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Anybody notice the gross hypocrisy here in a movement started by black music industry executives to highlight racism?

In a nation so racist it has black executives & a black former President?

How many black execs do you think you'll find in China? India? Venezuela? Russia?
If the "institutional racism" they claim to be raging against were real in the USA, don't you think the IRS would have targeted their companies like Lois Lerner did to conservatives & tea party?
Do you know what REALLY bothers me about this and the current MSM reporting about the riots & looting?

The same people gaslighting & lying, trying to make you believe the black faces you see rioting are Russian-influenced white supremacists will never tell you how the Russian-
Communists actually infiltrated, aligned with, trained and equipped militant groups like the Black Panthers during the Civil Rights revolution in this country.

Yes, just like Valerie Jarrett's parents, living in Iran when the Hussein whisperer was born and on an FBI watch list -
in Chicago because they were Communist revolutionaries.

See, as is often the case with the media, they're telling you A STORY, but not THE story.

I would wager everything I have that there are Communists involved here - we know that purely by looking at the flag, tactics and -
actions of ANTIFA.

But the gaslighting begins when media lies by omission re: the real history of Russia & ChiComs preparing for guerilla war in the US by working with any group aligned against the US gov't.

Which is exactly what I was trained to do overseas as a Green Beret...
They way they work is diabolical, and what we're watching is a confluence of multiple adversarial nations bring in all of their proxies and tactics for a great push that has been in the making for decades.

They understand that the faux messaging like in the above article -
actually PROMOTES and CREATES racism, because people with a logical brain put 2 & 2 together and many subconsciously understand what's going on.

"Wait a executives upset about institutional racism? But they're executives? How many black millionaires do we have -
in this country? How would that happen if institutional racism actually existed? Why is Lebron James paid millions of dollars & given a giant platform to say whatever he wants if this country is really so racist? How did we get a black president? Why do we have black members of -
the President Trump administration? Why do CNN & MSNBC, who fan the flames of racial strife in this nation non-stop, never discuss the completely homogenous societies like China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Venezuela, most of South America, etc? Why is Al Sharpton, who owes -
millions to the US government, started an actual race riot where an innocent man was killed and constantly tries to divide America along racial lines, given a commentator slot on a major news network if there's such institutional racism? Joy Reid? Van Jones? How do we have a -
Black Entertainment Network if there's such institutional racism? Why would President Trump give hundreds of millions of dollars to HBCUs if there's such institutional racism in this country? Why is there no equivalent for any other racial group if we're so racist? Why are mixed-
marriages and children (I have 4 half asian kids & 3 half black half brothers personally) so prevalent in this nation if we REALLY have such institutional racism? I'd think who you sleep and start a family with would be the most base non-racist component of a person's life, but -
look around American society - mixed race families are EVERYWHERE, and it's not an issue except to a tiny fraction of the population."

I know that's a lot of issues, but they begin to circulate in people's brains when they see the absolute lunacy whenever these comments are not-
only made, but parroted completely uncritically by our media, both television and print "news."

And it only makes matters worse.

They only true way to combat racism is to stop it, and you can't stop it in the way that they're currently doing, which foments and creates more...
Many people have hit the nail on the head over the past decade on what the solution is, but just like Andy Ngo who's been telling the world about the dangers of ANTIFA, those people were completely shrugged off and given no platform.

Equal opportunities, not equal outcomes...
If we put someone in a position merely because of race, that's, by definition, a racist act.

When we do away with meritocracy in place of race-based hiring requirements, that's a racist act.

When we require certain laws be levied against one racial group but not another-
that's a racist act.

There are millions of people with common sense who see and understand this, and it turns people who otherwise wouldn't have a racist bone in their body to begin to get angry and possibly even despise people given an unfair advantage.

It is subversion, in -
it's most diabolical form.

And just like every other leftist policy ever put forward, it sounds good when presented, but has terrible outcomes when put into practice as people's true intentions are discovered...too late.

To summarize: as the MSM and Susan Rice try to blame -
Russia, the common denominator boogyman du jour for the everything the Dems do, remember that, as always, they're not telling you the full truth. And anytime you discover the MSM is holding back part of the truth, you can assume there's a subversive effort afoot.

As a man who's-
traveled the world and lived across the US, Europe and has traveled extensively, I can tell you from experience that the US is one of the LEAST racist nations in the world.

If you don't believe that, I challenge you to an exercise: look up how many black millionaires, execs -
and politicians we have in our country.

Now do the same for other nations. You'll soon find there are a large number across the world who not only have very homogenous societies, but also refuse to allow any other race but the majority to have any power.

And yet, many-
here try to scream & yell and jump up and down that our nation is inherently racist, as you walk down the street and see mixed race couples with mixed race children in perfect harmony without ne'er a side look from anyone.

I can speak from experience to that as well, bc I'm one.
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