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27 Oct
Obtaining Christ consciousness is a process that involves a lot of self work. It takes time to achieve it. At first, it comes and goes. We can raise ourselves to that level of consciousness and then fall down back to ego based consciousness when faced with weaknesses.
With time, self introspection, mind discipline, we can hold onto that level of consciousness for longer and longer periods of time.
Christ consciousness light is golden in color. You can call upon that light to shower over you and through you. If you are sensitive to subtle energy, you will feel it, or see it if you have the gift.
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25 Oct
The tendency to blame others for our personal situation is an attempt to escape our personal responsibility and accountability for our own creative process. It is an attempt to justify our unwillingness to change and grow.
Some people are entrenched in victimhood mode. The only way to stop being a victim is to take responsibility for one's creation. By stating: "I created this situation and I have the power to undo it, and create something better" we take our power back.
People who don't believe in reincarnation have a huge difficulty understanding this. They believe in victimhood. How a child can be responsible for mistreatment or abuse? The truth is that when we come into this world, we come with baggage of our past lives.
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24 Oct
We were created in the image of God meaning that we have free will, imagination and creative powers. God gave us the ability to believe anything we want, and to create things that are in opposition to God's original vision.
Many people look at our history, and present state of the world and wonder how God could create such a world? Well... It is our, human creation. We have free will and we have been creating our collective reality through fear. What we see, is the result of our own creative power
Most of us have no clue about our creative powers. The powers that be know well, that thoughts our focus, and attention create our own reality. This is why this is not taught at schools. Instead we are bombarded with negativity through news, entertainment (violent movies), etc.
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22 Oct
Consciousness has quantum properties. On quantum level, all is One, and there's no time and space. This is true reality. Physical reality is nothing but projection of consciousness. It is a made up playground where consciousness can experience itself.
Consciousness craves to experience itself through many different forms and levels of physicality. That's why there are different dimensions, and each represents different state of consciousness.
At the very physical level (where we are right now), the illusion of separation is very real, but at higher dimensional levels the notion of oneness and connection to everything is stronger. This is where we are going.
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17 Oct
The purpose of life is expansion of consciousness. We expand our consciousness by having experience through life. Our thoughts co-create that experience by choosing from all possibilities that already exist in the Universal mind.
All experience is valid as our souls extract wisdom from it. That means that there are no bad or good decisions. All experience leads to soul growth.
Everyone comes here with a soul plan. The plan consists from all the things we wanted to do, achieve, overcome, experience, and things we wanted to manifest. The plan was created with love and with guidance from higher vibrational beings and teachers.
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14 Oct
Whatever you want to create and manifest is already within you. Whomever you want to become is already within you. All you need to do is to remove the filters that block the manifestation and realization of who you already are.
Those filters are all the doubts, false perceptions, judgments and stories that you or others may tell about yourself.
To welcome change, you need to accept what is, and where you are. Trying to run away from what is (resistance) will manifest more of the same energy. Accept what is and focus on the new things you want to create or become.
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8 Oct
To embody more light you need to make more room for it, so let go of any resentments, grudges, judgments, and any other negativity. Those weigh you down and keep you firmly in 3D. Embrace forgiveness.
When you look at things from the 5D perspective and you hold that perspective for longer periods of time, you become more aligned with the new energies of fifth dimensional earth.
The change towards the light must come from within first at the personal level. When enough people do that, the collective will be influenced and then changes will come quicker.
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5 Oct
Taking responsibility for one's life means letting go of victim consciousness. It brings your power back. It also means that you take responsibility for all events & situations that you may view as negative.
Being responsible and powerful creator of your own reality means the following: When faced with people attacking you in any shape, way, or form, you no longer blame them. You offer them your forgiveness.
While in embodiment we have a very limited perspective as to why certain things happen in our life. A negative event may be a reflection of our own negativity. It may as well be a test given to us by our own higher aspect, our higher self, to test our capacity to love.
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24 Sep
We create (and co-create) our reality and we are responsible for it. The creation process starts even before we incarnate. We create a life plan that has a theme. That theme is our destiny.
Within that theme there are certain people and events that will come into our experience. Usually those are our parents (whom we choose) our partners and spouses and our kids (if we choose to have them)
We exist on all levels of consciousness and all levels of consciousness are valid as they offer different sets of experience and learning. However, our life plan is prepared by our higher aspect, our higher self. Higher self is your personalized aspect of God. It is you.
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21 Sep
Your now creates your future. How you vibrate now dictates your future because the Universe reflects your state of consciousness with a delay. How you vibrate is directly proportional to your state of consciousness.
When you vibrate (most of the time) with any fear based feelings then your future will reflect that. When you vibrate with love and peace, your future will reflect that. So within, so without!
The Matrix works with diligence to keep our vibration low. This is why we have societal norms thanks to which people judge other people. This is why we have negative media, manipulation, mind control, foods laden with chemicals, GMOs, etc.
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17 Sep
You create your own reality and you carry with you a bubble of experience that is focused on you and that goes with you wherever you go.
People can be in same location & have totally different experience because they have different level of consciousness. One who believes in benevolence of life will experience just that. Other one who believes that life is dangerous, full of hatred, etc. will experience just that.
Our core beliefs play the biggest role in the process of creation of our reality. Core beliefs have mental and emotional aspects & that's why they persist & are hard to change. Our consciousness is expressed as thoughts, feelings, & beliefs and they can be conscious & unconscious
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15 Sep
You are an unlimited, eternal, spiritual being. You are not your ego. Ego is programming that you have. Ego & its beliefs, its conditioning, its fears, create a character that you play. When you identify with that character, you experience the limited version of yourself.
