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4 Aug
Moving on: When will council ever be back for in-person meetings? It was supposed to be July 13, but there were technical difficulties.

Those are fixed, so here we are.
But, as NRV says, now we've got rising COVID cases and new CDC recommendations.…
"My position on coming back ... has evolved as we've seen some of these changes in the COVID variant rise," NRV says.
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4 Aug
Next item: Update on The People's Crossing (which was recently renamed) and a land acknowledgement.…
Or you can read this to catch up:…
Not much to say on the renaming, other than it's officially been done on the city website and with temporary signs installed.

Permanent signs to be installed in September at event for fifth anniversary of indigenous people’s day
Cost: $21,300 to replace all those
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4 Aug
We're talking about another city ballot item, to make the charter consistent RE: rules on referendum petitions. Presentation here:…
We haven't talked about this at all, so it took me by surprise.

"It wasn't part of our original planning," attorney Kathy Haddock says. It was "a good catch by a citizen." (She doesn't say who, but I've got a few guesses)
In a nutshell, a city working group recommended lower signature limits for (some) petitions. The voters then OK'd those in 2018. But the charter hasn't been updated for everything yet.
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4 Aug
While I puzzle on Yates' recusal, we're moving on to the public hearing for the CCS tax extension (being rebranded to the capital infrastructure tax). Staff presentation:…
We've covered this so thoroughly, I don't wanna repeat too much.

Council discussed on:
Feb. 9…
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4 Aug
Council is doing a special meeting before its study session next week (Aug. 10) so they can schedule the CU South annexation public hearing.

But we'll talk about that later. Put a pin in it.
Yates is recusing himself from voting on the consent agenda (of which this item is a part). He doesn't say why....
Ok that's literally the only thing on the consent agenda. No idea why he is recusing himself. Anyone want to enlighten me?
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4 Aug
Yates reading "the declaration of support for constructive community engagement" around the Boulder Rez.

Council talked about this July 20.…
It's a rare bit of pushback against neighborhood opposition to city projects or private development, which is... not rare.
The city council is "incredibly proud" of the new visitor center, including the restaurant, Yates reads. "The city council supports the democratic process through which the lease" with the restaurant operator was established.
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4 Aug
OK, ready for this 7 p.m. city council meeting? Yeah, me neither.

Tonight we've got public hearings on all the stuff council is sending to the ballot: tax extension plus some language cleanup and a change in council pay schedule (not a raise)*
*Except for people who miss a lot of meetings
We've also got an update on The People's Crossing and a city land acknowledgement for/with the peoples who originally inhabited this land.
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28 Jul
Last topic! A new timeline for hiring a new city attorney. Looks like final recommendation by Oct. 5.…
The city is reopening its search after drawing only 12 applicants. They did still ID and interview 2 finalists, who also did public q&a sessions. Yikes.…
I thought they did pretty well, but I'm guessing Boulder wants an acting city attorney, not an assistant or a non-municipal attorney.
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28 Jul
Moving on to the East Boulder subcommunity plan. I do have a presentation for you on this one. Hopefully it works; the city's new system is buggy.…
This one's even harder to tweet than the parks & rec plan, bc so much of it is "what street is going where" and that's hard to describe via text.
But I'll do my best.
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27 Jul
Hey, #Boulder. Time for another city council meeting on this very hot Tuesday.

It's a study session, and we're talking Plans (Parks & Rec, East Boulder) so it should be pretty chill.
Also an update on the continuing search for a new city attorney.
It's kinda hard to tweet these planning topics, bc it's a lot of visioning and strategery. Not a lot of details.

I'll do my best.
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21 Jul
OMG last item: Update on the city attorney search!
Friend, Yates (subcommittee) recommending continuing the search process. They didn't get enough applicants (12) and were apparently unhappy with the 2 finalists.
Wow. Interesting.
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21 Jul
Quick update on board and commission vacancies:
2 on HAB, 1 on downtown mgt commission

Nagle/Brockett will notify ppl who have applied in past years and open it to new folks as well.
HAB = Housing Advisory Board
Brockett responding to Young's concerns last week that maybe there's an issue with HAB since it has a lot of turnover. The 2 resignations were ppl moving out of town.

