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I have posted up on @scribd both parties’ opening statements, their skeleton arguments (which contains the case they will be making during the trial) and Johnny Depp’s second and third witness statements….
@Scribd … I hope Mr Depp’s first witness statement will materialise in due course. We didn’t get it yesterday.
@Scribd You can find them here:

NGN opener:…

NGN skeleton:…

Depp opening statement:…

Depp Skeleton:…

Witness Statements 2 and 3:……
@Scribd Now the awkward bit - I’m not being paid to be here. I am just live-tweeting because I realise there is an appetite for it. If you do want to make a contribution, I have a tip jar. This is the link:
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A final note. My live-tweets only paraphrase and summarise what is being said in court. Nothing is a direct quote unless it is in “direct quotes”. And I have a legal responsibility to be "accurate and fair" in my reporting.
Also - please remember I am unlikely to be able to reply to any questions as I will be focused on tweeting what’s going on!

Okay Mr Depp is in the witness box already, we’re just waiting for the judge.
We’re off

Sasha Wass QC (for the Sun/NGN: Were you taking cocaine in March 2013?
JD: It’s possible. I don’t remember.
QC: we’re going to talk about your time with Amber Heard in 2013 (?). She was living with her sister Witney who you got on with and she acted as an intermediary between you and Ms Heard when you were having arguments.
JD: she did act as an intermediary
QC: and you got on with...
… her so well you put her name in your phone as “Sis”. You saw her as family?
JD: yes
QC: and you were taking cocaine in 2013 - you had fallen off the wagon.
JD: if you say so
Judge: it’s a question
JD: Oh. Sorry. I don’t remember.
[Sun QC asks about him changing his Winona Forever tattoo to Wino Forever]
QC: Which I assume was a joke.
JD: "It seemed fitting”
[there is further discussion about whether he was taking cocaine in March 2013]
QC: when you fall off the wagon you feel disappointed...
JD: yes
QC: and you don’t like having your nose rubbed in it
JD: “I suppose the image of having my nose rubbed in it is not a very nice way of putting it.”
QC: Okay you were sensitive to people noting it.
JD: mm…
QC: Well it was when Ms Heard laughed at your tattoo...
…. Wino Forever that you were very sensitive to your behaviour as having broken your sobriety.
JD: [is rambling a bit]
QC: [tells him off for rambling and says she’s going to cut in if he starts going off at a tangent]
JD: can I just say one thing?
QC: can you just answer the q?
JD: can you repeat the question
QC: did you get angry at Ms Heard for laught at your tattoo?
JD: [doesn’t remember]
QC: you then slapped Ms Heard across the face and it’s the first time you have used violence against her...

JD: That’s untrue - it didn’t happen.
QC: and you slapped her more than once. You slapped her once and she didn’t react. So you slapped her again.
JD: that is patently untrue
… QC: and it happened again so you slapped her again for a third time at her house in orange avenue.
JD: no it didn’t happen.

QC: and then you broke down - you realised what you’d done, you broke down and you said that you would never do it again. And you tried to...
… explain it terms of your sickness, your addiction. The monster. Your alter ego, that comes out when you are on drugs.
JD [is not clear on this but he is maintaining the violence didn’t happen]
QC: and Amber Heard said she understood what this was like as she had a parent...
… with addiction issues. Her father, who you were rather close to.
JD: remembers that Amber and he had this discussion and that he was close to her father.

[Sun QC goes to a written statement from JD in which he talks about Amber Heard encouraging his alcohol and drug abuse]
QC you were using drugs and alcohol to a significant degree during large parts of your relationship with amber and in your statement you say she was encouraging you to fall off the wagon.
JD: I would say she was not supportive.
QC: and you say she never supported me in my attempts to stay of drugs and
JD: ulitmately she did not
QC: I would suggest that is not true
QC: I would suggest after the first time you hit her, she understood what you were going through and she did try to support you.
JD: If so it was a very strange way of showing support.

QC: you would go round and take cocaine at her orange avenue house, wouldn’t you?
JD: quite likely, on occasion
QC: but she never touched cocaine in your presence. Even though she had taken it before she knew you.
JD: That’s not true.
JD: Not only would she chop cocaine with a razoer blade and turn it into lines, but she put it on her finger and rubbed it on her gums
QC: that never happened
JD: “my eyes have seen the actions”
[We move on]

QC: you have sent a text to Witney - Sis - on 9 March 2013. He was with her in the morning and sent AH a text to which she didn’t respond. “I just want to know that she’s safe. Just worried about her.”
QC: You are referring to AH in this text?
JD: yes
QC: and on 12 March...
QC: This is the disco bloodbath text… you know it?
JD: Yes ma’am
QC: you sent a text to AH “just thought you should know there exists a book called Disco Bloodbath”.
AH replies “we need that book!”
There is then a text exchange in which JD says he is impressed how she can make him laugh over what happened the previous Friday. JD signs off:
“Funny bitch, I fucking love you, you cunt"
QC: that text exchange happened, didn’t it?
JD: yes
[we are moving on and trying to find a document. Mr Depp is wearing what looks like a brown suit today, balck shirt and a light, patterned tie. The videolink is not quite 4K - not even SD really and the contrast is whack]
[so forgive me if that isn’t bank on. Johnny has taken off his glasses whilst the judge is trying to find the document. The judge finds it. JD gets his specs back on]
QC Do you recognise this kitchen top?
JD: No
QC: if I were to say to you these were lines of your cocaine?
JD: “if they were mine I would wonder why they had been photographed.”
QC: do you recognise it
JD: I see a straw, a little bindle and clearly… my credit card
QC: do you recognise the work surface or table top
JD: I don’t even know if it’s cocaine or not
QC: well we’ll have to draw an inference from that… but you don’t recognise that table top and presumably couldn’t remember the date?
JD: No
QC: Do you remember Ms van Reeve? An artist who had a painting in AH’s house. Since before you knew her.
JD: yes
QC: and do you remember in March turning up drunk and on cocaine?
JD: No
QC: do you accept you are a compulsive smoker
JD: “Yes ma’am I have a horrible addiction to nicotine, yes.
QC: and you also had a horrible addiction to cocaine in March 2013 I would suggest?
JD: no ma’am I’ve never been addicted to cocaine
QC: did you have a box which you used for cocaine?
JD: no ma’am
QC: a two inches square box?
JD: I had a little box for my meds
QC: I’m talking about a cocaine box with a skull and crossbones on it - property of JD - something like that?
JD: i don’t recognise that. it’s entirely possible. I didn’t have a designated box for illegal substances
QC: do you think your use of drugs and alchohol has impaired your memory
JD: no ma’am
QC: you have absolute clarity
JD: yes
QC: but you don’t remember the box
JD: people give me a lot of gifts
[we have now moved on to JD’s alleged jealousy. he admits he can be jealous. QC says he was jealous of Amber Heard and particularly her relationship with Sasha van Reeve the painter.]
QC you say in your statement you wanted Ms van Reeve’s painting removed?
JD: yes
QC: and did you
QC… take no for an answer?
JD: yes
QC: no - you didn’t, you tried to remove it yourself and when she stopped you, you slapped her
JD: that’s not true
QC: and you then used your cigaretted lighter to try to set fire to the painting
JD: that’s not true
[we are now looking at a photo of AH taking a photo in a mirror with what the QC says is a visible bruise on her arm. We can’t see the photo. The judge can’t find the photo. Mr Depp offers ot show the judge his photo. The judge declines: “No no - that’s quite alright”]
QC: do you remember causing any injury to AH’s arm
JD: no ma’am i dont’
QC: I suggest when you say you had clear memories of being with AH that’s not true. You forgot how you behaved so AH started keeping records in order to remind you of what you’d done.
JD: I cannot make any statement as to Ms Heard’s photography
QC: and she used these records to show you what your behaviour was like
JD: well I’ve never seen this photo before so she didn’t use this to remind me of anything
QC: but you accept she has a bruise in this photo
JD yes
QC; and on that night, you hit her, you hit her with the back of your hand and you are wearing rings. you always wear those rings, don’t you?
JD: yes
QC; and I would suggest that if you did hit her with the back of your hand it would cause her a huge amount of pain. and you did.
JD; no I didn’t

