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I'd very much appreciate it if everyone who sees this hit that RT button as these are very important facts most people truly don't know.

There is no movement to start allowing trans women to use women's restrooms, or compete in women's sports.

We've had those rights for decades
To be more specific here:
The current rules and restrictions under which trans women have been explicitly allowed to compete in the Olympics have been in place since roughly 2003, with some minor tweaks in 2015 and 2019 that functionally changed nothing, and no trans competitors
but for those curious, the specific changes in that period regarded a genital surgery requirement (which no one I've seen is even attempting to argue impacts performance in any way), a slight tweak to the specific level of testosterone allowed in one's bloodstream (from 10 nmol/L
to 5 nmol/L to match a separate restriction for intersex competitors and more to the point with any level below 10 being impossible to actually detect), and the dropping of a requirement about legal recognition in one's home country that was medically irrelevant AND inconsistent.
But the general history of people throwing tantrums at the idea of trans women competing in major athletic events goes back much farther than the past 17 years, with the oldest example I can find by lazily just checking wikipedia being the 1975 U.S. Open, where newly introduced
chromosome testing briefly banned Renée Richards from competing. A Supreme Court ruling overturned that 2 years later on the grounds of being arbitrary BS with no actual medical relevance, she was allowed to compete, and lost in the first round. Because trans women don't actually
possess any sort of athletic advantage over anyone. This incidentally also applies to every other story you may have read where someone has thrown a fit about a trans woman competing in a given sporting event. None of the women being screamed at are actually stand-outs, and those
calling for them to be banned are consistently peers who outperform them. With of course partial exceptions for that one racist conspiracy theorist claiming every black woman who outperformed her 8th place finish was probably trans, critics of Caster Semenya, who is not trans,
and Mack Beggs, who IS trans, but is not a woman, and was forced to compete against girls in high school against his will.

Again, so we're clear, that's 43 years of trans women explicitly being allowed to compete in sporting events, with few actually doing so, and no champions.
Meanwhile, trans women have been allowed to use women's restrooms since... the day the first restroom was constructed in 1851. And yes, there were trans women in 1851, and yes, they used public restrooms, without incident.

The only actual laws I'm aware to have ever existed that
I'm aware of, anywhere, were in the U.S. from 1896 to 1964 (and possibly a similar law in South Africa under apartheid, but search results are giving me nothing), which was strictly a racist issue, only impacting trans women in banning black trans women from "whites only" rooms.
That same act ending racial discrimination in 1964 incidentally quite explicitly reinforced the right trans women already had to use the correct bathroom, as was recently ruled by the Supreme Court, although no one had ever had any urge to even try to challenge it until 2016 when
a hate group (which has since openly admitted to doing so) created whole cloth a myth that trans women going to the bathroom like everyone else somehow created some threat of sexual assault, without even a single scrap of anecdotal evidence backing them-…
I bring these points up, in particular, because just the other day, someone I've generally known to be pretty good about these things who really did not want to be dragged into a conversation about Rowling and the popular term for the professional transphobe crowd postulated that
trans people were, perhaps, pushing too hard for the establishment of rights with regard to these issues which suggests to me that that particular hate group has been successful enough in the fraudulent framing of their propaganda to convince the average person that their bigotry
is, if perhaps still on the wrong side of history, some form of effort to preserve an existing status quo, as opposed to the reality that they are a radical fascist hate group attempting, with no provocation of any kind, to bamboozle the public into supporting brand new laws to
actively and completely arbitrarily produce state-sponsored discrimination of a sort that is precedented in history only in the lead-ups to various genocides.

So again, please RT that first post, if not this whole thread, to help push back on that propaganda and establish where
things actually lie, have historically always lied, and which party is the actual aggressor in these efforts to change things.

Oh, and we've always explicitly had access to domestic violence shelters, cervical cancer screenings (which some of us DO in fact need), mamograms, etc.
For more direct examples of transphobes' actively hostile relationship with facts, please see the bigot in the replies to this thread trying to bait me into giving them ammo, or the bigot Arthur's wasting his time on, pretending an article is an excerpt:
Particular highlights, respectively:
- Going into an absolute red-in-the-face rage after hitting a dead end with the lack of any actual changes to testosterone levels in decades with a side of racism.
- Calling an archive link a "revised article."
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