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2 Jun
Morning run scenery:

Morning run motivation:…

Quite the appropriate lyrics for these times:
"They're trying to build a prison for you & me to live in"

"Drug money has been used to rig elections & train brutal corporate-sponsored dictators around -
the world"

Teaching opportunity:
"History doesn't repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme." I'd like to add, "and it also runs in cycles."

If you've never read The 4thTurning (and the new book in progress by the same authors The 7th Crisis) you really should...
There is plenty of evidence to show us where we are and what's comes next if we don't change the cycle.

Brutal Marxist dictatorial all powerful state regimes all follow the same blueprint, and we're in the mid-phases of one...
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25 May
If you have any doubts of the legitimacy of the Maricopa audit, consider this: there is NO agency / company that certifies election auditors -only machines are certified.

Yet AZ SoS .@katiehobbs , who will be in deep trouble if it comes out she knowingly certified a fraudulent-
…election, is on CNN spouting the lie that Cyber Ninjas are untrustworthy because they aren’t certified.

Nobody is.

She knows this.

CNN knows this.

Yet they repeat this lie ad nauseam.


Just think back to RussiaGate, Russian Collusion Hoax, Ukraingate…
…the hoax “debunking” of the Hunter Biden laptop and any other number of conspiracy theories peddled by the MSM over the past several years.

When you hear “unnamed official sources close to…” or a blatant lie that’s easily verified, it means they’re scared shitless and have -
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24 May
Morning run scenery:👇🏼

Morning run motivation:
*my favorite song from my favorite band of all time:…

Morning quote & teaching point:
Don't fail to see the forest for the trees...
Despite all the distractions and gut punches going on right now, we have the advantage of knowing what comes next for a nation who's ruling class has been infiltrated by devout Marxists...
All we have to do is pick up a history book and look at what Lenin & Stalin's Checka, Mao's KMT, Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge, Mussolini's Black Shirts & Hitler's Brown Shirts did to cleanse their society of subversives & dissidents...
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22 May
Stereotypes & the Icthas story:

In my senior year of college I took an "arts appreciation" course to fulfill an elective - it studied classical music, architecture & art. A really cool class that I thoroughly enjoyed.

It was taught by a man made to break stereotypes -
He was probably 6'5, white with blonde-red hair, a PhD in classical music, gay as the day is long and conservative (although he never flaunted any of those attributes, which would be rare in academia today).

One day he saw one of the magnets pictured above on a car while driving class and told us why he feels those magnets are the sign of a terrible, uncaring and dark human being, even though those who have them will typically want you to believe otherwise...
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22 May
Does anyone else find it insulting that blue states pretend not to understand the cycles of poverty they create?

Poverty cycle:
-want to help the poor
-use taxpayer funds to create programs
-raise taxes because they can’t fund other programs
-create more poverty due to exhorbitantly high taxes
-need more money in programs to help poverty
-raise taxes more (this time regressive taxes -
like gas, sales, home, etc)

The poverty creating environmental activist cycle:
-want to help “the planet”
-enforce stringent building codes
-area becomes too expensive or regulated to build new homes or housing complexes
-price of housing skyrockets-
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18 May
Matt Deperno in Anterim, MI announced that they found the ability for the voting machines to do the proverbial “4am Dem ballot drop” after voting closes and go back into the machine to change the tabulation tape to cover their tracks...
Add into the equation that the county supervisors don’t have passwords to look further and that the “certification” companies are full of former Dominion employees and you have the full fraud equation:…

And here’s the thing - they’ve done this for a very long time, and so much that people routinely joke about the “4am Dem ballot dump” before elections.

But they didn’t understand just how engaged people were in this election...
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12 May
Morning run scenery👇🏼

Morning musical motivation:…

Teaching opportunity:
Just buying guns & ammo is not enough. If you want to truly be prepared for what comes next, your Mind, Body & Spirit need to each be equally prepared... Image
Back in my Special Forces days we had an oft-repeated teaching & motivational point.

When people started complaining about long hours & blister-filled training, a senior NCO would stand up and remind us of what we were working towards: ...
"...always remember, there's a shithead somewhere out in the afghan mountains right now training all day every day with the sole intent of cutting all of our & our families' heads off." ...
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9 May
A friend who’s quite “in the know” said that Tim Scott is a good guy at his core, but it was lobbyists using “more dark money than you can ever know” to influence he & other GOPe to refuse any action regarding Nov 3rd.

Taking money out of politics would fix many of our issues.
Sending traitors to the gallows in the public square would solve the rest.
A lot of people pointing out that integrity is priceless so giving yours up at any price means you have none.

