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8 Aug
Hey .@SallyQYates -
In your testimony to @LindseyGrahamSC this week you repeatedly said that General Flynn lied to the FBI about whether he mentioned sanctions to Kislyak.

I don't know if you know this, but the transcripts were declassified.

And millions of us have read them-
...and sanctions aren't mentioned by General Flynn once.

Not once.

Not at all.

How does one lie about sanctions without mentioning sanctions?

Also, you seem very concerned about the Trump admin "playing nice with Russia," which why you claimed a CI investigation was -

Did you authorize a CI investigation into Hussein for the "Russian Reset?"

The entire policy was based around "playing nice with Russia."

How about Hillary Clinton for Skokolvo Project, where she brought in Silicon Valley execs to help set up a Silicon Valley -
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5 Aug
Really take a moment to comprehend this today:

There are many elements of life & stories that you've been trained to immediately discount as "conspiracy theory," either because the Main Stream Media doesn't cover it, most people don't know about it or it seems outlandish.

But- this point most of you have seen or heard about the newly released video of the George Floyd arrest, showing that not only is there zero evidence it was racially motivated, but also that the cops were being pretty civil to him considering the circumstances that he was-
...whacked out of his mind & acting like a lunatic.

Now consider the fact that both Keith Ellison, the prosecutors and the media have had the full video for quite some time.

Yet they watched as the nation burned, as neighbors were pitted against neighbors and Black Lives -
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1 Aug
At its heart, this is information warfare. Everything you’re seeing around you.

The good news? Thanks to tireless American Patriots who refused to swallow the narrative, trudge along the pre-determined trajectory and go softly into that good night as planned by those...
...responsible for the chaos around us — ALL of it — we have shaken off the chains they tried to shackle us with.

In Information Warfare, the TRUTH is the sword with which the battle may be won, so the evil ones waging their battles guard & hide it with everything they have...
...but we’re in a much different time, one that those who planned this disastrous time for our nation didn’t truly understand, as we’re in the Age of Information, an age with tools and abilities and a desire for information & truth that resides in many of us like never before-
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22 Jul
A family friend who I give stock advice to texted me this morning, saying, “I’m hearing a lot of media saying the market is going to crash. Any thoughts?”

Here are my thoughts:

You really have to understand a few realities and macroeconomic movements.

First, that there are -
...people who make a living off selling fear, and others who have a financial incentive or reason to ensure China overtakes the USA & becomes the new hegemon. Many of both are in the media.

Second, take in the macro understand of what @POTUS is doing.

By cutting regulations &-
...taxes, he’s allowing corporations to keep more money with which to invest in R&D and hire more people.

Anyone who says, “those greedy corps won’t really hire more!” has no understanding of business an should be written off immediately.

As unemployment falls, that means -
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19 Jul
You know, it's funny...

For years now the leftist censors have long tried to convince the greater public that people were being "radicalized" by conservative speakers who merely called things as they saw them, instead of bowing down to the garbage PC narratives.

As we see now -
...the greatest "radicalizations" or push to the right we've ever seen in this country have come directly from the actions of the left, of Marxist BLM & ANTIFA burning down cities, attacking innocents and using their fascist tactics to shout down speakers or drown out differing-

They've pushed millions to the @RealWalkAway mvmt

They've pushed thousands of Democrats to @realDonaldTrump rallies.

The hoax reporting of NYT, Time, CNN, MSDNC and others have cratered their viewership & readership.

Millions of those once in the center are now -
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17 Jul
Really think about this for a moment:

Small businesses make up about half of our economy.

If you believe the polls, that means that you believe every one of those business owners are ok with their life’s work being destroyed, and supports the party that’s ok with..
... making them casualties of a virus with a +98% recovery rate.

They support the party that stood back & allowed rioters to burn their businesses down.

The party that won’t allow kids back to school, so they can’t be at their business to run it.

Not. Very. Likely.
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12 Jul
As the last vestiges of our society burn to the ground, the chorus of once good and brave men will be, "but I was just doing my job."

Police who refuse to push or fight back for fear of losing a pension.

Politicians who refuse to push or fight back for fear of losing an...
election or blackmail.

Journalists who still remember their morals but refuse to push or fight back for fear of losing airtime.

Teachers who refuse to push or fight back for fear of losing their jobs.

If you're in one of these camps, realize this NOW: if we lose our-
...nation to the Marxists pushing to bring about the 21st century version of Mao's cultural revolution, there will be no pensions, 401(k), jobs or nation as we know it left for you anyway.

They want to burn it all to the ground.

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6 Jul
Take a moment today to contemplate all that’s changed in a 244 year old nation, the final beacon of personal freedoms left in the world, over the past 4 years.

