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@ericgarland Everyone protesting against the banning of TikTok... who *know* what it is?

That's very telling, actually.

And a consequence of how the strategic ground has narrowed into a single pass our adversaries - Russia, China, etc - believe they must traverse or perish.
@ericgarland Being forced to fight on ground of your adversaries' choosing can be lethal.

Denying you freedom of maneuver, allowing them to set the terms of your meeting, and so forth.

Especially if you don't know exactly where they'll make their stand.
@ericgarland You can end up funneling your whole force through... "Hot Gates," if you will.

Hurling the worst possible troops into the spears and shields of a phalanx, trained, determined, skilled, impossible to flank, and ready to fight to the death.
@ericgarland But here's the twist.

We're quick to assume all these self-destructive tactics and strategies, at this point, are aimed at the sole goal of keeping Trump and company in power.

Though they'd be happy for that...

Consider the possibility they've baked in his utter defeat.
@ericgarland What, then, could they be attempting?

First, remember a whole host of assets have been outed at this point, and keeping everyone from realizing they need to proffer out and make whatever deal they can...

Whatever peace they can, whatever life thereafter they can...

Is key.
@ericgarland A cascade of dominoes pulls everything down rapidly and unpredictably across so many fronts and so many lines of attack they will be beset on all sides even before America and her allies have fully formulated a strategic response.

So yes, there's the deception.
@ericgarland But more importantly, the chaos may be the point.

The *only* point.

Not sending millions of children back to inadequately prepared schools so their infection somehow muddles the election.

While a plus for them, that's an unrealistic outcome.
@ericgarland But creating chaos in every way possible, in America and every other democracy?

That's a way of launching a full-scale assault while you still have the means to do so.
@ericgarland Of course, that *also* means these assets aren't getting burned in an attempt to *save* the networks.

But to *annihilate* them.

So, if it were planned, would spreading fear and infection among Gohmert's staff really help with the election?

Or with undermining the government?
@ericgarland But that twist has a consequence.

We're roughly 3 months from the election.

Less than 6 months from the swearing in of a President on January 20, 2021.

How many people being used in human wave assaults against our democracy are going to realize there's no way out, for *them?*
@ericgarland This change of perspective isn't just about a proffer cascade, as everyone involved in crimes or knowingly benefiting from a conspiracy realizes they need to plead out before as many of their compatriots as possible.

Though that's part of it.
@ericgarland It's also about people cutting their losses.

Saving funds for their own legal defense rather than torching them in a ritual sacrifice to show "faith" in their party when they know they're going to lose.
@ericgarland It's about people deciding to go on the record, even with their identity protected, in opposition to the most horrendous plans or actions they have been witness to.
@ericgarland It's about people in private business going on the record with authorities as informants against psychological warfare against the population, espionage and/or treason of any stripe.

Not to mention law-abiding people just reporting harassment now.
@ericgarland Knowing full well we're apt to have an Administration in less than six months which is very interested in shutting down these abusive networks.
@ericgarland China was burning so many documents in their Houston consulate the city fire department arrived.

That's not the act of a confidant power which has planned centuries ahead.

Or even six months ahead.
@ericgarland Remember those offshored trillions.

And an IRS which now has thousands - if not tens of thousands - of cryptocurrency holders who effectively pled guilty to tax evasion, whose tsunami of investigations are now leading back...

To *Everything.*

Tax evasion. Money laundering.
@ericgarland Offshore LLCs.

Ultimate Beneficial Owners.

And More.
@ericgarland But getting back to the assets.

Especially the online, illegal-influence networks.

It's... not exactly a secret these networks have been burned.

At a level so epic it's not so much classified as deeply embarrassing.
@ericgarland No, jumping out of an Uber and deeper into the world's most blundering conspiracy is *not* a brilliant idea.

Creating open-source money transfers & dated & timestamped (and frequently, geolocated) evidence of conspiracy & collusion between your intel, your mobs & your assets...
@ericgarland May make Uber jumping look like the sport of philosophers and sages.

And so here we are.

At the pass.

But this time, the Spartans are not merely holding the line.

Not merely fighting to the death.

But fighting to victory.

And the oncoming armies are turning on themselves.
@ericgarland Oh, and one last point.

You'll be hearing many questions about why not fight this way? Why not try this strategy? Play this card?

Some of these are fair points.

Though there are complexities and consequences involved, and people laser focused on the most-effective strategies.
@ericgarland But consider:

Many of these arguments involve the "red oceans."

The mapped out places over which powers have been contending for years if not centuries, in which every gain is hard won. In blood.

So much of what is happening involves the "blue oceans."
@ericgarland Where Russia, China and company moved in to exploit emergent technologies...

They moved to exploit resources they clearly - spectacularly - did not understand.

Which is why they have been so unimaginably self-destructive for the aggressors.
@ericgarland Laundering money through cryptocurrency.

Psychological warfare over social media - especially public social media, including tweets archived in the Library of Congress.

De facto evolutionary algorithms creating an immense and incredible map of assets and agents of influence.
@ericgarland Literally missing the consequences of putting everything in digital format online, and then creating databases either under the US government's control, easily accessed by them... or all but transmitted to them in real time.

All while on the cusp of quantum search...
@ericgarland And the unlimited processing power needed to sift, collate and analyze these resources down to the microscopic scale.

And so many other flawed decisions.

Whatever strategies are in motion, whatever decisions have been made...

We haven't surrendered the red oceans.
@ericgarland But we own the blue ones.
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