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9 Jan
The Jyotisha used in the Mahabharata is very exacting:
Small Thread
1. Mention of exact Nakshatra with the word Peeda is there in all the places NOT that PEEDA TO RASHIS, a fundamental mistake by many Mahabharata daters applying wrong principles.
The Jyotisha used in the Mahabharata is very exacting:
2. In some places only the Nakshatras are used to denote positions BUT NO PEEDA IS MENTIONED.
Yet many Mahabharata daters apply concepts of Peeda in those verses too THAT too only to half the verse ignoring the other half.
3. There are three slow moving planets and each has got multiple possible positions :
Saturn 4 verses, 3 positions, Jupiter 3 verses, 3 positions, Mars 2 verses and positions, yet NOBODY except modified 3067BCE theory explains all positions + WHY a position is best, ranking them.
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20 Dec 20
Today is the day last year when my talk on astronomy was arranged for the 29th Dec.
I finally decided to formally make slides shifting the entire timeline on the war by 3 days( instead of 22nd Nov shifted to 25thNov 3067BCE) and formulated Tri Pushya theory.
Came a long way!
That’s the poster for the talk last year. When I took up the challenge to debate and started preparing in October of last year, I came across the various points which were important:
Balarama’s pilgrimage, Bhisma Moksha, Kartika Purnima pre war, Tri Pushya, comet theory, Pluto!
My next book which will release in the next 9 days will show the problems with the major 7 alternative dates proposed by various authors for the Mahabharata war, each step of the hypothesis will be dissected. Around 130 pages, maybe more. ISBN number will be released soon.
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20 Dec 20
As you see, today is Champa Shasthi. This is the great day of worship at the great shrine of Jejuri.

Aurangzeb was punished by the Deity of this temple known as Khandoba, who is considered especially fiery tempered !
Aurangzeb had captured the fort of Daulat Mangal and then realised that there was a Hindu temple (of Jejuri) nearby.
As foolish Aurangzeb was wont to do, he decided to send his soldiers to loot and then destroy the temple!
The soldiers sent by Aurangzeb soon climbed up the hill. Finally seeing the pathway closed they thought of blowing a path with dynamite.
What happened next was impossible.
As they started to dig a hole, a swarm of giant bees miraculously appeared (hornets)
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19 Dec 20
On this Panchami a small note for sadhakas.
Many ask “I have done sadhana for 10 years and I cannot see the Devata yet. Is my sadhana correct?”

And: The very fact that one is doing sadhana for long is an indication that Kripa of Bhagwaan exists.... in this age, it’s unusual.
There is a word in Patanjali’s Astanga Yoga: “Ishwar Pranidhana”
It comes last. There is a reason why it comes last.
Every sadhaka no matter how great, no matter how small, no matter of x or y path,....eventually comes to realise of one’s insignificance.
Then hand of God is seen
That leads to the step of Ishwar Pranidhana.
Which in fact is the direct manifestation of the spontaneous realisation that the Bhagwan you were searching for is present all along and directing your path every step of the way... no matter how many ditches you fell into.
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17 Dec 20
Small notes for sadhakas doing the purscharan of Panchakshari Shiva mantra.
Short Thread
Akshara laksha is the purascharan so that’s 5 lakhs japa.
How long it will take?
The rough count is around 4800 japa in one hour, that’s around 9600 japa in 2 hours and so on.
Rudraksha mala is normally used although other malas like Lotus seed also are used. In this, the trick is to do 10 japa on every bead and then go on. Use match sticks to count your mala
So at this count, easiest is to do 10,000 japa in 2 hours 10 mins and that way you complete 1 Lakh japa in 10 days.
Then you can do the homa of 10,000 although some just keep doing 10,000 japa instead and add 1 day more. That way in 55 days you will complete one purascharan!
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17 Dec 20
A few people feel that there are some things in the Hindu scriptures which cannot possibly be true.
For example
Boons vs curses
Hanuman’s flight
A short thread to put some of these things to rest.
Let’s come to curses first:
Years ago, in med school, a senior friend of mine, now a doctor abroad related a true story which happened according to him around 10 generations ago.
No male member of his family ever crossed 50 years of age! Why?
Acc to him: a curse by a Brahmana.
10 generations ago, his ancestor was friends with a Brahmana who wanted to go on a Kashi yatra.
He had a bit of money and gold which he entrusted to my friend’s ancestor.