QC there was a date in 2013 you were extremely late on set filming a documentary about Keith Richards and I would say to you that was the day after you hit her in March 2013.
JD: no it wasn’t after that
QC another argument?
JD: there was another argument, yes.
QC: AH has documented 13 different occasions when you were violent towards her. She says these aren’t all the occasions. They are just the occasions she has recorded. you know that don’t you?
JD: yes
QC: and the day you were meant to be on set with Keith Richards...
… Whitney went back to her house and found a scene of complete destruction. Broken glass, lines of cocaine, mess everywhere.
JD: I dont’ remember it like that. I remember the morning.
QC: Where you were drinking whiskey
JD: it had been a tough… moment
QC: and taking cocaine...
JD: I don’t remember taking cocaine.
QC: Let’s go back to the photos of Ms Heard’s kitchen. You said you were drinking whiskey
JD: yes ma’am
QC: is that a high-ball glass of whiskey in that photo?
JD: yes, i was used to doing shots of whiskey, but that is whiskey on ice
QC: diluted with anything else?
JD: just ice water
QC: and there’s a bottle of spirits there with another receptacle containing a spirit. now AH doesn’t drink spirits does she? She drinks red wine.
JD [concurs]
QC so what’s that receptacle?
JD: it’s a bottle of whiskey called…. it’s a whiskey I like called Bullet Bourbon… because it looks like something from the 1920s
QC: is that that bottle
JD: no
QC: okay let’s have a look at that box which says property of JD - that’s your cocaine box isn’t it
JD: yes I suppose it is
QC: the one you said you couldn’t remember
JD: yes I am sorry, I must have been mistaken
QC: that’s why I was asking you about your memory. and I would suggest this box was very precious to you during this period of your cocaine addiction
JD: I was not addicted to cocaine. It’s very difficult to get addicted to cocaine - cocaine is not an opiate
QC [cuts him off] Mr Depp that’s enough - you say you were not addicted to cocaine.

[QC moves on to JD calling a Ms de Villepin a slut. And suggests it is indicative...
… of his attitude towards women. JD takes issue with this, but agrees he probably meant to call Ms Villepin a slut. QC describes him doing this in the aftermath of his massive night whilst AH and Whitney try to persuade JD to leave the house (for 4 hours) and go to the Keith...
… Richards doc set. JD explains the interview with Keith had been done and that all that was happening that day was filming Keith and Tom Waits performing in a studio so he called in to them all, and said they could go ahead without them.]
[we move on]
[sorry - go ahead without “him” not “them”]
QC reads a text “we started shooting you know” and you say “go goddamit - start shooting” you say you dont’ need me. And then another text “Keith is at the studio - Keith is rehearsing” you know what that’s about
JD: yes
QC: KF was...
… very important to you. We know that. what was so important at AH’s house that you wouldn’t got to see him rehearse on your set?
JD: [starts to answer]
[QC sneezes]
JD: bless you
QC: thank you
JD: I’ve lost my train of thought...
QC summarises. and when of your staff turns up to take you to the set you refuse to leave the house because you are tucking into the whiskey and cocaine
JD: well yes I was previously mistaken. Now I see the photograph and the whiskey and I believe I was partaking of the cocaine.
JD: there were four lines - I don’t think I took all of the cocaine
QC: I think you had taken a lot before then
JD: I am pretty sure that Whitney took some of the cocaine.
QC: but AH didn’t
JD: “AH in a lot of ways is a creature of routine and there were certain...
… things that she needed to do for me that I was not allowed to do for myself. When I came home she would take my boots off and that was part of our routine."
JD continues: There were certain things she would do for me and on that occasion she did take cocaine with her finger.
QC: So you remember what happened now.
JD: Well you’ve opened my eyes
QC: yes I understand how that hapens, but AH never took cocaine...
… she didn’t like cocaine and she never prepared it for you.
JD: that’s not true
QC: my suggestion is you had taken so much alcohol and cocaine that you were behaving irrationally and very badly, and you don’t remember it.
JD: what do you mean by badly behaved
QC: I’m about to..
… tell you.
JD: Oh thank you.
QC: Whitney, her dog, you and your driver Nathan got in a car and he started to take you to the set. Nathhan gets you drugs, doesn’t he?
JD: agrees he might
QC: and you were behaving angrily and badly - the Monster was back
JD: not really
QC: and you took Whitney’s tiny dog and held it out of the window and started howling
JD: that’s not true. It’s an enduring image. I would never do that
QC: were you laughing at a suggestion you made that you could put the dog in the microwave
JD that sort of humour was a running
joke between myself Ms Heard, her family because they [the dogs] are so ludicrously tiny. I wasn’t the inventor of that joke. I wasn’t the only one who brought things like that up.
QC: whilst you were behaving like this Nathan (and some other person in the car) did nothing...
JD well there was nothing for them to do.
QC: you surround yourself with people who never tell you what to do. They just exist to clear up after you
JD: I disagree - that would be a very sad way to live ones life and as far as hanging a dog out of the window
QC: you’ve already...
… denied that.
Judge wants to know if he denies surrounding himself with yes-men. JD agrees he does NOT surround himself with people who dont’ tell him what to do.
QC you hid your the fact you’d fallen off the wagon
JD: well it’s not a thing to advertise...
QC and you were in contact with people whilst you were trying to stay sober, people like Elton John.
JD: yes
QC let’s look at a doc from April 2013
QC where you get sent a text from Charlie Dunnett congratulating you on staying on the wagon for more than 400 days and you did nothing to confess to what you had been doing
JD: we don’t see my responses here
QC: are you suggesting you sent a text saying you’d fallen off...
… the wagon.
JD: “I’m pretty sure having been in touch with Elton and Charlie and I would have told Elton that I’d failed and I’d certainly have told Charlie.”
QC: could you try to find that for us?
JD: It was probably face to face
QC: so no documentary proof
QC goes to some texts from 2013 where JD texts an assistant that he needs bandages and stitches and finishes his texts with “I will poop on your chest”
JD: [giggles]
QC: I’ll take that that’s a joke
JD: yes
QC: you have said before you have a childish sense of humour
JD: sophomoric
QC: but that was a joke. yet the texts before were not a joke?
JD: I guess not
QC: do you remember this incident?
[JD doesn’t]
QC: you had a friend called Paul Bettany who you enjoyed taking drugs with. Do you remember telling Mr B that AH was trying to wean you...
… off drugs.
JD: she was quite adamant I should stop drinking and was adamant that I should no longer take any cocaine
QC: how does that square with your suggestion she didn’t support your sobriety? Which is in your statement.
JD: I would say yes a full siupport of someone who is beleived to be an alcoholic or addicted to drugs I would say that person would stop drinking or stop taking drugs around that person. If you ask them to make a sacrifice, they should be...
… willing to make that sacrifice themselves.
QC: and AH would drink two or three glasses of red wine a night
JD: I beg your pardon… two or three BOTTLES
QC: well that’s completely ridiculous
JD: well if that’s what you want to believe
Judge: what Ms Wass believes or doesn’t believe is beside the point - what I want to hear is your evidence.
QC and we’ve heard it
QC okay let’s go to a text sent by Paul Bettany in June 2014 - we buy Amber a toy beaver and we could
… picture you shaving the beaver and we could set up a website called Amber Heard’s beaver and make a fuck ton of money. Sell advertising space. Clearly there are many spinoffs, you could coke, toke, punch…