But there was another part of that equation that should be known. "If you don't do what we want, the same money goes to a challenger."

Still doesn't change the -
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8 May
Contemplate this on a Friday night...

All the Biden administration* had to do was keep President Trump's decisions and accomplishments in place and he could ride the wave to unparalleled before success in a new administration*...
Instead, they chose to undo EVERY major leap forward that President Trump brought us.

Now, here's the kicker: the Biden administration* is nothing more than Obama's 3rd term. Again, it's full of bureaucrats & intellectuals who consider themselves "the smartest people in the room
Which means they have at least an elementary grasp of economics and what happens to border security when CNN broadcasts the path to sneak across the southern border in South & Central America every night - which CNN has been doing...
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6 May
Interesting times. All of the people “in the know” that I talk to about Jan 6th (even those who were there) are in 1 of 2 camps: Ashli Babbit’s killer was either part of Schumer or Pelosi’s detail.

There is even rumor a clear video showing that exists...
@DarrenJBeattie & his Revolver magazine have been pressing and seem to have discovered that her shooter WAS NOT in fact a member of Capitol Police.

And [they] know that if their false narrative about January 6th falls, everything they pushed as a result falls as well.

Other -
...investigations show that Ashli Babbit may not have been who we thinks he was, based on some evidence of things in life life that point to “spooky” activity.

One thing is clear - nearly everything America was told about Jan 6th was a lie.
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3 May
Although the video of the Utah GOP booing .@MittRomney brings me great joy, I have a serious wake up call for you.

If you still donate to the .@GOP or the .@NRCC , you’re still filling the coffers of RINOs like him, @SenatorCollins , @lisamurkowski , @AdamKinzinger -
@LeaderMcConnell , @GOPLeader , @Liz_Cheney , @Mike_Pence and all of the other spineless swamp dwellers just like them.

Hell, @GOPChairwoman is related to dirtbag Romney, do you think she’s going to listen to a bunch of angry (small donor) peons over her swamp creatures uncle?-

And this leads into a bigger issue which has led to decades of minor losses which have resulted in the current “enemy in the gates” position the Republic finds herself in.

Leftists donate to many causes, while big corps donate to the candidates via the DNC & RNC. But -
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29 Apr
Take a moment tonight to consider and stand in awe of both the tenacity of MAGA and their lighting fast flash-to-bang speed on the political upheaval we're seeing in the GOP right now.

On January 6th, when even the FEW GOP politicians who'd listened to their constituents & -
agreed to challenge their electors either went weak kneed or took a payoff and used the "mUh InSuRrEcTiOn" hoax as a cop out, most of MAGA understood we were on our own & couldn't expect even minimal help from the Republicans we'd long considered "on our side." -
Within weeks Dan Schultz was on Bannon's Warroom talking about his "precinct project" and the ability for MAGA to completely take over the GOP at the local level - from which all power is supposed to flow in US politics. -
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17 Apr
Several people in my house use mouth guards to sleep, so we got this little contraption that kills 99.9999% of bacteria & viruses in 5 minutes. Super simple & cheap.

We've known for over a year that UV light, like all viruses, kills WuFlu in <90 seconds...
President Trump was ridiculed for mentioning a small medical company who invented a UV- light delivery ET tube that can introduce UV light into the upper respiratory tract and trachea, where respiratory viruses & bacteria live when you're sick...
Under President Trump, NASA built a portable contraption that can use UV light to sterilize an entire room very quickly.

It doesn't matter if there's a new strain or variant, UV kills all bacteria & viruses...
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15 Apr
Everyone needs to understand something:
In a normal world, the Biden administration* would need a mandate (massive public support) to get away with the radical transformation that they’re planning for our Republic (if you think packing the Supreme Court is the worst-
it’s going to get, buckle your seatbelts - this is just the beginning).

The latest propaganda poll from The Hill puts Biden at 48% approval just 4 months in, and the Rasmussen poll shows over half the nation believes he was installed via fraud...
This is NOT a normal world, and all talk of “we’ll get them in 2024” completely misses the point of what they’re doing.

They will make the US just like California - one party rule with regulations in place so that they never lose power, by hook or by crook...
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28 Mar
If you’re paying attention to the comments being made about the 2 black teens in DC who murdered a Pakistani Uber eats driver while carjacking him, it seems we’re getting close to a tipping point - people are very angry that CNN, MSNBC et al are refusing to name the race-
of the girls, despite near giddy excitement by the MSM & Twitter blue check brigade last week when they thought the (Islamist) Boulder shooter was white for a day.

