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IDK how many feel as I do that the Morrison lead government will not bring out #Budget2021
For all thinking people it appears the we are now in an undeclared Federal election campaign
The impact of the Opposition`s attack on all of Morrison`s failures
has finally cut through
Media cannot find positives to promote this LNP government any further
A further eroding of the Democratic process in shutting down debate in #HoR question time cannot be defended by the #MSM, nor can it be glossed over
Also, the impact of the new US Biden admin with it`s #NetZeroBy2050 & return to the #ParisAgreement will see Morrison not only further sidelined by global powers it will see him totally isolated in #ClimateChangeDenialism

The impact on reducing #covidstimulus
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#BudgetInsider: @Iyer_Sriram in conversation with @CSIS' @RichardRossow ahead of #Budget2021, cuz even #AtmanirbharBharat needs foreign investments.…
#BudgetInsider | “Expecting to have a lot of stability and rebuilding of relationships. Expect attention to be on leadership going forward”: @CSIS' @RichardRossow on what US is looking at with the change of guard

#BudgetInsider: "US-India defence relations will continue on from the Obama administration. Governments have had a contentious relationship when it comes to trade. Both sides are taking protectionist measures": @CSIS' @RichardRossow
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#Budget2021: From Income Tax deductions to creating jobs and boosting healthcare – Here’s all that could be in #NirmalaSitharaman’s fiscal plans…

By @SanchDash Image
@SanchDash In a year where the country hopes to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, the onus will be on #NirmalaSitharaman to bring much needed relief for sectors, while also ensuring that the economy bounces back.

@SanchDash From bringing back jobs in the market to tax deductions, there are a lot of expectations from #Budget2021.
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#BudgetInsider: @iyer_sriram in conversation with @KotakMF's @NileshShah68 ahead of #Budget2021, cuz the budget trade is more than stock tips.…
"We have managed the pandemic far better than the rest of the world. Our economy did suffer in the beginning, but thereafter we’ve recovered. Budget should focus on raising resources, without raising taxes.”: @KotakMF’s @NileshShah68 speaks to us on this episode of #BudgetInsider
"The real estate sector has an opportunity now since everyone is working from home. It has become more affordable to buy housing. RERA customer protections are also in place. Construction sector is bound to go up.": @KotakMF’s @NileshShah68 ahead of #Budget2021

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The Charity Tax Group and @CFGtweets have submitted Budget representations to @hmtreasury calling for an improved tax system for #charities in the aftermath of Brexit and COVID #charitytax 1/…
Existing charity tax reliefs should be protected & tax compliance and administration simplified. Protecting existing business rates & VAT reliefs is crucial as is future-proofing tax systems and legislation #charitytax #budget2021 2/
COVID-related support measures, such as the #JobRetentionScheme, #ExpandedRetailDiscount & temporary #5percentVAT rate on hospitality, hotel & holiday accommodation and admissions have helped many charities * should continue where possible while lockdown restrictions continue 3/
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#BudgetInsider | Prefer real insight over flashy jargon?

We will help you answer the most important question - “How does it affect me?”

Here is bringing to you ‘Budget Insider’, with the most relevant information and insights from #Budget2021 with how it will impact YOU.
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#BudgetInsider: 2020 may have been a vibe killer, but 2021 is about managing your money, making sense of numbers and investing well.

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#India needs Elon Musk’s @Tesla as well as local electric cars to compete⁠ — here’s what Finance Minister’s #Budget2021 may do


By - @navdeepyadav321… Image
2021 is expected to be the year @elonmusk brings the first @Tesla Model-3 to #India, 14 years after its first launch in the US. This is likely to intensify the race in the #ElectricVehicles space among the Indian car makers like Mahindra and Mahindra, Tata Motors and Maruti.
#India has been trying to get its strategy to push #ElectricVehicles at least since the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid) and Electric Vehicles (FAME) 2015 but only with limited success.
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Prediction on #Budget2021
Keep calm & #TrustBurnol

The year saw Pandemic
The year saw low GST collections
The year saw No IT returns collections

India is ready with its most special Budget Session this year
Thanks to @nsitharaman ji @nsitharamanoffc & her commitment
Why special?
Because to arrive in style & make an excellent come back we need a plan & our finance team is almost ready with one

To reach 2022 & make this below Prediction true, we need plans in 2021

Oh yes, we have it
And we will implement
Cont 👇👇

As said maximum manufacturing units & zones will set up & India will boost Atmanirbhar project
Many funds will be allocated for Indian made goods!

Health care industry will see a major shift & will get a scoop in this budget

Many goods will see tariff cut to encourage manf👇👇
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Tough choice: @GavinNewsom and @JoeBiden speaking at the same time...
Going w/@GavinNewsom budget talk:

"There's no better investment than #teacher preparation."

