wangxian au in which lwj and wwx are childhood friends, and they live next to each other. and at the age of twelve, they made a promise, or rather, a pact—wwx did write down a formal agreement black and white—they would marry each other.
"if the present parties, wei wuxian and lan wangji, do not find a partner after thirteen years from this date, they will marry each other!"

signed, signed
lan wangji wei wuxian
no seriously he really did write it on a piece of paper, with lwj's pen. and it was signed by the both of them.

wwx: so lan zhan now that we've signed it!! ON PAPER!! Lan so for real now, if we don’t find ourselves a partner in 13 years, we will get married.. ok?
lwj: mn.
at the age of six, they would take the bus to go to school together, and take the same bus again to go back home. lwj actually has a driver. but he'd rather be 'normal' with wwx. and during the weekends where they don't go to school, they'd spend the days doing their homework. or
rather, lwj making wwx do his homework. to be honest, wwx never really understood why lwj would agree to their pact many years ago. but he thinks lwj probably just indulged because they're bffs and bffs indulge each other amirite. bros. yeah. uhhuh. they always got your back.
they go through high school and university together. and somehow??? they never??? find themselves a partner. or they never seem to be around other people except for their family members and a few close friends. lwj thinks wwx is too good to be with anyone, and wwx thinks lwj is
also too good to be with anyone. they just think that the right person for one another hasn't appeared. oh well. time will tell and time will show. good things go to those who wait, don't they?
so their bus rides up till their final semester in uni, and almost everyday, consist of wwx falling asleep every single time. the roads to the uni are bumpy and wwx's head would just move around as he sleeps. and lwj would just...lightly hold wwx's head onto his own shoulders and
let him just sleep on it not so soundly. wwx would also drool, but lwj never minds. sometimes, just sometimes, he would smell the top of wwx's head and take all of him in. wwx's smell is his favorite scent, wwx's voice and laughter is music to his ears, wwx... is his everything.
now that they're both in the working industry, lwj would always pick wwx up from home and send him to work, and pick him up from work and send him back home. wwx surmises this behavior and action of lwj's to be what it's always been, because again, that's what best friends are
for. like, they live so close anyway! so is their work place.

wwx: it's just convenient for lan zhan to do that, he's always so kind to everyone!

wq: yeah sure wwx. he would totally do that for aNyOnE

wwx: of course he would if anyone actually asks!!
wq: if that's what you think.

wwx: it's what i know. you're not lan zhan's best friend, i am!

wq: okay then.

jc: yeah don't bother talking sense into wwx. don't bother smacking any into him either. he's hopeless.
wwx: y'all will never understand because y'all don't have your best best bestest friend

wq & jc: if that's what you think.

that's the thing, that is exactly what wwx thinks. that all lwj does is just because. yes, just because.
as time goes by, work gets in the way of their lives, individual lives. but somehow, they still make time for each other. at times lwj would need to work overtime and wwx would also say that he is too, but in fact, he's just waiting for lwj so lwj would still pick him up.
then people start to talk. that lwj's uncle is matchmaking him with his uncle's friend's niece. news spread like wildfire in gusu, especially when they're news about the gusulan family. hearing this, wwx's world... just fell silent. as if the clouds don't move, as if the sun
doesn't shine, as if the moon doesn't rise. his world is at a standstill.

wwx: so lan zhan, i guess our pact is abolished!! oh my god, and i thought that we were never really going to find ourselves a partner! hahahaha
there he stands inside lwj's apartment, pretending that everything is okay. when in fact, everything hurts. even seeing lwj hurts now.

lwj: you sound happy.

wwx: of course im happy for my best friend!!! lan zhan, if you're not making me your best man, i will NEVER forgive you!
lwj: is that what you want?

is that what wwx wants? for you to be with someone else and not him? no.

wwx: duh! are you really not going to ask me to be your best man, lan zhan!?

lwj: i will, that is what wei ying wants.
wwx: cool. c-c-cool!

not cool. totally not cool. he's going to break down and cry any moment.

but he will not. he's going to smile his usual smile, laugh his usual laugh. this is what he's good at. if this means for his best friend to find his happy ending then fuck it.
he will be there for his best friend no matter who his best friend chooses.

lwj: wei ying.