Fear mongers & the #ButNothingsHappening crew abound & scream & gnash teeth, swearing that “everything is normal” as-
...the walls & facades that previously hid terrifying, disgusting, highly organized & well funded layers of corruption that 5 yrs ago would have been written off as “baseless conspiracy theories” with ne’er a second thought from most of our nation fall down...
... People are waking up.

The truths are being revealed.

The people are getting pissed.

The big fish that we all have our sights on have yet to be shown on the news being perp walked, but many of their underlings are being arrested without much coverage.

Many of our -
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1 Jul
For those who don't "get it" and believe this Russian bounty NYT story...

Let's pretend the NYT is an intelligence professional.

If they were to, say, get a dossier of "intel" and publish it without being able to verify any if the claims, that would be known as "raw intel."...
Or if they were to, say, publish something told to them by someone who wanted to remain anonymous & NYT wasn't able to verify the claims, going forward merely on their knowledge of the person, that would be "raw intel."

Between all of the 3-letter agencies, thousands of pieces-
of intelligence comes in EVERY SINGLE DAY, whether it be intercepted SIGINT or a tip from a HUMINT source.

If our military & intel agencies were to go after every piece of raw intel it received, they would be running around in circles non-stop.

Now, I know this is hard for-
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30 Jun
If you get into a protracted argument with a liberal, they will inevitably use the “muh popular vote” quote and say they are the majority.

But there are a few problems with that:
-HRC “won” popular vote by fewer votes than what @JudicialWatch has sued & had taken off voter ...

-if the left is the majority in this nation, why does Fox blow CNN & MSNBC out of the water in ratings?

-if the left is the majority, why do they have to oversample Dems in polling to skew results as a PSYOP?

-if the left is the majority, why do Twitter & Facebook have-
to shadowban & censor conservatives to give Dems an outsized impact?

-if the left is the majority, why does YouTube have to keep conservative view counts inorganically low, delete channels & hide their videos?

This has always been a center right nation.

We are the majority.
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12 Jun
Imagine being a true believer, a member of the black community who really thinks that the powers that be are finally fighting for you...then realizing that all donations are being funneled through a DNC SuperPAC because nobody wants to donate to Dementia Joe & it was all a ruse.
To be honest, this is the most infuriating & racist part of the past month.

Pretending to care about racial relations while inciting racial tensions and using a group because nobody cares about your corrupt & dimented candidate.

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9 Jun
Has Joe Biden ever dated a black woman?
-No, but @realDonaldTrump has, yet they call him a racist

Has Joe Biden ever given money directly from his own pocket to help provide better opportunities for black youth?
-No, but @POTUS has, yet they call him a racist

Has Joe Biden -
...ever given loans to struggling black entrepreneurs, and ripped the check up when they tried to repay, telling them to invest it in their biz instead?
-no, but @realDonaldTrump has, yet they call him a racist

Has Donald Trump ever fought AGAINST de-segregation, saying he -
...didn't want his kids going to school with other races?
-No, but Joe Biden has, because he is a racist

Has Donald Trump ever pushed for a crime bill that put more young black men in jail than any before or since?
-No, but Joe Biden did, because he is a racist

Has Donald Trump
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8 Jun
Holy crap. Now that the science is in, we find that every step taken by the authoritarian COVID fear mongers was antithetical to actual science:

-masks do more harm than good
-virus so weak it can't even be cultured
-zero evidence for social distancing…
Perhaps the biggest finding:

Fatality rate in line with the seasonal flu (remeber when we were called grandma killing conspiracy theorists for saying that just a month ago?)!!!
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5 Jun
@dannylew274 @AurumHaze @RealMattCouch @Blue2Reaganite @DeplorableChoir @Beard_Vet @pvtjokerus @Therealbp65 @JFlippo1327 @Luckytobeme3 @TrumpGirlStrong @cov_Gretchen @RampageRantz It all depends on context. This is an act of submission, and there are so many variables. For instance, half of my adopted family came here as indentured servants. If you know anything about that...well, pretty ugly history. There are millions of white europeans who came here -
@dannylew274 @AurumHaze @RealMattCouch @Blue2Reaganite @DeplorableChoir @Beard_Vet @pvtjokerus @Therealbp65 @JFlippo1327 @Luckytobeme3 @TrumpGirlStrong @cov_Gretchen @RampageRantz long after slavery ended. There are millions of white Americans who've spent their lives in abject poverty. White privilege didn't lead to me being adopted, watching my mom die of cancer for years or having over a dozen buddies die young in wars in Africa & the Middle East.
@dannylew274 @AurumHaze @RealMattCouch @Blue2Reaganite @DeplorableChoir @Beard_Vet @pvtjokerus @Therealbp65 @JFlippo1327 @Luckytobeme3 @TrumpGirlStrong @cov_Gretchen @RampageRantz The only point of all of that is: life is hard, history is fucking ugly for everyone, of every race, religion & creed. Instead of trying to shame people whose history we don't know, why don't we try seeing each other as equals, in the present, and stop playing the "your ancestors
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5 Jun

Rasmussen says @POTUS has 40% black support?

