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19 Nov
today’s unboxing!

wu style x cql wangxian figurines. they feature the famous wangxian scenes. which is your favourite?
qiongqidao separation 😔
you like mianmian?
wu ji @ gusu
tianzi xiao, fen ni yi tan
wangxian and bunnies!
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19 Nov
aimon x shapolang. goes on sale 20th november 10am

background board…

phone holder -…

pouch -…

badge -…
wall scrolls -…

keychain with tassel -…

acrylic standee -…

string keychain -…
washi tape -…

dangling q acrylic standee -…

pillow keychains -…

wooden carved lamp -…
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11 Nov
modern wangxian 11.11 au where wwx has shitloads of items in his shopping cart, and his BEST friend lwj sees it so. wwx goes for a toilet break (and lwj knows how long he actually takes because best friends know that kind of stuff).

so what does a BFF do? a BFF checks out
everything in the cart for wwx and pays for it. wwx comes back after a while and sees everything gone

wwx: eh... the website must’ve seen me window shop so much but actually never buy anything and they decided to empty the cart for me lol but i guess that’s for the best. owell
and he closes the website tab and never looked at it, or check his shopping account ever again because /lazy/

and at that time lwj just sits next to him like nothing ever happened. but deep down he’s looking forward to the day that wwx wears his beautiful big smile on his face
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6 Nov
aimon x mdzs new merch—available for sale on maoer fm 10am 10th november. app doesn’t generate links, but you can find these items on the shop page!


holographic bag with a purse insert! so cute!!

mdzsQ notebooks!

mdzsQ acrylic keychain!
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5 Nov
post canon wangxian where wwx still has the habit of drawing on things.

"lan wangji was here."
"wei wuxian was here."

that was the night when he found that his soulmate, now his husband, also likes to carve (words), though in a drunken state.

now, they lie awake in their
jingshi. it's well after 9pm. but what is sleep, when both wwx and lwj would rather spend every waking moment with one another? they're covered only by their blanket and in each other's warmth.

in wwx's hand is a small sharp carving knife, that they'd gotten from caiyi town from
the sculptor. he starts to slowly carve what lies beside them—their bed frame.

"lan zhan, wanna know what i'm going to try to draw?" wwx says as he gets up from his husband's embrace and sits down cross legged, revealing his naked upper half body, lit by the beautiful moonlight
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4 Nov
often we talk about the discipline whip scars lan wangji's back that mark him because he protected wei wuxian in his own ways. but rarely do we talk about those that brand jiang cheng's chest that he also endured because he protected wei wuxian by luring wen chao's men away. ImageImage
lwj had lxc to tell his story. jc had no one to. wwx knows the existence of lwj’s scars and the reason behind them. he never finds out about jc’s. and the latter seems to never want to tell wwx too, for they are scars he would rather bear himself for the rest of his life.
was there ever a time when maybe jc just wanted to tell wwx everything? would that make a difference? mend their relationship? he probably doesn’t know. but one thing is for sure, he knows his shixiong would feel guilty. now wwx has his second life, and jc would prefer it to not
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18 Oct
modern wangxian au in which they are put into an escape room, by none other than nhs and jc. and their session is paid by wen qing because she said, “just fucking get those two together.” so what better way than to have the two of them being stuck in an escape room game.
there are several escape room themes and wwx chooses one that's called "grandmaster of demonic cultivation" because

wwx: it's so right up my alley, lan zhan. dEMoNIc

so this GDC theme will have several rooms, one connecting to the other, and will have sub-themes: gusu library,
burial mounds, nightless city. wwx and lwj have to work hand in hand to figure out just how they can progress, and ultimately complete the challenge. it requires teamwork and most importantly, mutual understanding and communication.
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16 Oct
russian mdzs novels are already printed and the bonus items are already produced. boxes and notebooks will be sent to the publisher by monday! ImageImage
closer look at the novels and the cover art is by the amazing 千二百

[…] ImageImageImageImage
bonus items include:

manget: wangxian at guanyin temple
badge: angy kitten jiujiu
notebook: magnolia tree branch + gusu pendant
bookmark: talisman + yunmengjiang clarity bell ImageImageImageImage
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16 Oct
shu uemura x wang yibo one piece collection is available on shu uemura’s official taobao listing. they go up on sale 21st October

eyeshadow palette… ImageImageImage
amplified matte lipsticks… ImageImage
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21 Sep
modern wangxian au where lwj is a renowned hand model who is hired by the biggest companies in china. whether it be jewelleries, watches, cuff links, suits, ties, skincare, lwj is always the brand’s first option.

wwx, a famous photographer from yunmeng, that only does portrait
shoots, has been hired by suit&tie. it’s one of the biggest, if not the biggest, men’s wear company in the whole of gusu. they’re launching an entirely new line of men’s wear. and since wwx has always wanted to delve into something different from portrait shoots, he accepts this
project. lwj on the other hand, has always only been a hand model but anyone and everyone in the industry knows how good-looking he is. he initially thought he would just need to do his usual hand-modelling for suit&tie but since nhs is a childhood friend, he’s agreed to do a
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21 Aug
(1/3) english translation for PASH! magazine august issue, featuring the interview with ma dou so shi (japanese mdzs) audio drama sound director, enomoto satoru.
(2/3) english translation for PASH! magazine august issue, featuring the interview with ma dou so shi (japanese mdzs) audio drama sound director, enomoto satoru.
(3/3) english translation for PASH! magazine august issue, featuring the interview with ma dou so shi (japanese mdzs) audio drama sound director, enomoto satoru.
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17 Aug
wangxian au in which lwj and wwx are childhood friends, and they live next to each other. and at the age of twelve, they made a promise, or rather, a pact—wwx did write down a formal agreement black and white—they would marry each other.
"if the present parties, wei wuxian and lan wangji, do not find a partner after thirteen years from this date, they will marry each other!"

signed, signed
lan wangji wei wuxian
no seriously he really did write it on a piece of paper, with lwj's pen. and it was signed by the both of them.

wwx: so lan zhan now that we've signed it!! ON PAPER!! Lan so for real now, if we don’t find ourselves a partner in 13 years, we will get married.. ok?
lwj: mn.
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22 Jul
au where lwj can read minds if he stares at someone long enough. it's also the reason why he avoids gazes and often never looks at someone for too long. the mind is a powerful thing and to be able to read it, is even more powerful.
the only people's mind that lwj has never been able to read so easily are his brother and uncle's. also because, lwj doesn't want to. he could if he tried hard enough.

gusulan is expecting the arrival of disciples from the other major sects and yunmengjiang is one of them.
he will soon find another person who his mind cannot reach that easily. it surprises him to the core and annoys him, even. he finds himself stealing more and more glances at the noisy jiang disciple that has the most boisterous laugh and exuberant warmth.
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