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12 Aug
We're going to move onto prairie dogs now, at least the staff presentation, and then break before the public hearing.…
Some really great numbers and graphics in the presentation.
And here's my story again:…
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12 Aug
OK, talking about directly electing our mayor (currently, city council members appoint by majority) via ranked choice voting
I haven't written much about this because: Busy. I'm waiting for it to make it on the ballot.

Which the petitioners can't do themselves, as they submitted 5,800 signatures.
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5 Aug
Moving on to the eviction discussion: What is Boulder going to do about it? (Part 1) and What is council going to do with the NEWR ballot measure? (Part 2)
Kurt Firnhaber and Kristin Hyser taking this one, from Boulder HHS. And Carin Armstrong from the city's mediation services.
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5 Aug
The consent agenda is something that normally has no discussion, but this one has a few items that are of note and *will* take council time, including the Xcel/Boulder deal.
Reminder: There is going to be a special meeting for the public hearing on this. Thursday, Aug. 20.…
That's tentative.
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5 Aug
Open comment is next. List of speakers here:…
Prob gonna take this time to eat some food, feed my dogs and generally stretch, but I'll let you know of anything interesting/important. I recognize some names so .... it will probably be at least interesting.
Aisling Pigott, a Bedrooms for People organizer (seriously, how many ppl do they have??): This is a presidential election year. More younger ppl will vote. "I suspect high turnout is one reason council is fighting to keep this measure off the ballot.”
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5 Aug
Gonna (quickly) talk about in-person council meetings. Presentation:…
As a reminder, the plan was to resume those Sept. 1 but staff is now recommending not. Cuz COVID and all that.
Engagement manager Sarah Huntley taking this one. "We're actually in a different place than we anticipated."
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5 Aug
COVID briefing leading. Jeff Zayach from BoCo Public Health here. His presentation:…
1,969 cases
74 deaths (57 from long-term care facilities)
Boulder lower than other metros, on average, when it comes to cases, but we're trending up. Other places are trending down, Zayach says.
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30 Jul
A little late but I'm gonna tweet some highlights from today's CU/#Boulder city council meeting.
We're expecting updates on the planned conference center, reopening the campus this fall and... other stuff that I've forgotten! I'm sorry!
It might not be terribly informative, as the format doesn't (so far) show names for anyone who is participating, so I might not recognize a lot of the CU folks.
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29 Jul
We're taking 5 and then: Muni. Staff presentation:…
My story: Boulder, Xcel have reached a deal to re-establish a franchise agreement and end the muni. Subject to voter approval this fall, of course.…
Obviously I'll be adding to this after tonight's update. Just want you to have the pertinents
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29 Jul
Now, Celestial Seasonings development. Here's the staff presentation:…
Yates is recusing himself bc he owns some (minimal) Celestial Seasonings stock.
Plans are for 4775 and 4649 Spine Road
9.8 acres, 268 units
12 buildings, 3 stories
68 affordable units
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22 Jul
OK, now the heavy hitter: Discussion of ballot issues. Presentation below.…
Yates is addressing the threat of a lawsuit from Bedrooms are For People if the measure isn't put on the ballot. HBC is representing (Hutchinson, Black & Cook)

"I find it quite unfortunate that we've come to this," Yates says.
I mean, other community members have been threatening lawsuits for months, so...?
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22 Jul
Council is talking about re-naming the Municipal Building (where they usually meet, when we're not in a pandemic) after Penfield Tate II, Boulder's only Black mayor.

Good info in this presentation:…
Taylor Reimann, city council's paid assistant, is presenting.
So this is all in the presentation, and in my story, but here's some info on Tate:
got a law degree from CU in 1968
In law, focused on civil rights, labor and employment
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22 Jul
New topic, new thread: Adding 2 members to the Arts Commission. Council is going to send this to the ballot (since it's in the Charter, voters have to OK)

This is super straightforward and not controversial at all. The Arts Commission needs more ppl bc it is struggling to hand out grants. Extra ppl = less work for each person.
Kathleen McCormick, Arts Commission chair, explaining that a bit. Not really much to add on my end... I mean, it's pretty easy to understand.
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21 Jul
Hey, #Boulder. I can already feel you pulsating with rage, so clearly there's no need to tell you that it's city council night.
The agenda:
Public hearings on two potential ballot items.
-Adding 2 members to the Arts Commission (straightforward)
-Giving council the authority to change the city charter during declared emergencies in *very* limited circumstances (slightly less so, but not too controversial)
You can read more here:…
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15 Jul
They are related, but there's a separate presentation and that last thread was loooong.…
Reminder: At least two separate ordinances prevent ppl from living in their cars in Boulder. One, you can't live in a car anywhere, even on private property. Two, you can't park overnight more than 48 hours on city streets.
Enforcement is complaint-based, so it's all about if someone calls you in. As suspected, far more likely to be ticketed for parking (100-150 a year) than living in a vehicle (28 issued since 2014)
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15 Jul
We've got two presentation for the homelessness strategy discussion. First one is the meaty one:…
These get pretty dense, bc there are so many definitions (navigation, permanently supportive housing) and so much data that it's hard to parse. I'll do my best.
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15 Jul
Next up: Financial update. Here's the presentation.…
It's more of the same. Sales tax down 10% in May. Big drops (30% or more) in apparel stores, restaurants and home furnishings.
Boulder's declines are larger overall than Longmont, Louisville, Loveland, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs. (As a %)
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14 Jul
Hey, #Boulder, it's city council night, and I've never been more thoroughly exhausted — physically, mentally and emotionally — before starting a meeting.
Which isn't great, bc tonight is likely to be a long and contentious one. We're talking CU's reopening plans, city budget check-in and homelessness strategy.

Read about that last here:…
Also, Twitter's glitchy. So this should be fun!
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8 Jul
Not gonna bother to wrap that one. Moving onto evaluations for Carr, Brautigam and Cooke: Those aren't going to happen this year, Young says, bc of budget constraints and workload due to COVID.
Carr, Brautigam and Cooke all OK with this.
The process is going to be tweaked before next year's review. Young says there's room for improvement: Doesn't specify what.
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8 Jul
The next issue is overnight parking rules. Friend is asking that council not vote until after next week's homelessness discussion, since the recommended change makes it harder for ppl living in RVs and campers.
Recent muni court ruling found B.R.C. 7-6-24(b) “unconstitutionally vague” bc it didn’t specify that trailers and/or campers parked on city streets had to be moved every 24 hours. They could still technically stay on the street by moving a few feet or to a different spot.
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8 Jul
The most exciting item of the night (which isn't really saying much): Dockless bikes, B-Cycle funding and e-scooters. Presentation:…
Boulder first started allowing dockless bike share (commercial fleets) in 2018, but the regs were too strict, staff found. No one applied. (Plus e-bike co. switched to scooters or went out of biz)…
Regulations included: lock-to mechanism, which allows bikes to be “locked to” something to prevent them from being left places and blocking streets, sidewalks, biz, etc.
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