My friend’s ancestor agreed to keep it safely for him if and when he would return.
Those sort of days
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14 Dec 20
A few questions on DM on Mahavidyas.
To take an analogy from a FB friend.
Mahavidya sadhanas (especially the Ugra Devatas) are like swimming in an open ocean (unlike your swimming pool)
The ocean can batter you quite badly.. although if lucky you may escape safely.
Out of all Mahavidyas, Shodashi, Bhuvaneshwari and Kamala are reasonably Soumya in comparison..
In the sense that you can with some guidance of an Uttara Sadhaka do them somewhat without as much danger as is attended by other Mahavidyas...
The sadhana of the widow, Chinnamasta are the most dangerous.... for various reasons.
While success guarantees all sorts of things with both sadhanas, failure can mean all sorts of hardships...
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13 Dec 20
Many have asked about Diksha mantras vs non diksha mantras.
Since I have some experience of both, let me elaborate:
With non Diksha mantras what happens:
Initially, the mantra is being done and no real discernible effect is being produced in the consciousness, surroundings or your life.
(Perhaps one picked up the mantra from a book... etc)
Depending on what anusthana you are doing and what number, literally nothing happens. This is especially TRUE if Brahmacharya is non existent..
Nothing happens for days or even months.
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12 Dec 20
A small photo of the all night consecration ceremony which took place in 2017 at the installation of the Mahavidya Baglamukhi by me (and a battery of priests who know the full process) in the first house temple in 2017 Sept Navratri.
Wonderful memory:
👇🏻 Image
In this age, many often feel that the Devi does not exist.
But let me say that not only does She exist but Baglamukhi Mahavidya is the most wonderous impossible force of compassion in this Universe.
Her puja may be done BUT do Her sadhana only under competent advice.
You may have read this thread I posted on the dangers which come upon those who are not going to complete impossible niyamas associated:
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9 Dec 20
17 references out of which some in chapter 1 of my free book point to war in Kaliyuga: Madhawacharya tradition etc also says the same.
Worth reading for Dwapara Yuga Mahabharata enthusiasts! 😂😂🙏🏽🙏🏽:…
cc: @jeevanraya98
Enjoy a good read.
And further evidence for Kaliyuga in 3K BCE time frame
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9 Dec 20
Why is daily sadhana important?
Why is Sandhyavandana important?
Why is daily knowledge of panchang important?
What is the reason behind control of every single aspect of life in Hinduism?
Slow thread.
Sandhyavandana done daily will take you around 12 minutes. Over 10 years, done everyday, that’s 365 x 10 x 12 minutes 43,000 minutes of sadhana. Over 40 years and for those doing more malas of Gayatri, it’s way beyond.
What’s the power of that sadhana.
It takes around 3-4 months to get into a daily routine for sadhana.
That is the hardest part. Once done, the power of a simple sadhana like Sandhyavandana once or passes 10 year mark can completely nullify almost any basic kritrima attack of spirits.
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8 Dec 20
One of the things which one should NEVER ever do without some serious expectation of diligence and serious Niyama is sadhana of Baglamukhi... (especially if it’s prescribed for destruction of enemies... )
From someone who has installed Her in this form at home.
(Why?) Thread
The Devi Baglamukhi is a Mahavidya who is considered as a Siddha Vidya.
Her sadhana has a particular krama and step by step Upasana has to be performed:
Ek akshari - 1.25 lakhs + homa 1/10th
Chatur Akshari - 1.25 lakhs + homa 1/10th
Etc/then Bhakta Mandar mantra 9 lakhs + 1/10th+
+ Contd.
Finally, one needs a Diksha of 36 akshari mantra.... from one’s Guru.
This mantra comes in 3 main forms.
Anusthana is 13/21/31/41 days in a particular direction with particular diet. Brahmacharya if u don’t want to die
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6 Dec 20
Sometimes the greatest illiteracy comes from labelling what we cannot perceive not understand as superstition or blind belief.
Questions to ask oneself:
1. Can you see bacteria/viruses with bare eyes? If not, then how is it mentioned in Mahabharata and Ramayana?
Many progressives label following of vratas as superstition.
Same will happily go back 10 km home if a black cat crosses their path.
Is the first one superstition because you are not familiar with the will power contained within a human mind?
Any sadhana when done over a long period of time (and if other variables are favourable) will give results.
Problem is if you don’t try to do it and cannot follow through with it for a long period... then how do you know what the depth of perception of another person is?
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28 Nov 20
The effect on #COVID19 on illnesses in the general population such as coronary artery disease and cancers is not something which is measurable, but it must be severe.
Worldwide, lockdowns have caused a huge problem for those sort of people in suffering of illnesses which are the norm in the population.
So not only do they feel the economic effects, they have felt the effects on health too.
The cost of the catastrophe which this plague has brought onto the world is almost immeasurable. I cannot be sure but certain economies such as USA must be coming close to a tipping point.
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26 Nov 20
Roman sites like the Colosseum carry a very odd energy. At one time, crowds sat there baying for the blood of humans who were fighting in the arena. Many died unnatural deaths there and nobody lives there
Each place has its own vicitra veerya.
For example some cities are full of people who are engaged in a forgetfulness of the true purpose of life and are only engaged in buying and selling.
Eventually they buy and sell humans too (not in the literal sense.. but there is a barter system in place)
Anyone who comes there becomes engaged in that very same ideology no matter how much they fight it (a few recognise this system straight off and leave, others don’t and get caught and become part of that system)
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25 Nov 20
The first day of the Mahabharata War
Only in 3067BCE
Margashirsha Shukla Paksha Trayodashi, 25 November 3067 BCE.
Moon at Mrigasira as predicted by the text (as last day war must be Shravana star coincident with Amavasya)

