Sun 🌞
जपाकुसुम संकाशं काश्यपेयं महद्युतिं।
तमोरिसर्व पापघ्नं प्रणतोस्मि दिवाकरं ।। (रवि)

I seek forgiveness from lord Surya for any mistakes in my effort .
Surya deva was married to Sanjana, the daughter of Vishwakarma. However, after a while Sanjana became troubled as she was unable to bear the heat of Surya
Lesson: Surya can be troublesome for marital happiness .3/n
She lost her glorious lustre and God named her as Sandhya. She decided to escape the marriage by leaving her clone Chhaya in her place.
Lesson - Combustion(astangata) can lead to dullness (not death) in the karakatwa 4/n
Surya had a son with Chhaya and his name was Shani. When Vishwakarma found out about Shani he asked Sanjana to go back to Surya. Sanjana returned with heavy heart and cursed Chhaya to be reduced as mere shadow.
Surya did not suspect anything and Sanjana had a son ( Yama )and a daughter ( Yamuna). Shani grew up feeling neglected .
Lesson : shani and surya do not get along for family matters and have difference of opinion.
Surya announced Yama as dharmraj, one who will uphold the dharma and gave Yamuna the responsibility of washing away the sins of people who comes to her.
Lesson: Sun can award you with power and authority . Makes one responsible.
In above episode Shani felt dejected and humiliated.
Lesson - Sun Saturn combined influence can give the feeling of dejection/ humiliation in those matters initially.
Sandhya later told the truth regarding Shani's birth to Surya. Surya got very angry causing the glare to intensify and Sandhya could not bear it any further.
Lesson: Surya promotes Satya and can be unforgiving to liars.
Surya gave #Shani the status of navgrah and gave him the duty of delivering the karma phala to natives.
Lesson : Surya is fair and Sun and Saturn promote justice. They are friends for this matter.
Sanjana left surya once again as she was not able to bear the heat of Surya
Lesson : surya here again hint towards #marital issues.
Sanjana disguised herself as a mare so that Surya cannot discover her.
After Surya's anger came down , Vishwakarma told him about the whereabouts of Sanjana and asked him to reduce his glare. Surya then took the form of stallion and wooed Sanjana. #Ashwinikumars are born out of their meeting.
Lesson: Surya has procreative powers and 12/n
#Surya is very essential for begetting progeny. Even in jaimini astrology Arudha padas from surya are given importance to check child birth. Surya is also very important for healing / medicines.
Learning #astrology through #stories can be easy and fun . Also it helps us get our facts right.
I pay my respect to my gurus who taught me . Mistakes are only mine 🙏

• • •

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Ganpati bappa moraya!!! Ganesh chaturthi is around . I am hereby presenting a write-up about various Ganesha idols and their importance.
For good health and longevity - have a Ganesha idol made up of wood or clay.
Ps: Saturn is the karak for longevity and it also represents clay. Jupiter represents wood and is Jeevakarak.
For prosperity and health get the idol made up of sandalwood.
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Mangalik dosha : A lot of hype and scare has been created nowadays owing to the Mangalik dosha during matchmaking resulting in rejection of several good matches. Few important points overlooked are mentioned here. NOT ALL the visibly mangalik charts are manglik.
General belief - Mars in 1H/4H/7H/8H/12H makes one mangalik. This is incorrect . Mars in 1H is NOT mangal dosha. Mars in 2H/4H/7H/8H/12H from Venus, moon and lagna should be checked thoroughly before concluding.
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Remedy should be taken as prarthana, prayschit and shanti karma. Not as a quick fix to the problem. Adridh karmas have to be experienced and without favourable dasa no remedy can work if it all . Only if your bhagya allows, you will get the correct guidance and remedy. A
Astrologers trying to woo people by offering magic wand remedies to their problems are culprits to an extent. If there are magic wand remedies ,all those astrologers should have dethroned Ambani and Tata. If this has not happened then trust me - noone can defeat bhagya
Parihar are mentioned in various places but nowhere in classics have they mentioned the reversal of problems with those parihar. The essence is ,the parihar should be done as prayschit and prarthana. If native have accumulated punya, they will work effectively in due course.
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Part 2
How to read a PANCHANG and it's daily usage. RT for wider reach 🙏
Download divyachakshu from play store .
Once you open it you will see this page pop up .
Click on panchang . It will take you to that day's tithi, vara, nakshtra, yoga and karan details with their end times . The page will look like this
Scroll down on the same page to find samvatsara , ritu and vedic masa . The page will look like this
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As the name suggests , it has five limbs namely Tithi ( lunar day), Vaar (weekday),Nakshtra, Yoga and Karana.
The panchang is derived from the distance between sun and moon over the period of a month. It has a important bearing on the overall strength of a chart.
Vedic Astrology suggests few benefits of knowing these 5 Panchang Elements on Daily Basis :
• Uttering Vaara will help one to enjoy longevity and success
• Uttering the Nakshatra will help one dissolve bad karmas.
• Uttering the Tithi will help one enjoy immense wealth and happiness.
• Uttering the Yoga will help one keep deep afflictions and sorrows away
• Uttering the Karana will help in fulfillment of desires.
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#Remedy Kanakdhara Stotra for removing poverty :
Kanakdhara stotra was composed by Shri Adi Shankara. Once he was out asking for bhiksha. He went to a house of a very poor lady. The poor lady offered him an amla(gooseberry) as she had nothing else at her home.
Deeply moved by the kind gesture of the lady, Adi Shankara composed kanakdhara stotra in praise of MahaLakshmi . This stotra is said to erase the paap done in past lives and bless the natives with continuous flow of wealth.
It's adviced to recite this stotra 1/3/5 times everyday at fixed time. Offer dhoop, gandha,naivedya /pushpa to Mahalakshmi . Doing this stotra with sankalpa is also deemed auspicious and fruitful. Write it on a paper with red ink and then start reciting it from poornima/friday.
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