You have my attention...

Adding funds for Special Ed, Early Childhood and Preschool- "Historic investments".

Of the $13B in deferrals $9.2B will be paid off- if #CaLeg adopts proposal

$2B to support reopening schools for in-person teaching

Go on... #Budget2021
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Dear Madam,

Request not to bring more danger provisions in Income tax as well GST

you have already brought so much worst in 2020

1. Your Idea To bring old vs New tax rate u/s 115BAB in Income tax in Budget2020

Your Idea
2. To bring Budgets 4 5 times but could not save economy in 2020

3. To bring 36(4) rule in GST & restrict ITC of genuine Taxpayer just bcz some few fake ITC dealers

4. To bring such illogical & worthless idea to Bring TCS at 0.075% on sale of Goods in Income Tax
Your Idea
5. To bring CEASE of business instead EASE of Business in covid times

6. To bring Such a Cruel rule to pay 1% by cash and 99% by ITC ( rule 86B) ...totally Unconstitutional

7. To bring such fractured , Complex , Restricted system to avail ITC in GST like 36(4)
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We would like to welcome Zimbabwe, our neighbouring countries and the world to the 2021 National Budget which will be presented by Finance Minister @MthuliNcube #2021Budget #NDS1 #Vision2030 Image
"In 2018, Zimbabweans made a strong commitment to rebuild the economy, with a Vision of becoming attaining an 'Empowered and Prosperous Upper Middle-Income Society by 2030.'" #Budget2021 #NDS1 #Vision2030
"The Transitional Stabilisation Programme provided for creating the necessary macro-fiscal environment for stabilisation and investment mobilisation to facilitate growth. The path to this goal had a number of hurdles & risks but Zimbabweans remained resolute & got the benefits."
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Loptanje mi je prilično idiotska aktivnost. #Maradona me posebno nervirao, umišljeni #CheGuevara na brdu kokaina i prijatelj apologete klanja i ubijanja Nemanje Srbina.
Ali to je moje privatno mišljenje. Stručno je da bi večeras SVAKI #TVdnevnik morao početi njime.
Znam, znam Image
Na @hrtvijesti :
A da ste stavili njega prvoga manje biste ljudima bili gadni
Može i gore @RTS_Vesti :
#COVID19 (Predsednik #Vucic je...)
#covid škole i vrtići
#Srbija ekonomski gigant, nove investicije
Dan borbe protiv nasilja nad ženama
Otvorena izložba venčanica

Kakvi idioti na državnoj sisi!!!
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Follow this thread for articles published by @DhiyaresNews on #Budget2021

1. Anna aharuvaaneeves aamadhaneege gothun thadhu aharakah: Ameer
2. Dhaulathuge budget: Sihhee dhaairaa ah 4 billion rufiya ge budget eh
3. Dhaulathuge budget: Iqthisaadhaai sinaa'aithah kuriaruvan 7 billion rufiya
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Government providing impressive incentives for investors over next two years to attract investment - PM @MuhyiddinYassin Image
National Employment Council also consists of people from the private sector with the relevant expertise - PM @MuhyiddinYassin Image
Govt working hard to source funds for Budget 2021 even though facing difficult situation due to #COVID19 pandemic - PM @MuhyiddinYassin

#TeguhKitaMenangBersama Image
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[LANGSUNG] Eksklusif bersama PM @MuhyiddinYassin - Belanjawan 2021 dan Cabaran Semasa | 7 Nov 2020… Image
Kerajaan sediakan insentif luar biasa untuk pelabur dalam tempoh dua tahun untuk tarik minat tanam modal - PM @MuhyiddinYassin Image
Majlis Pekerjaan Negara turut libatkan tenaga pakar dan mahir dari sektor swasta - PM @MuhyiddinYassin
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#Budget2021 is NOT cutting health budgets, but is irregular (Part 2):

The Govt is using a different accounting treatment for health spending (e.g. buying medicines, dialysis etc) by decreasing OPEX & increasing DEVEX. Why?


1. In our fiscal rules = OPEX can be financed by revenue; DEVEX by revenue or borrowing.

2. Revenue (tax, Petronas etc) is likely to decrease in 2021.

3. So it’s logical to shift health spending from OPEX to DEVEX, so we can borrow money to pay for health.

BUT DEVEX spending...
1. Is less transparent because categories are not visible.
2. Leaves room for “individual judgment” = more political influence or leakages.
3. Can use direct negotiations or direct procurement = no open tenders (this point needs Govt clarification).

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#Budget2021 is NOT cutting health budgets. But it looks that way because the accounting treatment has changed.

1. Line Item 20000 is Services & Supply (see pic, in red). All are zeroes.

No Govt is so cruel/foolish to cut health spending to zero overnight. So where is the money?
2. The money is being reallocated from Operating Expenditure to Development Expenditure.