Uttara & Shweta, Virata's sons killed on this day Image
Day 2 of the Mahabharata war at dawn: S14
26th November 3067BCE
Arjuna and Bhima devastate the Kaurava army. The Nakshatra of the day is Ardra (Tears from Eye of Rudra) =Vidhwans
No other war theory can replicate it to this level of perfection.
Jhora SS and Redshift SS attached. ImageImage
Day 3 of the Mahabharata:
27th Nov 3067BCE
Punarvasu Nakshatra.
Pushya 3 of Tri-Pushya will come just before dawn on the 28th.
Sri Krishna picks up his Sudarsan chakra and charges Bhisma. ImageImageImage
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24 Nov 20
Short thread on mantras and why their translation into other languages will not work (especially into English and other European languages)

The question is asked “We can’t understand Sanskrit mantras, why not translate into English and listen to the meaning instead of chanting?”
Before one comes to the answers, let me ask a few questions which I asked myself:
Q1: Did you the chanter see the mantra or did someone else?
Q2: What is the quality and power of the Sanskrit language? Does it have any advantages?
Q3: are mantras/ deities visible to naked eye?
Let’s answer Q1 which I asked of myself first?
Ans1: Each mantra is seen by someone pracheen being: this could be a Rishi or a Devata or someone else:
For example, Bhairava the Devata is mantra drsta for a lot of mantras...
Vasistha/Vishwamitra/Markandeya are all great Rishis
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21 Nov 20
Jai Shanidev.
My old post on Tipu Sultan is well known:
Certain objects attract a terrific negative energy. One such jinxed object (in my opinion) is the sword of Tipu Sultan.
Sanjay Khan was shooting the serial drama “Sword Of Tipu Sultan” when a major fire took place on 8 February 1989, in the Premier Studios of Mysore where the drama was being shot.
If I remember correctly, Sanjay Khan had held that sword some time before the event.
The fire was an inferno...
temperatures touched 250 deg F and the entire set went on fire.
27 charred bodies were found on the set eventually... 62 lives lost in one of those once in a lifetime fires on a set.
Sword of Tipu Sultan.
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20 Nov 20
I disagree. There is a way of doing this ritual to remember and satisfy the ancestors and it’s worked for generations. Adapted to modern life are simple rituals like below link. Why to change something which works for something which is not proven?

( )
Since we Hindus are a people who like Pratyaksha Pramana, there are numerous people whose lives have improved after Pitru Shraddha at Gaya and other places. Why should we change it for something else?
And ask me, I will show so many examples of people’s lives which have been (according to their testimony) been horrible prior to Pinda daan not being performed and improved significantly afterwards.
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19 Nov 20
A thread on the Ohol murders in 1992 in Pune.
The murderers were awarded death penalty in 1998.
I remember the next or was it the next evening very well.
Two of the friends of one of the deceased: a boy killed in those horrific murders .... drove up behind me on their Kawasakis because they could not locate him. (The killed friend was Rohan ... one of my close friends)
Remember there were no mobile phones in those days. But we used to be out on motorcycles the entire day. That evening was overcast.
I stopped and I still remember the look on my other two friends faces clearly.
Have you seen Rohan?
I was puzzled. I said, let’s search for him.
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16 Nov 20
For those who feel that homam didn’t give them results and prescribe Vishnu Sahasranaam (and japa), here is an interesting conundrum and I hv seen this 100’s of times in last two decades.
Japa = no tangible result.
I see weekly at least a few people who say that japa did not work and they have finished around 10,000 japa or so... now what to do?
Why did this happen?
I will tell you my opinion.
This was my precise observation in the 1990’s. Japa technique if one desires a very tangible result (job/marriage/health) is really difficult to bring about unless one just does graha japa.
Devata japa takes serious time and energy over years. An observation only.
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