Virginia Health Commissioner says he’ll mandate a COVID-19 vaccine | 8News -…
A fellow Virginian responded to me thusly: "As of today, the Commonwealth is reporting just over 2400 deaths from COVID-19 and 110,857 "cases" most of whom are either asymptomatic (not sick) or have a mild cold or flu-like symptoms. Virginia's population is 8.5 million."
"If I do my math correctly, that is a 99.979 survival rate. I suspect it's much higher if you discount for co-morbidity. For the general population, the risk of dying from COVID-19 is virtually zero."
"According to Dr. Norman Oliver and presumably his boss Governor Northam, this constitutes a public health emergency and gives him the power to order the injection of an untested and possibly DNA altering chemical into the bloodstream of every Virginian. "
"This is why so many jurisdictions have imposed mask mandates and maintain other restrictions. They have to support the narrative of a pandemic. Fear, not facts or logic, is driving public policy."
"The mask mandate itself is not only ritual humiliation, it's a violation of bodily autonomy and therefore is a way to gradually condition the public into accepting vaccination mandates."
"The COVID-19 vaccination campaign will probably end up being a highly incentivized "voluntary" program whereby the toxic jab will be required to engage in commerce, board a flight, maintain employment, enroll in schools, go shopping etc."
"Those who have been vaccinated will receive a passport or perhaps be marked by digital tattoo courtesy Bill Gates. Those stubborn enough to resist will be shunned, ostracized and effectively quarantined."
"The bump on this road to technocratic tyranny is the People. What will the public tolerate? The economic warfare being waged under the cover of the pandemic is part of the Cabal's strategy to guarantee compliance."
"Will a lockdowned, impoverished, and desperate public have the strength to resist the jab?"
"Once again, our enemies have done us a favor. By claiming the power to forcibly inject toxins into our bodies, VA's Dr. Oliver has alerted us. Millions of Virginians will simply refuse to comply. At that time, he may find out what little power he truly has over the public."
"Virginia's motto is "Sic Semper Tyrannis." I'd suggest to Dr. Norman, Governor Northam et al that they take heed."

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