And what if that’s the point?

We know there are elements in this nation who’ve been working overtime to try-
to stoke a race war. What if all of the unequal treatment between races hasn’t been an attempt to divert power to one over the other, but to try to enrage the vast majority (although you wouldn’t know it by watching ads or movies or tv today, white people are still the majority-
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17 Mar
Has anyone else just started getting multiple GOP fundraising emails a day using President Trump's name?

Despite me replying to call them betraying traitors & asking them to eat shit & die every time they're still coming. Anyone else ?

By the way, they're going to do everything
they can to memory hole their betrayals, unwillingness to fight or listen to their base re: November elections.

They're already sending out fundraising tweets & emails feigning outrage over the Dems doing exactly what the Dems said they would do if they got power.

Given -
...that we watched the establishment GOP fight President Trump on immigration policy & building the wall, establishment hacks like @GOPLeader are now pretending like they've fought for change this entire time, despite him fighting Presisent Trump's policy change attempts at every
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7 Mar
I’m still very much straddling the fence on what reality truly is today.

To believe that what we’re seeing around us is a reality that we all agree is ludicrous yet are supposed to pretend is real is a difficult pill to swallow...
Yet understanding Information Operations (IO), PSYOPS and the role of today’s media in all of the above it’s obvious those operations are what we’re watching in real time.

But the ultimate question I keep coming back to is one that receives answers & verifications seemingly-
every day for either of the binary answers.

Are we:
1) watching a CCP and domestic enemy-led Information Operation meant to make things seem so chaotic and unhinged from reality that when someone finally presents the “new normal” (Ordo et Chaos) that we “accept less” for -
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2 Mar
Serious question: has anyone who's worked with a SWAT or any direct action group in the last 2 decades known them to be completely ignorant of TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care)?

Me either - so why did the SWAT team present at Ashli Babbitt's shooting in the capitol on 1/6 -
...seem to have no clue of how to respond to a gunshot victim, no SOP for how to treat a wounded civilian and no discernible squad formation or tactics?

Before you scoff, watch the video.

I've never seen a SWAT unit so ate TF up.

So the question- were they really even SWAT?
Here’s a great play-by-play of the days events that puts a lot of focus on the weirdness & out of place people around the shooting.

Seriously, anyone with Direct Action unit experience watch this and tell me I’m wrong, please:…
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28 Feb
If you're watching President Trump speak about the importance of American energy dominance right now by haven't read Confessions of an Economic Hitman, perhaps you don't understand just how important energy is.

The book is written by a fmr economist for a major US contractor-
...whose job it was to travel to 3rd world countries to convince their leaders to take enormous, unrepayable loans from the World Bank & IMF to build their economies.

When the 3rd world nations can't repay these enormous loans, the Deep State was able to force any concessions -
...they demanded.

Yes, China learned this game from us.

The most important 1st step in this process was for the economists to go in with a team of civil electrical engineers to forecast how much energy could be generated in this nation and what growth could come as a result.-
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26 Feb
An interesting point that I haven’t seen looked into much:
The left and media (but I repeat myself) absolutely insist on calling the events at the Capitol on January 6th an “armed insurrection” yet the people they keep arresting had no weapons, and neither did the fur pelt & ...
...horns wearing shaman.

But there is one person who we know definitely WAS armed as per his own video (shot by a CNN camera crew for his company, BLM subversive group Insurgence USA.

If you’ve seen the video of Ashli Babbit getting shot, you’ve likely seen John Sullivan -
...on film saying “I’ve got a knife, I’ve got a knife” which again was captured on his own video.

Yet Sullivan, also on film instigating the faux insurrection, whose discord chats calling his subversive & violent group to meet at the Washington monument that day at 11am are -
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19 Feb
It’s estimated that 1 in every 200 males on the planet - about 16 million - are directly related to Ghengis Khan.…

It’s not because he had so many wives (he did).

The staggering number comes from all of the raping he did.

So why don’t we see SJWs -
...(Social Justice Warriors) trying to cancel Mongolians?

I went to a Ghengis Khan exhibit at a museum last year in SoCal and there weren’t hundreds of gender studies majors protesting the exhibit.

Ghengis was neither white nor American - yet the SJW complaint seems to be -
...that white American males are the root of every problem on the planet.

The next person I know of that got around that much was Wilt Chamberlain.

Also not white, but I believe (at least most of) his sexual conquests were consensual.

So why don’t SJW feminazis decry the -
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