JD says Paul and Amber had their ups and downs.
QC Then gets on to the text where PB suggest drowning her to see if she’s a witch. JD says he will drown her, burn her and fuck her corpse

QC suggests this matey joking is because AH has turned into the fun police and is trying to stop him taking drugs
JD: I worked with PB he was a very close friend and he knew details about our relationship. He knew that when cocaine and alcohol came into the picture she didn’t like him and she didn’t like it.
QC: she didn’t like you being high on drugs or drunk on alcohol

JD: she had some delusional idea she turned me into this said Monster

[we move to a letter which AH has written but never sent to JD]
[The letter is in June 2014 talks about the Monster which comes from booze, how he is surrounded by enablers, how dangerous this is, how he is never allowed to hit rock bottom, and how ridiculous it is that people are constantly looking after you. Saying how she wants...
… to leave. How she is never going to get locked into him financially. Gives examples of needing stitches]

JD’s barrister has stood up and interrupted this reading of a letter never sent. Said it’s transparent what she is trying to do. She should ask a question.
Sun QC agrees, but then just carries on reading.

JD barrister stands up again - “she’s literally reading the entire email - she should really ask a questions”

Judge asks Sun QC to ask a question

QC: you say that AH’s position is a hoax
JD: "hoax is the best word one could use
… because all the allegations are patently untrue.”

QC: can you think of any reason why AH would write a letter like this describing someone who was so out of control that they passed out vomited and soiled themselves...
… can you think of any reason why that would be sent in 2013 before you could even ask Ms Heard to marry.
JD: from hearing you read this email that was written to me that was not sent ot me…
… having studied the case I would suggest ma’am that AH was building a dossier very early on that appears to be an insurance policy for later.
QC: so this hoax wasn’t just a question of making a false allegation in a domestic violence restraining order….
…. This was something she had plotted for three years.
JD: four. no, three. yes.
QC in an attempt to take advantage of you
JD: yes

[we have a 10 minute break]
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Don’t forget to read the court docs:

JD’s witness statements 2 and 3:……

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@Scribd JD’s opening statement and skeleton argumenent:……
@Scribd NGN’s opening statement and skeleton argument:……
[We’re back for the second session of the day]
QC: confirming that JD called AH’s claims are a hoax by quoting from his court documetns. You say she was planning this hoax for three years.
JD: yes
QC: your birthday is on 9 June and in 2013 a group of you went to hixville...
… in california.
JD: don’t remember that it was for my birthday
QC: we’re not sure if it was your birthday and we’re happy to be corrected if that was not the case, but it was around the time. QC lists the group...
… - and you and AH had the main trailer - the master suite the main trailer
JD: yes
QC: and you got on with Kirsty Sexton
JD: yes
QC: do you remember having to take a drugs test for insurance purposes for a film
… JD: and you told KS that she shouldnt; worry cos those tests were easy to fake
QC: those drugs were not easy to fake
JD: have you never faked a srugs test?
QC: I’ve never faked a drugs test
Judge: have you any recollection of saying to KS that you have faked a test
JD: no your lordship
QC: do you accept you were taking MDMA, cocaine, mushrooms and alcohol
JD: everybody had their drug of choice - some peopel were doing MDMA...
… there were mushrooms. I was smoking marijuana and ingested three little stems of the mushrooms but to no effect.
QC: you had a quantitiy of white powder with you
JD: I was not doing cocaine
QC: what about MDMA
JD: no it doesn’t do much to me
QC: you brought drugs...
… to the party, did you not?
JD: I brought marijuana
QC: You brought white powder
JD: no
QC: it was a social event, there were recreational drugs, you were playing guitar.
JD: yes
QC: apart from your drug-taking - you were taking considerably more drugs than anyone else that...
… night, didn’t you?
JD: no ma’am
QC: the Monster joined the party and you took exception to someone called Kelly Sue as she was sitting close to AH and you didn’t like this
JD: yes she was putting hands on AH and I thought it was an uncomfortable position to put Amber in.
QC: she didn’t seem to have a problem with it - she’s a feisty woman - why not let her do that?
JD: so she didn’t have to
QC: you got very angry and said “do you know how much pressure it would take to break your wrist?”
JD: never happened.
QC: what did happen
JD: it wasn’t around a campfire, I wasn’t singing with a guitar. it was later and they way she touched her went beyond normal affection. they were quite sexual, they were quite aggressive and she was clearly very high
QC: so it wasn’t AH going along with this show of affection...
… it was an uncomfortable situation.
JD: yes
QC: so how did you deal with this. JD: I took her hand away and told her first of all she had her hands on my girl and that it was inappropriate.
KS was quite glassy-eyed and unsteady on her feet. I recall saying to her if you are going ot take this drug MDMA you should know if you can handle it or not - you shouldn’t take it if you can’t handle it.
QC you were angry an aggressive and and you took the argument back to the trailer and you became angry with AH.
JD: agrees it started with KS. When we got back to the trailer AH said I had ruined everyone’s weekend, I was the bummer and I have ruined everyone’s good time.
QC: ruined the good time because of the KS exchange
JD: yes when everyone is under the influence of drugs and MDMA and mushrooms everyone can get quite hyped up and so AH was on a very good run.
QC She was on mushrooms that night AH wasn’t she
JD yes it’s a hallucinatory drug...
… and if I’m not on a hallucinatory drug like she is things are going to get a little mixed up.
QC you were on MDMA mixed with speed
JD I was not
QC and you yourself were a little hyped up
JD I was not on MDMA - that was up to AH’s friends to bring along. There was not enough...
… to go round. And it doesn’t effect me in the same way as other drugs.
QC your trailer got smashed up
JD: a bathroom sconce broke
QC: why
JD: i got very fed up with being demand as the turd in the punchbole and I didn’t feel I deserved to get screamed at and demeaned...
… and treated like garbage for something I felt was right and correct. I was hyped so punched the art deco light fixture above the bedroom mirror and smashed it.
QC there was a sconce as you called it hanging off the wall. you trashed the trailer.
… JD: no I didn’t
QC: it wasn’t limited to tearing a fixture off the wall
JD: I didn’t do that. I punched the fixture.
QC and then the next day - do you remember what happened?
You went with your security to the owners
JD: I went on my own, I apologised and the guy came round...
… with a replacement and fixed.
QC: that’s not what happened at all. you went with your security who had to negotiate a fee, and they were very upset, because to them it wasn’t about money - they had a wedding party coming the next day.
JD No that’s not how it happened...
QC you trashed that trailer. you were angry with AH and amongst other things you physically hit her and pushed her around and during the course of that struggle things got broken and that is how the trailer got trashed.
JD: it’s not the case ma'am
QC: do you accept you have referred to AH as a “lesbian camp counsellor”
JD: “i have never uttered the words”

