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Author of The Great Post Office Scandal. Know a lot about Depp v Heard. DMs open.
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May 23 10 tweets 3 min read
This is the most extraordinary expert witness testimony I think I’ve ever seen. I have just asked @HeatherDexterR1, a long-time correspondent of mine, who is an expert witness in UK courts (covering fraud, director disputes or professional negligence claims) and a member of the Expert Witness Institute, what she thought of what we just witnessed. She replied
May 23 4 tweets 2 min read
Extraordinary evening in DC. Rain belting down. Proper loud thunder and lightning. Felt like the storm spent half an hour directly over the building. It’s back to being a lovely spring morning now. Heading to Fairfax on the Metro. Johnny Depp is being recalled to the witness box today. This trial has five more days to go. I won’t be live tweeting it but I will watch every second, send out a daily newsletter and hopefully get enough people willing to do a daily park bench interview for my Youtube channel.
May 17 114 tweets 20 min read
It’s a glorious morning here at the Fairfax County Judicial Complex. District Court 5J will soon be in session for the second day of Amber Heard’s cross-examination in the #DeppvHeard defamation trial. Thread follows. The spectators are in court. The two parties’ legal teams have just strolled past me into court and the jurors are down the corridor to my right being quite chatty (amongst themselves, obs)
May 16 90 tweets 19 min read
This was the line at Fairfax County Court for #DeppvHeard this morning at just gone 7am. There are no journalists in the main court today. People have been queuing overnight. Court began at 9am. I had UK TV news duties to attend to regarding the first hour of evidence, and I am now catching up, whilst sitting outside court 5J with the other journalists.
May 16 11 tweets 3 min read
Hi there’s another youtube video up - I posted it yesterday but forgot to mention it here. Two stalwarts from the National Coalition for Men give there views on the issues surrounding #DeppvHeard:

I am acutely aware that most... … of the youtube content I have been posting mainly features interviews with Depp-leaning or supporting interviewees. One correspondent was kind enough to watch every single interview and break down THE MINUTAGE of those who are pro-Depp, neutral or pro-AH. It’s quite...
May 5 63 tweets 12 min read
Good morning from Fairfax County Court. This was the queue at 6am…. And this is new. People had started camping out, in contravention of a court order, so now the benches are police and the queue starts at 1am. Nowadays you need to be here at 3.30am to guarantee a place in the main court.
May 4 129 tweets 21 min read
Good after (just) in ET time (just) and welcome to Fairfax County Court where I have not been live tweeting due to a UK 5 News commitment and due to wanting to spend a bit of time in court.


Tweet thread follows... The day started with the cross-examination of Dr Dawn Hughes by Johnny Depp’s team.

DH is a forensic psychologist hired by AH’s team. Yesterday she told court she diagnosed AH with PTSD due to violent sexual abuse by JD. She also did not diagnose her with BPD or HPD...
May 3 83 tweets 12 min read
Hi - welcome to fairfax county court virginia. I’ve had a UK TV commitment this morning so was unable to live tweet this morning. The first witness was nurse Erin Falati (née Boerum) being examined by JD’s attorney - she spoke to her notes about Amber Heard’s behaviour, drug... … problems (self-reported), including cocaine. Her self-reported anxiety and feelings of jealousy and her difficult family background.
(If you missed it I’ll do a full report in my newsletter tonight:
Nurse Erin was then taken through...
May 2 201 tweets 31 min read
Gooooooood morning from the queue outside Fairfax County Court. Live tweets of #DeppvHeard to follow. Watch the video to the very end for a special guest appearance. Court 5J is in session - Week 4 day 13 of #DeppvHeard. This could be the final day of JD witnesses. The lawyers and judges are currently discussing administrative matters which means the live feed sound bar is cut, so, whilst we are waiting for the jury to come in...
Apr 28 129 tweets 21 min read
Good morning from the queue to get into Fairfax County Courtroom 5J. More pre-recorded deposition evidence expected today.
It is one of the coldest mornings of this three week old trial so far.

#DeppvHeard Fortified by the Fairfax County court cafeteria coffee I am diving into 5J for the start of proceedings. We have more Laura Wasser, apparently followed by another pre-recorded deposition this time from the ACLU who had the idea for and drafted AH’s 2018 WaPo piece.
Apr 27 76 tweets 14 min read
Good morning from the queue for Day 11 of #DeppvHeard - it’s a beautiful sunny morning. But cold. Still - a decent turnout! We have completed the video deposition of Officer Tyler Hadden, who accompanied Officer Melissa Saenz on the call out to the ECB in May 2016.

