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19 Jun 20
Worth a reminder that the entire nazi playbook is specifically written to subvert democracy, open debate forums, etc. by using a number of underhanded means too large to list, all based on the assumption people will respond with idyllic calls to just vote for the right people.
Perhaps more relevantly, please note that white nationalists within the U.S. government have spent... well really the entire history of the country seizing every available opportunity to remove voting as a method of removing them from power, including, just off the top of my head
- Implementing weird little systems that subdividing maps, and declaring the entire population of any subdivision votes for whoever the majority of votes cast within that subdivision went to.
- Granting extra "bonus votes" to subdivisions they have a firm hold on.
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15 Jun 20
So as we all sit here having to once again reassure people that bigots just lie all the time and you don't have to take anyone's word on it but their own, but if you really need to just read this...…

I have to remind you that despite all their ravings, the
average transphobe is so far removed from reality they don't even know what trans people even look like. It's not that they've never seen a trans person. While we're a small percentage of the population we're evenly distributed. Anyone who spends any amount of time in public sees
us every day. But you know, part of the whole "trans women are women, trans men are men" thing is that when you look at a trans woman, there's no real way to tell you aren't looking at a cis woman, and ditto for men (I AM leaving nonbinary people out of that, only because there's
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15 Jun 20
If you don't mind indulging me in a bit of a ramble, and I cannot stress enough the degree to which this is not me saying "hey go mess with this guy for being a jerk like this,"and I'd like people to focus on the general moral here not this specific example, but to follow up from
So, some random person I don't know saw this video podcast Graham Linehan did where he apparently (hell if I'm going to watch it) spent a good chunk of time attacking me, made a thread on how screwed up that is, summed it up with a linking post, which then went out into the world
and was RTed by something like 650 people, including a bunch of people I know and like, through whom I saw it, and then had to sit down and write this big exhaustive thread about how hey, this and the MANY other threads like it paint a really horrible picture of me, with no basis
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14 Jun 20
I am so absolutely sick and tired of seeing people spread this disgusting rumor that objectifies me, makes a truckload of revolting assumptions about me, and scrambles up events to pin Graham's big turn to evil on something his nazi friends showed him 5 damn years after the fact.
Graham's big dive into transphobia really got started on October 23rd, 2015, when he was really sucking up to noted flaming bigots Rebecca Reilly-Cooper and Gia Milinovich in particular, and starting to parrot their hateful garbage. I can get real specific with that date, because
it is indeed true that the guy used to absolutely live on my twitter feed and frequently DMed me. I can just scroll down the ol' DM conversation list and find the one where he came crying to me about other trans people calling him a bigot for "standing up for his abused friends."
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13 Jun 20
People really just fundamentally can't seem to get their heads around this concept, but even before this effort to make it explicitly legal, this has been a horrifyingly common scenario:

Some woman collapses/gets shot/gets stabbed and is unconscious on the ground.

Someone calls
for an ambulance.

An ambulance arrives. EMTs load her into it. They bust out scissors and slice her dress and underwear open because EMTs will just find any excuse to do that one.

"Oh hey, is that a penis? Come over here and check out this weird freak we have back here!"
During the time they spend gawking, staring, and prodding, the woman dies from lack of whatever emergency care these chuckling creeps were supposed to provide or rush her off too.

OR, they do their job, get her to the hospital, and some asshole doctor surprised by the novelty
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11 Jun 20
I honestly kinda hate how the big mantra people tend to chant is just "trans rights are human rights."

That statement doesn't say anything at all about the speaker wanting to fight for trans people, or even suggests they have the first clue what rights are being denied to us.
It's just... acknowledging that issues exist in the abstract, and it usually only comes out in response to bigots making baffling declarations about how trans people just existing causes them some form of metaphysical harm.

Rather than just shout "trans rights!" let's drill down
1. Trans people deserve the right to transition.
Kind of a big one here! What makes a person trans is having their gender incorrectly assigned at birth, usually due to some atypical physical development for their gender, which is a side effect of some pretty damn awful endocrine
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25 May 20
One of the biggest lessons I've learned over the past 6 years or so is how so many people just fundamentally cannot grasp the concept of arguing in bad faith.

Like on an intellectual level, people seem to get that lying is a thing that happens but only when dismissing someone as
"lying" is a convenient excuse not to engage with anything they say, or in this sort of Phoenix Wright scenario where lying is something you can catch someone doing because they aren't being clever enough and then their whole evil scheme falls completely to pieces.

But the bread
and butter tactic used by every single group of far right extremists- "I want outcome A, for reason B, but knowing how universally unpopular it is, I will pretend to be actually seeking outcome X, because of reason Y, while actually working towards A" just... bounces the hell off
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31 Mar 20
While I don't have the energy or frankly desire to unravel the whole conversation leading to this exchange, Arthur's dissection of this one point is nice for illustrating a very big problem too many people are sleeping on: People who consider themselves extreme leftists getting
quietly steered towards the very far right by nazis with the savvy to frame exterminationist language as "pro-worker" talk. (Which is not something I am specifically say someone is doing in this example to be clear! Again I'm too tired to look down this specific rabbit hole.)
There's this concept in politics called "Horseshoe Theory" that says people on the same end of the political spectrum have more in common with each other than people in the middle. This is total BS and not at all where I'm taking this.

However, there is ANOTHER BS argument that
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27 Jan 20
I've had a whole lot of hardcore nazis in my mentions lately, and I figure now is as good a time as any to give a quick rundown of the method I use to identify them. It's a surprisingly simple process once you get into the habit.

Take for instance, this seemingly innocent post:
At a casual glance, that looks like a perfectly reasonable person, right? Even one who is in fundamental agreement with the post to which this is a reply? However, I was able to determine that this is actually a nazi through a simple 1-step process.

Step 1- Look at follows.
While you DO get the occasional nazi who has the presence of mind to set up a clean account for standard channer ops, the vast majority never bother.

All you really have to do is pop open the profile of anyone you don't know who shows up in your mentions, click "following," and
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