So maybe it's a housing affordability issue.
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21 Jul
Jump-starting this thread on the Boulder Rez resolution, bc it's so damned interesting and somewhat unprecedented. We rarely get pushback on neighbor opposition from the city.
Some background: The visitor center at the Rez got a serious redo in recent years, after the 2012 Parks & Rec master plan ID'd it as a need.
That included a restaurant/bar, to meet the goals of the 2017 concept plan for the new facility:
“extending shoulder season use opportunities, establishing partnerships with various groups to expand programming and offset construction and operating costs...
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21 Jul
Next item is a discussion about the CCS tax extension that we've covered so much lately.

Or you can read my stories.…
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21 Jul
Moving on to tonight's public hearing: Banning tents on public property.

This is part of larger effort to stop unsheltered people from living in public places, including with increased removal of homeless camps. It was last discussed May 11 as part of annual homeless update.…
How the city's camping ban works right now is that it requires "activities of daily living" before cops can consider it violated, so they can't remove tents that aren't being lived/slept in overnight.
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21 Jul
Moving on to consent agenda, which has quite a few things we're going to talk about.

All 3 law enforcement type things are on here, so I'll do a super quick rundown of those.
No booze on open space or parks land
Since mid 1980s, applies to public places within city limits - makes it hard to enforce on most OSMP land, which is not within city limits
Exemptions: Coot Lake, Boulder Reservoir, Flatirons Golf Course, East Mapleton Ball Fields, and Stazio Recreation Complex

Can get a permit, typically for special events (Boulder Creek Fest)
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21 Jul
I'll prob tweet a bit of open comment tonight, since it looks like a lot of Gunbarrel folks are here to speak against the Celestial Seasonings project.

Planning Board approved that 6-0 (with conditions) on June 17.
Actually, let's just go ahead and look at that project now, shall we?
Here are staff's slides:…

As a reminder, a call-up is where council votes to review a Planning Board decision. That doesn't necessarily mean they'll overturn it (that's incredibly rare) but they might want to have their own input.
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20 Jul
Hello on this very hot Tuesday, #Boulder. It's city council night, and it's gonna be a long one.

Tonight we've got:
Ballot content (first reading)
Banning tents on public land (public hearing)
Discussion on extending the CCS tax this fall (putting q on ballots)
Also possible call-up of the Celestial Seasonings project / Spine Road (230 homes, library, cafe, etc.)
Update on the city attorney search
Resolution about the Boulder Rez, where neighbors recently shut down a series of nonprofit events
Oh, let's see what else...
A trio of law enforcement type changes. All fairly standard, we'll breeze through them.

I may be forgetting things bc it's A LOT.
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14 Jul
Lastly: Checking in on what this council has accomplished. Surprisingly, a lot (compared to the last council, at least, and in the context of a pandemic and a mass shooting)

Presentation here:…
This council started out with 12 priorities. COVID made 13.
7 have been completed; 3 more will be by the end of the year
Here's what they finished / will finish:
Racial equity - adopted plan
Boulder/Xcel partnership
CMAP - to be adopted August 2021
COVID - repeal of emergency declaration anticipated fall 2021
Financial strategy subcommittee launched
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14 Jul
Next: Community Benefit 2.0
Some background: This project is tied to height limits. The citywide height limit (approved by voters) is 55 ft. But most areas of the city have a lower height limit by-right: That is, you can build to THAT without a special process.
In the past, the only way to go above the zoned height limit (but still under 55 feet!) was kinda on a case-by-case basis, through site review.

Around 2015, there were a lot of 55 ft buildings going up, and council was like *clutches pearls*
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14 Jul
Moving on to Diagonal Plaza. You can read about this here:…
Or follow along with the city's presentation:…
This is just the concept plan stage, so council is deciding on anything. They're just providing feedback on the design and other aspects of the plan.
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