/oh no, no, no. don't 'wei ying' me now lan zhan/

lwj: are you... are you crying?

wwx isn't going to be able to lie out of this one because 1) lwj isn't blind 2) his tears keep flowing!
wwx: y-yeah! im just so happy for you, lan zhan! but i hate it that im going to grow old alone!!! ugh. that's why im crying! aiyooooo im going to be left behind!

that's half true. but the other truth is that, wwx cannot grow old with lwj by his side, not anymore.
lwj: don't cry, wei ying.

but how can he not? how the fuck can he not? how can lwj still be so... caring, even now? it's getting so fucking annoying. wwx will NEVER be able to get over it if lwj just keeps being like this.

wwx: stop it. for fuck's sake, stop it, lan zhan.
lwj is taken aback. wwx has never been like this, ever.

lwj: stop what?

wwx: THIS. you, caring like THIS for me. and soon my best friend will be marrying someone else and i won't have anyone else to care for me like this. YES i know this sounds incredibly selfish so all im
asking is for you to stop treating me like this. so i can get used to not having you around.

lwj: is that what you want?

wwx: is that what i want? let me tell you what i want, lan wangji.

this is it. fight or flight. since lwj is going to be with someone else and wwx is going
to be left all alone, he might as well get it over and done with. for prolonged pain is worse, right?


wwx: what i want is to have YOU all to myself. what i want is to have YOU by my side, through it all. what i want is for YOU to always pick me up after work and send me
home. what i want is to have YOU always telling me so sit straight and fix my goddamn posture because i know it's bad. what i want is to have YO—

lwj: then you shall have me.
wwx: then i shall have y... huh? what?

lwj: then wei ying, shall have me.

wwx: please lan zhan, i don't need the whole best friend i got your back shit right now.

lwj: no.

/ok great, now lan zhan isn't even your best friend anymore. that's quicker than i imagined. fuck./
lwj: wei ying, if that is what you want of me, then that is what i will be. for it is what i want to be, for you.

wwx: lan zhan...

lwj takes wwx's hands into his, and puts it on his chest.

lwj: will always take wei ying wherever wei ying wants to go, even if it's to line up
for boba tea when it is -4 degrees. will always let wei ying have the first bite of the condiments when we dine in wei ying's favorite hotpot restaurant. will always... be the shoulder wei ying leans on, no matter what ride we take on the road, on our journey.
wwx: even... even if we're not best friends?

lwj: wei ying will forever be my best friend.

wwx: why do i feel that you're not going to stop there, lan zhan

lwj: you are right.

wwx: go on.

this is the time wwx just.. listens.
lwj: wei ying is my best friend, my soul mate, my whole world.

wwx: and you've... you've never bothered to tell me all THAT?

lwj: i did not know, if wei ying would share the same sentiments as i do, if wei ying would be on the same page as i am.

lwj: you did not make me sign. i signed willingly.

wwx: i thought you were just indulging me!!! that's what bffs do, we always got each other's back and shit.
lwj: truthfully, i was indulging myself.

wwx: were you?

lwj: mn.

wwx: so with or without that pact, are you saying, that we would still marry each other next time?

lwj: how about, now?
wwx: nOW? lan zhan, please correct me if i am wrong. but did you just propose to me? WITH ME WEARING A BLACK TSHIRT AND A JOGGER PANTS?

lwj: what is wrong with black tshirt and jogger pants?

wwx: i don't look glamorous at all!!!!

lwj: wei ying looks perfect. always.
wwx: do you... do you love me?

lwj: what do you think?

wwx: i need to hear you say it.

lwj: i love you, wei ying. always have, always will. as long as the sea is bound to wash up on the sand, and stars are above you, i will love you.
wow, wwx totally didn't expect that poem but he'll take it.

wwx: then propose to me again, tomorrow.

lwj: i will.

wwx: lan zhan, did we just go from best friends to getting engaged? we, like, totally skipped the boyfriend part.

lwj: we can go on as many dates as we want.
does not matter what relationship status we are in, wei ying will always be wei ying. and wei ying is mine.

wwx: as you are mine.

just half an hour ago, wwx's world was at a standstill. and now, he feels like he's on top of the world and that he can take anything on.

!!!1!!1 THANk you for making it down here. this idea struck me as i was eating chicken rice just now and i love me some childhood friends wangxian and for once they don't think they hate one another and their misunderstandings just come from their inability to understand
certain terms like best friends + obliviousness from both parties because c'mon, lwj is as oblivious as wwx in canon or in au!

thank you once again for reading and please leave your comments if you have any!

credits to chicken rice.
also here's the beginning of daaa thread!

• • •

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