See pic of Services & Supplies, with 840% INCREASE in DEVEX & a 12% DECREASE in OPEX.

Two questions:
a. Why move from OPEX to DEVEX?
b. What is the breakdown in DEVEX, by category?
3. More questions:
a. How will you procure Services/Supply in DEVEX? Tenders, direct nego, direct purchases, Treasury Instructions? No transparency = corruption, wastage, fraud.
b. Headcounts remain flat at 267k (p381). Was there a discussion with MOH/JPA to increase headcount?
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I urge MPs across the aisle not to support #Budget2021 unless the govt substantially revises MOH's budget. The massive cuts to cancer and kidney disease treatment, in the midst of a pandemic, will severely affect Malaysians' health and survival outcomes.

New cancer cases have increased in Malaysia, according to 2012-2016 cancer report. More cases being detected in the late stage. Cancer deaths increased 30%. MCO has led to cancer surgery delay, which worsens outcomes. Ppl less likely to get screened for early detection too.
A 59% cut for radiotherapy and oncology in MOH's Budget 2021, including 10x reduction for cancer treatment from RM217mil - RM21 mil, is quite horrifying. Bear in mind that with job losses/ pay cuts, the pandemic will turn even more Malaysians from private to public sector.
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Walaupun negara berada dalam situasi yang sukar dan mencabar, kebajikan rakyat tidak akan diabaikan sama sekali -- PM Muhyiddin

@MuhyiddinYassin Belanjawan 2021 adalah penzahiran konsep Prihatin Rakyat yang didokong teguh kerajaan PN -- PM Muhyiddin

@MuhyiddinYassin Kerajaan tekad tangani COVID-19 secara berkesan, jamin kesejahteraan rakyat, kelangsungan perniagaan dan ketahanan ekonomi -- PM Muhyiddin

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#Budget2021: Government's priority is to protect the people and assure continued economic growth - @tzafrul_aziz

The theme of Budget 2021 is "Teguh Kita, Menang Bersama" (In our strength lies our collective victory)

Budget 2021 framed based on three key objectives, people's wellbeing, business continuity and economic resilience - @tzafrul_aziz

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Menteri Kewangan @tzafrul_aziz mula membentangkan Belanjawan 2021 di Dewan Rakyat pada pukul 4.23 petang

Belanjawan 2021 dirangka berdasarkan tiga matlamat induk iaitu Kesejahteraan Rakyat, Kelansungan Perniagaan dan Ketahanan Ekonomi

Belanjawan 2021 : Sebanyak RM1 bilion akan diperuntukkan pada tahun hadapan bagi membendung gelombang ketiga #COVID-19

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#Budget2021 seeks to balance healthcare capacity’s needs while building upon the current economic recovery momentum together and developing better resilience for the future - Report 

@MOFmalaysia @tzafrul_aziz

Malaysia’s economy is expected to expand between 6.5% - 7.5% in 2021 in tandem with the anticipated improvement in global trade - Report

@MOFmalaysia @tzafrul_aziz

The unemployment rate is expected to fall to overall 4.2% in 2020 (4.7 % in Aug) and further down to 3.5% in 2021 - Report

@MOFmalaysia @tzafrul_aziz

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Belanjawan 2021 bakal mengimbangi keperluan kapasiti penjagaan kesihatan di samping membina momentum pemulihan ekonomi ketika ini dan membangunkan daya tahan yang lebih baik bagi masa depan - Laporan

Ekonomi Malaysia dijangka berkembang antara paras 6.5 peratus - 7.5 peratus pada 2021 sejajar dengan jangkaan peningkatan perdagangan global - Laporan
Kadar pengangguran dijangka turun kepada keseluruhan 4.2 peratus pada 2020 (4.7 peratus pada Ogos) dan terus susut kepada 3.5 peratus pada 2021 - Laporan
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#Budget2021 must invest in #SihatBersama2030
There is a large Gap in Malaysia’s Investment in Health
Pooled Health Expenditure = USD 420 per capita
Malaysia’s Health Expenditure = USD 244 per capita
Malaysia’s Investment Gap = USD 176 per capita
#Budget2021 must invest in #SihatBersama2030
Government investment in health has declined from
⁃a high of 2.14% of GDP in 2003 to
⁃1.89% of GDP under BN
⁃2.0% of GDP (PH) in 2020
Malaysia’s Investment in Health is insufficient
The target is 4.0% of GDP
Govt investments alone NOT sustainable
-Low pooled financing (62%)
-Dependent on federal budget
-Decline in govt expenditure as %GDP
-Stagnant Private Health Insurance
-High Medical Price Inflation (13.6%)
-High out-of-pocket spending-RM 2,827/household/yr
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