[we go to a file]
QC you and AH had nicknames for each other ‘Steve’ and ‘Slim’.
JD: yes
QC: when we see Steve - we know it’s you.
JD: yes I was Steve and she was Slim
QC this is a text exchange with her “your display of guilt as a lesbian camp counsellor… but your future is on display”
JD: yes
… I did use it in a text.
QC: but you just denied it
JD: I used it in a text I never said it
QC: it doesn’t make any difference. you did it
JD: I made a mistake
QC: and disparaging someone’s sexuality like that
JD: "I accept it was an ugly thing to do.”
[we move on]
QC at the bottom of that page there’s a text to your sister “Amber and I not so good any more” this was when you were going through a number of difficulties mainly because of your drug ingestion and alcohol consumption - do you agree?
JD: no
QC: your sister says AH wants to talk to her and she doesn’t know what to do. and you reply

I didn’t know she had another fucking photoshoot. That’s the real reason she left. “I don’t need actress bullshit and her fucking ambition.”

QC is that, as you said yesterday, supporting
… her by encouraging her to find work that didn’t objectify her.
JD concurs
[we move on to a text he sent to Paul Bettany in which he says he’s been not nice to AH and it’s because of the booze which he has far too large a capacity for and which he loves]
JD agrees sending...
… the text.

[we move on]
[JD is being shown an image of AH with bruised arm, cocaine on a bible and third image is JD passed out]
JD I appear to be sleeping, not passed out
QC: there is a bed nearby, but our are on the floor, sleeping fully clothed on the floor and your head...
… is at an odd angle.
JD: my head is on a cushion
QC: it looks less like a cushion than a solid object
JD: it is? it’s hard to distinguish
QC: just below the first hole punch immediately below mr Depp’s arm
JD: i honestly can’t tell
QC: that’s what you thought was a cushion
QC it appears to be a rectangular solid object rather than a cushion?
JD: I’m afraid I can’t
QC: fair enough. let’s look at the metadata on those photographs. they are all taken on 18 July 2013.
Do you see that mr Depp.
JD: I do
QC: there has been no challenge to this metadata...
QC… so we know this is you on that date. Now we know that you were saying around that time you were in rehab for 5 days.
JD: I mixed my words up - no one does rehab for 5 days. You detox for 5 days. Rehab is anything up to 6 months.
QC: okay did you detox in July 2013?
JD yes
QC: Keith Richard’s place
JD: It was somewhere he recommended. I went to Keith and told him I wanted to stop drinking
QC: and taking drugs
JD: yes
QC: and do you accept in 2013 you wanted to clean up and make things work with AH
JD: at the time
QC: yes now you think it was an...
…. enormous hoax. But at the time.
JD: yes
QC: let’s have a look at the text you sent “the only reason we go for the throat is love” and she says “my throat is yours” and you say “I have other uses for your throat that don’t involve injury” and she says “you’re going to be...
… the death of me.”

[Basically JD is going away and they are declaring love for each other even though they accept they might be a little bit too intense]

