Roberta Kaplan, lead counsel for plaintiffs in C-ville cases, illustrating the logic of figures discussed in Culture of Critique: "Maybe we’re in Germany in the early 1930s; there are certainly parallels—but we now have the ability to do something about…
it. As a very, very proud Jew, I believe very strongly that we need to fight back—not in the streets, not using violence—but fight back using the courts…My Judaism influences every single thing I do all day long.
"At this point, Milo’s intent is clear [in his approval of Fuentes]: hijack nationalist sentiments away to steer them away from racial & class consciousness, directing them instead towards a pro-Israel, pro-Catholic, anti-Islam, anti-family “groyper nationalism.”
This is an excellent read, showing how easy it is for an "unreconstructed Zionist" like Milo to become involved with movement figures like Fuentes and Casey (who apparently are fast and easy with principles) and proceed to promote ideas compatible with Jewish interests.

• • •

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25 Sep
conspiracy set forth in Durham’s indictment of Dem lawyer Sussmann who, in conjunction with a host of Dem operatives and Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign, was instrumental in fabricating the most successful & destructive political smear in US history.…
Confronted by an insurmountable mountain of proof of Clinton’s grossly negligent and therefore felonious mishandling of classified information, Comey, with a straight face and without apparent embarrassment, raised a totally irrelevant nonissue (lack of clear proof of intent) to
give Clinton a pass. He did this even though others — equally without clear proof of intent — had been convicted on far less evidence.
Keep in mind that Comey thus became 1st FBI director to arrogate to himself the authority of the attorney general to make a charging decision.
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2 Mar
"Across three Anglophone countries, a significant portion of academics discriminate against conservatives in hiring, promotion, grants and publications. Over 4 in 10 US and Canadian academics would not hire a Trump supporter, and 1 in 3 British academics would not hire a Brexit
"Gender-critical feminist scholars appear to experience even more discrimination than conservatives. Only 28% of American and Canadian academics would feel comfortable having lunch with someone who opposes the idea of transwomen accessing women’s shelters."
However: "Younger academics & PhD students, especially in US, are significantly more willing than older academics to support dismissing controversial scholars from their posts, indicating that the problem of progressive authoritarianism is likely to get worse in the coming years.
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30 Aug 20
Karl Nemmersdorf's article on Fay Stender, radical attorney who spearheaded prison rights movement in the 70s, is relevant to the current madness. Stender was seriously wounded by a former inmate. "A few radicals began to suspect the truth about convicts.… Image
Fay's shooting highlighted the hypocrisy in the radical community. Almost all of them now supported the police and district attorney and wanted the shooter prosecuted, even though they had “spent their professional lives denouncing the criminal justice system as an instrument
of racial and class oppression and defending accused criminals as social victims.” The hypocrisy reached a greater poignancy when a former colleague of Fay’s, a member of the Prison Law Project, appeared on the shooter’s defense team, stating later, “I was just seething at the
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2 Aug 20
Andrew Joyce read Robin DiAngelo's White Fragility so you don't have to.
“White Fragility” is an indictment and insult levelled at White progressives who are merely frozen by fear of racism accusations and White guilt. White Fragility is a horrifying… Image
call for Whites not simply to be paralyzed by White guilt, but to become active participants in their decline, and willing accomplices in their political and demographic destruction.
DiAngelo has contempt for people White progressives because they place all their energies into grandstanding instead of helping in the transfer of real power and wealth. I have contempt for them because they place all their energies into grandstanding for short-term personal
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24 Jul 20
There is an incredibly powerful moral tsunami that is sweeping America, like the moral crusade that led to the Civil War. Another example of American Millenarianism rooted in our Puritan tradition and now exploited by our hostile elite.
Very difficult to withstand in the face
of massive media coverage. Imagine the ostracism a player would get if he didn't bend the knee--unheard of last year in MLB. Suburban White folks are conforming to this social pressure & the moral tsunami may well result in a landslide victory for the left in November.
The only thing I see possibly preventing this is if those who oppose this tsunami keep emphasizing the violence that is occurring in urban America. In 1968 Nixon got elected on a law and order platform in the context of the riots while the left was still preaching moral idealism.
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16 Apr 20
The 1980s: When the financialization of the economy really took off, and with it outsourcing, free trade, etc.--the consequence of the rise of our new elite, and it's no coincidence that at the same time paleocons were displaced from the Reagan administration in favor of neocons.
"our political economy has been driven by investment banks, hedge funds, private equity firms, real estate developers, insurance goliaths, and a whole menagerie of ancillary enterprises that service them. But high times in FIRE land have depended on the downward mobility of
working people and the poor, cut adrift from more secure industrial havens and increasingly from the lifelines of public support. They have been living instead in the “pit of austerity.”
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