He won in 2016 w/ 12%

Its been a long held belief that if GOP gets over 13-15% the DNC is done with.


The riots didn't work, Dems.
The black community has been woke AF for decades because of all of the shitty things the US govt has done to their community.

They just realized the DNC IS the state apparatus & @realDonaldTrump is dismantling the worst parts of it.
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4 Jun
Interesting obs.: I've been checking hashtags & mentions for certain towns outside of Los Angeles since riots began.

All good until last night, all of a sudden instigators started trying to rile people up in each area (Pasadena & surr areas + SCV).

Today all are going nutso.
All using the same MO:
-posting old vids of local politicians speaking & trying to misconstrue as racist
-calling high school athletic teams racist
-talking about racist community
-talking about need to "settle old scores"

Accounts don't seem to be bots, but are coordinated
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4 Jun
If you're a part of any marginalized group who thinks ANTIFA is on your side, take 5 mins to do some research.

Every authoritarian regime in history - Nazi Germany, Mussolini's Italy, Russia, China, Venezuela - puts every minority & disenfranchised group in the corner and -
shits all over them.

If you don't yet equate ANTIFA with an authoritarian regime, just look to their tactics, messaging, uniform, "logic" and even their flag.

They're a mirror image of authoritarian strong arm groups like the brown shirts.
They are NOT on your side, Black Lives Matter.

They are NOT on your side, trans people.

They are NOT on your side, Hispanic people.

They are NOT on your side, gay men & women.

They are only on the side of chaos & keeping everyone down who doesn't look/think/act like them.
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4 Jun
I want you to use logic the next time you see a poll w/ Biden ahead.

Aside from the senility, China, Ukraine & Obamagate corruption, Biden is on the wrong side of 2 issues integral to Americans: illegal immigration & 2nd amendment.

Any poll that tells you he's ahead is fake.
Furthermore, look up the group putting the poll out and what odds they had on HRC in the 2016 election.

It's a scary world when so many can be so dead wrong but just 4 years later people assume their numbers are legit & infallible w/o contemplating things like packed stadiums.
I get it, @realDonaldTrump rallies haven't been happening for awhile and remembering just 6 months back is hard, but it should put every one of those polls to sleep for anyone with a little bit of logic & memory.
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4 Jun
This should be able to go unsaid, but in our post-9/11 and flip-flopping politician world, it has to be said bluntly:

If you call in the military to do a job, let them do their job. War is ugly, but nobody knows how to fight it better than the soldier.

I'm all for calling them-
in to handle business.

I also feel that anyone who joins an organization hell bent on destroying our nation & harming our people, they've forfeited their position & rights as an American citizen.

"...against all enemies, both foreign and domestic."

If you're pushing for the-
military to be called in, own that position and hold on to it...ESPECIALLY if it gets ugly.

Now, in the middle of it, and forever afterwards.


That is all, carry on.
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2 Jun
Anybody notice the gross hypocrisy here in a movement started by black music industry executives to highlight racism?

In a nation so racist it has black executives & a black former President?

How many black execs do you think you'll find in China? India? Venezuela? Russia?
If the "institutional racism" they claim to be raging against were real in the USA, don't you think the IRS would have targeted their companies like Lois Lerner did to conservatives & tea party?
Do you know what REALLY bothers me about this and the current MSM reporting about the riots & looting?

The same people gaslighting & lying, trying to make you believe the black faces you see rioting are Russian-influenced white supremacists will never tell you how the Russian-
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1 Jun
Be careful out there. Pretty sure I was put on my current Twit restrictions bc I was sharing vid from alternate angles.

There was a protest in Pasadena, CA yesterday where 2 drivers went through the crowds.

1 was an instigator, for sure. The other was sitting at a stoplight -
when he began being heckled, having water thrown in his windows and people breaking into his car before he drove off.

The “protestors” continuously shared an edited clip that removed all of the heckling and attempted to gaslight & make it look like he just drove through w/o -
any reason.

But the unedited clips taken from behind and another in front showed a completely different story.

Remember these are kids well versed in social media, and just like the Taliban & Al Qaeda they know the media will show whichever side of the story they want w/ no-
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