I don’t know who needs to hear this, but Amazon actually has a pretty damn good selection of rom-coms you’ve never seen or heard of but should most definitely see and hear of.
Since many have been asking what glorious movie this gif is from, as well as for some other indie/small-ish romcom recs on Amazon, I shall start a thread (as @writergirl8 suggested👌)!

1. One Small Hitch!

This is the gif in my first tweet. This is the movie I always recommend for romcom lovers looking for something they haven't yet seen. The best genre: Hallmark+ (aka Hallmark but drunkenness & sex exist)

& ALL the tropes!

More info:
2. Road Less Traveled

Another Hallmark+ (no sex, but woo drunkenness), this @Lauren_Alaina rom-com has a twist HALLMARK fans will never see coming lolol

AND I fell in love with Lauren's song “Holding the Other,” which I’ve listened to before bed for pretty much the past 3 yrs🎧
3. Play the Game

With @ThePaulCampbell's #WeddingEveryWeekend premiering Sat, it's the PERFECT time to make sure everyone knows about the 1st romcom I saw him in, 11 yrs ago!

So cute & sweet & fun. Go watch!

@marlasok's in it too! & late greats, Andy Griffith & Doris Roberts♥️ Image
4. Playing It Cool

For all of you @ChrisEvans fans out there (lol everyone), WATCH THIS.

It's gone underrated & unnoticed for far too long. Interesting and cool and good. Watch.

Who else is in the cast? Oh, just @realmonaghan, @TopherGrace, @evilhag, @AnthonyMackie & more!
5. Penelope

The main thing you need to know about this movie that I love so much? James McAvoy.

Swoon on swoon on swoon. Always.

Still somehow need more reasons to watch? 👉 Christina Ricci, Catherine O'Hara, Peter Dinklage, @ReeseW (acting and first "real" producer gig)!
6. Love, Rosie

I mean, a rom-com starring @lilycollins & @samclaflin with beautiful and vibrant cover artwork that looks like this👇

Need I explain more or are you already making the right call and running over to Amazon to watch/add to your watchlist? Image
7. High Strung

Not only is it a fun mix of dance & music (ugh, always love that), but @nickgalitzine is a ⭐️star⭐️, & I'm SO happy he has 2 big projects in the works – Cinderella w Camila Cabello & The Craft remake!👏

Also, watching @Ian_Eastwood dance is always a good call.
8. Just a Little Chemistry

I went to add my tweet from yrs ago about the main reason to watch this & FOUND IT IN MY DRAFTS😩

"It’s been 3 yrs since I watched #JustALittleChemistry, & I’m stilling waiting for @rodrigoguiraook in another romance flick. Hallmark, where y’all at?"
9. Two Night Stand

This @Miles_Teller and @OhAnaleigh romantic comedy is super cute and you'll (likely) be pleasantly surprised. And it's kind of perfect for the times. Aka, the times of isolation & quarantine.

It's a very short forced co-isolation period, but still!
10. You Cast a Spell On Me

I love movies & shows w magic, so then make it a light-hearted rom-com w @nikkideloach & @RyanMcPartlin AND I AM IN. And you all should be in, too.

I was so glad I got to talk about my love for this movie w Nikki last year♥️

11. Dorfman in Love

I haven't seen this movie in quite a few years, but it stars @SARARUEFORREAL, SO support! Image
12. In The Mix

It's VERY important to know this is on Prime! I am so happy😭

When I was 12, my dad somehow remembered I wanted to see this movie so badly (I mean: @Usher & @echriqui!!) & may have found me a bootleg during a random NYC trip after I missed it in theaters😬😂 Image
13. Christmas Belle

I'm a fan of pretty much all of @HaylieDuff's Christmas movies (so a bit of a bummer she hasn't done one in a while), but this is my FAVORITE because it also has *swoon* @IamNickGonzalez AND was written by Joany Kane! Image
Still regret not getting a pic with @echriqui BUT OH WELL. I'm just glad I got the chance to chat with her after watching her in 12 million things😂👌

14. Some Kind of Wonderful

Obviously this isn't a "small" or whatever rom-com, but it's an '80s one I don't feel gets enough love, especially since it's one of my absolute favorites from that time.

If you haven't seen it, watch. If you have, time for a rewatch!
P.S. I still love this #TheGoodDoctor photo of @IamNickGonzalez and @_ChristinaChang so much and need it to become an actual rom-com. Thanks.

15. Accidentally Engaged

A fake engagement? With a celebrity and an aspiring actress? A celebrity played by @brantdaugherty? And a wannabe actress played by @lexitheamazing?

Yeah, add it to your list.
16. Coffee Shop

Originally premiering on UPtv, this flick stars @Vandiekins22 and features a writer as her love interest. That's a winning recipe in my book. Image
17. It Happened One Valentine's / Love Exclusively

As quite a few TVish rom-coms do, this has 2 names, both of which are on Amazon.

#BigTimeRush's @jamesmaslow(!), @thehaleywebb & @britt_underwood star. My review on my once-upon-a-time blog...

18. The First Time

While this isn't a super small movie or whatever, it's going on this list because I love it and because it stars my loves @dylanobrien, @RealBritt_Rob & @VictoriaJustice, so if you haven't seen it yet, you must fix that mistake immediately.
19. You May Not Kiss The Bride

If you're like me and often just want to relax with something full of randomness and nonsense that's also a rom-com (starring @katharinemcphee & @DaveAnnable10 to boot), this is for you.

For the tropers out there: 👆Marriage for debt & green card. Image
20. After the Ball

A Canadian rom-com that's a mix of Cinderella and Twelfth Night, starring Mr. Robot's @PortiaDd as the lead, #Shadowhunters' @AnnaBananaHops as one of her step-sisters, longtime Hallmark actress @LaurenHolly as her step-mom, and SATC's Chris Noth as her dad. Image

• • •

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