Was reading “Who Painted my Lust Red?” By founder of @pGurus1 Shree Iyer!
This is an absolutely fast paced novel, a work of art which is going to do really well!
This is pure TNT and I think although it’s a work of fiction... I feel like I can recognise some of the characters in this novel!
Twitter you are going to love this one!
You all must absolutely read this book by @pGurus1 founder Shree Iyer.
The murky connections of #Bollywoodmafia and #IPL with politics!
Women especially must read and stay aware!
You all absolutely MUST READ this book:

This is TNT material. Thank me later.


• • •

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27 Apr
Assuming that contingency plans are being made for the future, this could be done:
A central war room hub and spoke model with 12 (24?) peripheral war rooms each with 50 telephone operators in queue timing for patients.
10 decision makers in each war room.
Close to main epicentres of the pandemic will be situated 12(24?) 500 bedded hospitals under tents. Army can set up those, each with its own O2 manufacturing facility.
Each of these near a railway station with a train taking max 6 hours to the tent hospitals.
A small army troop deployment can be near each station to help patients make their way to the train and to the 12 (24?) 500 or 1000 bedded facilities under tents.
Those need approx 1 doctor per 10 beds, 1 nurse per 4 beds. Rotation of doctors and nurses.
Read 7 tweets
18 Apr
@kshatriyashaiva claims Kaliyuga started on the last war day which is Pushya!!
Let’s ask a basic Q:
What is the Nakshatra for the last day of the war and pilgrimage?
Is it Shravana as the verse claims or Pushya as you claim?
@kshtriyashaiva also claims that Kaliyuga must start during the war timeline which must be Pushya.
Would you like to state how many Nakshatras prior to Shravana (last day of the war) nakshatra does Pushya arrive?
And best part @KshtriyaShaiva
If we accept Kaliyuga arrived during the Mahabharata war on a Pushya Nakshatra THEN it cannot be on the last war day because the other reference says that it is Shravana nakshatra.
This debunks Nilesh’s theory and not mine.

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5 Apr
I agree with @pranasutra and @irudragaur on this.
Some lakshman rekhas are there and should not be crossed. Yashoda and Sri Krishna are sacrosanct.
That’s it !
Part of the problem is the inability to realise that each person may have a different path to Sri Krishna.
The one who imagines him as her son also gets Madhurya ... let’s not confuse matters.
Gopaler Ma who was in times of Ramakrishna always thought of Balagopala!
That Gopaler Ma who was in times of Ramakrishna always thought of Balagopala and realised him through those means of Dhyana shows that this is a definite path of devotion for Krishna Bhaktas..., and this is one of my Pratyaksha Pramanas for why the interpretation by JV is wrong.
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5 Apr
The mistake made by most astronomers is that they could not realise that the significance of Bhisma’s sentence.
The first part of the sentence states:
I have been lying sleepless for 58 nights.
👇🏻 Image
Only in the second part of the sentence does he say almost as an afterthought:
That “the arrows are making every moment seem like a century”
Now ask the question:
Can this be 58 nights on bed of arrows?
Ans: No!
There is a reason why logically he cannot be speaking about this period in that manner ..... Since Krishna himself gives him a boon to not suffer the arrows pain!
What he is saying is that he spent 58 nights on the battlefield... not 58 on bed of arrows!
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4 Apr
A few questions on DM on pronouncing beeja mantras:
Some people prolong an ang after a beej as the right way and others don’t.
Which one is correct?
I give the answer as:
Chant it 10,000 times with Brahmacharya with x pronunciation with Brahmacharya/fixed time/place and then with Y pronunciation.
Both anusthanas are separated by 1 month.
See what happens and judge.
Is effect vastly different or same.
Any tangible result?
Better still:
Chant it 40,000 times with Brahmacharya with x pronunciation with Brahmacharya/fixed time/place and then with Y pronunciation.
Both anusthanas are separated by 1 month.
See what happens and judge.
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30 Mar
Implementation to at least some extent, of FCRA rules by Modi Govt. makes the American establishment (a good proportion of which is infiltrated by the hard Right which supports active proselytisation of Indians ) deeply inwardly hostile to India.
The Right in the USA does not view India favourably from a religious viewpoint.
That’s partly because India’s rich spiritual traditions are viewed as mere superstition and also because it’s perceived “idolatry” causes hatred in minds brainwashed by iconoclasm.
A large proportion of the American Right see Hindus as “the Devil’s work”.
In fact, the American Right demonises pagans who are perceived to be less than human.
So the American Right is no real friend of Hindus (neither is the American Left but I will comment on that later)...
Read 4 tweets

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