At a certain time of your spiritual growth you are meant to wake up to who you truly are and start creating as a spiritual being that you are, and not as the ego that you have.
When you identify with the ego, you experience much suffering that is caused by ego's false beliefs about reality and about who you are.
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11 Sep
Our egos create illusory version of reality based on what they think they know or rather pretend to know. Pure experience is not knowing until we actually do know through actual experience in the present moment.
Egos pretend to know why things happened, or what is going to happen. They pretend to know what other people are like, what they think or feel, what is best for them, etc. They pretend to know a lot of things having no evidence.
I've had many friends and family telling me what I should do in life or where I should have been at my age. Do they know my soul plan and purpose for this life? Do they know what sort of lessons or tests I had planned before coming into this incarnation? They don't know.
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9 Aug
Let's continue with the hard drive analogy. Again the hard drive with unlimited storage represents field of consciousness (God). Sectors are soul groups (monads), and clusters are individual souls.
At low level of awareness, individual sectors (souls) see themselves as separate from other sectors and from hard drive (God). When they grow in conscious awareness they begin to see themselves as one not only with other sectors but also one with the hard drive (God).
The growth in conscious awareness resulting in seeing oneness of all is the name of the game. The ultimate awareness is knowing that we are the hard drive (God).
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9 Aug
In order to create, one needs to perceive first. Without perception nothing can be experienced, and thus creation would be pointless. To perceive there must be more than one (the perceiver and the perceived). This means that creation must involve more than one.
The field of consciousness can't create & remain single. It must divide & multiply itself (in the name only of course) to create, to perceive and experience its creation. Just like a fingertip can't touch itself, consciousness can't experience itself without portioning itself.
I often use the hard drive formatting analogy to explain this. It is a crude analogy but it works. Hard drive is the field of consciousness with unlimited storage capacity. During formatting sectors and clusters are created. Sectors are the soul groups & clusters are souls.
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7 Aug
The best way to manifest is to reprogram our subconscious mind. The most effective way to do that is to say your gratitude prayer when falling asleep & when waking up. In the hypnogogic & hypnopompic states our subconscious mind is the most programmable.
The subconscious mind is way more powerful than our waking, conscious mind. Many times both minds might be at odds with each other. If the subconscious mind is not up to speed with the conscious mind, then it will sabotage everything.
Our circumstances don't matter. Only our state of mind matters. That includes the subconscious mind as well. If you tell yourself that you are a muli-millionaire, & your subconscious mind knows otherwise, you will have much difficulty manifesting those millions.
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5 Aug
The kingdom of God is within you. Indeed, it is. Every single one of us is capable of radiating spiritual light right from within ourselves. This happens when we harmonize with our higher being (Higher Self or Divine Self) which is an individualized aspect of God.
Many people look for God outside of themselves but never think that they have access to fullness of God through their own Higher Self. To harmonize with that higher aspect we need to let go of dualistic, egoic thinking and embrace oneness, and unconditional love.
There are no intermediaries between you and God. There are no external saviours. All you need to save yourself, to be one with God, is already within you. You are the only one responsible for saving yourself, & it can be done only through transformation of your own consciousness.
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5 Aug
Any state of consciousness is valid as it allows to have different perspectives and offers different experiences and thus more wisdom can be gained by our souls from those experiences. There's no better state of consciousness than another state.
On this planet, we have many different spiritual beings on different levels of spiritual attainment. This creates perfect learning environment for all. People are doing their best with the consciousness they have. It's is important then, that we don't judge them.
Does it make sense for college students to look down upon high schoolers? No, it doesn't. Both, college & high school are important and one is not better than another. The same is with levels of human consciousness.
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31 Jul
Once you achieve Christ consciousness you will be Christed energetically. Your being will be surrounded by golden light that represents that level of consciousness. You will also tap much higher energies. Achieving Christhood is like tapping the powerline coming from God.
Most people run on 110 volts. How much can you do with that voltage? Being able to tap the powerline of Christ means easier manifestation, more synchronicities in life. Life will support you with anything you need at any given moment.
Christ consciousness does not require perfection. At basic level you need to maintain that level of consciousness most of the time. Also, there are higher and higher levels of Christ consciousness.
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31 Jul
God gave us free will and God respects that law. It is that very law that allows us to go against against God. Without that law, without complete free will, we would be nothing but marionettes. It also means that we are fully responsible for what we do with that free will.
Total free will means that no one can do saving for us. Being saved by someone else, would violate the law of free will. That also means that we must save ourselves. This can be done, but it involves a lot of self work. We need to expand our consciousness and tame our egoic mind.
To save ourselves, we have to shift from ego based consciousness to heart based consciousness (also called Unity or Christ consciousness). It is a state of consciousness that recognizes oneness of all. Intellectual understanding of oneness is not not enough.
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24 Jul
A question was asked "How to blend oneself with crystalline energy?" In your meditation call upon crystalline consciousness (or Christ consciousness to raise your vibration or to heal yourself, or violet flame for cleansing). Out loud, or in your thoughts say the following:
"I call upon crystalline consciousness to shower over me, hrough me, and to blend with me." Now visualize this crystalline translucent or white light showering over you. See this light entering your mental body. See the light there. Give it some time. Then move to your emotional
body, then etheric body. Do the same. Spend dome time with each. Then move to the chakras. See the light entering your crown chakra, then 3rd👁️, throat, heart, solar, sacral, base. Now see the light coursing through your nadis and meridians. Then move to your physical body.
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