I'm also here for some housing stuff, but I'll just be taking notes on that for an upcoming story. Big doings!
Aug 29 100 tweets 12 min read
Howdy, ya'll. I was here for the Raucous Caucus, the first candidate forum of the season, and now I'm here for the Chamber forum. I'll be live-tweeting what I can. Speer answers in Spanish.
Aug 18 93 tweets 12 min read
OK, occupancy.

Council voting tonight to raise the limit on how many unrelated adults can live together from 3-4 (depending on where in the city) to 5 citywide. I've got literal years of notes, but you could just review this stellar story from 2021. It talks about how many ppl actually live together, how occupancy influences affordability, concerns with higher occupancy, and everything I will now tweet.…
Aug 17 25 tweets 4 min read
Howdy, Boulder, I'm at city council watching two things:
- Final ballot language for the sales tax extension / arts funding
- Vote on raising occupancy limits to 5

The outcomes on both are almost assured based on previous votes, but I'm here nonetheless. Will almost certainly tweet something, if not the entire thing. Honestly do not have the stomach to sit through yet another public hearing on occupancy, when we already know what everyone will say.
Jun 23 26 tweets 4 min read
I'm gonna listen to the muni court update (coming up in a few minutes) but prob not gonna tweet.

Here's the presentation if you're interested:… I will turn my notes into a thread or article if there is interesting stuff... which I imagine there will be. For instance: I just want you to note how many steps there to get housed (Slide 17+18). And that's just if everything goes perfectly. It doesn't, often!
Jun 23 36 tweets 4 min read
Yates: I'm going to be voting against the moratorium for the Police Oversight Panel. POP has not asked for this; when city attorneys advised that a council moratorium would be legally safer, several members said they wanted to send a message, comparing it to a strike. They're gonna keep working on previously accepted cases, Yates says, keeping them busy through September. And ordinance changes will be read in early October.
Jun 23 4 tweets 1 min read
Back again tonight, sans margarita, to tweet just a lil bit of the city council meeting, including a vote to pass a formal moratorium on review of new complaints by the Police Oversight Panel.

And, depending on the content, maybe the muni court update. Looks like muni court is about navigators for the unhoused population, so I'll give that a listen and let you know what's interesting.
Jun 22 114 tweets 12 min read
Hey, all. I'm gonna attempt to live-tweet the Raucous Caucus tonight, though if I remember correctly, it's pretty fast-paced.

I'm following the Daily Camera's old rule of 1 drink per shift with a delicious margarita. That should help. That rule was probably implemented in the spirit of a speed limit... probably because people needed a limit. It's a maximum allowable, not a suggested serving
Jun 16 106 tweets 14 min read
That wasn't a very long break. Now on to the occupancy and affordable housing zoning discussion.

Presentation:… NRV: "Occupancy is an issue of great importance, an issue where there have been many opinions."

This council pledged to increase occupancy limits, which are currently 3 or 4 unrelated persons, to 4 or 5 persons.
Jun 16 28 tweets 5 min read
Next up: Police oversight panel. Appointing a special counsel to look into Max Weller's complaint about the POP's work stoppage.

Plus, council might pass a moratorium on new cases, which would give some legal cover to the work stoppage. Already tweeted this, but you can catch up here:…
Jun 16 46 tweets 6 min read
OK, we're talking about the Open Space Board of Trustees ousting one of their members, Caroline Miller, due to nonattendance.

Not terribly important, but interesting, bc I've never seen this happen. Miller was appointed in March 2020 (nominated by Mirabai Nagle). She's attended “fewer than half of scheduled board meetings and events in the past six months”

On May 31, OSBT held special meeting and voted 4-1 to remove her and appoint replacement…
Jun 16 5 tweets 1 min read
Hi, friends. It's been awhile, but I thought I'd tweet some of tonight's meetings. The interesting and/or important bits. I'm watching from (someone else's) home since I'm dogsitting, but most folks are in person at council chambers.
May 4 65 tweets 8 min read
Hi, all. At the Boulder City Council meeting for tonight's vote on what, if anything, to do with Lisa Sweeney-Miran, a member of the Police Oversight Panel recommended for removal by an outside investigator. As a recap, the outside counsel was looking into 5 complaints into the appointment process. The complaints that were upheld were against members of the selection committee, NOT Sweeney-Miran. But they were about her appointment.