QC: and AH like to socialise with other people whilst you were away didn’t she?
JD: yes
QC: and that made you feel uncomfortable. She wanted to go to an Arctic Monkeys gig but you didn’t want her too and eventually she agreed not to go
[to save time QC is suggesting that JD looks at these texts to see if he concurs they are genuine and the QC’s...
… suggesting he looks at these over lunch rather than go through them all. She is now reading him a text in which he suggests to a friend he crouches down and produces a giant “dookie” outside AH’s door, so she steps in it and thinks its one of the dogs. QC says this is another
…. example of his “lavatorial” sense of humour. “Childish” corrects Depp.]
[we now move on to a situation whereby one of Depp’s dogs had eaten som hashish and “just scooped it up before I could get to it”]
QC as a result AH was worried Boo [the dog] had some kind of brain...
… injury
JD: she would say it, yes
QC: okay
QC and AH used to scold you quite regularly for alcohol abuse and she was actually quite strict. You text your sister “she was a shit last night, no message, she’s young and dumb and I’m old and dumb” - text goes on to...
... describe a moment when he wanted a glass of champagne and she took issue.
JD it was a way of controlling me
QC: she was controlling you!
JD: you said she was strict. I thought storming out or getting lectures was the best way of reacting to me wanting a glass of champagne...
… or half a glass of champagne with Christopher Reeve.
But yes she was very strict and I didn’t like being lectured, like yes… a camp counsellor. I am sorry that I used that phrase.
[Sun QC starts talking about a text in which JD refers to his Peruvian period and how AH didn’t like the monster it made him. QC uses the phrase “Peruvian marching powder, or cocaine” - JD agrees with this reference and that he sent the text]
JD: “she thinks that my peruvian period has made me a monster and it is ruining the relationship - it was a period in time I was using cocaine on occasion and maube it would last a couple of days or a few days depending on how things were...
… but what I’m trying to say, but your efforts to bring doc in to every part of our relationship is… I understand what you’re trying to do, but its important to acknowledge it was a period.
QC: yes it’s a pattern - you try to stop and then lapse
JD: "I didn’t try to stop and lapse. I stopped or if I felt like it or it was needed in some way, I would use it.”
QC and what you’re saying in that text is that the
JD "she thinks the peruvian period has made me a monster, yes.”
QC what is your definition of a monster in that text
JD: “you would have to ask her”
QC: was she saying to you - you’re a monster when you’ve taken cocaine
JD: “she would say I was the monster at any time it suited her fancy or it suited her argument and it was not the case - I’m not a multi-personality… so I’m just telling you that she think my...
…Peruvian period has made me a monster and it’s ruined our relationship so her constant harping on whatever I decided to ingest was affecting her more than it was affecting me.”
QC you became a monster after taking cocaine
JD: “that’s just not true. it’s her interpretation”
QC how can you say she copped up cocaine for you?
JD excuse me?!
QC: she hated you taking cocaine. you are lying when you say she chopped it up for you
JD: “it was Ms Heard’s belief I became a monster. Sh was the only person which has ever brought that up - that notion that I am a monster when I drink, that I am a monster when I took cocaine that I was a...
… monster when I smoked marijuana - it was more than a concern of hers it was a weapon. And it was used constantly. She grabbed hold of the word and she grabbed on hell-bent for leather in order to make it stick.”
[Phew. Lunch. Or as they call it in the High Court - the Short Adjournment]
Thanks for all the tweets. Sorry I can’t reply. DM me if you’ve got a particular question you want me to try and answer at the end of the day.
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Now I am going to try and hunt down some food..
Lunch break nearly over. I have some pictures for you. These are some of those shown in court that we’re not able to see as they’re being referred to.
We have to apply to get the pictures unless the parties choose to release them to us. (“Us" being the reporters in the spillover room. Sian and Sam from Press Association are liaising with the court to get us as much as possible)
This is today’s haul. The four lines of cocaine, the whiskey and the Property of JD box that Johnny Depp admitted he forgot existed:
(Note Keith Richards white label CD to the left)
Amber Heard photo of her bruise:
More white lines with JD’s credit card:
I also now have the exact text of the Paul Bettany Amber Heard beaver text and the full text of the unsent email from AH to JD, but court is sitting and we are back underway. I’ll paste them into twitter at the end of today’s session.
[there has been a discussion about whether JD was jealous about AH attending an Artcic Monkeys concert and it is inconclusive as to whether his motivation for suggesting it was a bad idea was jealousy]
[we are now onto whether AH’s behaviour would act as a trigger...
… for his binges]
JD: I’m not blaming her for it, but our inability to connect with each other in the way that would should have and then
QC: you’d go on a binge
JD: well I’d drink to numb myself
QC: and you’d later convince yourself it was her fault that you’d weakened...
.. and gone on a binge. And when this syndrome arose - argument, trigger, binge - you’d just disappear. Just go away for a while.
JD: there was a time I’d text her to suggest I was going to hotel
QC you had to get away and she was extremely worried by this. She used to get....
… quite frantic and jealous that I was cheating on her.
QC: well we’ll agree the first part of that and come to the second later
QC: yesterday in court you said you’d taken drugs with Marilyn Manson twice
JD: twice or three times
QC: but that you hadn’t done it for years before
…. your relationship with AH. Do you stick by that?
JD: "my recollection is that when doing a line of cocaine with Manson was I believe it was before AH and were fully involved, lets’ say”
QC and you were fully involved by Feb or March by 2014.
[we go to a text message bundle]
Text is from AH to JD’s sister.
AH “I need your help. JD is on a bender with Manson…. can you help. He needs to come on. We have no need to fight. He just aims all his anger at me when he’s on it.”
QC were you on a binge with Manson in Feb 2014?
JD: I believe that’s what...
… Ms Heard thinks.
QC: Do you agree it appears you were on. drugs bings with MM?
JD: It appears Ms Heard believes I was on a drugs binge with MM and how she believes she knew I was on a drugs binge with MM is a mystery to me.
[QC reads more texts between AH and JD’s sister]
[about this specific incident with MM]
QC Did your sister express anxiety to you about your drug intake at this time
JD: My sister has had a number of worries about my consumption growing up and yes she talked to me many times over the course of my life and with Ms Heard and yes
… we did speak about it and my sister’s ability to speak about it with Ms Heard stopped shortly afterwards.
[Judge raises part of text re 24 hour binge with MM and asks JD if he was on a 24 hr binge with MM]
JD: “She is speculating that I am getting loaded or on a binge with Manson for 24 hours.” Says it’s speculation.
JD Manson and I did take my daughter to school. We were together. Mr Manson and I were together for probably a couple ...
… hours after that at his house and I went back to my house on Sweetser (?) Avenue
QC: so this never happened at all
JD: I think she’s taking a guess at what’s happening. She doesn’t have the facts
QC: were you taking drugs?
JD: I remember smoking marijuana with Mr Manson
QC: what about anything else. Cocaine?
JD: She talks about cocaine a lot
QC: that’s because you were taking quite a lot of cocaine.
JD: that’s… debatable.
[more texts between JD and Whitney (AH’s sister) in which JD says she’s crossed the line, but it looks like they’ve split and it’s his fault, then more texts between JD and his daughter all in 2014]
QC: your daughter recognised that AH was a good influence on you?
JD: yes she believed that at the time
[QC reads a text in which she says AH is a good influence and that he’s been a better dad whilst AH has been around, and that he has been absent as a dad and she doesn’t want..
… to go back to what it was like before. JD says he will stop drinking. Another series of texts from his sister saying:
"Stop drinking", "stop coke", "stop pills”]
May 2014 Johnny goes to meet Dr Kipper re rehab/detox
QC reads from notes from Dr Kipper -

Johnny Depp - initial consultation: He was asked to go see JD in Boston - lists a lifelong use of stimulants as self-medication, oxycodone for sleeplessness, aderol works for ADHD, takes 2mg of clonocin...
… (or something)
Smoked for most of his life and ingests THC (active ingredient of weed).

