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1.Tocil-iz-umab. A drug being experimentally used for COVID19 treatment globally.

Yet: Joel Pinto drove from Chennai to Hyd to get it for his dad. Rajiv Dhawan got it from Hyd for his uncle in Ahmedabad.

Short supply, high prices, black market.
I report:…
2. Of the 2 drugs being experimentally used for COVID:

Remdesivir, anti-viral
Tocilizumab, anti-inflammatory

T is used either w/ R, or aftr R

But shortage of both means, families blown up lot of $$ & been wrecked by anxiety... by the time docs tell them they need T

*Not cool*
3. Families may already be in quarantine when loved one is in hospital, & docs ask for Tocilizumab.
Families already low on $$.
Families facing anxiety of losing their loved one.

Families @ mercy of black market.
Buying in black means, its not covered by insurance.

*Very bad*
4. Yday on @MirrorNow, Dharmesh Shah, BDR Pharma who's tied up w/ Cipla on remdesivir, said Cipla will ensure distribution is legal, not in black.
Cipla is also distributor for Tocil.

Why was Joel Pinto unable to get from Cipla, bought it on road in Hyd?
5. I asked Roche, who makes tocilizumab, to tell me what price they selling & what is legal way to get it.

Roche refused to disclose price.
Roche said Cipla is legally distributing.

Why & how is there a #leakage into black market then? Who is leaking it?…
6. Why wont pharma companies- Roche, Gilead- disclose the prices & quantities of their drugs- tocilizumab & remdesvir?

Given that there IS a black market, people buying from shady sources @ high prices.... why wont companies tell us their legal price?
7. The end of my piece discusses what can legally be done by GOI to ensure supply + affordability of tocilizumab- there are things that can be done!

@LMenghaney said something which stood out:

*If the gov isnt going to use their powers in a pandemic, then when?!*
8. My credits to @kv_navya at New Indian Express who's report on Joel Pinto was the first one I read & she very kindly helped me on this piece! :)

Reporters who've been continusuly reporting on R & T, pls follow their reports: @rdivia @Teensthack @Rupalijee @PrabhaRaghavan
9. BYTHEWAY, Gov put tocilizumab in its clinical management guidelines on 13 June. And ACKNOWLEDGED, that its in short supply.

Its def gov responsibility to ensure there's supply and affordability!… Image
10. The last Q, also the first is again...

*What can legally be done on supply & affordability?*

Ill be exploring this Q in my next piece, out in few days too.

For this, see what @d_s_thakur says here, & in many of his other writings on drug regulation:…
11. Issue raised few times in today's press con
12. Congrats @ Ahmedabad!
"The agents were selling this drug at ... Rs 75,000 and even went up to Rs 90,000, while its retail price is Rs 40,545.

... A blank prescription was provided by one Ghanshyam Vyas employed ... at Ahmedabad Civil Hospital."…
Roche on their drug Tocilizumab: "shows no benefits in clinical status, mortality"…
AIIMS not very hot on Tocilizumab or Remdesevir in this FAQ (theyre still hot on HCQ)…

• • •

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dont let perfect be the enemy of good
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Aug 4, 2020
My piece: How diff state govs finally slashed prices of COVID19 treatment…

- If they could do this, why didnt they do this earlier?
- Now that they did do it, pvt hosps still finding ways to charge patients more than the caps
- But why so arbitrary? Image
** Table is from my own notes on issue. Hard to draw a table given that diff govs issued their circulars variously. So read table w/ caveats: Some states indicated these prices as what insurance cos will pay, some as what Ayushman Bharat rates will be, some which patients pay +
** + some states have indicated these prices as what it will be in NABH and non-NABH hospitals, etc.

And the conflict arises when there is an intersection of these price caps!

So before immediately celebrating the price caps, know that these are all badly written circulars!
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