There are five more witnesses who may appear today. They are:
Apr 26 110 tweets 18 min read
Good morning from Fairfax County Court, Virginia where Day 10 of the Depp v Heard trial is well underway. You can watch the live feed on youtube here

Or follow these tweets for an overview of what’s going on. Everything I write is a summary... … or paraphrase of what is happening in court. Nothing is a direct quote unless it is in “direct quotes”.

Yesterday saw the conclusion of Ben King’s testimony. Today we start with our first remote live testimony from Tara Roberts [TR], estate manager on Johnny Depp’s island.
Apr 25 126 tweets 22 min read
Welcome to the longest queue so far outside Fairfax County Court, Virginia for the beginning of Week 3 of DeppvHeard. Johnny Depp’s cross-examination is expected to conclude today. I am told the witness schedule for today is likely to be as follows (subject to change):

Johnny Depp
Ben King - house manager in Australia (who found the tip of JD’s finger) - in person.
Tara Roberts - island estate manager
Apr 24 4 tweets 2 min read
Tomorrow will be the final day of Johnny Depp’s evidence in #DeppvHeard at Fairfax County Court, Virginia. I’ll be in court. If you want to sign up to my newsletter for the rest of the trial (for a one-off donation), this is the link:

#JohnnyDepptrial If you want to follow the podcast, youtube channel, instagram or find links to my other work, it’s all in this link tree:

Tomorrow is also quite a special day for another reason…

Apr 21 83 tweets 15 min read
Good morning from Fairfax county Court. This was the queue for wristbands to Depp v Heard this morning as we approach Day 3 of Johnny Depp on the stand. Jury has come into the court room. I’m going to sit outside for the morning session and do a bit of live tweeting. You can watch proceedings live here:

Apr 20 61 tweets 12 min read
Biggest queue of the trial so far for Day 2 of Johnny Depp giving evidence for #DeppvHeard. #JohnnyDepptrial As you may know my presence here is both crowdfunded AND funded by fees from a UK broadcaster who sponsored my visa. I only spent a small amount of time in court this morning before having to go out and file for 5 News and then all hell of tech problems commenced...
Apr 19 95 tweets 16 min read
Welcome from the very cold queue to get into Fairfax County Court for Week 2 Day 6 of Depp v Heard. Can you spot your favourite YouTuber in here? I counted at least four.

Proceedings begin at 10am ET with the cross-examination of Sean Bett, then it’s…. …not Johnny Depp, but his band’s sound engineer Keenan Wyatt. THEN it’s Johnny Depp. If I had to bet on it (no pun etc), judging by the speed of proceedings to date, I reckon we’ll get to JD’s evidence at around 4pm ET, by which stage LA will be fully awake.
Apr 18 138 tweets 25 min read
Good morning from the queue outside Fairfax County Court to get into #DeppvHeard week 2. It’s 7am. Proceedings will commence in three hours time. After breakfast. I recorded a podcast in the back of the Uber on the way here reflecting on the drama of the weekend. It will be posted here: when it lands or search “Reporting Depp v Heard” on your usual podcast platform.

There will be a newsletter and youtube debrief...
Apr 17 4 tweets 2 min read
Last call for any potential new subscribers who want to read my dissection of the court order banning an Amber Heard supporter from the courtroom. Your subscription powers my ability to tweet/youtube/podcast this trial. If you sign up before 6pm ET I’ll send you yesterday’s... … newsletter, and you’ll also be all set for the rest of the trial! It’s a one-off donation, so if you can afford to part with a bit of cash now, you’ll get the good stuff right the way through to the verdict.

You can subscribe directly here
Apr 16 4 tweets 3 min read
Delighted to have been asked back on Court TV for a short segment. I crop up half way through this:…

#DeppvHeard #JohnnyDepptrial

@VinniePolitan (the Court TV presenter) was kind enough to appear on my podcast and youtube update. He knows his onions... @VinniePolitan … if you want to listen you can listen here: (or search your usual podcast platform for Reporting Depp v Heard)

or watch the youtube version here:

And please do...
Apr 14 54 tweets 11 min read
Amazing. A well-spoken English lady called Gina Deuters who has spent the last hour telling us about her lifestyle as the spouse of a member of JD’s staff (and doing cocaine and/or weed with Johnny Depp and MDMA with Amber Heard and Rocky Pennington) has just been dropped as a... … witness whilst giving evidence. Half way through he examination, a member of the AH team stood up and asked to approach the bench. He and three other attorneys went into conference with the judge. I left court to start live-tweeting.

Once the white noise they use...