He is living in Boston and has no time to be properly examined diagnostically,
QC then there’s a bit about your family life then
“Primary dopamine imbalance, dpression, chronic...
… substance abuse disorder, nicotine addiction.”
Then he puts in place a plan which you will go on when your filming finishes.
QC in your statement you say that AH’s attempt to paint you as a drug addict is wrong other than to oxycodone. Dr Kipper’s assessment contradicts that.
QC did Dr Kipper get that wrong
JD: no he got the information from…
QC you…
JD: yes from me.
QC and the idea was you were going to clean up you act
JD: I was quite addicted to these roxycodone due to a stunt injury on a film in London
QC we don’t need to know why
JD well it states the wrong reason for the addiction
QC okay so you don’t agree with that
QC and AH was in London filming with James Franco called the Aderol diaries
JD: I dont’ remember
QC: and he is much younger than you
JD: yes he is
QC and on this occasion you became jealous
JD: it provoked me to become jealous because of her previous experience about working with Mr Franco on a film called Pineapple Express so it shocked me that she was suddenly so friendly and happy with him.
QC: you thought something was up?
JD: she said before he tried to make sexual advances towards him that were unwanted. She said he was a rapist.
QC a rapist?
JD she used the word rapey to describe his behaviour
QC you were uncomfortable that...
… AH was making a film with James Franco
JD: yes
QC: you wouldn’t interfere with a film choice or script that AH would make unless asked?
JD: that’s right - whenever she asked I would give her my opinion and concerns
QC and your concerns about romantic scenes were quite...
… considerable, weren’t they?
JD: AH was concerned she was doing films where she was being objectified and she wanted to do parts with more meat to them and of course she was concerned about doing films which contained nudity.
[we move to a new file]
[a message from AH to her then assistant in 2014 - “can you please be sure you don’t sent Nathan or anyone on Johnny’s team one line on my schedule. I don’t want them to see anything which could Johnny to lose it. just send the DOOD which doesn’t explain..
… the scenes in any way”]
QC why would she do this. why did she think you might lose it?
JD: she doesnt’ want me to get jealous and have it turn into an argument
QC: and lose your temper
JD: well get upset
QC: lose it is short for losing your temper
JD well… yes
QC the night before you were due to meet up with AH did you have a heated discussion with her about the scenes she was doing with James Franco
JD: i dont’ recall but it’s highly likely
QC: so you got to the plane and sat in the car and refused to get out for a time
JD: how long? because I would just wait until the bags were loaded and sit in the car smoking because you’re not allowed to smoke on the ground
QC: on this occasion you were taking drugs
JD: to assume I was taking drugs is a little bit of cheap shot I would say
QC well - were you taking drugs or not?
JD: in Boston is where Dr Kipper and Nurse Debbie came. I had agreed to and promised my sister I was going to kick the Roxycodone, so I was addicted to a very strong narcotic and that was known by everyone.
JD: and it was agreed by everyone I would try to kick it before going to the Bahamas
QC did you take alcohol
JD: I don’t recall. Everyone usually has a drink before a flight so maybe.
JD: There have been many tarmacs and many planes and many SUVs
QC: AH was on the plane and by the time you got on the plane it was apparent you were under the influence of drugs and alcohol
Judge: well ask it as a question
QC asks if he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol
JD: I don’t remember taking cocaine if that’s the drug...
…. you were referring to. I have no doubt that that’s what AH saw, but I dont’ think her eyes were telling her the truth.
QC did you think she was being judgmental towards you?
JD: I think judgmental is a very good word to use
QC and I suggest on this occasion you were...
… spoling for a fight.
JD: no I wasn’t
QC you brought up the subject of her co-star James Franco,
JD: don’t remember doing that
QC: you felt strongly about that
JD: I suspected she was having an affair with JF and it’s subsequently has been confirmed she was
QC not at this stage
JD: I’d been told she was
QC: you’d been told she was
QC and you were screaming obscenities at her
JD: with my two assistants, a pilot and a stewardess?
QC: yes
JD: I wouldn’t do that
QC you were talking about her getting fucked by JF and how she liked...
… getting fucked on set and you were making vulgar suggestions about her
JD: that’s quite a sketch of her imagination
Judge: Mr Depp - all you have to say is whehter you agree or disagree with the scenario

JD: that’s all I have to say - "I disagree?"
Judge: I don’t want to limit your evidence, but it seems like you disagree.
JD: yes I disagree
[QC says he goes into a blind rage, slaps her across the face and calls her a go-getter slut and and a whore]
JD: no I didnt'
QC you screamed abuse at her
JD: I would not have spoken like this to her in front of these people.
QC then you asked for the oxygen tank from the plane
JD: yes
QC: why?
JD: for a lark
QC: a lark?
JD: I’d done it before with the pilot
QC: she moved away from you and kicked...
… her in the back saying “are you moving away from me”
JD: not true
QC: and you later went to the toilet or bathroom if you prefer where you passed out
JD: After the screaming I went to the toilet, got a pillow and went to sleep on the bathroom floor. I’ve done it before.
QC you’ve certainly passed out in bathrooms before. Has your assistant had to break into locked rooms after you have passed out.
JD: I have gone to sleep in bathrooms before.
[we move to a new file]
[texts between AH and her then assistant “I have to leave JD he’s just freaked out on me - he’s drinking again” asks assistant to book her on the red-eye out. “i need to make this move”]
QC was there anything you did that could cause Ms Heard to say...
… “I need out”
JD there were arguments
[QC reads from JD’s witness statement about the Boston flight. It paints a different picture. Mr Depp’s statements are… and… ]
QC do you accept that when accounts differ so completely - you’d had a sip of wine and were sketching in an art book - do you agree that when we get such different accounts it is helpful to look for independent evidence?
Judge - that’s not for JD to answer - it’s up to you...
… to make a submission to that effect.
JD’s barrister gets up and complains that Ms Wass QC is trying to get JD to agree to submissions she’s going to make in her closing speech.
Judge says he agrees to an extent, but if Ms Wass wishes him to comment on a conflicting statement.
She is entitled to.
JD barrister: but this is a vehicle to get him to say that conflicting texts can be useful and then she’s going to try to use it in evidence.
Judge I agree to some extent, but I don’t agree a substantial part of what Ms Wass is saying is on the wrong side.
[Ms Wass QC - Sun/NGN barrister - “QC"
“Judge" - Mr Justice Nicol - sole presiding judge - there is no jury
David Sherborne - JD’s barrister - “DS”]
[Wass goes back to the third party alleged corroboration that DS was exercised about - she reads a text saying that JD needs to be taken off the flight as he is sick]
[We are about to hear an audio recording]
[the accompanying transcript is being searched for. we have lost the visual link as the audio file is loaded up. Oh no. we’re back. Johnny Depp is sipping water. Looks like an Evian bottle this distance if that’s of interest. He has three water bottles near him]
[he was looking a bit bored. Now his head is down with his glasses off and he’s drumming his ringed fingers on the desk in front of him]
[transcript still has not come to light]
[going to listen to it without the transcript. it is very short and I suspect it might be unclear as apparently there are contested transcripts]
[DS suggests a break. Judge refuses. We’re going to ply on without one. DS objects. Judge agrees to listen to recording without ts]
[Here we go. It is a recording of someone moaning in pain. Going “aaaaaaaaah aaaaaah aaaaaaaooooooaaaaah”]
QC: Mr Depp that is you on a plane.
Judge: well - do you agree that’s you?
JD: I find it difficult…
Judge: no that’s fine
QC: do you remember anyone else on that plane making those noises
JD: no
QC: it’s not a woman’s voice is it
JD: it sounds like it could be pretty
… much anyone’s voice. I’ve never heard or heard of that recording before. It sounds like an animal in pain.
QC yes I am going to suggest you were that animal and it was due to the overconsumption of drugs and alcohol on that flight
JD: I cannot identify that sound as me...
… so I cannot agree it is me.
QC does this make sense of the text saying you need looking after in the car after the flight and you are in some pain.
JD: I dont’ know the two are connected at all. I dont’ know the origin of the tape. I don’t know about the metadata...
QC were you sick when you arrived from Boston in LA or were you sick on the plane?
JD: I must have been quite ill if that’s what the texts are saying
QC: yet in your witness statement you say you remember the flight in detail - you don’t mention being sick
JD: there’s...
… nothing to say I was being sick on the plane. There’s nothing relating to that… mating call I heard on the tape.
QC your account was that AH was the aggressor and you went into the bathroom to get away from her.
[we go to a text JD sent after the flight]
QC do you see the text from you to AH sent about three hours after the text from your assistant to Ms Heard. This was at 10.42 - you say

“Once again I find myself in a place of shame and regret. I really don’t know why...
… and what happened I want to get better for you and for me I must. My illness somehow crepty up and grabbed me. I can’t live like this again and I know you can’t either… I love you again I love you I’m so so sorry. I feel so bad for letting you down. Yours.”
QC why would you need to apologise?

