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23 Oct
@david_perell is halfway to writing 100 articles in 100 days.

Here's my latest summary of his last 15 articles, distilled from 8,000 words to 800.

Installment 2⃣: David's Big Ideas on the Creative Process, Knowledge Management, and Effective Writing
If you want to start creating, but you don’t know where to begin…
🔷Start with curation
🔷Give yourself license to experiment
🔷Gather links and write recommendations
🔷Differentiate yourself by adding commentary
🔷Add an interpretive layer to the links you gather
Curate your intellectual environment…
🔷Collect information
🔷Notice small details
🔷Start to recognize patterns
🔷Classify the world in unusual ways
🔷Stand out with your vivid personal monopoly
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21 Oct
Feeling cooped up?

1/ Here's what it’s like to live on a U.S. Navy submarine: Image
2/ Take away sunshine, plants and animals, news and sports, proximity to loved ones, fresh food, and the occasional drink of alcohol.

Replace those things with enclosed spaces, vertical ladders, 130 people, three showers, and a disconnected cell phone.
3/ The sub leaves port with 3,000 rolls of toilet paper. Hours later the hatches shut and the boat submerges hundreds of feet underwater.

Every day for the next six months, the crew will consume ten pounds of coffee, sixty liters of Crystal Light, and 70 pounds of flour.
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14 Oct
Channeling @eriktorenberg

A summary of his big ideas, in three threads...

Thread 2⃣: Management and Leadership
Good management matters more than ever…
🔷Today’s employees need to be both productive and creative
🔷To do that, they need to be inspired and internally motivated
Management gives you leverage…
🔷Optimizing management creates ripple effects
🔷Managers dictate the experience of most people at a company
🔷Leverage is the art of making small changes that have big impacts
🔷Employees optimize for managers as much as the specific company
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14 Oct
Apply the knowledge of @eriktorenberg

I organized and distilled his last 3,000 tweets into a summary of his big ideas, in three threads...

Thread 1⃣: Careers, Finding Startup Ideas, Co-Founders, and Raising a Seed Round
Young people, don’t be afraid to look dumb…
🔷You can follow a safe path that caps your downside, not realizing it also caps your upside
🔷Safe paths are often tournament-style competitions, and perhaps not as safe as you think
Early in your career…
🔷Value substance more than status
🔷Enter markets that are small or don’t exist yet
🔷Build relationships with peers and up-and-comers
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8 Oct
In the past 25 years, I’ve had four major realizations about writing.

These are the kinds of realizations that don’t just change the way you think about something, they reverse the way you think about.
The first realization is writing is about ideas, not words or sentences.

I wrote for a decade before I internalized this truth. My work suffered because I tried to write something memorable or original instead of just writing what I meant.

I still have to work hard to do that.
The second realization is writing is about emotions, not merely ideas.

The song "22" isn't designed to appeal to 22-year-olds, it's designed to appeal to the 22-year-old in each of us. It overlaps ideas and emotions like hands on a clock.
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28 Sep
@david_perell is writing 100 articles in 100 days.

The articles are about the creative process, knowledge management, and the mechanics of effective writing.

Here's a summary of the first 15 articles, distilled from 6000 words to 1500.
Writing is R&D for Your Brain...
🔷It’s how you create intellectual capital
🔷It’s how you make your ideas permanent
🔷It’s the closest thing we have to time travel
Once You Write Something, You Add Legos to Your Intellectual Capital...
🔷They’re the seeds of your future projects
🔷The more you have the more you can create
🔷Remix and reuse the ideas for life
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