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The subjects of spirituality & ETs (extra-dimensionals) are closely related. Extra-dimensionals reside in higher dimensions than ours so they are invisible to us just like spirits. It is possible to interact with both spiritual beings and ETs via process called channeling.
Channeling is a form of communication that allows an external being to express oneself via human channel. There are various types of channeling. There's conscious, semi-conscious, and trance channeling.
Conscious & semi-conscious channeling is simply repeating what channel hears in his/her mind. Trance channeling is letting external consciousness to temporarily command the body of the channel to communicate through that body.
Some, who operate through the filter of fear, say that this is possession. No, it is done with permission, trust and oversight of channel's main spirit guide who acts as a gatekeeper.
The quality of the channel depends on his/her spiritual advancement. Beings of high vibration won't channel through someone who has low vibes. To be a clear channel one must shift from ego based consciousness to ❤️ based consciousness.
Ascended Master offer their advanced teachings only through people who made that shift. They don't want the material to be influenced by channel's ego.
I took channeling classes and had channeling sessions and I got my proof that channeling is the real deal. I had a session one with 5D Sirian collective and they knew a lot about my private life, things that only I knew. The only explanation is that they were able to observe me
and read my thoughts telepathically. During channeling sessions we were visited by various beings, angels, Sirians, Pleiadians, ETs from Alpha Centauri who were passing by the area, we channeled stones and water. Everything is consciousness, so everything can be channeled.
Extra-dimensionals are interested in us and they are especially drawn to people with high vibration. They are eager to work with us, especially with starseeds. There might be an ET with you right now and you don't even know it.
Like attracts like. If you have high vibes then most likely you will attract ETs of high vibration. The opposite is true as well. If you are sensitive, then you can tell the difference between bad & good ones.
The 5th dimension is ruled by unconditional love so beings from 5D are benevolent. ETs from 7th dimension and up are considered angelics. They no longer have physical bodied. ETs from 6th dimension are semi-physical.
Our planet is considered a living library. Many life forms were brought here from different regions of our galaxy. Our planet has the most diverse variety of life. Many of the forms we see here as animals have evolved elsewhere into self aware and advanced beings.
Egyptian culture is an example of those beings being here and being considered as gods. Anubis represents dog people from Sirius. Thoth was a blue avian. Bastet was a Lyran. Kek was an amphibian. There are insectoid beings like the Mantis. Some of them are bad, but some are good.
The Mantis insectoids are skilled in bio-engineering. They helped the Zeta grays with the hybridization program. There are many races of grays and not all of them are bad. The Zetas were a dying race and they needed fresh DNA to restore their race.
According to Bashar, channeled by Daryl Anka, the Zeta grays came from parallel Universe to ours. They represent our human race that almost destroyed itself. They destroyed their environment and were forced to live underground. Their focus was on intellect and mental capabilities
Soon they lost the ability to reproduce and started cloning themselves turning into what we consider a gray. With the invention of the atomic bomb by us they tunneled here to help us avoid the same timeline. Humanity at the collective level agreed to help them.
Many gray souls incarnated here to provide their genetic human material to restore their race. Those that were abducted were gray souls. When they come here they forgot their soul contracts and saw themselves as victims of abduction
Grays are skilled time travellers. Upon creation of 5 different races they moved them back in time thousands of years into the past. Those races are benevolent and each consecutive race has more human DNA. The latest is the YahYel race. They are 97 percent human.
The hybridization program continues and there's the 6th race in the works. The Galactic Federation (our galactic government body) is highly interested in unifying the Galaxy through hybridization programs. Many races are mixing their DNA with other races.
Our human DNA is of high interest to ETs as we humans have some DNA from 22 different alien races. We are not pure breed. We are already hybrids. The amount of alien DNA varies by race and some of us have more of one alien DNA race and others may have more of other alien DNA.
Some societies in our Galaxy became week due to their reliance on mental powers. Our DNA serves as a cure for many. The DNA is obtained only through human volunteers. It is also possible to volunteer our DNA for creation of ET/human hybrids.
Those hybrid children have alien parents but some of their DNA is human. There are many races involved in such hybridization programs.
ETs also offer their own DNA for humans to hybridize themselves with ET DNA. You may just call upon a given race to hybridize your energies or even your DNA. The alien DNA is placed within your "junk" DNA and it transfers over time to the physical DNA.
Different ET races have different qualities. After alien DNA infusion you may activate certain spiritual abilities. The infusion are small so they won't affect your physicality much. To learn more about ET DNA qualities visit
There is ET alliance consisting of Pleiadians, Fendorians, Lyrans, Arcturians, YahYel and Elya-E-Shounda-Zendi reptilians (benevolent) that is called Girk Fitneer. They are stationed on multiple motherships around Earth in the 4th dimension. They offer hybridization and infusions
Infusions are done energetically usually at night. You may learn more about them at They are helping humans in many ways. They are capable of alleviating of natural disasters such as hurricanes making them less energetic.
The good ETs from Girk Fitneer offer various activities for humans willing to visit them in their astral form during sleep. They offer channeling lessons, Galactic languages lessons, telepathy lessons and more. You may sign up at
It is also where you may request to have a hybrid child. You can choose the race and the gender of the child. You can name the child. The child will have alien parents but some of its DNA will be yours.
I asked for DNA infusions from them and the day I requested one (Lyran), the same night I received it. If felt really good and it was of high vibration. I was vibrating the entire night. I also had infusions from other races as well.
Alien parents with hybrid children reside on one of the planets in the Pleiadian star system. If you have a hybrid child, then at night during sleep you may visit the kid. Also, humans may volunteer to have contact and care for the hybrid kids during astral travel in sleep state.
When you decide to sign up for the visitation to the colonies, during your sleep you will be visited by guests from Girk Fitneer and they will ask you if you would like to go with the to visit. If you agree, you will be taken to the colonies.
Some people are able to remember what happen at the colonies, some don't remember anything. With the veil getting thinner and thinner,with time it will be possible to retain more memories.
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