JD: the very simple answer to that could be one of a couple of things after she was unresponsive to me trying to make things better on the plan because she was upset….
… Unfortunately because in some way Ms Heard would not let go, you had to condition yourself to use words that would not set her off and placate her… also I could be apologising for something I said”
QC: why did you say you were in a place of shame and regret

Because sometimes you have to say something like that to take the poison out of her quill
QC: but you had nothing to be ashamed of, if your account is true.
QC why did you say the illness crept up and grabbed you?
[JD now speculates he may have been drinking on the flight]
[we now go to a discussion where there are texts between JD’s sister and AH in which AH complains that he keeps getting into this state]
QC: what is she talkin about “getting into this state”
JD: I believe it’s about our approach to one another.
[another text from his assistant]
[in which Mr Dutouss (?) assures Ms Heard that they have taken JD through what happened on the flight as he doesn’t remember everything and he is not going to be like it again]
QC: what’s this about?
JD; it was a plan. I am ashamed to say that I asked Mr D to tell her...
… whatever she wants to hear. Placate her. It was a way of trying to deal with AH without her going into a kind of high energy screaming match.
QC: why does mr d say he doesn’t remember what happened he’s very sorry, very sorry for what happened and it won’t happen again
QC why would that placate her?
JD: because it would make it look like she was correct and AH likes to be correct.
QC Why did Mr D text

"He’s teary he doesn’t want to be a fuck up...
…. any more he’s gone back to sleep, we’re going to set him up with Dr Kipper he won’t be skipping it this time.”
[they agree this is about JD missing Dr K appts.]
[More texts between Mr D and AH who is determined to leave on the red-eye. Mr D appears to start...
… mediating between the two saying JD won’t fuck up again.]
QC still placating?
JD: yes
QC: “I don’t know how I am going to be around him after what he did to me yesterday.” What’s she talking about?
JD: the experience on the plane
[AH isn’t sure. Says she needs time.]
[And won’t get a flight so she’s going to get a car. Mr D now says that JD doesn’t deserve this and he’s very contrite and doesn’t remember. Mr D says if he knew the full extent of what happened then JD the man would be appalled.
Mr D’s text then explicitly states JD kicked AH]
QC still placating?
JD: yes
QC: why?
JD: because I told Mr Doutiss to placate her to get round the situation
QC: and you said to tell her that I kicked her and I cried
JD: I didn’t write any dialogue for him. I left him to follow my instructions.
QC she was feeling like she wanted to leave because you were assualting her all the time
JD: i respectfully disagree
QC: and kicking a woman in the back is not the action of a southern gentleman
JD: it’s not the action of any gentleman.
QC you’d call someone like that a wife-beater
JD: would I call them a wife beater? no I’d call them an animal a savage, sick...
… - it’s one of the most disgusting allegations anyone has ever made about about me
QC is it an accurate description - a wife beater - of someone who kicked a woman in the back
Judge steps in - Ms Wass we’re getting into the realm of submission.
[QC reads out another message from AH to JD in which she again writes about his self-destructive tendencies and what it’s doing to their relationship]
QC reads text between Depp and Paul Bettany saying the night before the Boston to LA flight he drank all night, no food for days, powders, half a bottle of whiskey, 1000 vodka red bulls, had pills, champagne. Asks JD what he means
… by this text.
Judge: theres a section which says two bottles of champagne on plane
JD: okay yes that was on the plane
QC are you saying what you drank 1000 red bull vodkas, pills, powder
JD: I made a mistake about the full intake on the plane.
QC: so you did consume more...
… than you previously had admitted to.
JD: it wasn’t one of those flights
QC: one of those flights. You’ve had several flights where you’ve behaved badly like this…
JD: yes it sounds like
QC: it sounds like you overdid it
JD: it sounds like I overdid it and it sounds like I was
… incorrent in my recollection of the amount of cocaine I had taken and my apologies to the court, but I dont’ remember it being like that.
QC you don’t remember any of this flight
JD: I do
QC you had a blackout
JD: i have some memories of this flight
QC but parts are...
… blacked out.
JD: yes
QC: that’s what you say to Paul Bettany
JD: yes
QC: so would you make that up?
JD: no i suppose not
[we then go into the screaming obscenities bit - he denied it to the court and then admits it to Bettany so he clarifies by saying we were probably...
… screaming at each other.]
QC do you recognise those animal noises we heard earlier might be you?

JD I may have done things that I have no memory of but Mr D was there and he would never let anything happen to AH and I wouldn’t do anything be violent especially to a woman...
QC: so you drank to excess
QC do you accept you took drugs
JD for the purposes of getting through this…
Judge: Mr Depp - I realise we’re at the end of the day, but please do not say anything for the purposes of getting through this, please give me your clear recollection...
[JD admits drinking a lot on the flight and taking a lot of illegal and prescriptions drugs]

[we go to one more text in which JD texts someone that he fucked up, got drunk and got shitty with AH]
QC this is not someone you have to placate, but you said you were shitty with AH
QC have you seen any evidence that speak to AH being the aggressor, rather than you
Judge - well as his case is that it didn’t happen, I think subjecting Mr Depp to a memory test about this is not correct

JD apologises again to the court for misrepresenting the plane situation.
JD leaves the witness box

QC is now angling for more time for JD in the witness box. Says he gives very full answers and because of his full answers and repetition, she is falling behind.
Judge asks what she wants.

Ms Wass asks if Friday morning could be given over to JD’s evidence too. But she says she understands this will reduce the time available for the cross examination of other witnesses.
But says it can be done without increasing the overall length of the trial.

Judge says the claimants are going to have to do their re-examination of Mr Depps too. Do you need all of Friday morning? Or can you let some of that be used for re-examination. Wass wants all Friday AM
DS is on his feet. He is objecting to JD being in the witness box any longer than scheduled. It is a trial on a tight timetable, so he doesn’t see why it should be shifted now Ms Wass is taking ages to get through her questions.
DS: in my submission if Ms Wass has not progressed fast enough that is not the fault of Mr Depp. given there is lots of evidence and it’s complicated evidence involving video link, we need to stick to it. Changing it will be problematic if we dont’ stick to it.
DS: I dont’ understand how she possibly thinks we can stick to the overall length of the trial if she suddnely starts asking for more time. We don’t have the luxury of that.
DS it’s one thing for a Friday morning to be re-examination but if we go into Friday for xe then that is bound to cause serious problems.
DS nothing is unforeseeable about what has happened over the last three days, yes it’s taking a long time, but that’s down to Ms Wass.
Judge - Ms Wass?
QC: well I know your lordship will weigh it up on the basis of justice for both parties.
Judge - i do appreciate Mr Depp's evidence is one of the two most paritcularly important to this case and when leading counsel says fairness to her client she needs longer I am bound to listen. I will say Mr Depp’s evidence including reeamination MUST conclude by Friday lunchtime
Judge - you are going to have to work out how this is going to happen between you. If you and he cannot agree on a fair division on Friday morning then I will have to make a ruling.
[we are descending into legal bickering over timetabling]

Thanks so much for all your support today. I realise I was not exactly clear on some crucial texts between a Mr Dueters and AH. I couldn’t see the texts and they were being read out by the Sun QC as a sort of he said...
… she said thing and I admit to getting a little confused with who was saying what. I now have Mr Dueters correct spelling and the texts and who they wrote them. I’ll post them up as soon as I can.
Court has risen. It starts again at 10am BST. Your generosity has very kindly paid for my time and lunch whilst at court so thank you very much. Same again tomorrow?
That’s evidently a yes, then. Thank you. That session went on so long some of us stragglers got stuck in the High Court and had to leave through a side entrance. I am now in a nearby so I can put up the texts I mentioned.
Nearby PUB. Crucial noun.

