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Yogeshwar Shri Krishna “My Role Model”
(Part - 1)

Shri Krishna’s qualities, thought and action, character and totality of personality rank in the class of the Enlightened Ones. Image
Indeed he is a tower of सामर्थ्य to me when I falter; a source of inspiration when my spirit sag. Anecdotes of श्री कृष्ण ’s life are a morale booster when I am down in the dumps.
I feel that he is one of us and yet his hands above me. I look to him for guidance when the path of progress looks absolutely blocked. Guidance does come and I feel inspired.
Shri Krishna attained 16 gunas (कला) through yoga and meditation, due to which he is called 16 Kala Purna Avatari Purusha. Desire, Atman, devotion, earth, water, fire, air, sky, Ten sense, mind, food, veerya, tapa, mantra, lok and naam are the 16 Kala.
भगवान श्री कृष्ण kept on awakening and evoking everybody against injustice. His birth itself is known for breaking off the shackles of jail. श्री कृष्ण who was born in the filth of injustice kept on fighting for it throughout his life.
It is so stunning that the Shri Krishna born in the walls of the prison grows into a savior later in his life and relieves the entire world from the jail of engulfing Adharma and sins.
Shri Krishna was courageous, brave and fearless from the very beginning. These qualities were found in him since his childhood.
The most important event of his childhood is the Vadh of Rakshashi Pootna. Pootna was a demon with poison in her breasts. Pootna killed many children with her poison. Shri Krishna killed her and saved many lives.
Kansas two wrestlers, Chanur and Mushtika were killed by Krishna. After this Krishna jumped and reached the throne of कंस. Holding his hairs, dropped him to the ground and killed him. Image
After removing that राक्षस and eliminating him from the scene, he did not usurp साम्राज्य of the deceased. He, in his charitable style, put Kansa’s father, Ugrasen, on the सिंहासन.
Shri Krishna made it a point to punish the wrong-doer. It did not matter if the man to be punished was a king or a commoner. It was immaterial if the अधर्मी was his close relative. An example was made of his first cousin, Shishupal.
The killing of शिशुपाल in the Rajasuya Yajna and not speaking of any king against योगेश्वर श्री कृष्ण, shows the power of shri Krishna and is an example of his bravery and fearlessness. Image
When Yudhishthira had the idea of ​​राजसूय यज्ञ to become emperor, ShriKrishna agreed that unless Raja Jarasandha of Magadha is killed, he cannot possess राजसूय यज्ञ. He has kept 86 kings in his prison, wants to imprison 14 more. After this he wants to sacrifice those 100 kings.
Jarasandha had immense army. It was impossible to win him by army. Here Shri Krishna introduced the efficient policy. He decided to kill Jarasandha by मल्लयुद्ध. They went to Magadha with Bhima and Arjuna. They reached the capital of Magadha, Girivraj.
They did not enter through the main gate in the city. He broke the huge peak called Chaityaka and entered the city. He disguised himself as a Brahman. They reached the palace of King Jarasandha.
The king welcomed them. Then Shri Krishna said- "These two are मौन व्रतधारी, so will speak at midnight". When Jarasandha asked for what purpose did you come?
Then Shri Krishna said- "Enemies do not come from the main gate. Graduates can be Brahmans as well as Kshatriyas." You have imprisoned 86 kings. That is the reason for our enmity.
योगेश्वर श्री कृष्ण then invited Jarasandha to मल्लयुद्ध and chose Bhima on his behalf. The wrestling continued for 13 days. In the end, Bhima killed him. Then rescued the captive kings. Shri Krishna never and nowhere compromised with injustice. Image
In this battle with the असुर, श्री कृष्ण had taken a great risk and was exposed to danger of losing life or limb but he fought determinedly and fought to win. Indeed, we all feel inspired in our day to day युद्ध of life and feel encouraged to fight to win.

|| जय श्री कृष्ण ||
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