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Woke bullies.

Buckle up everyone because this has me heated.

The Woke viciously and ruthlessly bully anyone who disagrees with them in the name of "social justice." They justify their resentful, bitter, petty, social blackballing using the flimsiest of excuses

A thread:

I don't approve of and will not participate in cancel culture. So the ground rules are:
1. We aren't going to "cancel" the bullies I call out here.
2. We will not bully back.
3. If you want to push back at them RT this thread to expose them. That is enough.

Let's go:
The woke bully anyone who doesn't conform to their worldview. They use social power and the threat of social rejection to enforce their worldview on people.
This is why they often respond to people with phrases like:

"read the room"

"this isn't a good look"

The goal of those phrases isn't to teach people why they are wrong, or make a helpful suggestion. The goal of "read the room" is to give you that sense of hyper-visibility you feel when you've just done something embarrassing in public.

They want you to feel "seen"
They want you to feel the same way unpopular kids feel when they try to hang out with the pretty girls but get rejected with a "Stacey stare."

It's virtual social rejection.

They are weaponizing social rejection as a way to shut people up. It's mean, cruel, and unkind.
6/ I'll give some examples from a thread. However, I'll use screen caps so they can't delete, and so the blocked can see the tweets.That said, I'll tag everyone I quote in the interest of fairness.
@omar_lizardo begins the bullying by posting a tweet accusing a man who dedicated a book to his wife of being a "wife guy."

(fyi: Wife Guys refers to men online who often post devotedly about their wives, like they were doing so for personal gain.)
Right off the hop we see what this is: he is attempting to smear the man by saying "the effusive praise you heap upon your wife here is insincere and in authentic and I am going to make fun of you for it."

9/ @omar_lizardo is cowardly to say who he's attacking, but google-ing the wife's name tell us who. The book that dedication is from is "Economic Theory and Cognitive Science: Microexplanations" by Don Ross. His Wife is Dr. Nekelle Bak who teaches philosophy of Education.
These are good people. They have good reputations. they do good work.

According to @jvwalmsley who appears to be the only one in the thread who actually knows Don Ross the accusation launched by @omar_lizardo is nonsense:
But that doesn't stop the bullying:

@jennifernvictor says Dr. Ross' praise for his wife is disingenuous and insincere. She says it's just a show and he's just trying to make himself look good.

No evidence. No proof. Just a drive by accusation.

@lucekel Joins the bullying. She says Dr. Ross is only using the dedication to remind people that he traveled, wrote a book and is cool, and thanking his wife is really an attempt to cloak himself in false humility to disguise his bragging.

No proof. no evidence.

That doesn't even make sense. Academics write books. That's his job. Anyone ever heard this:

Bob: "I went to Asia to study the economics of Hong Kong."
Jim: "I guess that means your an asshole, Bob."

Imagine the cynicism required to think a man thanking his wife is a flex
Next, @mhbertino accuses Dr. Ross of "Magnanimous Misogyny." So no matter what you do you're guilty:

1. Don't give your wife enough credit? That's typical misogyny.

2. Give your wife all kinds of credit? That's Magnanimous misogyny.

No proof. no evidence.

It's Bullying:
@mhbertino has a website her bio says "You can tell a lot about people from print interviews but also by knowing them." That's an indirect way of saying you should know people before judging them. Anyone think she actually knows Dr. Ross?


Then @DGTam86 joins in the fun!

She tosses us this Gem tossing some (she thinks) unknown professor who says he forgot the credit his wife for doing extensive work on his last book, and so dedicates another one to her. She calls him a "wife guy."

This gets good....
The author, who she does not name but shames (the goal here is shaming men as a group without letting the actualy men defend themselves)

Is Alvin Rabushka. The book he dedicated to his wife is called Value for money and this is key, is about Hong Kong economic policy.
See, @DGTam86 teaches Modern Chinese History (and nationalism). She got her PHd in from Stanford.

Alvin Rabushka wrote a book about the future of Hong Kong and teaches at: Stanford.

Before we go, two last things:

1. Alvin Rabushka was mocked for dedicating a book to his wife. In one of his books he actually tells the story of how he met his wife. It is a lovely story, and I hope it shows him to be a sincere and loving husband. He deserves that.

2. Don Ross was also mocked for how he dedicated a book to his wife. Here is dedication to his wife that he wrote that comes from another book of his. It is truly moving a beautiful
He is also a sincere and loving husband, and I want people to see that too:

Let's build each other up, and let's be prepared to fight against the resentful and mean spirited bullying of the woke social justice crowd.

Call them what they are:


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