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Douglas Reed started writing his book “The Controversy of Zion” in 1951 and completed in 1956 but it remained unpublished until two years after the author's death in 1986. Despite being a top selling author, he could not find a publisher.
But why?

The author traces the origin of Zionism back to 458 BC when the tribe of Judah produced a racial creed, “disruptive effect of which on human affairs may have exceeded that of explosives or epidemics”.

It's important to understand the difference between Israelites and Judah.

The Hebrew people who took possession of the Land of Canaan (Palestine) under the leadership of Yusha after Prophet Moses and his tribes were exiled from Egypt are known as the twelve tribes of Israel including Judah.
After Prophet Solomon's death, the Kingdom was split.

In 930 BC the 10 Tribes formed the independent Kingdom of Israel in the north and tribes of Judah and Benjamin formed the Kingdom of Judah which later became identified with the landless tribe of the Levites.

The racial creed which was given force of daily law in Judah in 458 BC was then and still unique in the world. It rested on the assertion, attributed to the tribal deity (Jehovah), that ― (the Judahites) were his chosen people who, if they did all his judgments would be...

...set over all other peoples and be established in a ―promised land. The hereditary priests of Judah established the worship of Jehovah as the god of racialism, hatred and revenge. In the two centuries leading up to 458 BC, Judah had been disavowed by the Israelites.

The Israelites (the northern confederation of ten tribes established by King Jeroboam) from all the evidence, never knew this racial creed which was to come down through the centuries as the Jewish religion, or Judaism. It stands, for all time, as the product of Judah.

In 721 BC, Northern Kingdom of Israel was attacked and conquered by Assyria, the Israelites were carried into captivity and later disappeared. Judah was spared for that moment and for another century remained an insignificant vassal, first of Assyria and then of Egypt.

The Judaist claim, on the other hand, is that Israel was totally and deservedly lost, because it rejected the Levitical creed and chose rapprochement with neighbouring peoples. Today‘s Zionists do not believe that the Israelites vanished without leaving a trace.

As Dr. Kastein says that the Israelites were pronounced dead, in the way that a Jew marrying out of the fold today is pronounced dead (for instance, Dr. John Goldstein); they were excommunicated and only in that sense ―vanished.

Peoples do not become extinct; the North American Indians, the Australian Blackfellows, the New Zealand Maoris, the South African Bantu and others are the proofs of that. For that matter, the Israelites could not have been taken away captive, had they been physically...

...exterminated. Their blood and thought survive in mankind, somewhere, today. The true meaning of the assertion that Israel ―disappeared is to be found in the later Talmud, which says:
“The ten tribes have no share in the world to come.

Thus, the children of Israel are banned from heaven by the ruling sect of Judah because they refused to exclude themselves from mankind on earth”

Chief Rabbi of the British Empire in 1918, the Very Rev. J.H. Hertz, in answer to an enquiry on this point said explicitly:

“The people known at present as Jews are descendants of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin with a certain number of descendants of the tribe of Levi”

This statement makes perfectly clear that Israel had no part in what has become Judaism

Therefore the use of the name Israel by the Zionist state which was created in Palestine in this century is in the nature of a forgery.

More on this topic some other day.
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