The Devereux:
Okay so this is the text exchange between Amber Heard and Stephen Dueters after the now infamous Boston to LA flight during which AH alleges Johnny Depp kicked her in the back, which he denies.
Stephen Dueters: His phone is fucking up. I'm restarting it. You will hear from him, I'm sure. There feels like a sea change in him this morning. He just spoke about how bad he feels and he wasn't talking physically
Stephen Dueters: Think he's just texted you. He's incredibly apologetic and knows that he has done wrong. He wants to get better now. He's been very explicit about that this morning
Stephen Dueters: Feel like we're at a critical juncture

Amber Heard: Yes but I don't know how to be around him after what he did to me yesterday.
Amber Heard: I don't know if I can stay with him. I need time

Stephen Dueters: He wants to see you so much. He's distraught.

Amber Heard: Don't worry about the flights. I'll be taking car of them myself. Thank you
Amber Heard: Look, He thinks 'he doesn't deserve this'. Obviously he has no idea what he did or to the extent that he did it. If someone was truly honest with him about how bad it really was, he'd be appalled. The man johnny is would be humiliated….
(AH contd….)
And definitely wouldn't say to me that he doesn't deserve it. I'm sad that he doesn't have a better way to really know the severity of his actions yesterday. Unfortunately for me, I remember in full detail everything that happened
Stephen Dueters: He was appalled. When I told him he kicked you, he cried.

Stephen Dueters: It was disgusting. And he knows it

Stephen Dueters: I wasn't with him when he sent u the 2nd txt. He read it to me and I said it was the wrong text to send….
… He then sent the 3rd one and sat and cried again after on the bed. He's a little lost boy. And needs all the help he can get. He is so very sorry, as he should be.

Amber: He's done this many times before. Tokyo, the island, London (remember that!?), and I always stay. Always believe he's going to get better... And then every 3 or so month, I'm in the exact same position
Stephen Dueters: I know. It's hideous. But that is one side of the man that you fell in love with. And one side of the man that fell in love with you. I know you're hurting. And you've every right too. And he knows that

Okay and here is the Paul Bettany text sent to Johnny Depp that was mentioned in court yesterday:

"I just thought of a way for us to make a lot of money! I know you already have a lot of money
but I mean A LOT of money and with very little effort. First of all we buy...
… Amber a pet beaver
and then we take pictures of you shaving said beaver. All that's left is to do is to create a
website with the domain name "Johnny Depp shaves...
… Amber Hurd's beaver" and then we sell advertising space like fucking crazy!!! Clearly there are many spin offs- you could poke, stroke, punch etc.”
That’s probably quite enough of that.

In response to the questions I’ve had a quick look at:

- the High Court (where the Depp v NGN and Wootton trial is taking place) has a system whereby all the claimants and the defendants make their case...
… in this case it is (to paraphrase)

Depp: The Sun defamed me by calling me a wife-beater. I’m not. And what’s more this is hurting my career and reputation

The Sun: We called you a wife-beater because it’s true, and we can prove it on the balance of probabilities.
A claim form goes in, a managing judge gets appointed, there are pre-trial hearings, requests for disclosure etc etc and the length of the trial is negotiated with the judge. Witness statements are submitted. Each party chooses its own witnesses to back up its case. Then...
… when the trial starts (after opening statements, which were made on paper during this trial to save time), each side gets to cross-examine the other side’s witnesses to see how true (or elliptical with the truth) their statements are.

There is a tiny bit of re-examination...
by each witness’s own side at the end of their cross examination, but this is meant to be very quick and just to clarify important points.

So what we are seeing with Johnny Depp...
… is the Sun QC essentially trying to rip his witness statements to shreds by using their own evidence (all seen and agreed in advance by Depp’s team) and using it to solicit answers from him which might be to their advantage. Mr Depp’s “truth” as he sees it, is in his...
… written witness statements (and in this case skeleton argument and opening and later closing statement). There won’t be a moment where he gets to hold forth in court in much detail about what he sees as the truth. It’s all on paper.
The Sun’s QC will plough through Depp and his witnesses, what is said in court will be transcribed and cross-referenced with the documents (for the judge’s benefit) and then the tables will be turned...
… the witnesses supporting the Sun’s position (including Amber Heard) will take the stand and Depp’s barrister will (based on the witness statements they have submitted and the evidence agreed between both parties) attempt to shred them in the witness box.
This transcripts of these cross-examinations and re-examination will again be cross referenced and collated against the evidence in plat for the benefit of the judge.

Then at the end of the trial there will be closing statements from each barrister….
… who will attempt to demonstrate why the trial shows the paucity of the other party’s case, and why it is wrong in law (and why their case is right in law), drawing the judge’s attention...
… to the the relevant “authorities” ie case law made by previous rulings in equivalent or higher courts.

Then the judge will take ALL these very long documents away, with all the evidence, all the transcripts, opening statements etc and decide whether the Sun was justified...
… in calling Mr Depp a wife-beater or not. And he could take days, weeks or months to make his decision.

Sorry that was quite a long answer to a short question. Here’s a short answer to a short question...
No I can’t take a photo or make a short recording of Johnny speaking in court. Both are criminal offences. Sorry.

And as for adding more description of what Johnny is looking like or doing in the witness box, it’s quite hard to do that when people are talking,…
… unless I ignore what is being said, which I’d rather not do.
And in terms of whether Mr Depp is flustered or calm or tired or bored or angry, I don’t know.

I’m sitting in a different room, for a start, watching things on a terrible videolink. I wil say he is polite, helpful and respectful of the QC questioning him and the judge.
Hopefully that has answered the questions some of you have kindly asked. Please DM me if you have any more. I am going to clock off now, but your generosity means I can be there tomorrow, so thank you. It’s a fascinating case.
Right. I’ve sorted out the tip jar.
I’ve got enough to see me through tomorrow, but if you want me to sit through Friday and indeed the whole rest of the trial - including Amber Heard’s evidence - that’s another thing altogether.
One day at a time.
Just to be absolutely 100% clear - I can’t promise to stay the distance - other work may come up - you are kindly donating a tip for the work I am doing. I can’t guarantee you anything in return. But I will be there tomorrow, now. Thank you.
Please don’t donate in the expectation I will be there every day.
I don’t want anyone to feel ripped off if I can’t make every day of the trial. Sometimes other stuff comes up. Which is why I said one day at a time. Tomorrow is definitely on but don’t repeat donate or give too much. I will try to make it work and keep you updated day by day.
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