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Well it was bound to happen
Got called out on my new Twitter name

If I wanted to name myself
Most High God
And shoot flaming darts out my butt
And cuss up a storm
That would still be my prerogative
In the realm of supposed free speech
It turns out
We are all hypocrites
At one time or another
Bc no one is perfect
We all have dark and light

Until we become masters of ourselves
Which we are all in training for
We cannot help being misaligned in our intentions and actions
From time to time
We all make mistakes
And really it is all a matter of perception
One who sees me as
The enemy
Will see evil in even the most best intentioned thing I say

Last night
I dreamed of Jerry Seinfeld
He was a heroic figure
A cross between Superman
One of his supposed heroes
And an archangel
I realized why
Jerry is like a hero of mine
We were both born in the 50s
Grew up watching the brilliant comics of the 60s
Alan King just for ex

Jerry started meditating in the 70s
As did I
Only his took
I almost immediately dropped it

Started meditating for real around 2005
Until this day
Humor has always been extremely important to me
My grandfather was amusing
My father was hilarious
My little brother was silly to make us all laugh
My Mom imitated Lucy
When she wasn't hitting us LOL

Humor is sometimes the only balm in a painful situation
Mel Brooks made hilarious fun of Hitler to balance the unspeakable pain of WW2

The Tao te Ching is a wonderful ancient Chinese Zen like philosophy
Of inner quiet
Allowing life to be as it is and do its thing
The art of getting the best results
From the least effort
Trusting Life
Jerry Seinfeld
As most comedians do
Allows Humor to come to him to almost give a Zen like quality to situations
While laughing yourself silly at them
There is much healing in laughter
And there is an element of love in humor which heals the soul

In ancient Egypt there is a myth
When you die
Your heart is removed
Placed on a 2 tiered scale
On the other part of the scale is placed a feather
If your heart weighs less than a feather
Then you may ascend to the blissful heavens

Does this not speak to our current state?
If you are
Light Hearted
You may ascend
Back to the dream
Jerry's superpower is humor
When I woke up from this dream of Seinfeld in his 30s resembling Superman without the S
but also being an archangel with wings
I was puzzled
But then I realized
The dream was there to show me
That humor can be found in
That if someone judges you bc of their lack of love and humor
You needn't buy into that
You can use your superpower of humor
W/ peace and love
Which is already built in to the humor
To both empty yourself of negativity
And rebuild yourself with new life
Contained within the humor
5 years ago
My 94 year old stepfather of 40 years died
My then 83 year old Mom
Was understandably devastated to be parted from her beloved partner of 40 years

My Mom and I never got along
When 2 ppl don't get along
It's usually bc one pushes against the other
Anyway I was driving the long distance to keep her company a wk or 2 after the funeral
I was actually terrified to spend a week with her
Something I hadn't done since my 20s
And it never ended well

So in my terror in the car
I tried something new
I cried out to the
Humor Gods
I said
Oh higher benevolent loving beings of the Funny Bone!
Please be with me!
Guide and inspire me this upcoming week!
That we may both laugh and heal!
What happened next flabbergasted me
The entire week I made her laugh
I didn't even try


In the depth of her grief
She was able to laugh and start down the road of healing her sadness
So @JerrySeinfeld
Thank you for making us laugh
Thank you for the healing that comes from laughter
Thank you for meditating
I have no doubt that was a positive influence on your shtick

May everyone be blessed
With joy peace love and laughter
Please unroll and do your thing
I thought of you while I was writing this
I wish you peace and love
And great future threads 👍
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Keep Current with peace love humor✌️❤️🤣

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